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March 26, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-26

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VOL. V I. No. 128.


TILE A~iCII OF TIIA JibN eenf story aiti there are in all somse FOR THlE JAWS' lIBRIARIES
Bl BICYCLjES. Il eigty 3 Larg e flgores of nw anti o%,er ____
](tenma re oielae WILL STAND AS A MEMORIAL mitli tintreil sma.1ller ones'. Below the '96 RES GE AEWLBEAVL
prps t aei b;hid far' TO THE CLASS OF '96. ins. dptict winch ailoras the' Central LIABLE ADDITION.
aesecured the iagey fae the ta<ilylet at the talp is 1a fieze, wichi sitm
SoI5ap eiedYsedyFu Will Be Out April 250-Has Many
H urled olarsVoedNor rate rely betanexcelled for beautty ie
.144 I HunredDollrs otedfortheSpecial Features - Biography by
iii yce=,wodut'aslare i 4 Project-Class Memorial Tax Low- workiianishipi.
retain1 seedfroe$25Cto$2.0."(t;awill he itlIl' of eachi grotitiLaw Faculty.
h141i1 o-'tiit t lots-c i~ at Ia tIt l ileil o ilsitd until arrangThict caki lic I' estad' io adiiat
S this sxeloalit wesi ch has 15 111 ii an w iity iti' u for an anet bilil"i iiwhich i.(11 il esn ens ,ed m t sotilti cad a tO'ti oe to.dolofteLii ' dlptitiiietwi tll n ah
listved tit wtotall i iis it ourto isl 'l1it' t.tiiighlditin loiiti ?I'vster- lie lotonp in all itslproltortions, i-lis
leatder. Itti-itliettostctl tlo st itsalea~(eti eraon pi
and tiiX100 yio ciil fitd.twe as1i1 icluldtbil'ranged thise tfe' shunt, Apri
l sell the GLI P-'PE Rais ie i ica t fce itoon ws thisthirl atteintt ttllle5aie. liigtiTwls hf'le ptiti issull b 'iti it.
pris it hiS to is. s t s or sasysIto to ii o an igreietlietti liiild fte oiieo te O ic ty to s w ee willlie Ilrectaun iir elaboriat e 'lan
THE ANN ABOR ORGAN C tMINthw tibethouteldli tiny andt hotIhy mlti belli i1tle itrtojeithelwaiittatfli'lm iti ti
I I14O y li'ssbtt iailb's t y o iide I'litiilifi1it~e to lbe tliottollyretireselittilli-c of Ite
is S. M.AIN ST. ilifiloiysettledl. once'1t1ilti$t00iwas atpproprliatedl byI it, llcritei
_____________________h____ ie sire oat the bhtitioill lie 710l
1 al oititt ee, reIiorted that Iwo meef- he teitig the class iltscrrtltioi will Itti i ilbietittie tl
tits I-a aen hlddititi- lit ~eIplacned just lbeliowtthe tildlatretiinnttttlr llisriei
iiie 'is fits ecodeint'ef teekserilitit which tells of the triotitih ts f eiedfll 110matt l-titute sit
U onnte h lcn O h in of Trajait.
Whyie Onteotetththave 40
. ueas mgznsfrtie genueratilieitttita o rtn$51 both iniCloitth il iiir Itssheds.
See what we can furnish llrr.A 1s hielertetdAs tttis t oled lastiflute, tis is, to Ib wleoiiti it tsltisi ii
lierary. As'firstusio ii fat-oreofeaisdfhtir iiw clnas es, alstiories 'illistt
YOU pidihefiore May 1 lto ihe'treastit or.
.u.loe.inkitng foita-i.0 'l. lrilslort' of fiee metitbers of the seiliier
Theitinl soluitiin caitie trouigh Iti-enAfter tliiquttion fnetoilli
due t e c i d e s , e t h e t i t l.q e s itio n t f ci a -at~ lY.
AS AIGO T1 eowho Ittidilisfore thte sItas a!isatiils of tlIt-' last ieliortltielt wiir
prtopoisitiono tsgiss e t ai< isistutlate if lptutrop etitte tiltaiti iss ltiluiti
t, Iiletures of ttei' i ti'5 t tfficers. tPiu-
thatasst he tein fcst fNais elet'ed ito tiles tse pitit'sof Jis.
at .WIV ofthe*vasit teas ad o th fanou trrnip. arh O 'Ir~anIlalloceltsitgneud. The meetitng tesiteolcrso hesoeIrnie
tpis ituestProftittey~i l. Ud IntiersiiyttS' ttio-iittiis,'isill tilsot hi
iii bto ltescttssandtittts'dthe tutits DEBATE WILL BE CLOSE. 'given. Sptecitalliit'i'iy featsrtes if this
s fi thelsest. Ini trieflitieyare as fist- Much Interest Aroused as to Its St's ll Itill rilh' iit14 ttst
JIIjlists:sThle GiermnitiAt'sisti'iltietl Outcome. of ItJudgse ('itliseillii'yIJudge' 'l'iitis
Ititttute at thiome is. at stork takiti. - '. tt1. ('stlt'y, tll trticle ol tflt' i"'til'gtlt-
17tryE. Washington St., cor. lasts of thetsAntoiite 'olottitiat Ihonts' All iefischoolnbyiDettto1ts.iBoilil to
tloss' tnshintleesi it'j ( ~at-ol44tfoirlii tesiIis eitlb ~tti.i.itt-
Fourth Ave. ss iticli ss-ll ho' of intsotitatle vatlue'to inls tattilOthe r cotribtiontibti Pro,-
stuitents. Not to be oetldat Pt , ,iif. heat attitttt I li-littl si-itli I 'ticuigo, i'A
iC luy nig'<>ht. Altitigh (' ithit;o his it' fe ositialiit it tlttlli. A
P'~O T A N"T N'OTICE. *It hdiAgl~ni, altn eloifl dotre tor t " ibs -w e htitiiii-sst-il t::::~ ii irize' story'Ott a I-g'aIlslil-


