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April 06, 1896 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-06

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XGHTGAN GEN~gLL II'I PG OF EDUCATORS. Ilvhi-y W'de Ioec-;, ofNilie(1;
________ . L1. Wite.CO uisbus, (Yb-o;1 I T i.~--
Time Tabie (Revised) ((arch , 186. Efr aet as tnad o tit 1111100 Ii.F3 Smai , lilt'lu 1T:I 1 Wi1l
EAST. WEST. Efot ae o ae taidr o Nv
Mal and Ex -550-al - A 18 Shools.vcst-; Pojiial 4 S .Abto, V is-
N. _ Y.Seil..50 N.aYl Speca.... 8______38 cli ((illNotiti ois i li
N.Y pca-- 0 N .Seil--7a osn Stie Nrl'lS~oe;PeEastern Ex---10 1 N. S. Limited....92
Atlantic Es. 71 A 0 Pacific Ex_.. . T he ISn s~~oso h o4l-(it0 ot ,p 711 rl#,o i- 1J
. NExiress .... 5 40 Western _Es.2 (81 wyetrnA sooA+litS o C llcs aiiti i°estsI iIii -O'titsC.A. Sit ii t-ft
G. R. Express ..05S Chi. Nt. Eu.x10 itG od ....
G. R. Es .-- -- 5 57 setoiltry AolstttSittintbsy sit it! i.t O fly o 111111;eCidtl'. S tap
. W. Russe'.Es, H. W. HAYES,
G. P. & T. At., Chicago. Ag. AnArbor 0carg o l ltiniy dclotdclo 0 iisiuess liiti\~ , lwtioaifli ~1 e.1s_-t , (l.t.e
Ts , cI c tet o t (iiencsihtg ot: nt Cl (iiceltte P. I. Sow, of the
~~~ N ~~ P itl til i)ri. C. K. Adbitis Ii J ll1h el Y of KsIiW5.5 omnigt
ve i ytt)of _ V isillti.Easter Services at Newberry Hal.
RAILROAD. 1 tcasllei ,(t oe N. Caititisi, (i- A xcCihii= litito li1.v .~ rv
Tme Table, Jan. l, 199. i:'t-ViCO00( 1 ( 1101dlttist Niwiitrt Jiaili
noane.SOUTH.io Pr-in, yeiis . i .-sts e tic situestttii ~, 10 tili (9
7.22 a. i. itd0a. i ie Pem.n, laeid t ( 1
"12:20 p. mlt1:4 as. Iltllig, i i l tr s e I'l-vt- etisitly; n111 .. ooiby113- iss \cii liii iiito ll
415 p. m. 921 p. m,.ofe3 it
_ m.A trains daily escept Sunday Cueilll l °. ti Coo ult ilnti nstie m 11011,11111iioot it i ITan u ewe n br n oeor desb lit-\e li.g 1o01\V3hit.il
only. iletnt Ltitto ial.A isiis G tllit-e; 1Ps i-f
E.S. GREENWOOD, Agent Mi e.\j ittt 1 -i fttr li1 111ars In tilti
W. H. BENNETT G. P. A. Toled do cp 0 \. I.But, re1th Wak; It.R O &YPILNTBittlo,,Lo: . nonoral ..ar itti nPo tne fithtttds
ANN RBO & YSILNTI T R. irofesoor ii. . j. Fiiiii, t-cict, isi Vioal(thu sletik itittiiiiigiyofitheii Washington. Block.
Time Table, Oct. 27. 58958. otitt -.iniru.- it i ol sclttti"Altie gtsitO t eruitotil - (s-_______________________
Leave Ypsilanti from Congress t, tt1045 011l-ie;SIl~i1tniteiltilJ 1I V i h tit t Al i0110Ii a111 111
and 110 a. m;t2:52:15, ti,5:00, 8:45, 9t15 and Peiist V t 0 t- l-t i , 110 op n;weno lttilei0 iei lo-
10:45 p. m. Itipoti te, 1In .; I esi nt l I.
