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May 26, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-26

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~' ~ u Caspar Whitney Criticizes, Attention: Republicans. Gents' Special
& 4~~1~~I-, Ue~'I-~' Caspar10Wlitny tdevotedlsa totisite- A. L. Davis, president of she ni-
-able1)1o1r1ionfhis tdeparltmlent oil011- versiyIReiubliain (lob, requests that -IN-
Published Daily (Sunday excepted) dring b ur Sport in thetilst Ilaiper's Week- all students who inteind to be lpreset
the ollege ear, at Iy to a discussionl of the -code of rulesl at the Sit. Louis cnvetion should( at C o r
FrrCE: Timos building N. Main t., apposIte byiwsternl insitutionls. Ai.WW-Lley or to Ai. Dovis. Sets hiave ' Shoes r
--- C icago 111a '1e11n it en Ostictt enoulghl without exra. llcharge.-FR
J. F. T HuMAn, '97. W. W. Too.YEu 'ot L. ANN AhItlt tI t. I. BULLETIN.
E. L t. ~1, 58L F.B '' poseid by tilt' C'ilcago coiference.liteI
0.y Ii ~a- 5. F .Sos.. ~ 515ill Illrt:Ihats (f oe 1and11oe-thirdtlfi.e 011
t0 .Vn IO'5.11.c. 9'3, 1. orn.S . "Nos' batall9b're1ori trhii, letilib e l an111woill be Inaliltfot + wA i 22n rad. tiand.R nrROD b .A.txE,9. "N wta l h eot r n Wd 23"
- ~~~~ilen' is Imutht-'pldealsure in laning ihe followsing nietigs: ' 1os~ t$ .
01 ~NA~lNG 'OlT~it tia 'iscoiisiiiis inot(t'hisonly tlisr tliioAstrllslo
.1(111H)' 10 (II9h L..IAll Gents $S-l50 ots to at $4119.
0. 3.l~asson '(5L. silo to hlieaoted (' the s ,)gesled Tn 0t 1
iIJS[NES eiAOANIIEr I rules ino l utth11y1.1'e55 r)'lloille C'enland I0.-A'. 5. C. A. Stcr- AllGetsit'$5.00 Shots go t $.49.
L . V.Ona-aE. 'ss. tso woitout aleratlionlby Mnmesolti, taxells.uet o 9. All (enlts' (1.0 Soles go at 3.49.
Parduelll' 1 Oiscr ilnaI ( llinoils in' or- tiev-eland, t.-maser tPlumbers. AlGet'$.0Sos oft$26.
ASSOCIATE EDITORS le' - 1l5'Ill'i'i''1015 .li(' I? to 5.'fThise Ipries icude es-ry Colored
der llnamed. I lave i earlir1i1 es' Shoe ill flithouse, i ussia, Sit-i1a111
. OW. liaghes, 1. 5'.1. 5511111'It L t'ollinlendl'd l isconsin eseca 1' b - Esc-111i1111l.Mich'l.-Hlil'iber in CIloi'-
S. OW. Oith. '17. AOF 1' Sorrill. '55 avs n l h aes hdsa
J. L. Wtalsh'9il. ', Ii i. . Sill 1(1011'sO8 L.la se it seeiis 1 t'o(lith 111h11((Illser- ((l ,i lll alai iltl aetsite n
C. i. Ilo, se.'D5I. Louise itodge. '((. ity lfts gone furhler into the spirit o ~ n toes.gll l-t-Arelr 11111 _________
L.BM~h ab I'9. bitwin , '5(1. obyhesritmo vet m~l'iern00011anlllheris Jn o .Ll .Dc an !9 y((i ll re for rounld t(rip for lthf A f l ~ AI~ A Jf
Tfhiosub ciptio'l (prileoftheIlsDaily han 111'he Ilt'rine lltltilltiI l 4 (w' Ohih looing unu u uACOBSIILLIVI'%I U
heesn reducsdto ts tin 11aIdeance fothes-t rinltI's to plalyinlg 11y tcolihes). Ill Hay Vic I C 'll)11elg 111111As-
og tilt year.ae. o s ~criptionls at tilt othle wordlts 1Wisosiclllus (le ('ig i 5y111, 1111' 7 Ito 16. Washington Block
esDaily SOaiund.or with P. C. Ilsyce, . o. 1 1y ue noefc.!toc,,'e'- ChcgO D n e'tct~t0na ,O
Editor of today's6 paper, tahenl lfui llagage ies unil (Sc- Lofiis, ll. lhl'lllliea lllalonal Hunttinigton
It. C. t'NDEIIWOOD, '9.. tlbtr 1 of (hils Yeari. The l'lforl1'I' ( t'll~'1ioll .June1'12 to 15r. taltb liy tte nt htANior ( V s ng l ) C;I.P C I.
