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April 03, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-04-03

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S We desire to rie notice tht we
propose to make a hi, bid fr H
bleycieebhotness this seson'it e
MIm hosb e scured the ageny for the
ON Riryteclwih has earned a
1NI e'yHigreputties as one of the
best ahelts msade; prcee$it. We H
NN reloisi the agetny for the
tht exceilntswe whsich tias
00 f this '.Oasoii been so gretly 10-
iirssedtlat we shall mae it or 5
esoeIt is thsebest value at $tb
4 adI yin con 1ind. e aso 5
wheI at 513tiX55. We iik ory
leies tols. Trss, sis or ease ,
S. MAIN ST. 1'
A Sponge
is our chief attraction for
this week. We can sell
you a good sponge at al
most any price you wish
to pay; from
5c UP TO $1.00
each. See our window.
mummery's Drug Stre
17 E. Washington St., cor.
Fourth Ave.
The Leading Tailor,
and only direct Importer in .the city,
has just received his enire stock of
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for
Spring and Smner '9, at
Full Dress Suits a Specialty.
Prof, - CaiharI's
University Physics Part II
Hea, - Eletriciy,- Maais
Now on Sale.
Ulpfown, Down Town,
nleeraley IRentor, Oppste CorlHouss
20l.8.sate t . 4 N. Sain 8t:.

'Varsity Meets Michgan Aricul
tural Colleg'e Tomorrow.
Thie opeinig game of kill'basbll
tsson iks 111c P0111: lits, stieti
one leant plays the Mtioigai Agr-
Tls5ssill be the firstk gimelthitI1is'
'bas1,lly Iis laa-edl sitlihte 11. A. C.
:;!.e 1891. trier to tiat 3'Cil'te
Iwo Iines iset once or tfish each I
yt.ts' and. itelist of otr otss silts
thiemti sot one('of unlbrotkei hil es.
'rioeLansing len hab ass's te t'5lhill
pask youirs ta tin iskgiellthe Wtisitly
manty ai lots- stetgge ansdlon secroll
oerssiiits they live ailmisimeit'iI(it-
feat to ensriein. Followig is a list
of te glisisWhich theItso eiiis
lhsss' pliaed tiget~ier:
Jutno 14, 1884, Mihiganl, 1L; . A.
C.' 4.
Ail 30, 1187, M1icligIla, i; . A.
C., it
lone 4. 1887, Miliganii9; M. A. C.
Jone 23, 188, Miclilati1; 1. A.
C. 5.
Jnne 1, 1889,lIcgansi18; M. A.
C. 5.
Jnne 8, l189, 2Micliigassi10; *A. A.
C. 12.
Msay 31, 1890,-Micigsani19; 1I. A.
C., U.
Aprhil, 191, Michigass 1; J. A.
C. 0.
Apiril 25, 18t1, Michilganil2; M. A.
C. 4.
A a~ge ciowdst lotld greet ushettn
at lhis, tsitfirst appearancise-. As sas
metioinetd in yeskerdssy'o. Daily, the
mianuagemient ns alritisgeil is Ittie
tenmporary eats erected fr liti' ae-
osiisiodtilln of the setators wsitil
tile new Ygmaidst andkIs fiaitsie.
Mob Scene in Julius Caear.
'fle oening scene of "u'Jehss
Cae.,Mr" ione1s of tebielest stensel ill
tse play. Pee te stnksol by iii
tecosid Citizen, Mr. ~lsot, mets tee
of the tribunses whosa toris it ltheti
for nmakinglholitay I inotisr of
Caesar. The sallies of i-si.of the See-
oaditCitizes nakes Ite nshotiitssill
seligit asP it is 0osi3y after ote of
those splendid larasgsssi i ise
spears by Cotscas. (Mr. Carmodety) lbsat
sue howling tisb. is silenceed sasd sik
aw esy tsawaitthue tresmIonllot
Caesars on the twaiy to the gssiss. The
following ttdens apair in lt'hmlb
scenes P. W5. B. Coeimasn, S.1. ('el
idge, RB B.Coolidge, C. G. Dickesnson,
(has. Simons A. D. Stefeiisas, F.
Sisns, J. I-. Flinn, E. B. Catlkiss,
C. M. Pritcrds, J. 1G. Thurber. C. D.
Terre,1 if. B. Alexander, J,. 1t_-ed
and Fi. Petise.
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Womans Edition of Inlander
The'lit'Ittle of ronstnslsfote i-vo5315-
li's edtiion of te Ilanes is saboust
as folowsI:
"listoiy of tlthe iiman's Lel..e~ti,"
fLouise I.Sticksiey.
"'r'te Anni Arbor College Gils,"
Nellie F. Assiersos.
"AnsillArbor Thirousghs biiiesc yi-a"
"Thle l'ivtrsily IBfore tWmint'i
'se'trt'Atdmsitted, " Alice Boisie ti it.
"fie 'loiiet's tiBsuilig as it is o
lie," tflierisim' Iei.
"A tSort ihistry of tle las-'iisi'i
kits'.a Woene's BPilsinilg" I c.;ttbs
"Stchllsof lDt. Moishe," tart 8
"Sketchi of Alms'. Agell" ittry L..
kreka . A..Holee.
"Early Days of Coiiducatio," llalts a
tosetlo' t al bsker.
''Cosniiitiuiisiof Lectues satsihysi-
il Cullsurte," Get'rtude Butck.
Thii' edttiioni-sillalsit contai I ,)-
irmif it f r. Booties', sne of M1s'. A-i
gei, scuii of liii'plulla i f tebildt-
ing anithaniislistition, ''A I 'lltgt'
Pil," lytFrsnk . tSisil. T'liii cen
still be 25 ents pecrsty)' annirg-'
sills is slreadsty ssred by te amla-aic
Entries for the ig Relay Race.
Tue epsines of Amsiiitrs adirsi iSls
C'oleges for ise' inisersy of Pennt-
syls'siiits Retlsy Mefig hauve ees re-
ceived. 'The grou~ping of iss r-ligis
is sots' ililltec oiipeedt andtstasts
lit follows:
PRaces fir liii' hapionuititship tf
Amiierica -eInn'ilvsauia. t°aso',
Georgtowns'ind asit slt.
Cautsusia, Llhih asitiLIfaytle.
('usuee of rlie Ciy of Nes, 5/ed,
Uniserty of Ness York, korduai'loi.
Sttsrliioi'e, ktsverfor, P151g s
Amhslerst, l~tion;l sas li}atetis I-,
slitste of 'elisilogy sasdtl Wsti's i
Pensilyiania Uivetkrsiy.
Sl:aite ('ullta;e Iisckntell, tFrisaiu
antI titalli andilDicisn on.
lI.'tlnylt'isi:. 'ollisge, 5 'usload
S. Johnis College.
Uniiversty of 'irgnias.JonstHtp-
hvins sssd b';nits'iit Pulivs'rs:y.
Somie silghsltishnge' imay be isade is
tiedats'iciitotit2 uiPet it is urolealst
fhat ist' fiai arrngemnt'li utsillsnery
rorreeToosd w-ih tyat gient above.
No ipasses wiil be iecognized1 at te
Iaseital gassies except thesesoissel by
tse imwasger. All posons entitledstoI
passes musk. appiy Lt once to . C.
5-iselds, 38 S. Thayer sit.

