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May 23, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-23

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B ! Randall, Argard & Co. Shoe stock, Grand
Published Daily (Sunday ens-eptedi during Rapids, Mich., sold to us.
the Collect. eat'e, at'
0~FnicEs Times building N. Main st., opposite MtnadSwd ~nis$ 0,ctt 48
contelice.Meii's H-and Welt Rous ias, 4,5.01, cut to $4.25
kDtzoRSV Mel>'s IDark lBrowniLSdisias, $41.01, cut to X2.98
Men's Pat.C' F" Bala Itosins, .$5.00, cot to $3.8-5
J..It Tl1als,'iC. W.W. T TY 5 9 ;L. .I 7
11IOToeiL .M! 1S

Geids' Special
Colr d: Soes!

o.).5 tHNSs. ' I,. . wC:l. S 14. %I%.0%.d NI XL. LM LN.# 22ra Xd%.3%j
it. S). Lins ta~cttcoos . E l , ' 3 i. 1f R N. S. _____________22_______d_____and____________3r_______d__
NT I.5L NAGIG IlTI' foi'thi p ''taioli oftestorie'sof#l Sht , 'M(- SiKeticic, I loototot -All (Isius' ..081esg a 5.9
G. I3. IIi sotssos, '96Ltd. iliitl con(elllir tiifered1eacit ea byitii ioi, low lic, i~eait.s 1Vittio ins t AllSGots' :150 Soe a> i 4.9
N,.AAlk ll 1hta n.Iilics-A. 51111r sWill srt I iodott tO,' All (xitdO 5111Shos ago al $1.:.
pitch}in-, iltollg-i iteis rsolt'd aNvit ( All ((c s' -81.1)1)Sinoe's gttat .:3.t).
L.. .WAIttttt Wo ua L ago.hen non i 01' II M. Kitittioit il -iott Stiititi All Siits' $3.00 I iosagot tO,$2.69t.
f11)[A0''iJDTI itt t at ad ,St t: Will otWithiitic 'Tlhst' pric's iiiin c sw-icy ('olots
5. 'tV. Sit Ict, '9i. 1V.P. R. i tt',8 el ctd i's'cili.ltly tl lie t''. slr, Cotl- - S'tinsas, il rli the ititeotst iatica tittic
J1. L. lttitst, 'it M. II.i. tii. 81 ttf list ' h fsol ciliIlt'lll'ter": \SIls Chicago weakly's opinion. os
{i.ily. DE,'i's t).11 Lut'. se tot Si '1).1 1 Ltoutise liti ltlltiSI isk; tt lM iis l~lT'. is5-l lt l t ll'511 1 i __________________________
Iest Pi ta lELtln , II . i. 10t1 Etistt (ltlltll;.is9Sllt it i tt tt 1t ist st oi lsi osi t -'
dioofLua1.dtts'sisatter'. oNil', Detal~l. 'uiltlti 'ists t: Oi Iitt'. s toilllttoil NS(llOs 1LIdt1.titl tO~l
1'. -. -1-1.555. i islists,. SI ISO ttli'P1' lit-tityH i s t isili i ti 't ittii
Ii i p s - l o t i t o ft't' ti t D a ( ill' h s N i t t I t t s i i lo s l s ' I s s 1 s. tltiti-t " fo r I (tt ucis so fll - l s'. I ' d l c
los Sis 1111111' 1tiost sis. iss Itisiat' i'dltitit ititt ltis Lt1:U. Iitis111V.1}'t*:*,
Slit it -rt .yea s. iLtilt ; Itt' 11 5 tt' ('1 ttt i ttsss .liis.n, 'Mis ; itst sD tis k. ft-tA-(111'Ill '' ste lr s ~ tIi s <lll e- a h n ' ck
Unitt o St ci iii tssiorw'th yeU1 15 1 . !ss' Isst 'S'S 510111. belissllls I rtG'i' 1 hull III 't51ilt « t l111 iitin th to s 'T c.illyB
N'ewits 5' s ou ttltalti'l.. ls i 555' t'tiiiitg'. (zli flrlit"st ug lnti's } irs. 8'it fll clop iiiseil ft' h ss ti E' t lit (
S it ro ts tlt'' t' s-is s s 1 R1hts' ins i 't-1t' l'ls 'ill tt is;NAlis l e 1 iiigot ill l l t ' t ii oi ti iits dcciti H JJA Oi
hitlt; csrtingph sl ol ot ;ild-111su s 's'.Iifc i :,,11ks t o
' peidcnis _l~iS Lo l ', 'st rt 5 1 iso . rel s- . ..iii. t t lt -Eu~ttu

lug uitititidls' ie'er' ir'illg'i11lltlto

(Isotigti iaIllil rlr-sssssi-s'i', liss5Into r
Chicago Defeats Cornell.

