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June 11, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-06-11

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, . a n.


We Must Move
The store we now occopy has Game Called Because of Dark-
been sold. We most seek new
quartes . ness After Nine Innings.
We Must Close Out
I The 'Varsity lalyedl a pretty tie
ous stock of music goods and
iicycles. We offer nrcoss whichII' tame with the Detroit League testm
will sell goods if lose prices 1
mean anything to hayes y esterdaoy.Heasrd latyedi sort in ai
IITHIS MEANS BUSINESS 44Very credtable mnoter, antitl itrfs-
44ney rov ered Biooitlgslons pslae it
If yeauswant lanythinn in the seod Sxtnithbo ste
mscline ges sacr prices this srn etti t h , asie
I wsnek. 4 backbone of the Michsigani teamti. tte
"THE ANN ARBOR ORGAN CO,, hIelil the leaguse teamn dowisto 1'Ji
S. MAIN Sr fl 'scatterinigtilts, and iii the nlinill in-
BUY BEN-HUB BICYCLES. nisig miadie a hasrd lisle drive iltosleep
44 I right fotr three bas, which clearest the
_____________________________balses andi allowed himt to s-ore oii
A G oodtungan's wvild throwv to the t Isto'.
Thrlis hrotughst in foote runs anod tied
the score.

i t

(tillaosib. ..... 4 10 2 3 i0
lEly, ti. ..1 0 0 1 1.
Egan,p..... 4 0 1 0 1
Totals...... 38 11 itt 27T
Ininsh.g..1 2 3 4 5 Ii 7TS 8
Michliglia . 1),0 0 52 10(0101)4-4t
Detroit....2(1 2(120 23 0--1t
E rrors-Alichig sis.TDeans, 2; MRits-
tney, Shields, Hteardt. Detroit, Dunogan,
Earned rosMielilgan, 2; Detrit,
1. Twoo-biase hits-\Vlttkitis, Heairdt,
MctKenzie, Knoll. TI'ile hase hits-
Watkins, Sexton, Bturniett. Htotme
rots-Bturntt. Stolens tases-Htollister,
Bturntet. Dlouble tilsy-Dottigan tio
Trot. Base on tbtlls-Off Sexton, T;
oil' Ely, 2; (1ff Egani, 4. Struck outl-
ttollister, Deitis,."McKinney 12), Sex-
ton. Shsiehds (2).,lteartd, (,onrtot (2).
P'asos'sthalls-Condo (3). T'fhoe-2:43.
tiotipire-Datly, of Detroit. Atte'ndance

Fifth Chicago Game Will 1Be
Called at 4:15.
Tlodly's game will lie calledt prompslt-
ly at 4:1-5, and Stagie will iumpire.
The Chicatgoiteamos arrive lit tioonto-
stay. Their hbattinsg ortder will he:
N'ichiols, p; Tones, c; Swveet, os; win-
otots, 80i; Herseliherger, s f; Adklssson,
21); ('hro, r f; Ahills, 1.ts; troovie,
1 f. P'rofessor Stgg tmay tmalke at
chiangs' its pitches, ssistitsutisig
Clasrke, as it is his nule ties-er to sit-
nounice the hattey rdefinitelyutl thi
umpl~ire lsas called tlay.
ich-iganiswill tirobablly coilse'to st
iii rihefollowinsgnester: iHollister, I f;
Deasns, ';b; MfcIitsiey, 2ts; Wattkinss,

Bath Sponge
r -FORiA
Better ones if you want
them at
uMminr yS OtuR Stole,
17 E. Washington St., cor.
Fourth Ave.
The Leading Tailor,
m.ad only direct Importer in the city,
has just received his entire stock of
Foreign and Diomnestic Woolens for
.Spring and Summer '96, at
lullDrenss Suits a Specltty.
Griaduating Gifts
All theo latest pnblications now on
sale at one stores. Fine illustrated
4tlift Books. Illustrated Poems, Art
Books, Standard Books its sets,
Books in Morocco, Levant and Calf
DMiscount Prices to All.
UptTown, Down Town,
itinirernity Boohettooe, Opposite CourttHouse
2518.State-St. 4 N. Main St. ,

