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March 30, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-30

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)NDAY, MARCH 30, 1696. Foun PAGES-3 CENTS.

VOL. V I. No. 131.


We deoire to give notice thatowe l
3ropoot to maeo big bid tort
)tto It bojoesthisoseason. OWe
haestcured tbh esecy for the
Bilyclec.,lwhichbhasearned a (NM
hlgb reputation as oothe 1t#8
bes0 tiheels maodt; bice $100. We (ft
retaintthe agency for tht
that excelltotntleel, owhbch bas
thilo seaoon betz o 0gretly im- #
t oed that weshall taketit our
eautr. tt is tht boot valot at $05 9
and $100 yoo coo fiod. We alo 9
whe-l at $610to, 5o. Vt tnakeoar (
prce pht Ttal Pem, caolhoor ay10

grave "A. Iis toricalSkthiiof 1-eglioli
"HISTORY" AND "GRAMMAR" (iiulnor Teaching." IThe disciioofeii SENATE TROPHY CUP HOTLY
DISCUSSED ON SATURDAY. 00100 1led by Prof. Itinodolto, woho cold CONTESTED FOR.
Profs. Hinsdale and Hudson Speak ta Ollioi 01'11001111tiDna emWn h hmin
-Committee Appointed to Make silo-ots t' iiloi mlllaay otiler tooo ; ship in Relay Raot Knapp and
List of Books - Adjournment of text books. ichrsnTefrScn lc
Taken. Se-, l "; ieo f ,inli.s,, J-Summary of Events.
There woo a oe-c t eInce of atIhe' disposed iOf Soiloirdoy lii'lii'i' adjourn1'i- Il0 spit of t ot pering coain nor
mzooning osession of 0t11e'Sciiebliiioelrs' lot. Prox-isioov a hde for ft' hea- -(1(1 pers-ons trned llt01.s10e01') ol011-
CIub Soferdboy, lit wihi a "History pll-iitll'ilt o01' ii 11titei of tliitoitoot for tliii'Senatei' tup inlie' a:-yln
inl thei'Sehool Progrool' 0000 gve. siake a lief: of sciolee bosof lhiolry iihlliin 11101So lusing o-'o-iiilg.
'Iliotory in the Graolos"was-OdsotAcid for a oschool library, oviith aoieoo'Ic l o 71WI-Il develledil ollll+- tlt'nleoi
har Inotruictor hiorlt A.Ww. 101. 0010 reolding a uneiformo si-hool lilriroif 111<eiC011llloeitillanil J..A. ]Iloonibg-
od oiiteo mo111100 Ollforl.and iai1~ore history ini lii' state. Ift00r15s1alsoeot felltonor onihor "llloloi '" fell lieck
tlo-eegll inoiruci ion in Ihistory. lb' i tro i wcielidi o t0he' slo~~ t~oiat1000 ien 011 thefootl~toll rooiOand ,secoundibahoo-
'loil tlittt lol ly of history i" rhot of tohool Ollbo'itlllill1l 111' lapijonl 11141111 011 llie liiloelllite1a11111 crricit off
of igeneoroills forill 1 ip00"l0)1th1)X510 (00 010,, 111100'. 0100TT- ,,,, ,10 ,1,,11111,

