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May 26, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-26

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T'ESDAY. MAY 26, 1696. Fouts PAGES-3(CENTS.

VOL. VI. No. 173.


We Must Move jji--
The store we now occu py bas rIt Illinois Beaten t thc'Tune o
M been sold. We must seek new 1014t
JlJl quartes. 20 to 3.
I We Must Close Out
110t1 our Stock of muiroodos 'ilandtiy s i1l1}1s1l 011
#PN f aete. W olt! ,rus w ich 1411 1of Ilhe sesll Vyst( rds ls. lf.atimi
#P? will sell h oods if low prices 1o ll (0 i '
mai'in aniythiii to muyers Ily t''()to iiioI t'01y
10n iioo i iiiiii . ' I. ! iic" i i
STHIS MEANS BUSINESS jl otscicn(flii utii(ejs
If you wato ~t'u iiylb inn he tbe 14tliiit otn it
cimusic tine ,,e&our prices tils 11 tfleeii'iiiiii s tkiflO ii the tmean-
{ THE ANN ARIBOR ORGAN GO 5;10fore lill.
lm4 S. MI N L1{ST'. JiI l ipol e r;ateopenedi thil olli soite Ir a 1 U E-U IYLS 1 teht vsgi nahk il
tlU BNHllBCYLS hsilis, hondwao advsanrrd tothued b
_____________________________________ pretty scrifice(s by Det-ns ald Ile

exserted insd 1he gamne

swas dosritledlyl


.Collapsible and eatn

Kinoy ani sore'o(il Watikini' lit-.
'li itt11111'stole sconid andlwoo
f.(sw,,IIv.ssly- into righi. 'Illini is weul
sttinordesr ill toeir luslif. , L1 o' ie-
tiling 85(11110' by ao cry dilrll iout-
nin11"scatcb of Ihisfily lilt lose<°':if hort.
Ill theiseoo and th1 ird lIllinois west
tr'oulei'il n lttihop through-11 thelist


