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May 01, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-05-01

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the . , 1n .

VOL. VI. No. 152.



jWe us Moeafl il 1 lte itlThil e store wee now occupy has ItHAl plhalDelti Phi Convention in in y eslertlssy sudithue 'Avsss'vuis1 aisis ort her nOratorical Leagne to
sees sol. NWe mst seek snte lot
,9setso.~l etroit Closes WiLth a Banqolet. si. Mileeet sls li i ti ~ t at ChIicago Tonighlt.
I We M st Close Ott ii tl''tl5Is' issall. Ilsi suss sily slii hI h' ssisr i i k \ i' lss t'lts'i'i rsgl
lilt ie. 4.str ri's sl itss bli l~ t si tos lhi lnatinl' . ')-ii' l li'thse. hldsi '11srrls is led 1 et i<trr1 .<gt
veryissossssyrsiss tisissyois
ltTIS ME NS US~~iIESS tssIm"lleutstlliiiensoyedthe i s"'11,11si"sswill lThe''5'u~rit 5 ssIIed iii'' iiillte first 55 liii isiiil 51peak es, o itlists Mlstwsi's
Ntl I tysoou tsit astyt Iii rin thetie~ llsbns tt it snt il t iti lti. Amiss oiltil l stserrotr. ssuir csolens fusess isut isisiei ti st and Istisu sill tsi t'irblsy
ss ceet. lI t e ttllsie nssinI Niere'tt' iiw ittn; i ll its set' ls o n tll ills. Twoss a re 1 ' ts, l 1 '1 '. ill iiit hi ls '5tt)5
0I THE ANN AHB r .O1 ORGAN CO.; ONa stlitiss iiIsuist t'adtcomeillI's-sillts iiiddedllsslini te sersndissi uthesiii' stirl
00 BU SBN-U MAIN LST i ll r 5,1t er trei Isress ill tDeitilt. " ' oI- ti1. lKiustey flied i tissi .N'sikiss 1;lii subtjecti5ts n.gusts iltshle uo ter i
i's = N..~I tt't'nio is'ssslereuo t rly rsuet's. sstis' itit't t5t11 1t t's'sts'tsdtr'nd st lists'o e ona is~ l hist l t's' ivill sells fireis f 'sllsts't::
______________________________ ssisssss'sis' ls ii u i'''t s ' litsstsuss ssttus i s I lsst ' iluss t'(tl'ias"'s

IGEInt lfinhO tliso'lLt'is tltsail to
of gi ttersusggetira its. Ver y
The Single Fact
tliait I wshl to imopresstuponu
your naind is that I haive b>y
fatr the finest line of
is Ansn Arlot. Ituiniblers,
'Wavierlies, Eaigles, Wintosns,
Mottarlhs., Lsiitinstms, aid
plenty if Ilower pric.etAwiseuls.
Ostr U. of M. Sptecial is
ssortlix' of itsnaume----a$100
for $85.
The Leading Tailor,
and onily direct Importer in the city,
hsis jiast received isis entire stock of
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for
Spring and Summer '16 at
Full Dress Suits a# Specialty.
Special Sale.'
Baseball Supplies, Lawn
Tennis Rackets, Lawn Tennis
Supplies, Sporting Goods of1
every description.
Sip Tows, cows Taws.
'University Boohstore, Oiposite Courthouse
10S. State St. 4 N.-Matn St.

4suitil ituo'c'locs',uwhls lte'''l'.et
ss''e isalledt ito usr's' iillte Russelli
IHotiuestetlisisisry Isy'Alfre'd LI.. ll
sucre. E. 'WX. MAtltitt. of Ait issttsis
iscthsap'terclitti'osithelie te of Ntiw
Yorkl'l, sandi1S. It.Ales lss'usi, ofs Pl'ssiss
sulsis' schster'. AisnsAstut e (,ii's's's
us's'nstsrisofii'thst' tietilit'.
Alettili U'ivsis'ity satnstLelanStnSii-i
frdstJr. t'ivs~ieity askedtfotiut' ts'sr;;
andstit iuiustslprbabl tiatchastrtesgsill
tie auithorsizedt ini thens'eislieruitcso.
l'lsa'ien'e A. Sewas'si'48"1, sifGene'v's
('thaitter, IlssissssColitleges'wss'a ll
thsni prtesidenit itS('Chas. 1".

Iet'' fistitwiscslits s 'sit tintd is' C.
Iemp'itslll. IIoisit' sti 5l ii 5ad 5 ho .1550
hiti. list ii'sislii't ssi ,s's'sss ss shSildit
was 55 littsthrw utsit firt- by'Alt1is.
O .111 titt s' iis itusaoit.sti It'si tt'
'Tun (i's it'aiiit ill'heothel'sst.(ts st
sris's, sait siltlIs.' stltsd1 1.1 4:1:3
ittullit' isill least thet'stinisis ttt'it'i
Isir thei i.sisity todaiy suitrsill isls.y
ints e I' tsssst .Ssisagum osttter'y suilt

