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October 17, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-17

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Ti E- Rtl1H' OAR]) OF IREGENTS''' 11 ellol8l s nti k OOTB.ALL AiND TENNIS.
11I Is enough for one person to YESTERDAY. aenow 108187voume h0011( il rh ]- AMS
fil play on at one time. One _____ ti arile, 17.211, unboundel p11111f1le ntl(d Freshmen Defeat High School 12
I guitar is not1 enough, how-' 1Npresident Angell's Address-Sew 71 1.1(8ps The11re are 711912 voesl' to 0. -The 'Varsity Prentice-'9S
eetsply,00tw sAppointments. -DrawinEs Ordered il 1111011IhI11,1,1. l 'Football.
elecdets. That'swhy we have 111 for Woman's Gy Intting 111 a1n1d (i.1; inl11 the inedrial. the
c tonstanltly ill slock se'verail !y nee n s lleease forl 1111 yealf 8(1 as 1,79) v8111' e8 sc td' (vsly y (1n3 fil e IW l':i i o s
til dozeiis of goiters of various NIS Notes. (''8 11M OT 'ereelo d e1lir eil'lllllion ill 1111 ltoul'1ll11ll'lt 1(81111t as1 1 floi s:
1 U. OF M. GUITAR. 11Ilfhor 11 111 11 1 Aftr P cn nt n on' ('1111 ((('(1111 1111 111econ1114 1111 (Als 1188 ye 111181 ied I Gl l,'
It's good as its 111110. ('11 Dree.lc 11 ('a 11 1ind n e 11 ' 11 Tilelilll ((''l 11 111 li (11 ''3 110 Il
NPI 5 14 1111 11111 1(e 1'llilill Angel pha1110 1111111 -.e-11111 6-51 8-6 8-6 War-1e de l teal lllii e
ITHE ANN ARBOR ORGAN O . "11 (11"g'f in orde s( lill pIll- suabilitye of CIIIt: mo1 11(1111n n Ii 2-6 i 1 t;1,1 opvi l e ll t
IS S. MAIN ST. 8ea enin Se 0,1.3. I
ST U DE NTS ! hIme(strill' 1 ue8 itub had 111081 so1 111r $6.1;1H Of i k1(i'e17rc Iieuiil';y :1dereein. 11 1s 0:8 1s811t:
f1" T'Ot' WAN4 T of1 160 as 11 conl~1((i'l 111 (1 1 1 ''d1 1tviv'1l1111118 11 11' 11 8111 1 the8i111 1(1111 I 11 (11 11'
B arIgain..s 1188111bl f(11u(1 yefr ''1at11hle811 8'1 ((lIll lieS ~a11111 1118 1 11'11- 11 ll1'18 men are requesed 1111 b11111
111' c b 1 n((1 ar0111 a(I'l o11. 11f8 1111' a1d1 - '1t(1 t 11 ur1s18 1111 'l e l. thsa eron
18 81 811111 hi e 8(1) 11 11 '11 11 ' 1111111 8 1111111 "11 e111 'Varsity Practice.
otu Mi chga the president181 I ai ('I. ja'('1d' 11110 1111re is10 lnl rcueva o t ~d a
Inroig seell of file fatlc WIQI' lti,- In lit'uio tlllh'i. 1111(881(11le;1 (1i('1('8 A d el cllm 's oo tll. :ai
Latin.______________________________________all (e1 1hs.11 T' 118 11.il.l ori5' perl 'oboe I of Bl'in:1'l .8li(7I ((11( goo to I lgeunin yiI the1 exc l-o oft Jo'l(' i n'll 'ill
reg Tett Book at l'(Illitl rate1 III .f(-. 1l18d ilt' generion11111 iili 111 ' theen it'- ll o i > (8 r 1 b(a1 (1 llll Ilooe Iiie (''1a
way (Iftu ets.bookc, n~ sllppl l en l it' vr tff' initlit, (1 Ifo xltlle1 ill Brg- We1nt 1of( s(ieoN of 8111 ei 11(1 liv ard' ga New Datiy Editors. ly; i
Et, at 7itll l' o our STs AD eso Ar'lll1 1'izona New Mexli co~ 21 ('101 O litI 'f'r avc isilc tuf l r iy' ha don'e1e Sol o pa l l i "IhI 1 ) hIsi el lslglntl
We by- el" d ex la g second 'iol 111e f h c ' 3inu('11158 n~ IIi O l111' (Ifl- hit i;il'Ihl'(' room (1110 ttfnl ho oc (5r r Ino 110 o go '11in.;1 . ~ , '1)
ln bos in ag untte an 0 t0 1(l1nd ' forhaus l 1f(til o _1'l rlh '111 1to 51tthi en'c ait f~ri .10(81 11od doe, Frs me vstti' 111 . H 11c 13,ool .
thisE line.T We arebl:" soleS rielodaa1,t sm xet agent forri "t8tt'ill (If ,lic the '.n defeaed8 81115 hit.
til ceebate I ateron fun a n S (eiou1 l o' 11ilOii.lo Ati~ll I t he 115, le ll ie 113' the1 f'o' S11rh oo oileer I re ('. r aflie ruo 11 b'y~,'
pen-e eryon gAarnted Yo rl lo Alf c g frs l l lu41 8111( 11o10 m ot,11 lon npi nil ls wer011 made: l ' Fred10. it slc ss on'(t'10,'en {l.re ol l h oao '1
a l o i n t e b e t n i e iy S t a t i n- ' t"' ' sl 3 0o ) t h e no l a l i 0 1 I dit' a t l 8 ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' dn e c' lot D l . l o b 1 1(t e ( 11 (' 'l i l N e t h (1l 11e r Sl o s . ' ll) . T hel'l l'T 'l's i('
Sw AsNt.D t pka aesa ' IM POiER s e p~lIltO, 1( t h'''' 'hoi't'li' has . 11' 1 111 .s 'Ph.('..ciit' 01 r Is~in11 thll 011 017110 o'l s t hah
ExL1 Ac were ".7t; S (1 lc~5 I o dae "'ndI''10011018 A l'sl ltll i ie s -el o t lii Ie lot', 'oh ilmit' haedI oel II" Iil
Th(aetad m stF sinbe ya I f inlO th' Itlt~hati 81111mut~ le.t hlis 3tdo"epoitdasitat c
ite 1011t to 11te iy oh tle tllllilt'hil'0url ' i1 1(1 trll- de t it fl s. elauilu l'00171 1 1o' he \ii'185'ih t il i tll p01 ~ 11801110 I' s
NO. 2 E. , WAessTO S T.,NAso N.arre n )ta 1118 1 t1 e i
Usiceolt Ilood-sre Ospstle1 d1011easse1 l'i l' Il t' clllg ct Ilvllrlet 11011 of Iho 'ot ll'rf~0 ('111 i ol' t '11( 'dy h' as tti rilloeli t e vrll'01
'0r55.ut Stat Ste Iuo5 1ho ls f0XO'11 l8O8l0 oolio- I~h~l ll rea 01 ieti le .) bro lomh soo bui e shd ld lh

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