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May 04, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-04

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VOL. VI. No. 154.



f;}; _= g Mm ROWD rT0 GU FFING AIIA.11 hefro 7is of0A1 1IqiOll 1)' 1 l 1 t I I 1RO R E W I i II I 'GERI.
'Oieiemw nw ei Wac~ inner of the Lea'(ue cContest Re- W1. fit'. Wediteoi. '4)1 tilt ".) sy-> 14a.i1) s am
pi heen sold. Weinut 0011 101 lle Mt Xh. ole i-vi'o1- (Oto-41it .l-i iti, wO. '
0111CCXOSal V'IU. thoft 1hoe reateot benltit of theo' v liiy 'i t-rY
W ~l c v l- ioz .5-b ilt ies wold oi e fr10 oma the fact. ~ t
t4O it " laf tile O iltdols It Of tloe 11o r0010(' Ii it l tfI if 010Anohervitr
so-c i . w eolt, ee w i 0010111 010102100 11c4 ..it1) 1101(,11 tot otoo 10' i 0 I( to t (ils cr lit 101a t o o illb l ah
lit ill S61' 1 ood l tl 0i.' piLe 16 cofthet ie t e eootto. later Iinthe
iei t m 1 101 fl;t ba es i jl I i11011' ai111 i i .l o t f.11 f1, 1021111 1 'ff11' 111111' 1 '101 01b,; till (ioft1tot
eeoC. 111 00 ii))) ll gilIt fit 1111liifo1(1 f1i 11'1111'' llt iii'was111 1110 It
list 11@1'It l( !1 i .l l~ E rlutl 'l - l 1 1 lfil'f h, tfill'- Ii"Gv~i~l('
THISANN A" BUSINESS111k110) ffl'e-Iil 11 l~o'0
14tt t11# cs f , (oof111cf t'oi l (I l If ('1' hIslitlld I tr C sB s b l a e . ilt if lt l 11 11-1),111 ofielI 'rlof le .l.t
pi fyu vInf ayCL S.hojon 110 '1ff1n- i t)il i-I-S 12(I tltltot- . l
iBYD n-aldtu e e5or r -e hs i f Il 11sibo tflellh .IC l-'I lII 0 110ff ff 11of' -I f 11111ro d 1\ l il ftelli o 1
-. 10of 11:11O.Ri
__t ______________________________tiOl to 110 11111 11111h~100011' 1111 r of tll IiiO il)
#111TH"E11 f1 - cfllfilfI''0 t' 11 1 '1 t I'xri0 ,L Of i
A'0 3 RGA130 1111li o' lktr lilt I'heI slle i l i -iiI;X 011i la l lil'fitl-lf f o tk111111 i .ie-
I~lqA N ST. 1! (Ilw~e~l te elthils. 010l 11.- tiby ftmes.10 ftkil00. 1ft igli 1-011t01oil
r 11 I ill hIs
B Y E -1U BIYL ES. 1,lIf8I of'1 vi.o'-9 at l 1ll" 1. ii


You ougfhft to1wea0 a pafe of
Kolored- - Shoess
G H .IThe Leading Tailor,
and onfly direct Tumporter in thec city
has just recefved his entire stock o
foreign and Domestic Woolens fo:
Spring and Summer 96, at
Full Dress Suits a Specilty.
S pecial Sale1
Baseball Supplies, Lawi
Tennis Rackets, Lawn Tenni
Supplies, Sporting Goods c
every description.

11111810,Itd lii 01.tI l o llege iyellsff11'
tr~i r l11 10011111 (Illll N- s il ll' llofl1111
t vfs10ia L 'f'rlit-f OnIIe~thil"t Ill
fCa~ill L ',1111stopu 1ff Il'0eill f'f II
ff11'teflawff' f llllfi''to lif't9111f. 111-01
tlkfl byf ft.r1. TulfoIod nl'l Mr.f11
lll'lffolland thenfa X111,f prloceededflii
tithe f cpel in 11llstlyf11,11if.ifhfr
alliflg'flf. metl-fin-g1wasr-0f1010dtover
which 111. G.''PfIul,'f'Iresd o h
or ft-speatche wrean unwas Ift 0ff
tf.lllgf allipcolf in lsreark'siLrf1-
ferred1tthe efa1fiy1101111obeXof th-
Il11elfo ha win resnodasthat f1 Ifot st-
le fento ehrf e t-011augh to fiolfreanld
1110niersity.db itros tl
011010eoftheyle eft ttheywolieeoef-f
eo l ondithat ofthe rpso f t hirt
a, ictos w11 fouldfafstfte ~lauoflsoft
Prf Messrs. S osderMa- and frahaert,
of the oratos wof wothercontest-o
ants knd011e dlieciye our vicie
whfilitr. etzleeed toe doito
Ai thfeoaos oaniztonn11esstsiliof