t I I I ~ 'r hi's reentry, and1 f1r! 01 1110 0-l0't1111 volatoii.
M )I UL L ItiU Itroiiineg of ttachelrs for tiii' looclo~ing "JULIUS CAESAR" REHEARSAL,
of hoiotory.
The Mob Scene a Good One-Springf
ID an advertisement is said to "Ilisory 01111 a,00tlkin great. iiter- Vacation Trip a Probability.
be wor)th 11000 thou a Columlln esot," oaidt Mr. Doow, "it 1100 poorer to
of glitterinlg gener'alities. Ver'y 011, o 0ilt de n 1110 to The niot finlished r-i'llaorbal that h-aos
well toioiolihtti doily tlliliklig; it gireo 1111)- yet boon gioven by tluivelorsity "Jill-
Th le Single Fact toi . for 'lnaetc jtul,,zenls' inl re-11 tos-r Jei~~i 01 edh
u and to 1'elblItionlo lb~ot-ee 11101 ill liot- oet10 1hou1e 011 Solerly before I'i-'f.
that I wish to imepresso n 0111 ate iil inl public life; Ot ceu-laes Trueloodlil anil Manu~gor W1"iled, of
yoilr'inind is that I hove b~y t'e ehildos abilities ill feeting a)nd1 in thie Detrroit Coeltdy flub. 'Tilt nob
far the finest BileO of
iill-glllilig, in ovilllinig, and owllhal it 011 scne 10a~ broughit 011 withfl? a iol
B 1 C Y C I...1 IE~S dl11111 ever' 101)11 11111 111C tr)' o m iniaie uot p pr-incipa'lly of fraioornity
logical ipreost-s. Fer floe oheeol til- 111011. 'This 000110 ill floe forumi orbeo'ee
in Anti Arbor. Ratmblerhs, doeo of Niots coun~try it soltd lie madte) Blruotus- 1111 Antolny 11))1l0t0fil toeihabl
Wax erlies, Eagles, 'itos a school of coIl1ln0 senset, 10 s1-111)0 for 10 tocolalbs tiE' mlost interetling 0110 iln
Monarelos, Luminums, and
plenlty of lower priced oxheels. htdo'enon frgo uso o'0101 ll.'I"11c oslln
Our U. of MlV. Special is iootig~ht (SoncitOlill 0)1r ool, pl~iti- it 00i 10 1elllorkltlb 511100011011' aind
worthy of its name-a $t00 toll, industil and 11101al reolitflns." ooill he give-n, 111 11001t, ill goool style
'fr'85Ihe first of thoree fifteenl-minuitte talks 011 'olnd'ay net aot tht ollla house1.
~ROW N S DR G ST R en IllooCtry in tiot Ihig;h School ooov To lfull dress re'ltrsols will ho'hldl
O D UGS OR !ol toy Prof. thoills, 011thyo nS tidayadMndyad thont
all N~th too'e in rea~lilhtss for thec initial
Olivet.. He tpol on101 "'1he t'lloce of llorform tlntt.
IMPOR ANT N TICEAnieri-ao hlistory," sayhing tha~t itf Matoger Eiiiiitonis 5busly arrabnlging
ohisld he giv-en 111100 101'1111100'1c)' in far olufoide datho. Ithas 1))0ot be001
G . H . WALA- i ( ._ all h11ighl schoool'- AS IflaEl Dean, of definitely settl 110 yet 001111- th a
G . ~ ~ ~ ~ " '- th W 'ranD Ol (rthtoapds hlighl School, itn sprtig 0'itil trip woill be ia1' lorlt 0
The Leading Tailor, hewlt~~s~Oo Geoa tilr rofiior tle co1011)ly woill go lout eachl
her~iscssio of"GeeralHisoryi' iloly aed Saitlroloy of tho, w0eeks
and only direct Importer in the city, the Iligo School,", gave 0110 irlnlorti1ico following Ito' vlloltion. So faor tDe-
has just received his entire stock of of floe variions hbranches ho the 010100 trout toed 'Toledo have hbeen losoold a10
Foreign and Domestic Woolens for cltanis rcswl evr e .
Spring and Summer'95. at of Amel~illstt forg~i1 1110k porfrmoco c b
So-ouch, Gtit-n a r 01I Itlin loisftooy.gieOlno'11)fel pt5itilio-
fIB 2. WSINTNS.NA AN The only tree bnists for a study of our tcsagtllnheoo1 511th
Full Dress Suits a Specialty. owon lokositoy," sob it t~ eo-ua&. "Is 1111
loceetlate cohocelltion oof ile unity of. '04 Class Banquet Held.
WA R' BOOKSTORES, thet Notolld's hisotory. 'Thiose wxho shtudy Twenthhy meil))wr 5 of thlt olass of '1)4
__________________ tihe hoistory 'of this counhtry slbouid alttnded ft'e steloll auhhihl bah-hhqleh
thotersthhnh thme pica wingh of the Purhi- of She Class5 "It Protynhloh's Sohhhhsholy
:Stationery. tall revolution, -0110 Frh, revo-lution nigiht. E. J. Otfoorn. lot. Detoit, st,1
We can show you all the latest 11110 the inovenhienlt for Itaian hlhhty." 0eh is ttaslotstts'. and1the) fohlo-riog
tints, in all the popular sizes, P'rof. Hludonol ~ke upIon tile "Ste-00(1505ovwert resI10,o)ld to: "Thre 10011'
with envelopes to match, for -
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Polite qtooco of Hi1storical sluoties in hie, alty,"''. C. (ior'; "(Ohir ilsters ,"
correspondence. Wegivespecial Hlighi School," le exl~filktl fleht thoe E. F. Hail; "Athiltis," It. HI. Seln-
attention to Ongraving of wed- 0 t(er; "Somne LegalI P)oiniters, . I. Sell-
dinx invitations, reception and Uivrivty dild loot mole Ulited Stot s' ihog; "1TIle (xirls,' 1IT. B. Ga1n10101;
visiting bards, and making mioo- loistory an mihoanre roqouiremehit to af"'l
ograms and address dies. _Plate i ~f," Kt C. t'0hhhl1)ill; "'les of '1)4"'
printing. We take pleasure in courses for all degrots0 hocause of lit W AVW Drew; "Thu School Ma'oiiiio"
Showin~g you. numeous other requtirt H owr- Al. 'WT. Wed nioyer.
ever Imthouht hatthe istry, oh ls runio wvill bhe ldo by '9:h
'~II /XiF { F~ 5 0 fl~ugl~ hin 11111 11 ofanid '94 ill Soinlhlieitthtthx week, anid
A ~ a S , hiscountry should be niado a pa~t i't wat dm1d( biy those preotlt at Ilte
'Up Town, ownTown, of all course in 011 1-igh Scls-. 011 0 et to ohialeg 11 1 3 ' to 10an ath-
UtnlversIty Bookstore, 'Opposite Court Houst
155s. Mtate-lt. 4N. Main 8t. At th aftenoon ssion Prof F . A. , letle contet.