itsor t ermine ttl''sit'sIntl llt'wrssiii." your sittings every
Bef'ste'd'iin~lg oilyeour - AT-
Stissittic ui' n alg, c'tnsutiths

litas've o'sts'tled ltislirtoit'. 'hlls'etic liictpt, N. 5'..Aflts'22-('huistgo iA-sol
ntingilg of sot ret'ill li iil'Sirtiiil0 Itticst5.So'l'l oteta'i
beyondt iilloitiltg. tIt'ss Iteolicilltll' lt'e finlsco tlil ood 3 to 2. Iltrscit-
ltrS'iilliltilof lt'e iilttdiitltdl'of the T1e2core: 1 + ff (_8 9 1.
a1 sinigis' totcetthIll' finishedtsuccesis Sisto - 50 1 0 1 0 (0 11 0n*--<
w~hihilmar'ks5till' e'tileres15. 'T'tt ts-~orneuill 4; ('iictigss 3. Li-rars-
St'e C'horsul Ut'on halssbe'entttilt lilt Corutell, 3; ('lui.agao, 2. Ettriicd run--
l'ma brtuiit''sipitof tirty, whiichu I ('orntll,. 0.Stroult--tityl Xoung,9;
was he tt~n( h o theorgni Its' byNithlls, i. Base's onlballs -off
'to s lit' ttrcghl of iP agsiict ouni 'st °i, i;off Nichotls,I3. BMtterieis--
-toIttut tProf. Stiley wosectlidto IsAnn young 11111 Gaitittitfor('ortueil; Nicht-
,ArlblsI'.o(1a1chouis of 3(111voisP, 11th0at lt n o nSil etus ftor 'hicalgo.
.sinceP' 1,Siliitus'Sill' he'ViversiOttthas The 'Varsity at Oak Park.
bell s ltadiycsiinsg into its rightful
poSsitiont,zstt thait it is 11005' iossible Till'"Valrsity'lt'ft lst ighit for ('iii-
Piago toiplay'Ii(thelOaktPrkhteathihits
t en1j1oy'for a ssali fce the high id- tfternoons.'Shisteamhil is site of thet
'vantages. offeret iniiiheuC(huoraullUite rn gestimatt'ur nints in thut'Wespt,
concerts tare facts which blat' the tent itaving teattn Chlicaugol U'ivesrsity
testimnyto 115hue atbility of trof. Staln. twicebli~s setasons. Conisequntly, its
icy anuS his associates. The Sciteool several of the regular 'varsity' iteti
?Music rabtidly otutgrew the restedwilntpahegm wllndu-
edly he quite close. ('apttainiHotlnies
rooms is the building ef tite Stsudensn' is unable to go with the teamlsanud
Christian Ansociatioln aud the School neithuer Htollister nor CondosnswilS he
was housed within itn 50015 building. takes. Wattles sill go wNith tile
Now this May Festiv'al demnandls a tea, hut osill b~e played in right anud
larger auditriums (lau can he nsu-naefotisesMhdy
- The teamll will retulrn Sunday lmorn-
plied at prenent. It is prohable blut ntlg at 7:30. These going en the (rip
a larger hail will hbe erected is the are: Coach Sexton, MaSnager Shields,
near future, providing a suitable place Assistant Manager Huoghes, t hinnond,

Illust.rted talS ictitc sealt fret', potto-
I illirgI' 1i. Datnitls. GSicils Pt. ats-
ol{isger Agt, (GrandsCcntrtal Staltion,
Lo~st--A 'iKappattd'1tbou aitammal Sac-
Ilucius'outlback. Ftinider retuirniho St'-
siaur's oftice and111recelive rewatrd.t
tHave s-chi bicycle reptaired aut Wrlt-
gel's repirishop. tReasanable tprices.
S N.tFouirth tve.
tLtIst-A Lidl~'l aind Scott's Grheek
texscit. 1inde'r please retuirnt to
Stllwaid's office.
Wainted-'1'o exchsange a typewriter
inI first-class condition for a bicycle.
Inquire at Dsiily othce. t
Gentlemen-If you htave anty second-
hsandl shoes or clollies yotu oishs to sell,
call at 31 N. Main st. 176
If you are in seed of anything is
the line of sporting goods and wtast it
cthap, call at the Daily offhce.
Lost-At Athletic Part Wednesday,
silk unsbrella. Finder retulrn to 106 S.
State st. alud receive reward. 17t1
Businesn men like Swan Lliuen pa.
If you want a high grade wheel call
at the Daily office.
alpaca Tabules cure dyspepsia.

521 A "B IS52weighing onily 542 pounds
The America.
To irodne this lmatgnificent
osheel, I woill Share a very
liberal liscountfroni list price.
It is the handsomest yon have
seen, it is, a beauty.
Repairs all kinds of. Gold Pins,
Rings, etc. Call anid see.
Call an them for
Fine Luanches,
Fine Chocolates,
and Baked Goods.
Try Our Luanches..-

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