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June 09, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-06-09

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VOL. VI. No. 181.


We Dust Move
. The stoe we now occupy baoc 90
y bon sld, wecut seekC nwI!
d quartes.
We Must Close Out H
orstocik of mio osand !
10iiece. We oo' ricon wich
wil sell god if lowic ese
mano anythto btuOyr
if yu cwait anything in thli!f
mesic line gec our priceti N
A (Good
Bath Sponge
Better ones if you want
them at
mumer's DwUR Store
17 E. Washington St., cor.
Fourth Ave.
The Leading Tailor,
and only direct Importer in the city,
has just received his entire stock of
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for
Spring and Summer 96, at
bul Dress Suit a Specialty.
Special Sale.
Baseball Supplies, Lawn
Tennis Rackets, Lawn Tennis
Supplies, Sporting Gfoods of
every description.
WA H R's'
Up Town, Down Town,
ctlnlveelt Buokstue, pposte Cnctoue
20B. SateSt. 4 N. Min Sit


The 'T'yrnnyv of Soiaii~lismi, ie
'98 Gets Everything Biut Hurdles lloy; Pottlaies of ielation ainidlof Board of Control's ~ecision1 Is
and Pol ault. EitiicsThoeasltielll; Ar lind lii-
______altnniyil_ nxr ilim .LrwoImmutable,
Thesohoorfesmantrckmet heTory i oiiier. Tfillllei I -- L iln
Tue coili~liorc-rceliii~ii trliClntritnifhe HTseory of illtraTtoiro, 1ieel;Te Boari f (oretelashin -it
yielcrilay lafterinooni icaitwon bh i lli iT toi oa(rndy 110 up ansed thle folloirei atltnuIil--
A emal crow-clic-cs i atitendnc. i 'i's;,Twocii ears con Itle Aicbliiio griliog the codilt if xtiil
MangerAdms f tie'99tea, as rthr i cliair; iBayaril Tylir, Al-
li(-rt It Cili-fli: Te laweird- eed uecSiigegoagait'
disabthled so thitt lie iculil nit coaet e tH.Syh 'eLaorQltin
ini coy of the i-i-ciliainn chiii-he ws . S "n' SiietitirrHoiesahi-re lilol
eteredi.Tile cripled thel iifr-ies iin 1c-ri-i- Sti-phlen Bi ii. Wi-i- i foeio;'ll, oard onr.o ils andplarc
c-l uiiy'i-BniS. I illittiii.
teamlitsothain iiseieral of liii-eviits___al__Biology _______ offireticia difencsi chiateier fl iiisll
lucre cilacis complleitioni, ind tle AMuical Treat. li~l--tleu9' icouti,e1 efie le It
moite of the other evelte which wer' The followciigrgaim i-ai given a "lesolvied, Tatt Mr. Ilmsill itfc-
1rut off there nc-aiecomlpetitioni ltieii S-io Mii int evning: tri teiibared-iiftomt i11lillc
only Ac it wa, theisopomoriatisiitO wonil' M'tiilaoiiti"iii iiathltli-csit e iniv-eriy of
easily flito f, irsts connillg 5i and Allt'gr'iappiiiactto Ahgio. liigal."
sieonds 3.Prestoo clirzoi.Tile Boril aijiairiuciltoimciaith ie
liie'moscarerditliieforrililtteof -Misce Vtetafill. P'rieieiit's riiilm a ith o-h blfxight.
liii aftercnolinante 1il yards das;h. C'nertorli i i ir - M.. Aoat-l-liAt hsietu niwsiat wl
Alligroi mtodtoi(ifIir omni iiii'iili. A nnt--ecg" t ivni~liicc l
'fTnisa tiaiveryplret-ty frceit- Iti-lMis-tdthlii'eycbe adc fhatifli'ioI otf crti i cu-e
ititlil acitiAulelr. Thomaiscalsoimt c o nc iletco iinillu ir-.mciilsaauii es of tilit 'F'ataly laeballtacmtic
ti gamiii ciru n-itha criplelel g.' Mollt alliegreo ctfuioc. playinig oelintheillir ine.
'helit'nleliarv: Andacnte, Pretot Solo alle'gro e Itis ihaerly piriobabllethot taty li-
itlO yartiscael-Ileaill Sluefira!: ilitt.im ic-will e tkent rgading Llec' c-c-
Alit-i, '99l.second; Thiomian, ii,. tirid. Mine llri 1-ilu r. lo faies-0at iuti h iht
2211Ytrdes dash'Thomiuxn 98 firt:; A largo aitiliece wsniecscr-eciland.
Healdl, '98.secondit; Ely, '99 thi. ic-an telightedi livthe high radie of m -teris iially- nslttly file Board
'40 yar-diariun-Htealdil'98,.first;:icork both of the oloit nd iile Iof (ontrl.
Ttolua, '9.secocnd. oreelra. cetf Bs131,
Half-utile ruin-Bailey, 'l9S firt;cetiloOce -01
Stcic. '99set-ondt. 'The scedutle of Ithe reimaiininigcon- te-11 -"cetii ~s~a e