I lie 0(1(11' Fit St Class Preliminaries to lBe
AB I 13I 110A 3 layed ssTodiy.
11Il eel I f---- -I 4 4 4 1 0 10
i ca s, 1.a __- --- :3 3 i1 I iI
Watit ns, p ---------1 3 1 0 2 0 Ti srrce e nn i n illiiositstossiwillllu-
1o re , s. -4 i 1 t.
Bloo 0 :if 10 (1(1 i'dlbleIy be aleb't1(1 (ii 11(0 0(Silm i'-
oh e d a-f - _ _- - - _ 2 1 1 11 I
M(cKenzie. 1) ----- 3 0 s 0 0 s llriit wort: withIit11e' 1-11151 I Tennils
-i onc________4 1 0 4 2 0;)lsMia i'eg r lililul hascl(1 ed1111eti( nrie s
Tsllals I 1bprmilo ig -1-'id ly agli'o i, wi'sllitsie
Csaraha, cf-------- 0 1 lbsthe limn s, in t1his (-15150. the ssiliiiei
sliula.. 1) -----------1 o 1 1 3 o Ils b owill play '1t. I). lbH e lick tlthe
t u sc- 01-----_ 1 I 4() 1 0 511 ~ 0~ilto I(lilil(if
1 2 s o . 1(1(11-------521 0 5 I55fie ~a i ill iiiofllle 1'll vcu isiy
K anm0.0a0,p,1lb 1-0-----13 01 1' slUnd riel I hrell 1(1 i ii t11 1a ulePh ard-1
Futr O i u1)--------r--- 4-1-it1) 01'1( hol2s 011 5 rils.Iil e
Sc oce lef, .)i ----lilt 0 by ply acc rdsenn s heolte tiositdf
Arlbs . ;1) ly---------- 4.--2 i0 ri 0I 1 i
Total;1--------- i--- 3 .3 4l :' I ryes. hi s I ll 5 ill t ril'l 'stlsuiii ents,~
1f2r3 4 6 7,I I(cllli will Illnblsill f rl11s1
Ilin i 110 -A - - -- ----- ----s-ll-i0 0 olie 1 e tI0 l ' 111Iolis3e. 0111 cil li
1w ills-c 01i- lici . Twiis oi bs t-soud b elatndd hl_ tl
I~lyll,.iHs e ll-. Sitae od se cis-A101 il me a ve oi een((llY.ntered'Iilloh sell li
ip" i e li; on al s-3(liitlpi. i f i(iiil ; b 1 .111 11 ii ftlnclillenii of0 l l0 ' iii-"
luuiud , Ciis'xf Alost. i. t tII c roi-- illipshow IsollI 3 'csi illy . ls ill t
oyot'i i except lusa. traciii'uf lay sr i's I ei'osp led I'Ib Illore itifelt'ln i'i is -iiiiii-
siiiil crut 1 (-ecIf 10 -- g i er etten 1 ii( l l.iiIli (IiI0(i 0 1'Ilii.i
oaii'iuig p10(01hitauls h io hu. l(1i111101- heiito pt lili ill lres i ch wo' ll beo
1(11.0 Time-:s:0i5 y of uliio c iis-t01o.ty ,13-o l offlltl' ll 11(00'tme soulds ire, il
iS miil r Meeti'0ng11'a(llEdien'burghfi coniitis -lo, iIareiiiflIit 0lows A usude
oo'e'ls ofthe iii'I'ilig A 'olrsi of slltll rils 01i1ndi At1 III illli' 11VSiDuinlo
Aisentlo-ueihasibeDr. eeolysil!e0111011forti. I f.teehths"r uldo'
ing th eal fa"~llrMe-tdy th"oieiNoili Ltriy firt rdtelConerpte
t lltiouibe S-x'iirin I fins sil'r S'iif toroy.fenol sfllw :(n l
Iirt s tlAuiust.luItois 11tourab e i- Three grls. itIlsll; tiuip 'oo s .''t ,tifner'
11111teidI'riathrllifkeiO ou r stiiui tu 5cIll ilf.iAdex lileii iutle so-llit' ponny
ane tlrsit o re io i tyiv tfinull orTh il litll,55100 of I . 'llrr i lll l I
ocillenth tnhs sialnerttunt PioMsis'beTlis' thrthei:sakie of111-Ms

carried in the vest bttuneis. Byr Ruuies onh siIlls purlol
pocket. Just the thing to i-,Siieldosuind 'I(ll-i'uie, hitso bty
tbtlhistt'u, Iu'uuuus alit 'Mci-S-niyuitolt-
for wheeltn sn and camp pthteir osihi a nuumiittr of truro oil the
ers. h)at of Illiniois, ii i-liguiu stcored'tS e
tintes. Ini 1111 thirtd MctSl-euieii and1
M u ma yu to're ar ce. Sit11011'1hiltli uond. 'lil'S i
17 E. Washington St., cor. s it sanidh Wallitinsoi a lisulley
Fourth. A4ve. PinpIinnialn sn! an errtr by S buoslI,
iiettetd 'Michigasn eipft 111011. Illiniois
IMPORTANT NOTICE. s sheict outf again.
___________________ In the fourhi Arthur so loot inI to
-~~--~-pilali, .Hadsoall srenti to right, Siop-
0 0: H 1 I mansi to first, aiid .Scoince creoillh to
third't. Arthuir sois nof so eusy 11s
The Leading Tailor, Kingmaun and1( for the resf of the P111111
and only direct Importer in floe city, thie 'v'arsity idt noit wsork :t5 hilr" 110
has jtuet received bis entire stock of if first with thie stib-k. Coinseqounly
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for oiily thrite sniore ruins ser' aidded to
.Spring and Simmer'511, at Mlieipans s-ore, one eauch in this
-NO. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST,- NEAR MAIN. fourthi, sixth sod seventh.
Illiitois' firot tswo scorus moeru' gatosoSd
luS! Dress Suits a Specialty. ho the fifthi, so-leu Buter iand Iluisosll
ow-re -pis-en bass oui balls uinid sored ut
,S p cia S a .by' lute by Kiogmalun aniS itli. 'Dir
~ l.last fowo Ironi ssereprvntdfrn
ecoripg by l'Stinniey's ll't'llilll
cuutch of Su'oncie's high -IV hts tu Is(
Baseball Supplies, Lawin ripghf. ie hl'1sf score Ifo the ti:s:ars
Tennis Rackets, Lawn Tennis ovsu scoreid ini the next nuluitlip tub-I.I
kill, h opene d tithle mint.it a'11
Supplies. Sporting Goods of lovo-bspi T; stole secound andh scored
every description. oil Coidono. thiroos to siecondu to catch
Botler. A, the close ol' lb-u' sciI':'ll
S EE OUR STOCK AND PRICES inch~l up Inspire Dalycaldte:,se
t oI i'uv pitcedt . g1'1' gfame nl-S
allot-edl only fouir hits off lis uS'lis-.ro
W A R R ' Anoteret fea~ture soas Deaui ;',cr o°
a-,b it lb'l ot grolunder fres Eirg-
Us Town. Dews Tows. mn'us bat in the third.
(University Bookstore, Opposite Court House
2.0 S. Sats St. 4 N. Maln St. Illinois prosved muntl easier than svas