illohaintdily andthMthe eveots Owere' 0001
111100'Interesting thiaiithe ilil" m110t.
loll.Dtental 'o~oiy h-team do-hoahod li11'
'JS L 1001111foor tlle'champltionship1,
Duffly being hmaoinly i1151011111t'hll inl
w0innhing ith0110 ooory. 'ut very foist
lie 'of 30 S-i srs. 00as 100010.
'1100followiing is oa list of crent15amd
Fe'oline P011111:
I ioohirig-io 1 1 nob ORihio d;.o fito,,4.
M1011'lithoit-ol1, Ii ft. 1)111l
1"111,111.01 l Hors :
Knapph fS irst, i5.
Imes tll'h101i ti11(,I
lihhlhhihig Sigtu I' itck:
Mfhrhihii first, ; 8-1f1. 4 i11
11k 111011sonl se oll'td, 3.
I3+ oomhlghooi hirdl, 1.
'onltiig rIioro:c
thorois first . J
l ntos stcood, 3. 1
Ilhctioihhglol Iloihod, I-
Ioots hfis, .
Rhh-iorthoeohi seonid, 3.
stevn-is thhrdl,iL
I nlllp first, S sot:c.;.
lo'oill'oh l0101con, 3.
lti-lth sonlthirdilo, 1.
(h)'ealn'l Devop101nti:
1. loonhliiglooh1(0.
2. SKna-~pp 6I
3. Plihitlirdsono 2.
2.Knaopp) 10.
3. thrisou 10.
-4. I 1mm p.
::. Starini (.
t.I. ItIhrxis 1.
7. Sb-rvels 1.
Ihelay 11010:
Denl e1)111 IlfO it'08 1)Lf.t0011;
11100 56 4-5 sloe.
Bloomhigton-_-- 4 -- 1 1 -_ 3 10-I9
Vlith---------- 4 a0:3 31 2-16
Knapp-------- 5-- - 150-10
_Steveos-----a _ - - -0
Moarti -_---s ---- 1 0- -- -S-
x Harris-----a -5 -- - --
tets----------h 1 - 0 5 -
'hio'he rhhoetof (CornhelllTo'irorsily
haoveodetidhedlto establiso a0 college of
3aro~hifi'ure, offehinlg fte)itgreeof
SBatcheler of Artolitechue'tthfle '1nd of
a folr oueas' course, a degree itherto
1101 conferred ill America.

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