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October 16, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-16

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STUD NTS! We ive ou - - - FOR KNOWING WHERE - - -


Tm G,
CLO N iff,

is sold. You have shown us by your generous patronage that
are just right for people who ws-h to (tress correctly and at the sasno tinie SAVE MONEY.

37 S. Main St.


LC_________ ET At the Grand Opera House. J P CO., '2 ,H. SAT-
Time Table (Rlevised) May 19, 1894. Auiev-cut looked forwNard to with Cl nte o
CAST. WEST. 1n10neitan ordinarirnlt eet, thiit-'olll(l o
P. At, A, KFine Lunches,
Mail aid Exs _3 50 blalli__113 3 Il, iS tteromilttiei"ioaouiiil Cf Ois Fn hclts
NY. pecl--- .5500 N Y.Speil---730FieChcoats
Eastern Es--1012 N. S0.Limitd---9 2 .kiiner a1th(tlo (lOil 010Id houtse 5X5 ndBaedocods.
at a1e A. 14. Pacific Ex----11 57t Frilly Ceiili. lie 5511 ill esent ]lis
Atlantic Ex_____7t47 .Mc.7'yOrLnhs
D. N.Espress ---_ 5 40 Wefstern Es -2 00 11011 11 d il~ly Sbtttiqli~tl Iolitalli-r u Lnhs
G.R-,) W. IteSces, 1105 G XVl . IAYEiS, 8 l ii thlis d paO1i Mr .tililer flils, it is ~ ~ m o Br
0. P. & T. Agt., Chicago. Agt., Ann Arbor sid, a sery otrilsi1frt nl o g e hut(1o ' 1'q'-adhad
. wi iZb i ihh le ssill icirtainly di lli)ict. Phoineti4i. Go13c be, - Liery
a Tilg4 X9 er( are fiws olt i 1-,fiitsheiiill11 55~
~\~3 s k Jv ilitir sviirl iir aso tiostal-iuc 110, lix 9--( 91' . il st . - ro.
S Skitri. Hi -wokdhas wuikedi<a bin:itiit hreBoddanweliedf.
,~ "1 -I ts:7l-i Aiil H l ltota{ itl i iip Sittiib l l Oli(,n l entile- ris iio Ilorsec oii-a ~
-- PAI IV. L. hliil, anit i010certoissly a illoistni- -
NOITOt. SOTH, stile oile. 'rlii i--stral. ltirii-oforithe ANX ARBOR
C:Cta, -m. 7 5tta. in. ii- II ,-it-ait s t th e o' ~t-tlvi 5 lltnllhoeu-. a1 LAU
142523p m. 1sil-a. r01. qs
4:15 p. m9:00 so no. 'rli ts illott, who itpis-( it ituitl lie
All trains dily ee Sot C sisil toitll' if stiefiitentihris(s:11113.1 t . REN01),getan igh Gss tad ometic 0 as l.
W0. B. BENNETT G. P. A. Toledos0. wl'Bosi' lift- 011-1 as5ftul if siitisttiii-aso
l(,Ii itixolttiiits 1111lit i k orkli. DE. S. SFR VISbfirangr
ANN ARBOR & PSIL.ANTI ST. flY. Senior Dental Officers. 272.3 BvZb . OUIRTH- AVE.
Time Table, Xay 26, 1895.' Thrieit a0(10a15litietitI ocitheiii itllir -
Leave Ypsilantiifrsm Congress st., (0:00, 8:01CC itli rlis"os 1111111Yesterdayi, I'01c1 G PIN" AS USUAL.
and 11:00 a. sm.' 12:495 2:51,5:00. 045.9:130 ad 100:miii Sttlttsd i l i o is cIIseliot of .N. X .v
110 p.nv111 -i- in e in
Leave Anni Arbor Junction, 1100,80:300 1011 1s1trsi-nt; Mti-. lesse-itII.lol-, f l (:c hare
11:30 a. m.; 1:15, 2:49. 9:30, 1:15, 11:00 and 11:00 c
p. - 5111 lii isliellC. -S. ;;lei.:clod111)1.su-- / sTrBiINIS
SUNOAY TUNME. Liny, -n11-. N. (lorki. trrasltrct. A
Leave Flmsilanti from Congress t..l:3O0 :30, i-iiiiiiiitee was olsoaplpoliteid to i,-
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, 2:004:00,59:30, tiih on= a clss embillism. IolySn
7:00 anail:300p. IC. JwlySoe
Cars run on city time Fore: -inlge trip 15 tlii- srs rmdr io r
centsa; rasnd trip ticket23) cents. isle' adfom-i.(4(..l
Wn. 1F. PARtKER, 5npt. lititir. pre-sidttxltof tlii Wx-tstu-r last CAIERER,
205E. wachin-
.'i l itsh0s111cr ili.,opul edI. I til4t
~RL 1111130 - iii~irl. uf 1 N~ll Ncu.. Very leatsant roi) Cat :10 thureli
-AT-- 71; 1'presidlesntif tsin-Iiltenilla sso.st.5Furnaisse heatt. A fesw boarders
L ' LY & C,, l ilttliitoli 11111l03 1111a:foitstlix-il fii
Riemoedo In350S. State St..Sager Blick1111ud15 if his (iitrict.
Met anti Cold Lnatin s at All Honrs. iii i9:iit3 huas ti-i-i-is-i-il. letier ft-oml
If. il-l-, of Clevselandi, (9.,51 fortisir 9111-
deist ll eSicsn cilpilitgo on Otr- (':se
IR.' IP-ANS Schli team andl othur itemss of inter- SI~~SQ)~
iS. Xii". siel Says: "I aintiglusilto io-e
- i~~tirMlcigan lplayiig ill su1ch go0001fobrlinl-
The modern stand- reaidy" W
'. Nrck, t ud ents'Lue
W ard Family Medi-NtT'E
'IlThose of the laisw -uscol 55119 hta-e- ao- r-Is
10 cine Cures the a~le tot~ solicit forift-e S. L. A. t ickets
common etveisy-doaybi 1.lb Senatnrai B.wiil iitfNii Fiurk -_
every-day t. a lu1 as blothelist of nm; of eaitISb lpciiuto
Iis of humanity. applicanilts. 3.Hon ons W.liisXXrluSri etai-cyeof Stte ui .RdahCnetC M'.Jhsoe
I rankloC. Smith. teachoer of hf losi- Idsii Mtes C ises MadtowCieli,
91 TRADE lin. Studio at ftie Ann Arbar Organb5. lRe. T. DeX~itt, Talimbge. ..-
(i. Bon. Henry IWniC rsiit -EditorueobtLoalsvile
Co.'s store. 37 1 Boston Temphe(n-rteit iliso 1(ath1orine i
9L I 8.0Oratorical Cotest outheiversi--ity Oratl
Fr-ont sulite of roomis, furniacehliti, 9. 91-a 010 ii. S11r. Paul BI ibit) °'Cornedy L
W MARK 10 rest at reasonaoble rates. 27 Tllolll- 1 in. ThodreRosee-t, Prsideat en
sonl St.
FALL lG'rR IETNG. Call at Stabler's for fine picture There Are Eleven
1 moldinigs. Pictures framed while yen Iltenemeed stats far entire cnurse We~ extra
Suiting to order Sla.5S up; Overcnats o R tedpathi Concert Co.. 75c; Oratorical Conte
erder $13i.00up: Trusneringn tn order 10.19. wait. 24 XWahe-ilBoointnren, State and Slain sts.. Palm,
Cleaning. Dyeing, Pressing and Repairing Bookstnre, State at - CuttinigIReyr & Co., 21
a specialty Elegant Suite-bath, heating an~dstnre, 6eSS Main A, -ad Ann Ambeor Organ Ce.,
FORDHAM & GLEN, lighting-rent reasonable-Forest Inn, Crse intsmay be echanged for dv c.2,a amr' rgsoe 6S rs
Palmr's0mg510-in 4eSlSat..
Merchant Taler, 20 S Sate st., Ann Arber. 18 Forest ave. 9-No conditienal numbers. Every num

