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April 06, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-06

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'Ae .a


VOL. VI1. No. 1:37.


Wedesire to give notie thatweeU
eapopse to make a bi id for IM4
hae secred the ageatcy fo the
44 Bcces wich has earned 44
11 high repirptatio is ote of the (
Hp best whelsdomade rce $100 We 4
retain the agency for the 14
that excellent wheei., which haos4
j~ this easooseen o greatly i-
proved that we silemaeit our 4
l eer.t ithehbet valueat $50
and $100 yo can find. We aloe4
sel the CLIP'PER.a fnee4
whfniel at $5 tod85. Wve mae or I44
prices tali. Term, casii or ease I
k paynents.l
A Sponge
$* . .Window
is our chief attraction for
this week. We can sell
you a good sponge at al-
most any price you wish
to pay; froni
5c UP TO $1.00
each. See our window.
,Mimme's Drug Stoe
17 E. Washington St., cor.
Fourth Ave.
G. H. WffILD,I
The Leading Tailor,
and only direct Importer in the city
has just received his enire stock of
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for!
spring and Summer '51, at
Fuxll Dress Suits a Specialty.
P rnf, -Caihait'S
University Physics Part II
Heat, -flecticity, - Manatism
Now on Sale.
'Up Teen Dwn Tows,
tlhsrst)' Bektre, Oppenltcurtflus
k A 25. Stat St. 40N. Main St.

Annual Meeting of the Athletic
Axcieit iountias held i tie lit
chatpei at 1 oclock tSlirtay atler-
11o011, and.i itoreembiitttis so '?in. ait-
Ocidaitet'thanewrtcbtfore. Althoumgh
thei cotiests ftr aii e r lot'~s l;lll
rtittagIII)('best of spirit preailed
thrsughouit. '1Ttecters xwadeteil itt
eile iof th i oaila~iol. Preient
ttiitI after te Iwo-ti iieiiiiitstoilie
eans~tinisoet' tloitic ti etirte
Huiimphrey mnieticsl repcie ci idi
shooeita.tt itatie of$67.3 otnihnl.
['te election of offiees tenl tlug
ini orer ir. 1E. C. shildsina ahod
Joales if. Prentiss for 1rchict, anit
tihere beiing liltother inominations,.his
eetioue wsom nolee t.ii11osniiii.
C. . ('tttk oiidii. T. Wiiiaits were
platced inl noiinatin foti vie pres-
deint, 1011"Is' SMr. N;iilit.intxslttdrewt'
Mcr. Cook Was etet.
E. P. flml'hrey, 'f.7 wa eit'.teii
treasuriier; 1-. C. 'iRil, '6li iainitd
oecetocy; hoinadxe 1l1l, '7, r,c'rilig
T'e coolest over tfelie tlaittt's i
the 1oarctaslirlctors as o's etrand1
eziiilg, there blihg 110 egni rti *tire
ini tefe ldit, tanevery man ilworking
1111 hiiiseltf.
The sucessful enuddtues ae as fii-
Miedietit Del> teient-I. 11. ener,
'97 U, Sigmiat. Phi.
It1v 0'Deisarbiient-t. . .Saint, 'tt
L, P'hi DeitiPhi.
ion, '96, Delta Kapa, tsiol; J. A.
LeRoy, '910, Delta Pieilo; . iR.
Sttitrt, '9(6,tsi Upsilo; A. H. OBrien,
'97, F. W. Henniger, '97, Hatry lelf-
ini, '9, A. Catoutisel, '99.
Sketches of the Officers.
Jate nih. Prentiss, '91, liesiten. is
a msemiber of the IPillhIiaiepi Pld ta-
terilty a1111 has held. the pisiin of
d icerr, treastrer anil presietttil
the ioardi.IHe Is also lnins~aessmia-
ager of the Inlander aiidt claiis
Caion City, Colo., as his native
Charles 0. Cook, '97. ~ice pesiet,
eonass ft'omiDeroit, ant i oaeted
a diretor Ani Febrtury, and is a Iroi
inent nmemuber of '97.
B. H. Humphrey, '97, tresrer, wo
comes fromi Detroit, is pi. mieber of
the Psi usilon fratecuiqly.ie was
elected -treasurer in Jaiuaay, upni
khue resignation of Mr. Aughes.
(Ceontnued an Secnd Prage.)

IDefeats Michligan Ag ri-:ultufal "Julius Caesar" to he Pfesentedi
College 20-6. Tonighlt.
'iiTte '0aii-eiO' ttseital train airtt "ftlitiiut ~('<t ts''t le" ho l d t hetin liirdis
Slit iii,~aiiAgivit-tilt-utics; I ''tiittg" t i -ot- at liii' C and O eaiot;(lttil t
2O tto I. FT'e tit'nte iddalt toolo ib' ielthl noSatiurday 1111nidthe ai oct11 he

leg, ion' 'iii it flirniok li111olrr
titnity t jige of lihe futiie' otk of
ouri eaiti. 'The (a1:7toas c'ldti hu
riohAv 1n1"pist f tie biigilt snsilne
foti aObio trip inti blie vi-itotisly feiilt
lt 1101flth et't. It drto'ie iiot etf the
s11tetttosicti thte ineowly'-emllot Oit
btetiycli. in ti.tleset' liii'tilt fitte.
ttf helcondge Sildsif tO i.; ftn't a1el3
prcilltd'; 011f oo'tiiiciiofn goode balli
pt't'i ga tIn stti ft hax tilrd 1110'
1110 vert' tonlyalet'to 1-ech irsct, sto
heaoov ostreliii'~,rtounits.
worik of the ottisilty i11 the('fiettd seas
fairly gotod, 1astbit four errol's itt'e
chariige'ti goailis't tiia. i oldig; I'll x
111 tirtusblei' 1 inlldinig tliii' si diii's'
the' stick. l'Iinllli)I an1 liiuo'.
sito itt'ituttthbit.esC. l.St.dioosaltee
Ii't'~d ifou' thr''teeltiu,1gs hatd000s
time 1repllte'ti3tby Siller. liotli liiidi
fair'ly helost thetil'visitors gilt ouul foturi
I-ir'tit' Stl. A.. I.tile'.ietowoirk was