weuuetillp hiso beeu tshldill inburghpl.
Final Inter-Class Game.
TPhe ieahu! pi inhotheis'inter-clauss
biusettall cotstfsoill. bei' yedlSu'Stoda~y
tso-ieo 'bil0suit P99 M. 'rlii'folloowinug
soill bei the batthig irdetru:
'It9.Jonueu, 1 f; Sutif, e f; 'Iiuiuuisu,
so; Cooley. 21i: tondton, r f; Boydi, i1i;
Keiithi, p; Rotkow-ell, c; Bishiop, h31o.
'99II) M, Afel, p; Lakety, 21i; MlIteioo,wn
I f; Wehrlle, c; Bouurlandi, e f; Wuehlof,
11): Kuelly, ss; Wulsuon, 311; Reuynolds,
r f.
Post Graduate Honored,
'Mr. C. A. Peters, wosw'as pursuinug,
1psf gratdnate ovorku inu fle tUniversity
received a, telegramu yester'day calling
huimu to the pruofessorsipuofnutruul
sciences in one of the staeenornmal
schools of Pennsylvansia. 'Sir. Peters
left inuuuediutely anud will htot refoun
flu Ann Arbor before Conunenrement.

Mctet'ollansnd11 t'e Misstes Fischeir alln!
Witeu. Mr. Mec(lilluuu's recrital occus
at Frieze' lhall tomlorrlow lit 3:310 ptIii.
Thet pirogramuhlis 110folloovs:
To-plreludies 1and11fuigueusfromul t'e
Weill Temupe'rediiClavo-hordl. C usojol'
(sf Btools), D malujor (1tiufBio), J. S.
Sonautal, Op. 21, IL. 'illon iBeethouvt'n.
Anduanuite s-on 5-hi'iiaolii, uelierzo ollo
allegro, marcu'iua funuebre stillsaumortte
d' tin' esoc', uinstso ansudante', allsgro.
Novelette (No. 3) Op. 21, 1R. Sedun-
(a) Etudueu, Op.10, No.3; (hi) Wutltz iun
P mlinuor; (c') Polonaise in A mauijor, tOp.
40, No. 1, F. Chuopiun.
Mauzuirkas, 011. 6,Alberto0,Jonaus.
Efoude ini C malijor, Anton ul binstein.
The dill' of :tiss White's concert is
Thursuday, Miss F1ischier's Friday, bothu
of ftuem at 4:30 p. ni.
Wriuulle's tiusebuall nuumbler still up-
peal' Saturdoy nuorninug. WA~gnier
contribsutes the cover dlesign.

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