5 11o ld t eel:,- tra i s twen iToi'u hijOh it",
andi tCoaresiont.V a. ., si o lutitbus, thc'
short anidonlydirectrouite.
Toledo, 0.
Findlay, 0.
Denton, 0.
Columbus, 0.
Athens, 0.
Mltiddleport, 0..
Pomnery, 0.-
Pt. Pleasant, W.Va.
Richmond. Va.
Petersburg, Va.
Old Point Comfort, Va.-
Williaasburg, Va.
Newport News, Va..
N orfotkr, Va.
And asll souote steri-upoislx.Eis-ato
Foruefurethuieri,: ttoioiititcdl o yurlolus
T.Iicise' Agentsor w-ite,
tOULOlii(N 11011,, ocla,t.ux Xt.,
W. A. PETERS, Xici, 10. ltPbss.Agent,
I~rit. i, ii ii
I a~Go to RANDALL for
Artistic Potos
ABn Arbor, Mich.

IDF 1895-96.,

iire Associatiol
u.. OP M.
sdr Pines. Harrisos- - --__________Iiei. i
ishop, Mrs. Clara Mlurray.
Mr. Fee Si-amps. --Oce.14
Idgeway. IReader)--------- ltr-Veb' 25x
ticial Association.------------ t1lreh 20'
J tamed" ------------------- April
vTerk Polleommissionb --------Apr 24;
of Vs Al1lfor 0$2.00.
'a, single admission din, c eptS 'enator Bill, $1
est 25c'. Ticket en sale- WefdncsdayOct.is6at
a'a D~rugStore. d6i S. State at.. Sheehant & Ce.,
-and 29 5. 1ain st., Moore & OWetmonre's lleok-
.Main I.., and by studleets on the c",)mpus.
erved seat ticket eon payment of 50c on Tnes-
-east, and Moore & SWetnie e's, 655. Slain at.
n.er atually -ecured Cbycontrack

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