i~OV liiit10ill'lst t-l ie tl, uAsk.lng
tut'all; ttil itsltat i'(tetlftti tplte -ns(
to voukig-pricrislo tothtbotai'Ve11110tittot
c(si l lfi'one. 's'1 11 eniretot.ttt 't' lte tp'-
'tlt' scenetstti t IT tie.Atg olne-
timini the'play tileas't flcortil' saus
soiplI lit' stage sttigs suei
louinttf ilti t uth'ei ugat'i'antimoe,
i;itlitilt'uttoyril itreutts ' t en o gvn.
The1100' a fto f it le ei il.g hi-
ir'C f.e ' i Itaeoioo11 tto't'ti a f1 t'o'ttpr-
netortoy seeigthat eV euti'r O;itilny
fou' 'I'festuei-,Ai21, utt itt' ".1datelis
t'ut'.Ilr'' c (.p;Ill- fttc'one -'1111ithese
If tis ii 1111 itti.is itltuuu' 11111
Doit . Deteioiitof vtt0lad iti' oxo

tout' toy 1iucgc('oni00atSeondil-a kThi eunag'ueehtof tt'o AnitA<< iio
tO itt au~th ndA. (I'. Krtiucitinitel eid otiilutist'giventilht'ust' of 0iitraii
lii' 0:1, ltiigts~ti iitti ttI isteiu fo tsu iurytig crpeole ttt'tottii tl
ii inhtox ii thle fiftht ilting'. Adstittis
gotui Ol .t''iilI. hu' tulle~ clktiir iilSha h o S511'lhut' ''huuts
it te enithof tliiif thli luluiiugitoll t'.)t,1- tiia"' ie'rfori'uciuoe in eliat city1.
thl' the VSh. A. 0'. tetlil ho oewittl1 ttlit' e ratithutmlokes 1111siiitiioon,
tini. 'I'he scoette';lot turnus the' tratinlisoveho.the
MICIGAN. M'oiit''s Ltotul'. All titut, eultis
All R BHatenA E
htolIister.2 Ito - --- a a4 a 3 t 0is for fi'Ilil the 'i~agellt'1lof lte hily
Watkinsrf------ 4 2 3 1 0 0
MucKinney, 1 f-.0---- 52 d 1 0 t0to 1uut1uIe tie lt' icSSsi'y orca.iuueiui'uiS
Blootmtigton, 2k----4 0 a 0 3 1
Ierd 3-----h---- e t 0 o0a1s0for Its Ipresetattioni.
J. tR. Showater of----3 2 1 0 0 05
MucKenzelb---as --53 2 S a ''Iuhe fohlowving is liii'Corrcttosts,
0.M Showaluer,p----.2 a 1 0 0 1
Kinmal, e---------3 13 02112101ndthe paiuts to lie tuiuittighlt
Dillier. p-------- 1 0 t 0 1 1
Holmes, c------- 1 1 1 1 5 t Antoinuy- - --..... X'... A.'. Ihuill
Totals-.-----31 2) 1as14u J (Cesar- - --.... .. .11. Qiuarl's
ID. A. C. Brutius . .. ..... .. ... t. 3. dtuy1
ABSROh 11PO A E Ctusshns- - - -1"......+. I'. Ssihlle'r
Crosby, cf--------2 2 01 1 5 t
Guennisen, 1 f----- 2 1 1 5 .1 2 (alas- - -1" X. ('aenloehyI
A. C. Krentell,c ---- 1 1 1 4 2 0i Cinuua........... tO. . II. is
W~arren, p------5--5-3 5 0 0 00
Ferguoen.2 bhand p----2O 1 1 t 4 0tFreboninls- - --.......0.IP. 'ole
Mcf~eonth .__-1-- 1 0 1 'o--1
A. It. Krentll, Iu----2 o0 6 i o oDeriuus- - - --.........A. 01-esiou
Kirmonso----. ------2 0s 0t 3a 0 1 thctayius. . ....I. .Itnn(2
Bechter, ref-----------a-- -Id1 0. 0u0il1a2
Tetale -- 13 B 4 100 8 Soon# h:tayesr- - --...... . ('silk
t 1 34 5 It fineiues- - - -XX. ....... . Wuduul
ic~higan-------------2 4 5 7 2-2il
M.A.C - - e i s'i erviuus- - - -I).... .Id.f. XX'.mgcr
M.A --------------023106Ened runs-Mdichigean 9;51. A. 0C 1. Two-Ow~llucuaa.. -Is 111~e, rbr
hose hit-Ferguon, Mch~iney2, and Hollhis- -SisAulcn ~ssiu
tee. Stolen banes-Crosby, A. C'. KrentetllI'ortia .......... Shiss Zeuua.'huouuupsouual
IHollister, McKinney a. Blonmingston, 2.
onenie play-Miller to Mceh~enzie to Hlmes 'dhe sale of seats -is oi eeun good,
hasenbnlls-Bly Showaleer 3; by huller a, by
warren 3. struck otr-Showalter 1, Millier t, andi everythiing; teuud to suiccess.
Vorren 1, Ferguonu.. Passed balls-Holmee
1. Keentell h. Left en ba'res-Mlchlgau 4; Md
A. C., 3. Umpirn-Lowey.' Subscribe for thue Daily.

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