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April 03, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-03

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p a iibtt sho'i lie lit s :own ill Id Lecture on the Passicn Play. 97I DAILYA BOARD.
a+ o f a l +nr enut. nt ofrt .' 0ohs. l'iol. r flit :anual iiietin0 of thU. of m.
iii iiiw'1i the ('IntiOt io f ; iudelpedit ftAssor'tttintt ilttpulb t-
ie. r~t~ o h -iijo Cu 'ib"'n lll1It y woi, ren bytlb' Ilut. Htes of te ITof . Daily, will bit
V ubsblle Ii i iy Itnoil orexceopted) drnog lii 0 ut eoey r'etintl, the t i t)' 0 toofM1 illo ,n tite(t o 1 o t ottStnty pi .a ta n
T theCot ogbMearat S iteiotme bi'trug itoi.f ti '.u l T o itlla1o'fig tno of lot'.t'toottii' attold ( tHtliolotd foratIt al ttltoeo
TH F " ~iftougolotgo le ctifrt~, niooetr, itofint1ieleting the EI'lottorbel iBoard oe te
so o. o titn 0 000 to .;tgitot v r
'"~oc ueaurr NItantogiie hiv~ g tel nl i.Ctb ii hutlh e iitxobiu dt clelgtear. iz All lput-ipsub-
lot offce,_________ ssi i-toot oli ittto lthte itonooetitto Opttotli'' I iiiti't oibero I0 the Daily tar e noobers of,
is ._n addioo tio totheu e ot b:,, ttY Ict oitittin. the astooratioti and, tre entitledtt
W. '''5 V * t ' nt ih: s ork is.Theiit lialtod cttanontoo ~ot eoat tiso tmeetig. The followitg
If. L '&i;au;i' n"[o. H L 0 s. i O: t tettio f <o.otonrotogoei Pwneetttto the centittitionwill be
.l NfoA.-o, 'too i. liieir e tteni tonin liiig t . lo lproposede:
lturenovenyrented1 ili too cty). It
P,*tT~;N xriF nontr hr, td nosexellnt esuts Hionue Section 1 of Article I . too
10i~~o)t~1'-(t~l i' lii i hs lototittoofexitiltii eol inaittreitetto lii iit ilittetored:loti ons'ltitttioimay tot
it. 0. t iO~iO ON 't) L.too wo tiooo'lil ittit~. tti.f Oly lto ho vercon li centt i i otot rity. 0 aiienioed ttitt y enerol telitg of
vrOt c EnG fDTtin toograt credit too toeir Atria ioaoter a pi t l( on.pii hil.Ithe altsociatiooi ty a1threefotrth ot
J 'fijToo, 'O. oduiltof their exiteIdwedrn tip.i of aodl the netib~ro lprsen; roioed
.0. h.ai 101 (ito. tlo froooi ts nnootniio''teitt
nsosris tOtIot\A'OilL.=_____:_ - 11 1 woas oit~ot re nas it isfas-thtoay amiidenit'ttr'o~osd-sl.tiil
h. ~ '01;. too'pubishl ito anotie ' o-lttnoo to have beeti toottlwdI.o'lin tt lasit one
-- s'ooiinuliooiilotifro a stetdo sn' ii liioitot.Tooitiitfisstote of te oi~oly."
A St)5IL t' E oriTnO0S d lis heItt taby hilifo t ^dtto o taotliftito'G. 1. IARRISON,
olotlor Ott' f t t ttthL ily os
lt A. Veiil.s00 G. . lltotilo'6. '0000 Liono'toesilotollot iintoits no' lsio lfitor-n-hief
S. It. Oa ih '00 L. I. t. mDfieoooy,'100.0 nbot ftirtaiolo ties otbsboto-it t h da
F.Oim n:, to 11. tB. Gr o uiiooo .'001 Al. 0' oiitlite oeloniiono' of i hoe o'oino'el itsoii 000 lofitl aiot cue00 lio (01i'dt '9-3 BAStEBALLt0C. ME.