cevdthe isdets of niakitug catss of thisei;iile nulet htiics-l u
it is only bty'ouit'best effortis tii.'it we's-u' te.Xotac ~.ltlcwl e
I ahanut this tstds' Ieach softei fillle lulft-tite'awfeulfisiu'
The Leading Tailor, Iin~ta eis'ittu.''iu rhi utox binteen sii.Auitht -iti hieIlsateh iand, ao stuvlst'th-lll
-thice best tuteses-sd of ti 1 tihe l tI io'tu-ugthutiiueutlThet si 'Blssnetutuc'sof thet- Iss(luest'
aind only direst Importer in the cityatles ithatoitlr-rcy os-s'r Iieaoiwsill di itu ttioh
trittiuhlace n a seepohoutril thuisyeari'ari': Miattiiug otlitor,
has just received his entire stock of e-scosue siuhisti' ut the hieituts-
forei "tt(i"need by exhuerts "The Lgroints adsh ueishs a spot asis-T.It.11Mttrltti; huutoi' atiougsr, C.
-Srnrnouote 91.a ihp of itomtan sculipture srithuetxut-s is-S. 'I'tribattglt; assacit lsuitors,1th
_-'ise ilto<nhlt or oratory.
t'sltisit" No casts1has's over be-n tutitidFerry, ItO. 1.Saint, .'T Hltte-
Speia.y 2 WSIGO T ERMAIN.tilts tpitry front i 'tiefgo stuisoisthig
Full .ress Suits WSINTNa SpEAlty taenadth aki itel~sloe ft hssthtrees islitt-ors auththistler- rilihton, Al. t.tutritvant, ILt. a(iio
_______________________sorthy ,of Amterican. enterphe.,.vrH.. arnNItA.CnrI)
M AU Prf.I'rthi'nhamh~s rspnsileB.('iu'is-s' . .I'. Lunduth tislkh. IJ
BOO STO ES, 'tonlhitauituto'itt1ing oal theystill It'e
A OO SOR S -iiargo' sof!this sork wshiichi.trill he sdone'u'isr\uui brit'____________
at c 'Pi.Tse.fuodstossesstry are to
he 'uussdby he 'e-hoe'ttioi 5 G- ilsionss-It A..Alger, wiho still Wome n's Edition Will Fay.
StationeD ry.eIl~el yte ooeain fsv
stat of thisAmianas ntl thrupsaZn peide artthis ihu'hute. trill b' het'Wuork in the i'snuu'i's. iutiuhi'iofutthus
WXe can show yotu all the latest tuiseraiities aatd musesums. If a Stith- gsust of Piesiulent Aulgeil andtiheit' r~lris rge.}lngfnlr h
tints, in oll the poptular sfzerjsudgesstilt hes t'ttortiiii' ty ntutu-
with envelopes to mulch. rcint nintbsi joist this estilnatuit cost stat-I of t-hu hu~sileni ttlnivt'i ha
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Polite 1still.his hstttvesn $300 asid $100 eaiii.hitrs of hule fctihlty. Atter thus thebItts'itdeutit elustaatitutis'xeun┬░csvwilis
correspondence. We give specIal 'Tirug ' t'ttsihytrceton il e ei
attention to enigravingit ttf'wed- Tisught lPiof. Ifiisey, sthisis, ditaisi i re'asiiysthit 0 tshtil ah.d liusuy utgusuiti811,111 is
ding invitations, reception and of th'odirestot's of thies chool at hlometttesrds'ott tsgs1t u i inttia~te i'gjitiihoi3Eii utud.'A
visiting eards, and mnikineg1000- Ager at tPre.,-iiettAngeli's ittac u tfe s tis htig ud' oit
ogranos and address dies. Plate Miu'htig~tn has been askedl to lie aeOtisfr:isnw -al nd t n
printing. VWe take pleasure itofutf hie iniiesto oontribtste OiiSatusrdatys,Jly 2, Cilutihiu, ('it- shirt' it rge uadvanie sa tle, ii sou'hiio'tis
showing you. 'Tseart-histbutilt in 114 A. D. ttloesWst-illdetlicats its ness gr~a ISituic-int-t.i-s iiiu-iglteothi;sltof hodis-
~ ~ is foity feet stide at this hass sitilianut'lvtte of its iiewv hititilga laitih) Idtuthatnitat the frutertd1ty hiousis,
VtXs ootiionaI height. aind tdepth,. This cape t pl''haiition005al's 1 it madtetSfur taut it is tttirlyste to eslntats titot
'"pTown, Sews Tows. Itle ste riehly orioattisied wsothi thisceebrt-a iwhich sill lastthe' a thousanm oites still hetiltaced he-
thiverslty Bookstore, Opposite Cour tsouse
20S.S 5ate St. 4 N.Male St. 1 sulturte. ach grslip tells somle an -.s1 il day.esftse boob is ptotottsate.

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