Illts fisi rst two isnnsnsonlty six of Death of B. H. Brooks, is: Shieslds, e f; M~eeisse, 1 h; Iltles,
tile 'Vlsesity focest the'Ds'troit Iicher. s s; (ondsons, r; lisisoisi, r f.
sisis Ainnisuey wasthie osly on to The followlingresolustioswoerectaos-
smuts' a.ihit. D~etroit insshls' ilneii yesterdasy relaitive- to Ilthesieth of Work In Three Yearn' Law Course.
tout soirs-itwtto rusoin thes' ilt in- B. H.Itrooks thest'esniosrhlaw studesnst, -
sinog by sa sase esi tislls give-s' nollwho Oietdyeterdaslsy siornsing: e i-w-s to-gardlieuestohesn
suit iltoiet's lioosntisu. Its the see- Whes'its, It hsss pisased the Glrantd lolw a ei e y tDeain
lute o te niere n isininteHustchissTuesdaty slorssisg. 'fts'
sisis thsey tere retirest isoorste. Miieo ieUsvrt t tsisist
Helerd opeedt hse thirs th a l p et- twisdoms, to cssll fromss iis earthily 1st- deanisat thei close of the lectisre, ex-
bur ou eseemd roter retH li re-s-scsihissself is Ihighly satisfiesd
ty twto-base lilt, wichi, toge'theor wtths )1soeetoietietseBe iit
issos tstshl, its's 'stihsis silBrooks, of Palestline Lostge'No. ) :57 F.owithsthss wtork of the class is aswoleii,
Dean, sngls b Holiserand.l~- &A. Z ,theefoe b itreslve-Ththr ousst thec year. As tlisslassis
Diaissisiss ythhislt, h inte- he ,flotwert'forebitsrots he lie helost to b rats d rmth w
Kinissy. andstW'stkins's three tiag, lttl'tlt co isyuhs-le it ' 5 esrth'lfoosteisi
gitc ue 0 aoih ft-cscoessti ths'itdsiall its chastianitd isrosects se ys'ar cousei, twhile tse tvo e'nterinsg
gvth'Vsiyfvscrsadtel ssstisarais'isvtio h ll os-iloesaelstytgiiseil'ilt'
leads. 'The tisitorsladdiesd tt-o isore t otna n nltn.Iyhssd laess'-s'-ares yn udrth e
to thirsor~e iiilldir ha~lf of tlis t'ssuh"5l d'11't-eheiso5 . sse'hss'hssiistsi-
it~flitag. brother's-anditfriensdlidsoubly endleatredt->I's derb O ifil-in iar05rangingtghed
In this'foureth Sildhss anodhIeliri11itby the lii'ss ot oureslistsiandifrtescwoork of thi sesniosrslass so as to gioe
thismssthis'datn-sitagseof the('niswly ssd-
'mtadlesinagls's and051 Meneisifsoowesd sily asnsof trues'atilltuprighlt imial-
soidis o tovo toase~ lilt doigSssslhiless. Ies a fsasithiftu liard otlri-isescourse's is fass pohsssile, ooiistu
aonsi knocskinsg Ely out of the box. lng studsent, i fs'srle'ss, cosesietosstot'sselsis lisso-lsosik iu
'l'ses Iat toasisit ts o it'imfo assls tohsomsiit was sa isesase statal the whos'liii' ye'srt'has lienatsot
Detroit, andt lt'esits'wsrestirod hsy tush's to isis-tisis)hsis presnce fesistsso sfs sss shifs-oy s.'h
work of tihittoer tsses as t-ill as
towo stike outs anditlhister's thy out amoti s toill tie sadly missedl.We
ho cesiter. 'Tie last men'stionoedltoas a since'rs'lyissossrssos-es' tsebosandithsat of liii'seisess has bt't'n very
sacifiice ansoersed Hteardl. de''ply sympatsohsizecwthllhIis famtiliy, ret- geitifyitig ho the fsasulsty.tInst lis
