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May 11, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-11

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34 f' fI1 w * Thomas M~ahon Badly Injured.
M1hous ~ihcII iiaseinior lax st-
- dent, fell under ca. msovii train at
Published Daily (Sunay excepted) durisg s llsi rdyiigtmdlol
the Colle~x year, at Ws eri rdyngtadbt
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. his feet were cut sil' at the antkles.
tOrrims t'imes bailding; N. Main st., opposite lie had 1be1 en ccstixiled to go Ii fronit
past office. Aitn Arbor every Priday evenfing. to
SJJITOM iis itotme. Last FridayWniht tiolting
.1. F. T soN. a, '57. W. W, THAYReis.96ixL. was heard fromi hiniunild atileSSe il'

E. L. GotaIS\li, '985 L '. Al1. Loomis, '98i. ]
0. 11. RDXS. '93. F. S. SixoaNs, '98.
it. 0.ItYDLRitOIis, '(I".
L. C. WAIs.K,'96.
W. WI. l ashes, '9. S. 1. Smith, '96 L.
S. W. Smi; , '97. V. it. MAlorill, 'l98.
I. L. tsh, '93) M. 11. B. Skillmans,93LO ..
C. B. Roc, '98i D. Loaise liottac, '9..
33. 1. AMtheasy. '99. 1ti. Corwio, '99i.
The xa'ncrtptias price of the ODaily list
bees cedcaeltal75cts in advanceeforthe rest
of the year. Lcaveo aulcridtiooxat the
Daily osi,eora with 11. C. Moyer, U. xf Ai.
News Stood.
Editor of today's papecr,
0. II. HANS, '11S.
Withs all thsopserslid necissary defir-
euite to thei'"unapptlroiachabile' record"
so lkind~ly arraigetl for Clile.go Dii
baseblall by the Viisiversity of Chicago
We'iekly, the Daily scales the prodeili-

cameli~ to his tiomel' withi the new's thlat
lie was at tti(' tri'it Sanitaium~l
tbadily' inijured. A rtailro)ad cimiployte
11,1(1 foiund hill lyiiig 055allhe tiadeat
'esot Dt'r'oitl'onisious, tort vrty weak
froii losof biods~s. 'T5e' iances arei
11h1at'e xwill iecover'.
Mr. Mahion wotuld J11n1e graduasltedt
from ithe t'liivers'ity trt 0:5th. 11e
huild ttie degree of A. 1.. from Detroit
'96 a Victor Ovor '97.
At Aitlet ieldt Saiility'mosrnitng
iii the seconla slsss gaisle theo797 leasm
after Icsintisisithtet lead ovet '9'is
lfot'five innsinsa eiit to pitt's iiid
ruined its chaisees ini the class pe'asnt
racf.lTrouighithicfourth islinig:
'l7 laid s'eytliillgits ois A.y,'90'i
iiot mlaltinig1 lii it:ndsiolilig Insi illsn'
runs, after tihat, however,'9;lI weakens-
cit 0a(1costly' err'urs together ,wills in-
ability to hit the 'Nall reversed lt'e

atill tha~t .'lehilghsll wiliiwinl is inise-
lead 1and 'h1it'oii easily by the score'
day's gum)'. Of ecosise, Mr. St.a-gg anUd
of 11 to I.
souse othieirt'iuiieoiitautlioritit's 555may 'isie
lie citied toithe contrarybutt\wet1us)
That the' 'vasit~y svill be stile to cons- 1'tt7 :1 4 5 iiU7?.E0 10-