Fi. A. iia ito, '3oE. oHB.Iloo, 'OsItt olooeos iiwithll ii 0't f tt t i tt inia Alcauol-idtots ot te 'O tisebll
eiietovo' t.entios of tlto'woro. 'e'tio wrte r ooiosI,
--- too lot tutitor'soitoe osl tti 'tlolu'l" app len~rmto li't heik'it ill 0' al utI' p-010'teamotialte requested to reptort lt hit
'flose oiooe iotoi e ofoltie ]tairy lis iif'2, i'o hthlii. le t'ioutt. rio neor' ymttio -.' ertii ti t'tfteuooioioat 4 to'
boee n o tItit 0 1.05 dvanoi e for oo t e -t to'n ioil i rerto 00to' r oloo f la"
01 Olii yin. 00000 ioooosat thefl'hi iineotis' 100rlooo 'te ndott sorts of n tt(th I.TW'OODRUFFttt, ('aptt.
tal oorx Wl i U I~ottyltottt io Q.' siotatttl. t heilto'.' fiau id Noe'a
Neityo'Ss ottiti1 .anoeH.o 1. i'o p~tr0f ioioitt o(Oi'5tile'Tloo tnersty Scoolotof Dootttito
,o too .ati opplot'ttnities fo rottolt Stri
--- -__ne___sas__e_______________n_____idly____i titto - it ss:ooot ooting delt)' t sil gie n, pr~o ramln paiy Stttr~oy
If lte 'V.t tiL O l lit ntot too' t i l otoo'form'oihoot rioo '1urit'ays ldto 'seoiot 'olg'o to oio' ino cintiol 'o'rn loootoy tiaiterot
of u o'o'oot t y etit tii'i o t ort, t 'ii o otiit o soiI o'''ht i.'t tou~ti''i -o'oiStidyo tsk reto ii g;oiiit fnot
'r ot ---o--otltgItt-tti00 tstiti''t' ll0'0~~totnatT ''c0'k' Ie J ~t' tt-' iI' 'tton'soo.toooteeootolntoi-l
oto~+itoO o foo the [ . of to. tinlet n l-tont sor'h it 'oootioo'oitool stitly 0t ou ti O 't' t 00 'oi' stl t ol o' Itlotti tg 'elio tiloeuo trilgis tocloa i
\0. liho o. olr' olistn t Stoi hton, 's T c t'oit ,o't'i, toot tll sort gtomsttoned
I1 'o loooths tooo't1 e onotlig. rttoa is tito .0snuoooooo'ryof hio' otoottootietot
t 1i rt ' s'ool o 101t ol t r no to'r t'ttolO. 00-50.i n00010 hIs0One fgloe'
ooooo 'i: siill to,' to ll It Ltoo aiotI:'0000s a oilthio'ploted"s sill ittto',IsT ito O ne ro t t, $2.0 ne snl
Itiooo .. 01tts00 .Og'ellt io o r o -'ooo~ogo'ot boltr 001000i 0 00000 00000 7.0cents. I"Furnace heat, lito
toiw t t 10.s ootoCano-t - torfoitfotto I5ootto lyhe00tmletiin °e atotbtho. 0 S.Ingols t. 136
otoocos foot 0a, tia g i. sinooe' ioo>ae r-for toI 0-IOlyooo ltofroooog00 t ts tit.theo iooo ot hrJust0 ot'io- 0to tti sotrto'bo-ot e f t'
l~ o~ii it ~ ls' 00 O io i ~ Ic -hoi i's t ott0 ' ott O tt. f o r .01 i s tuytaiilyoo , 0 ti si'Oa'.i l uto of tto' 't'. i' (l t 01 001d(bO ~ ttno eh'010krI iaetIon eisitis 'tooO iioni't
Oslot.000 s-iet o igor.oo'tol o1o'oo'o voo' tl 1000)' b' (oI u0 11 -3(to,1 11 tot ii. otaIdL tleo1 "1,111, er o oooe io'
retoottie'- . _____ io hstoo s oatl, 400 I. At llhiottit 00500t, 00o 'to steo A hootstlng stewa-ordt for
-- _____ -t~och oo-toiito 0 00ru to'toDay ofie. tooardo andot ootot. S4 IS. tin s.