IIIthe ssext foute iissgsthss''Vasrity aliissasoolfriens. deonstsstresdo'hto thirle'tiese niofsc-
toas retieswitiutt a runs, ansd lie hatsacoisy of thsersosoiusiosobis'tonslt'e advanstsogo's aursofth tishiree'-yesar
le'aguses rants hesir score sip to tes-its. ssreadsuption thes' iltis ofsite shutscorse
Il the ninth, howvere, Itssiisto'r's bsase' utansdsa esopyfoitrar'sd to isis fatily. tPgoths sisfoe'tcissaxt yn'dos'hu t
onO bails, sisngls's froms Deasns asnd Wtat- iietiob'uuf -gesea hs tr osl oho' th
kius, osnd Sexies's thrseetbaggser tio'd ust-nfersity ot Michuigan i Musoisi eerlthsir oudf-lw h
rise score. I.thitieirs'suift heiossliters (lus lt 5ittiit s u'.~isuuesost
so-tcblauhest aasttlsuiir Day ~siei Goldten Rius'lesLde, No. 134, I±. & As next year's sesnior class is itsmll
the gamue on account of starikness. A.1M.Ot'itslroshletuttsseosihlt
MICHltIGAN. Frsaternitly L~odge, N.2(2, F. & the ipractice coutewoill be muuschs(ix-
AB It ItI 1)A A. l. tensded. IProfessor Bogleehispilsans in
Htollister s - 2 1 2 0. thy (leo. P. 1Itct:lusu, tees. uivo'r- views-by Othichiithis steo51555y ss'iusisie
'st 4 uschioe opsrtiaithae hetforeo
Mcttinnsey, 2b.s-., .-. 1. 2 4 1 IH. it. Dedoleyr, 1W. ',. Goldens huh'adhac fmrevlet h ls
Watikinis, e r-t 1 I sLge, No. itO, F. & A. MI. as it ireeiarauiti foe their actusal torio
Sextosn, C. i 2 0 3 1. B. Davisson, W. '.N. Frsaiernsity
Shields, , f-.. 1 1 osg',No.22, F. &A.M seen by the Asssuenretest thue re-
..... 1 1 1 Loge,\ . _- . -I. quurleunts foreenutrance to thue isaw
Heard, ss.n ...4 2 1 1 4l Three Morn Gamon. - departmoent have bseens largely its-
ittKetuate, lb.ts- 2 0 1 9 0- creasesd; these adsditionolreqsuireeuments
('ondion, e -..,..3 i1 0 S 0 Sigmas hillotis)-'. si Tipsiin tlayedl do suet go inato effeot,ihoovever, unstil
-- - - - - off their litd gaule yesterday. Dsark-thue fsall of 159h7. It is the iltiesoliltio
Totals -..7 11 13 27 131 Mess closed thuecosntest at the ens) of tse boy faeulity ulsat the scoise of tse
DERtOIT. tile fourethininssg with thue score 12 ho work to use deisartnment shahl be
AB Rhiti 0 A. Sin faivor of I'si Iilotu. broadenedanstu rhengthuenedl is every
Nicholson, 2b-....i 1 0 1 0 There renmaissthree ganoes ho ise Wa-y until one csuarse hsere is the isest
Knol, e .. ....4 2 1 3 0 played in thueleaguse. Alhsa Delta Philadms hruhoeofrdi n
Dunnoh, r f 4I3ansi oste thoroughtiOne offeredSiin assy
Dugnf sv e w anewt iutli law tchaool its the country.
Burnett, lb -3 it 2 3 0 and one with Psi Upsilen.
Trost, c -....5 1 -3 11 31, There wvill be a suseeting of thoe'War-
Gayle, I f -..,,.3 1 0 2 01 Subscribe for the Doily and get all sity Glee, Banjo and Mandolins ('husl),
Corcoran, ss-., 4 0 '# 2 0, the baseball news. tiss evening at University Hll.

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