MNany 1)cle ates Pfesent at Con-
venion in Chicago ''oday.
iet('t ofttlS ttfnici li nbl ista'n-
Coleibeg uie logan t :1 ('lcago tis
iiniug sitlis300o itlet;',esto i atcusm-
sue T'liem' tin('og SwsI ii~'tsei tis
s'ousLiie busiscius. At siocod-i this
liflei''iooiii liii' assistisietlti of (Ai-u
ronsswi-itStake itlait' andimcoiotee
repIor't wiibi, h rtsen1t'-itLt'ki. 'liii etkf
ight 'i-uSe overst''rhit'psei sieyinssd
thet'foihuass s ,arsit'leiiiciplt -:iti
datt's. seniossiti fr (lht oit: IH.
(C. ILidle'y, lisitersily of ithigius;
T. D. l'auumh i, Norlthas't''s'i; I. 1.
Het'iniig, 'tisconsi, '4,utows tf ('t-
smatitI 'lliusist'sly.'Vshiiigts, 1.
C.; J. it. It'rhiassHtars'srd.
A iasititet stiuS be givens Nilsievon'i-
lug- iiilt' Anldtilm iihots'S. ftrtwi' 'iii
t'e foloswiiig irograillDins tten sr-
l'rs'idnt's ililrss, .. Brent
Vb:nehfial; "Itiss't10)Wii," A. 1.
Ilbtuniliii cy. t-w-tcrctary of l thlegie;
JohnsIs t. 'hitiou, \Ntssai;"It-
peilitvass K'tucky," IV. 0(I.distly,
(ho'eriicr of Ktuitcky; "Ousts' Freigis1
Iteisiioss," 1Itvet rI''. Lii -ll; "C'ou-
lege Mitn isn PsLuhmis," J. '. Setlary,
t'ongrcessiraiiufromss Siiu ais's.; '"'fiat
Qtiestitti of theIlinar" (Gei. I. A.
Sitic aP t' ne ietins i ls-ih i 'fur-
iished y t ts'l iissis-sh lu; sf the
Usivcrity of Chslago.
Meeting of Freshman Cas.
'T'e fi'isiniinass1515of liie ilrary
deptuireI'iit me in theii hut osieituais
bilitntiig yossittu'liy siftiernotii. A5
clmasItax of 50) cents tsvu lei' l is
pay' 1th'e xueseus'osf i-Is itiaitiliin
rackh thi~s 5antd banojnclub. A yeli
wsas for'malliy adsoped.. T'list s-seof
lt'freshanianu e t.utuet s setsiPfo'
SMsy 15. It wst-m is rtl t itilt' uinet
Class nieotiug woud b htlIt tissthe
setont i hibsuy aftrt'heliii'oin r-
tc-t-s, at thit-h lie loritte tboaictwill
itt electt't.
Work on Women's Gym Begun.
Tluestork of txcsisaiig hrk'iuiniy
to laying t>i fouuuttsous of tiii'Wous1-
an's (tynnsinin hasisbeeni begn, and
is beingg isisittiraitdlyualisng. A la-ge
fovroe of mn'ianitlstnunher of temis
has' en ouatiwark slince list irst of
t-uie wieek asnd the wok Sisha sus t
uasut soume siipe cauruy.
SMr. G. D. Price '95 L, is iii Anus
Aubor. Ile wili aerxoiupnuy te (ilec
Club. en its western trip.

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