'[tooe f.oo itt ' ac t t o loot - to' to is ou otor trte 0.0to do io, tot Iis
l~o 'goto ogt o Otin t o oi oti's ttyiootet iely(ilto o) tOof tto' ",c o'000001 0 to i'tott
istotots0 no'tir t oioll too too' yoounog lot'of ar tol g", Oitt'o 5hothor.
tines oC hio'1l'oiito so t)' so too t oe - -
wioottoost aooo'ooloooo ud n otoo s u elo Nesw Glee Club rograrn.
lr'ctiot 00 1 o) oW y'o fot o t hoois I o te- Styr tngi''05olrot lots 't -i o n t itho
roi ello'tot. Whto theioc tih tog to t- i >s Iht1100ti e lhpei.ilos ooooao reton Co155 )SS ° }
altoihy ils hadltili'toforeto' enooo'eooes b0000 rdoon 000 tc it too~i u fito . "t-- ' r =4 r ~
O'btono iii1 to 0boot' t tchine-tibt' o e o 0.t ootooto.' dtobotoll t o . too ri r; it o [ 111 D II
uoor.oo'ls toot toe' .'..-loo. r. of i,110 oo'near hID this' laIbtlot'to'ttostty syh. toot iis 00a w -J..L II
i11tt ot ot-r ts 41's -,moloh toolcery'i ttefot trolt well ex.'o'ioclo'. to'a 'flihe saytonBicycl te setls at 11001One Hunroed
litsi-1,0o s C s' rioltf'sot tlc Interof swort to Dollrs, noitonore, nootless. 4All bicycles once -
tooto'ndtoot0000 tt ol ttItivneroty NoTICE TO t'Ot'fS.(t t0 l p"'' soood at list lpric. oss' List" Iasintred- -
gilssit etdttotretooo . All forier footobth ohtes adtool ol .'Dicotirt," antl Dscont "res tie roost" out
________ tose in tto'eUive'sitihoextphect to mooot wheelts...
faltrt reqttesteot to nnei toot n vyot T { q ,
ooio 10tooheiot (tb rss ty oot olot 0tbecacaltitoto, obesothe ~team uo tnetI
l'hos-.ob the t eot'i'. sihisho siilh be tt ot ohatyat 4 p. mt., for suritog hractie.I
iootavienr taot u byoaomuote;tity or- Old poayers will be oattt totew 40t111 Lists at Onej~ Hundred Dollars, and sells at " ,A
g Ioooto it (loon ,, tto tot' i luts oteton . I. SEfNT fhtConttott. 416- Ton Thootsatd Cenots. IRit mre rot imorlho "e
____ _______ - ~""' price, peopte would tot by-ii, but it slls ito-
o'uoi-t~olot 'ieotutoolaithot ttr.otnooit' O the 97 hlCS t100,INTICEh'.
-t rtL~ooyos Ot' hots ets'o I f cotootiotootesfo e 'liT lot t~ eamo coumptitiono with theu omost famuots nookes out.,
ueriio'o i'o'reysshei'e atotl te s-o°krp'r'titn'tottheoc' totooirot1to'ehork t ho marlkt. Ittattractedlextraordinary atten-
eeyafternolontfoeholacoe. bo- Coutat tho New York antdl('hicago cycle "~
,ooelgttl oSIrctoigaot's rioylUtbtibOent.i'y dS1.VG C~tl~ln e-' shows. You ca't affordl to buy a bicle until
os t¢vlrootbutr of muooscoll hoeot. 'Phos you see it. ..
Dr. '. 'Bi. Ilinstatle, deato of the
beginninhg of the pres'e'nt yoo-r flotuoot Itototatlot1riepaelrtmientt of tthotUln- ^
te Glee('Itoh smilto but se of is Old oety hn a ooeonou'ooms a totd3i't .
unnlesto olg no t.'utooei trote. uteu fSI. letto.. -W 'he Ann Arbor Orga . Co. 0
fheluebater, sa e oottfeoohttt stkrthbe s is abiboutlcto tll tycrbt'oaloo'
tak of aoolooont m rusttsOtiig tt V -___________l OL
ulbe chub. Thatt h as done los Te bet lice of Otce Iuruotue tos
wor ue 55eioeoffo b lt ukb feund isnbtheliy at Halers itur- s 1 S. MAIN ST., ANN ARBOR, MICH. ss~
wrli~rthelfltGlee (Sub iseunow'- do'n . uture Soe. Ooll Top Desk s. 'ilting
lair, Itevlving Cses, ec., all^aOli
Mr. Ews-hg, leader 'f tHoeBanjoand hut5 at rvdalnetol poce'.. Ne's Out
M3andolin (SCubs, also dessrew Iffe cac tudIets ho 'n gto fl'
greatest, praise f or thneenerg'y aud up offics

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