take Eric Paalitnd('asinlo, 'foled, If y0r bicycle nesiel cleaning or
00155(1 provedl such a poulr resort repairing Tcker & Co.,1'N Fotrthi
last season for lilgsisptootle, iwill aoe., is thIlcllec to et good work
be topened'stSunlday,)lasy 1.7, oii a scale dose allo at prices that wi11 Suit ll.
of ltslgliiiei'lec unie'quallletteventbyWc ret and tstll wvheoels, also have a
the miost celetbrated te:lrinsg pisces fullI line of up-todtlsund555rit's. Otr'
of lise east. miotto is "Live andt let lie:'
Sinlee the Park was losid last fll NOTICE TO SENIOII1S.
workmlen have beeis busy re'o'lllsinilg The sniors whio wis ixtra ilvivua-
110) imlprovinig the groundils andstbuild-t ions are reiquesetd to leave their or-
iags, alid so wll hassMlse work beess tiers for themi at 20 Forest svo oir
pe'rfo~rmie'd that it is n~ov oeedi to before 'fusdxay snigt, Mlay 1-. Tey
beto mlt sost beautiftl resort on (le will eost tensceeniits ie.
chinl of laks'. tG. K. MeMIC_ I.LENV,
'Te following programli has eels ar- 5'lil. Initatiosn Coil.
raltg('i for tihe oeisg adillsulle hLost-A Kappa. Kappa GammaiSsl or-
free to pat~ronss of the Anni Arbor ILI. ypn idrplaelaea
l. excisrsion. Stewart's torfie and receive reward.
Tlii famlouis Fr eiselsAsist Ats s-____________
St. Ielici s, (he m1os1tariimg life l ap. it you wvant a high grotto weel al
irs ini lis world; A Dreamofils ftoaity at ti' Dily ofie.
-A Mrvel of IhilliunyDianalte-
ipil(i'ilof letricity' io5herttwonierfiliti
hire, dtlnie;the ecensutric .ot dii)
comiediassslter, Ilurke ianditInaPteoPrmse&\a ts isd iiie R i~ s
Aleis & West. electricauical-ti0
city'; MlsidelHarve'y, tilt m~oetrnlidet"al Our wind'ow display will give yot
gil; Lyinchs&eoell, society' eomledy' the style anti valte of the
ketch; iialsP ite,'.sings iil ittt Ipopular
ws ih beauitiful sereopticonil eliects; A
"lthilaCireus," the rider','dolly nd oIa c
Frankl;Isi(; 1:1s Famsous St litasy I.,l listL
1asd Orestsra.
Tr'a'ii leavi's Ann Arbor at 10:25 a. "l
il. F"are for roulnd tripi 75 cenlts. ID- N egli ee
turinllg trainl'eaves 'Toledto:11)1p.n.
givisig sevens hours iii the city.S i t
Ceialei-If yo ou'sit to save
mloney' on shoe repaiirinlg call on A. we are offering at
Levy. 31 N. :tainlsts., just blcow lii' $1 00 $1.25, $150,
post ofie. All w'rk first class. tight $2 00
soli's 50 cents, heaivy oines G(0 edtS.__________
Ahletie goods 0O':llieit? W'elltice
victor Athleitic gotids are solit sat te V iNE & Co.,.fe.a .goldson.
Tleigri'clii reports of the gnints FURNISHERS
will te sent to th~e Daily diet 21 MAIN ST., ANN ARBOR.
TIhe'96 Castalian
Complete accounts of each department; the
classes and organizations connected with them.
350 Pages of Matter
Fully and artistically illustrated. The bet an-
nual ever issued here.
Monday, May 11th.

'sine'e lidim than:Itheir iidiassarae er-
roneouss for 01cc.
It is probable that the IBoarit of
Control woill cosnsiidert'he imater of
bsaseblllprlactice'oilti't'hecampus aint
mialdtito theIth atlis legaritslgit.
The priesi'it11poibitionli worts conisi-
erasble hasi'tl oni 11the candlidaltesi tsr
thi' classo teamss who are t'ere'by shut
It also acis ax i iisiiurager of a1 large
am~lounit of bassebiall enithusiasmn which
the i'ampusii pi'actice' tieids tlobrim;g
out. Butt it shlduhbhe :it'kuoiolceit:,e
that the legeisis ll had amllccaiussi'for
thieir actions. '1hle privilege of !pattinig
balls onlithe cmu eati s ii5~susedid't111
was nuot confiiied to work on the
ciillusdiasionad, to -which it Shsoihst
have be'ens resrii'tt'i.hBails were bat-1
led directly' i lto- tie sil'tiiigs asid
laboraitory 'sas frequsently in sdaniger
of injur'y' from this carelessnss.. Ball
playing shsouli e prohibitedt northi of
thse'walkt leadinsg to the gyminlasiunm,
but it is not asking too muclhi to re-
queost a revision of the rsule 'stting off
all hatting of balls on this'camspus.
'With certain m~odificationsS Ohiorule
can be miade satisfaetory to all parl-
With a view of going out of thse hi.
cycle business we propose to dispose
of the bicycles on hand at sacrifice
prices. Eberbach Hardware Co. 160

Bastcrii's-l57, Shiechanisaint sates;
'96, Brya~nt aini Wooidruiff.
'90 L Detests '98 L.
The third of thin ter-class gassi
wsas plasyeditween I''196'iltL aind '9S I,
Saturday afternoon, th~e flrore ovisn-
iiin~g easily. AMiidtrsoii,woow00as in
it'e biox for '9tt L woas rather wriltd du-
iing the first two ininiigs, hbut then
settledidowsn liind ooas 0'l'ryc ffetclioi'
only tonrunshoeig scorestdulrinigtill
rest of the gaiine. Wh~eeler, on the
otherisanit,woas 0-cry effectio-e tdtr-
ig thse first to inninigs, buit arrer
that wasIihoistardiythe senihors.
The score by iosnings:
1 2 3 4 5v067 S i) It.
'98. ....430010001-9
hilt. . 00410901 *-1.
Batteries-liS L, W'heeler and F~ox;
'96 LAnderson sandt 3W'hittena.
S, L. A. Officers Elected.
'he lierehctors of thie Students' L~ee-
tsire Association uiek Satui'tdayInst
chose the following officers:
Presidenut, hI-I . Emnmons, '97; rice
president, Percy hLaw'ton, '97 A1; re-
cording secretary, F. C. Bdorst, '98 E;
corresponding secretary, Jiames Pruet
'98 L; treasurer, E. (tale Osborn, 'h57
E; assistant treasurer, A. ..Reed, '07
D; directors for three years, C. WI~.
Whitney, '99, an~d W. Blackburn, '")5
L; director for two years, . 14.I
Beisel, '97 Pd; directors for one year',
S.. S:Mehiouzie, '97 hAt, and 1". WI. Jos-
11o, '97 D.


- - $1,.00.,

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