Sisi'sgssestof sits io Ch tte'r, V t CoitsIt'l- it' ierry sinii iourp(".
egt NNsisoelectt,(:'['s'c'etaryts suit(e's'I helss' osi e:
A% . S.. M isiert'. Mr. Sise«tr s 0 11 23 .:,5E, 7 5)5t1I11I
[proineni'it lawsy'te Itt Ness' Yso r ity. M iliisi ....:y 2 is 0 2 01 1--.)0)
Mts. Sprsague' s is iluakr isi ' w Yus'iu. iisttt'ries-JiIier suit 1 islssies. litli11t.
Afte'r' aislittr ttliioieo issm esilist"IiiAlslt'niandstSlti'ngt'r. f'-bae is-
te afternosns St'e ressilsti's'of lt'e Wsatkiins, tisoslses. Sstlu suit--its
tiyti as pen lt i it s ocssi'ia uy. T'fiss' ileits'I. Tilst' 2:851. 1M[5[ire'Sty'
mutstlpromssinenst 1feasturtin t istu ine t' or
s i lsut senyables'rids' onithse rivs's. Senior Swing Out.
l~T' It i«s 'inisie'ntd tsy a gs'ises'sl it ussr ossg si i al ls
lettingtloseu'of old tulle e1tiliioissss
tutu yestt'rdtny sfternsosn sit 's'ps'r
inst ctsis'gt' sottss.vic s rouglt ostltboutsss125 osiosr
Thisansiqsuet ii isaheeisenig Nvsisheld
uliletly nesset. useateussdedlss'I'tlargeisst Its
lat tit' tussel'l' house fledisiwasit'tstu Ic ii
4-nit is tnsiuhaffisrti. lT'e In t ss s' I
hiss'stly's's' listStstittoautslii" ititnisuuso
(wesrsy frth ity i tgps Iof us'ietly.' ll ts'sl.
sslar, 'li1, "Our Itligstossiiiu; Isust -_________

hullsiduasl anis istiuinIfs Ali's 11usd'
''lit' LstsIls,-iuf m o list.'' gaa
I'lits iss's'F . Iluilrd, , sfo l ss-shliss'ma
"'hiTs''urklsusisult; G io.
Albssuf it. iuSchmidttof Vii issuhi -
'"list'e lsusisfusliuof list'Woruldt Buss-
Wi. I'. Ki'''tt, if lt'e Ul-i't'uiy ash
Ioss-"A 'Thesryeo' tali'lists sui-tts of
Th'es'contelst i5theldsiul it It''oususio
slllusndthelistrlst soriat' or i lsussyssits.'
NA'lss'ls st'e Leaguei' s't, taing t'lat.
pltin u tiedr' s oi'(f l'('tking t'e
uls'xt ye'ari. SAstIngrahais oassssecOss
autSd i lstn utthe srogram tligist. 'I uhf.
tilit'sssorasor'Nvillblit'lt' fisttsuts's'
nssxt y's'su' usind l t' :t~utu' csuiut
still lit'ltishliis's'snderti'this 555555551-
'Thes'ihisgsans telisgaston llftyssr-
day'. !Intclu'theu'rospetssecant5Veryit' Isi
orableis'fuse'Ir. Inus l~tesissu. liie partys
siill et urntotmorro'tws' sfts's ituis sit
ussn'cok ts. lssstsu'tIit'eii's''theis' il-
gtiii Csntrsal, antSai ('towdi sill Its' li
ills'ststithss tos ets lt'SCieit. 1nousmstter
NIsist ltth ssiuuec his'' ts' b.
Lecture by Judge Dtonovan.
Teelass iletu'erotusu s'si wisl'l
fuillest last uighit:iatlithesiadttesso of
.Sfudlgt' ossuittisn i"Prs'sesrtiossi fottu
'lnu.''T'list' eattks'r'isnadts'fit's'divls-
hins (itpriiteurtionu,iz: (1) SI''trainse;
(2) Aser'tsas inshthseus'riunst yourt
clts s tl ist usis cs'; (3) Make ai tlan
of tlit'-rass'; 14) Sat'all wit iwss'stud
lustss'justt lalSissy sillt sses'lr C's
triadl ihoss'thesy' siwisasi', laitI; (5)
Dtormsiyour lth'ey of his' ('lst'. In
cloisinig lie' gave' souse iviry pertuineta'
auis ics'=5to youngiltattuseieys. tpsuiting
tie impuiortaiiceI of hiounesty, a businhuess
like air analitddetu'itn'ice.
Subscribe for toie aily.

Al'. . Cocieri, t'u'uissuitir, 'ti:), "'T'e
foliage Mini"; E. 5 I' endletonu, Csli.
suisie, '72, "Fraiteritiy." tt in-s 1usi
hthnt hea' b'aenqSus uetsuSclosed'theSit sifty-
f'ourt'h natioinaisl centu'lion.
Th'ie next convientlioni wilt be heldst i
Breownc Uiviersity, Proideniee, It. I.
SC. IC. SEmmuions, iniigs'.e of te
Juilitus Caesar trupie, is its tiuleusgo}
to Muake urraiigeiuits sfor lisa'pte-
senstation of tle sausy in thaits iy sit-
dee She auspices of the Aliuisui Auso-

"Julius Caesar" at Toledo.
SFtr' theexcursionn So "'ttlislitoveites
Ann sArboruoa'dtuisutShu ast sss'u'arrans'ui
tutontr inswill lesavu'AnnusAerbors
ints e lt sos'uiusg"ndshutstre illbtw Sso
t'r'turn'stris. Ot' Nilcoei tikl
lsit' iniSt'esifiunoonsanissul suthiuerisill
re'u'tn asfter'the ljrsa' "tlitti sf
Juslisus Gissas'at tlis a 'stis' theulet'.
'} sa' tiekatswsic sul sl iou' $ tinclude'
ruted tiltfse'asnd aitidmisso timth
The Oblerlin gamse isill b tiealled at
13 o'clock tomsorrows.

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