Leave Ann Aboe Junction, 7t40, 915 ads td 1rf' (11111 3(111110~, o; '111 111101 titioli" er a d war111110
lit3 a. m t; 1t15,l2ta5, 5:30, 715, :45 -and 1111:51 -it-,tlil~i3 o it-t t1
SUNDAY TIME.iitrois 1.11. (Al4ito. Srietllg l l ; Ilii t t h)ii(oe oi-,lThi p c dis reservled
itlil173re1 551 P 11\ lSt ,n 5l 1 5 V I T i p c
Leave Ypsianti from Conresst.,1:30,3:30, PrneoititC. A. St-tiiits-r nItlveie
:00, 6:30O and 5:00 j.m. 1113(110 lter r ttes io lrssTie ood forthe rand Oper
Leave Ann Arbor Janction, 100, 400,530, itoft! y\l"itl V.N Tl il o arn~. .p r
trsn en city time Faret single trip5 I SIOtUX Ct1 iit 11101 res-iet 11.n I1I
WM. 1F. PARKER,SutJe,'"ne -- - let House. Plu- 1
STUDENTS rel 1_ L' jchiu0 1 St.liiiouiit;l17a--
If yes wnt good reliablte life insuratiiee call M lltoith o 11111 lig st oltttis Ittl iti 15(1-
un Fred ITSMeOmttr, oficecNo. , S. A- 2 111', "11141 Pii~ldt1l J.1 \y Fotrd,
iicycley -- ofm
Bicycles naeandal.kinn tit tdro .1.-ttti t ltl-i (1 iiiilrt .xllu~aanU
t1111r= i ltd Ipt: M.t" spoon or 1i ,
of machine -swork. PetSthild 1111t1in file (ittiattt£iAtandiCie lit
HUNTER BROlisoais aeNvldriloprtc
1 il ^od ssaloiiu~th t cofer tluft RNO~ SEELR( STORE
NoR E at OHer , 11 tt t S-ti.t i tl--oi 111'
11111- 111113-Mr.115,5 1 ouitit ~i l ilet15 tnI v u luts
L RE fNSwHLER, top oscs Stt e, lltelot apolI
Hot (ssnhel, Cl+colftesand (:11ie11Ind15 tl01i5I 1ANN iARBOR
Eop EnS -re il- 11dell. id il
208Staf tSai iihtai t11.1(1 netelt beeni- ts: ot23 S. ourh .lv
ANN11211111H.0 IVo e l tit S It- l 10 ttoistItanot oh, 51 isslo ttisstis
letetsolvetps t urs~lt-,eesntt:sii
1 xflt- is
16in WashNgonw lck 1 1tPi 11 11li itl®is3- ?11 ilsit 51t- 1117toO
Io u ch sIhcoae nd C m i llittas s-t ilt sth(ti Is-- etit - J O W A
rR &CD .10 S &C®,TATe Id fIto ..imdebtlitht ittl.it+ r eser
Call on them fortircr o h, N.23S.Furh v
Flu2Lu cheeIiltit talt o tI iltisi 5ssw5 I
Fie hool Test je ot-t rsotlt iti onlt r ltti NIVRIY SCOO O DN CIN
R andaed Good.cliii adtitjiliso il gt hatti ule-ltlit UA -O ppsc[ iamLAWs ui lding.tbv
TryOu Lmcee v iipttctpserrlyst i iofl 1v11lvieiiseatem-.TRM $1FR!HE(ES ,O TE EA
115 atntit i zl ll-eiitglgilthltt sec-(0v11150 - Diarondsre.d ,,7
ofd-es. Te tliVsrrei +11SOemy rTO LOAne,0. PLerty AL
15 astheo B ac .oi tis ttns conIfsitee ad 1o fluri, lla lPR oP3E nd7RTY. .In
UU~JiV~ U WII~ ointd: hll uest iCtlyro nobaeund i gartt
- Pe e pn 1. . Ae li Piib, sb isi; Sume.- CL.ts s ii f Vr'ni
Calo hmfore'6HrsdJl oPp.111.Frsuet
andBPrincto's. slthPe apoidenlt Adf . apteto IstpII- ics.2thyOppiostlou a Ai~te LAWrbuClTing.
Try Ou Lunces. ved ate fled rpdress (P.O. Chareth-oe sve. V I ' fTER S $3 F R THE R S WashinEA
we~~~ ddwt plaueM hia '11 ofniv leraiy e Illtnois; to,1 Lt . IORSereaY UII EI EE 5 tn

1 ,



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