It iiM(ans, 18, h11(e9t~l l eit'd sin 1 i t' Oiiy 011't Of tiles)' Wester-n I(O1livet i .
to-''-15111lillnl' ll (I' (1(5' ol'11 ____________Clark . *
be~ st i Ioft he i lyfor -nv niv rstiersf1'. Wllltly ts1 p ace i s llll Le' si~. G AlV 1 d ls 1i. hi
l t ' adopiS' ll 9 f. tFurnishedlllusCitot'lngof111tw
asn~rcIt hl'r~llllI~t. estell o t e cl3i151, 1110e' ouiby 01 the1111fiil so-ori e in ingo b l 1,ng tell e t il~ D [O V -l u Hi
ret sf t he iferet -.v s t~i e sto ieps orothn t(i M ~ fE
clthere is IOOa lilllus lto t iifroliycii oes, lttlltl1',7lycbcns at iongoidryhoser iln gto Ann pao
DOW befre m"boadintad ldgig ousltuin t- A T
especia llli te IEst (wihis('m, a lyso-mbereAir. thi )0tone 11s0ys 11 s 80-lo schooli. Apl orades1{'[S
ft'nedb slsthe mt i al c(lubs-iighaliltrof Mchv ianthaslmdif, iedstghi e rtts s o stA ns-ol ~h ls lf
sugigonte 'aupsar lesnttarallfvito havtr cch esprioryto' ~tcstrt tl ~~ ed-'colr.~ r ~lAfUIIf I1b m
'o t A :Fr d ysTodlya t n v r , I O O v n n 's t gvai xt he es-ill th co of lt is to e he liiiilĀ±, tr ilililowed1 to'I l itty I 10011th . Dlu e t i s h t nit y p111 ill , J ( "D L ~ D V
m~le of lliled tem'dso tIt ai to utof.t t.itb.dD.mondn andiplyar02.pohinds
fill s ofey nsgest 111 o ~lted11s, b - heoyl eavley tead' ficeuat, rei fDe ri, wil m k
clus hve eve sen it o tke t o e otwasilet er of'p the, )0 ierist- er alld -To ex7ityinge a typeoveitty
assell 1113(i t' erm n oy'Sevrlnsf 1th e o egs1 10(1 11sflayore tfor-eams i~lin- wo r std classntolbidi ngl ora gtbi nel.
cu1t1m1 n11til marfninedlfrpmareto. aitle geberstl.nqheaet alyoficoe at t hV9eD E
foob~il 11thisiebal g~llsiastbe n int e l yloc5Iiy 11beauseIeilll Il s indlleryor t he ' nnoviAiorl, ohe silBaeav r
yelarilywougbeet rand i he d ngd ut f he isnil heib rtles o f tid s a l Savcingatst .b a nnt1th- T
th ubttuin fsoehigsiia Nfuortn l iitheatouhe cetry LHv os- t Uerstl H l las n lierltisontfrnalithrie
cxtrmeldcilescialelia. aslnit inll~ tie3,ig l' llyed enrit untee e 34ish. esonStie r Ice, italehnd-es ouhv
To - - 0l~011 illoltd yea110 Ico t i t e 001110 sty ery- cx r i teii rgstr n ecierwad ]
Toerys otyaonentewll ov oe oitobtihliatellay, oe nextli"s a N.Ifwoudtlikae. t seenstufin n ,Bi SaP"Buty. 9
elasy vitoyfontiusas ilc entsid ne oespa xec ae. Both Lo nsAcLiderion.d Cl tt's wigin0onA. 02pos d
teams have bcli verymenrgeticcin L ot-' retur alan ttacollegeinly.FIdertzPaseDeturn1
thiearaticanddoevte pates-for natetibck erlreoadsdfie.SesAET
Asa.rsuttie nercas ereso "linisCllgF ine etury neofSt e. S-nlien-Ifo fine ffic e ctond-.N .ISLLTECEEAD
(oobl avoekbtheballne aydoen ead'soffice snd receivereiation ipnoTubletcueoduicennsthis_____ magnif_____cent__

and thic conttst in the points weill prob-
ably be very initeresting and (late
qite a bearing on thae result. In
previous woork floe medical ninoe11.s
perhaps shiowon stronger individual
playing, while '99 h~as put up an ex-
cellent team game. The recent prac-
tice, however, may have wreoughit
some changes from this standpolut.
TPhe contest will undoubtedly be close
'with the winner hard to pick.

Randall, Argard & Co. Shoe stock, Grand
Rapids, Mich., sold to us.
Men's Hand Se-wed Rtussias $6.e0, cut to $4.85
Men's Hand Welt I1tuesias, $5.50, cut ho $4.25
Men's Dark Brown Rtussias, $4.00, cut to $2.98
Men's Pat.(C F BalseItussias, $5.00, cut to $3.85

Repair. all kinds of; Gold Pins,
Rings, etc. Call and see.
'Whohesale Cigars, Tobaceos and Cigarettes-

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