8t N's wi8 sofil bol li111'1' l'i1o
14.1111 ff11- n1 acc f-ol I1ftill'
fIlai~I11)lffI liff hI' t 'illfbe f11 lille f
.1.,1y 2:1.
All c-flas0111111lsand111111 li'OI'
sfhold 111-s01111to0Acolotnilt lisicItinf
1ifllllgor Hufe's, I fO f iffpfa l i
Work on '00 Technic.
1fidlff. Tfhc'liftotIf i-lotritI~itol'0
prlomlisecs10 bll-ter ainfIa rg'r 'f''lmif
tianl'feierf110fio fliand tbois efI.f1-
phut f-odu -to e if tfii' fc-l-11118 ff11'
lA 1111' 1 aoun'lstf wortk hasl1'15t t
Ivite soef lithfie 110s i' If' lilli
MateUnvriy. Day l iParty. i
Mrs.the diarsi't l Mthattit gavebf
at ayDa mens afryat slvi'110110No.ac
(uhouse ceasdeiarilingecortd-t
millle llto bsoifn 5 111aiiifithiishe
meorst aiglnfaeeioin v-asient b
fArb. arhInt11ardtisosatss.e
sutye Satu ry. epesn. h

fistdllafi se illV b all 1' 111-ll11 1
ftV noNilii hothi'ow I-aol i-i out it
0-i-h rill I -1-lltird oil 1-NV.1111 ht
;t-i i lll", -f1( lSoronffii I(1111 10 1 rf o r.c
thi 111111 so-ilc4liiih ffeilthfee IlloI.
woff-riredil ill order. Att ff o oth11e11
tfi VIIlf'il Ilte ll' 111dsthsixiitors1
111111 101111 s ' ril'lliill;. 111 lf '
fAllillr, lll 101111othio flic' tii i
pt'cers qite. f11-elyattin,,Ocsifptnulls
baill seoil;ternan ieofC
fIliii, 1-ogawile11111into t Ihg11o1111,
wlifith to sin;gles land~ a tlo-'Jtl';l""l'
cSh~ils 111adfiialns, t1111-li4 itina
theii'seen-: l h iei.,nu~
oplonelt oi tl(Al),",e, 111 Ii e eAl
ARClflileyl i 0
Hl st er f------- 0 0 1 i0 5
Iletu --------- 02 0 40
lffeeinney,2-----6 3 t 11 0
lie- i n~ n, b----a 5 3 t 1 (
M-lfKenzie, l ------- n 2 10 1 0
Kinlinonld, r f-----4 0 2 1 f 5
Cosdon; Os------- 2 v 1 0v 0
Totails---------- o"1 15 13 7 ' .11 2 2
c -----rf ------4 1 0 71 2 1 1 -
l'l-luverIflandip--4 0 1 f? 0 1
W.(Clancs s-------4 0 1 4 22
-Jameon.sicf------4 50 11) 13 0 5
liere, lb1--------e- r
Voorhies; iandflb--0 0 0 1 4 1
G. Faluer, 1)------1 0 2 1 012
L.(Clancyr f---- 3 5 0 a 1 5
W1ltluer 2b------1 0 0 2 1 1
Vaughnilfl- ---1 550 0 0
iTotals-a-----3 1 4101it1
1 2 4ao6 8s
4Mfcliigui---- 0 a 3 vn21_v2 4-15
rOberlin------- 000 5 0 51 50 00- 1
Earined runls-Milglis 4.Tvo-baseI-its-
Bofeamsfnfstoi, lliKisntev,C.ft a10. 'Three-
"1base llfn-111n11 s. lassoeI batli-Sheriff, 2.
r0 hi' iia itch-C. I'ouver. Bases on bails-By
Y-l~reeea5; b1iyl uer, a; by XVillin,,2.
4Struck out-BSy 0 atkins, f5; tibyuorfi , 3 ;
so "~auver, 1. Stolesnits e---llloims a Skields
3, Condoen a, Watkins. IitlomilE~lo, l k'ei-
zill Doblaf ys- 1elimen aad'0 lck'vazr,
Kisnssnd nd Mlomene, Vo,,ik0, , Siarlil1
and Pier eatbnpire-C.. IN. Sf110,ye ,IfCleve-
aod, 0.'lie-2,15.

preliminiary contests and thle style of
oratory taught in thio Uiversity.
'11'A 14 'R' They also coiiiiented on thle evening's
Ak. Ak L~ ~ celebration wvhichi they believed to b11
-Up Town, Down Town, an .approp riate nmanifestat ion of fti'
, Onlwersity Bookstore, Opposite Court House
20 S. State St. elf. Main Si, interest taken here in oratory and

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