Seii' ,sci Bailey '9, first; Whitli'- cerfs is as folloinwtciilslt';eilx n i-ii iii
- of flthighfatult inil icl b i-oar
Sht t-tBeneiel.'98. fist; Baler Jccce -8 p. cu. (oncerto I en-iug. fteHg cxoladtesn
.1s. setondt. Icune lt0-4:30 pI. ii.,(Grllduattionc le- clas wislattyd yetrdlayatithle
Hammieilr throin-Htarv-ey, '9tS, firs; itl (organ). 'Mr. tLle'wel-lyni L. Ri-c- fairgroundsl. ''llt' eioiitraiion by a
Bakr,.'98 secnd. wick (Uneriy iilli). sore of 17 to 11. A harge crowdilcycl
Rtcuning high jump-Bucrton, '98. Junce 11Sip. cu., Gracdualtioni Recital iiiin titanecacd aout $511was eartl-
fc-si;Smithl, '99, andtiQuarles, '99, it'dlior-l). -Mine AltoSI. Beach.
for secondi. .ittue 12-4:30 1i. i., Gradatilhon Ilet- itedlffr tt' High Siichlfuccid.
Runncincg brotid juile-Carey, '98, ital (orgn). MJr. iE. C. Woocrii lt 1ht foll owing rlest- hail been pre-
fi; Benncett, '98 seconid. (Uiviersity tHall. ody adopei anti iert- rigily e-
120 yartds hurdles-Aye-rs, '99, fist; Juine 15-1:30 p i. iolill Recital. forcei:
Benneitt, '98 second. hiuce 1(-4:30 p. mi.. Xocal lRecital. I. -Memubernofthlii e icitmcitssntpay to
220 yards hulrdes-Ayers, '99, firt; Junce 16-8 p. Ii., Gralciu xr tetefcc otiaduati'gaiin.
-Ely, '99, second. cie. 2. Noe hbt coitetatsa iill ie al-
Pcole vauilt-Tryon, '99fist; AdiasPenat ri. loined aconste tlt rck i titer (Ie
'99. secoci. _________forthliintcg.'The plyer titlst litave
Library Additions. Dr. P. C. Freer withc a party of gei- a canceto i get usccte 1cgccie. 'T'he
tlecuettcwiii leae hrte11m idiiule of giandtistanducvi l e free.
About ninety cccivbooks usc-c been Augusut for MIichilocoton rier, ocirile 3. Mfr. WVines cilte Illowedi to use
adiuedl to the generalc lihrary recetily: ort hore of Luake-Sut-nior, where his ike icc runncing aes.
The flloin ae smeof th mst4. A federtii'rcacniihtuhialun
'rlc oilnvog ir sme f ltc mattheuy will emcbhurk iccanots hanlwithc any otnt.iIthisiecot out, htoweer,
importnti: Helen Atotjeskt, J.1. thile aid of a u ie ccill wcork teir ucles caught onc tIe flyp or secucnd
Altenici; Sketches of Vesuvn-,hohn.:wii'iip'ict o 'Mooe Lke. The tril tounu.
Adiujo; ('haleacubrci, Ageior Br- ciiocuyaotnxmcs iii .No wicc- cill le allowcedi to lie
iou; Crc-ntes, Luciani Biart; In.s plenty of tiime to fi anti ut alog aytling largr than~ a tico-lucielel bg
marks Leen nd Wrke, Prniihling himltiallIli.
iuurk' Leon indWereci t'ici'ethe ricer. ThinIprt of te country 6. No at salibice alowecd that in
Karl Oto Biscmark; Touing Japiuan, is onsetileud anti it In cot likely tatit r hn1 etlogo tfo ie
John tR. Black; Eseectials of Logic. the iparty- ciiilituet with any9onie i .en 11-r cl ieeccied~tap
Bernard Bosantiut; Beraciger. (Clio, route. imue acdthie iperoci cusp'return to
Causeret; Herouiote, -Michelet; Fran- Revision of Laboratory Annual. thei gane at any imce.
coin Correard; -Mr.'iishi and the Ala- S. Each iulayer shall bat ouc eery
Dr. P. C. Freer acd asitants are iniing. After the ninic han atted
bamta Clainms, John C. B. Davis; tFish- oc rudtesd hl eot 4
es, livicng acid fossil, Bashford Dean; matisonudeetillingithehallbcoutit. ani
nual used In conection ci-i tin(le workrn aetl he hl on.Ti
Victor Hungo, Ernest Dupuy; A Thous-- is necesary in order (th lie gice
in the laboratory of generalciclucicuca efnsedb ak
and -Miles up the Nile, Amelia B. Ed- -ciyb iihdb ak
ivrs adSsecso utaitry. Te new book inill be type writ- 9 All decisions of lie umnpir al
-Iteni and cvwiii be givenc a trialccit be final, enen though they are ight.
William Epps; Goethe, J. Firiueri;i next year's classes, and if successful _ ______
iHistory of the Presbyterian Church cvwiii be printed in book formi. Subscribe for tie Daly.

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