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October 14, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-14

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Published IDaily (Sunday excepted) during
the 00110gb year. at
OFFICE:Times uldinig NN MinSt.,opposite
post office.
J. A. LoTos', '96, DManaging Editor.
C. 1). CARY, Gis. 1L, Asistant.
S. E. KNAPPEN, '98, Atlshtic Editor.
R. C. IlArLstr, '11(1M, lBusiness noager.
Associate Editors.
L. A. Pratt, 'K. A. K. Petrie, '958.
C. A. Bougirton, '96 D. G. M. Iheath, '96 P.
0i. H. Farrell, '98. i1. It. Gammon '98OM.
Katherine Reed, '97t. G. B. Harrison. '96i L.
Commniacations regardrinrg foreign adver-
tirlrrgelrrold be addressed tor G. B. IIarrison.
All business coonneed rith thge local sub-
scriptiorn list of this paper is irn charge of P.
C. Meyer, ii E. William sb. All other bosines
eratters are ornder tire immediate directiors
of tire businsss marnager.
Tire pice of the tinily mill remairs as hsere-
torore, $2.510sa year, irsearisably irsndvancer,
nrrlo'istarsrding tire fact thsat poblicastion
iii he continuesd until iCommerncersernt.
A. fesw'of tihi sudesl haeshl'dossnr a
d'isproisron Ito s'irsr'osrc'lriiuiro liiie
grotudsslrirrg iths' gsrles. 'T'iis caii
nlotrind gill riot tic perlmittesr, tse
rrtrlrreiierit hrinrg deceitdesd to sri-
forceliiieirle,wich allow isiso0e5b'tr
fire iplayers, ustitultelis ins t sficersoro
gteAthlticleAssosiatior inidofr'p te
ropess. Alt suectatses wiltlglease bear
tis h inirit aitasccordirigly.
Remember Their. Alma Mter.
Anioitrer'stepltowardi'l lie fosrrmastionr
of a ctriveisD'trosiltirnichrof Ills
Altinir i ssocir:tiisir siairke nsast tFri-
dainy night, sw-lins srborrthlirtcy naluni
and tuldttets nrion;.tigtherns the stle-
gate's of tirefour' fr'stesrnitie's which
tics' activ-ely'pushongthgtinattiler, 111t.
it the ItRsssell ihoueililtrit to fssrss-
utte plaits for lisic n sorgsanizaitionr.
A. .lI. Hesry, ofiDtiti, ctesi u
chrairmarrnrof iii' meetinlg,arIiitt.. '
Condotnr, 'liii, to seecs cy.BesidsoMe.
Condonirr, Messrcs. (,!has. Baird, IH. Nicosl,
D. It. Stirte, hR. I'. Mourisrrrs, J. D.
Richaircds. AI. Snrow rird(I. Gills were
there to repvsert tile uniteeg rsidutlrl'.
Addrress's wire nisire by Messes.
Baid,(forge I'. ('mist, S. D. Melhiaw,
Pattl MBagle'y, IDr. E.. S. Sheiel'ill sird
oilier's. Thrirt itcommruite'e wrreap-s
pointiedilto talk up11)eun'saiier arrionig
tihi' ietros itlalusnistnd arrange for a
irneetiig for' oganlization 501110titte
tis week. Tire comtruittee are: Dr.
E. S. Sher'rill, cibairinair; C. T. Miller,
.. h Iintri'riu, 1. T. Duncilarrme, F.
K. Stearn, W. C. Johrusonr, M. S.
'Waite, E. NV. Pendletonl, W. A. Muler,
R'. It. Suttons, E.I. Nrabst, A. 1i.
Henry, J. Ni. Brewer, P. Bagley, J. It.
Mcbsaughlin, . I. B arbour, G. P.
("odd, Mryanl t Walker and 1Ii. G. Field.

UNITY CLUB TONIGHT. Manager Hopkins Here.
An Excellent Program for the 0o1- ir. ilisnrs, ulisigi e of lire Adel-
lege Year.iset footbasrl telamirwasi h lire y y' es-
liesisry andl lbore'shardesiwithli Marsager
'hfir ist nurrmber ill the eighteethll MBasi rd ois r rile for 'Iis leans
ye'ar of liii'Uitylyu'rb sourewill b thselrseisr''erIat'Cleve'lands.lire lte
gien 1tonight asithl~e Initiachsr uslrrs'h. pti . relsfe'r'rs's. Ssstsirlny Adeslbert
'i' origlit'; l's r't'ai lli'lll ssill ibe' siverr lialyed'tor(slt Ithacall'n, :((ssill rrli
by,~ lbs YtsilaniitiOrchrloscietyds15, as- sosnsso 10a1stile of 1241andnisitii'outb
sistdlsy staly siuartets, underitheIe es.y uris ai trossng Iteami.'Thiee are
dlireci't'n lof P'rof. (iOsartlCxrlesss'u. 1to1or' liii te ds il l Ope01011a1151a,
Tlwi site riu11rosll rrthe' corslot'e: --ileii'rasy litesarrngesd forl'lie liorsis
EdwassA'irNaldoss .Dllisl'ssll 1to Ils-girons. Sr.IlHins wsster-
lnteIesrslsslrrrs onsirtsel lin . I. itamed'I ty IDelta issilsiri. of wshiocs fra-
Allniri, "Ilis Ilosist Arlssrts'nl"; ii ie s'is1s'rs lss'r.
.tlllle ia' y 'Appleetiw's'. l osssc rise' tinle toilet goocssansibrurshres of all
l'oiurees 011 Siiskesslce 1and1 Iis lee- kirsnds at Mlumrrery's Drug Store.
tore 5511oh isslsriVisy;sirr l'tglisii'''' _____eve____________________
i pgioetry andlisong.,tunder sthinrrsis"
non sof its''. .. 1'. Hurt'hrison;Iev. C losing O ut
Johnir iSyder, "Evol'inslii tliIcai I
Htlllis"; us.Ite . S Ii.cCollisloe. Hillss- Wle isave left a fair stork of
trrsedle's'ures'n(lldlsCo'51cosrstandild all sorts of
C'slrl'isliGandi'srslAr is 5Ilill,, A;l
Po.."1. GSeenell, subilj eilnounted nM TING TABLETSI
Gleo. Dtock, sublsject'ot unced llOsll't'r; whicih run be closed out as
silen ssing sf ltrivel, Sirs. Luin111.1 R follos:
Stsoi' nstnd is's. Lulai H. SWa.lkse; 1). MAMMOTH 200 PAGE TABLET, 5C
Haroolid 'ilsonl. "'The Reatiosus f GOOD RULED TABLETS, 100 PP. 3 FOR IOC
Coslor't10theiE'tionis"; o' 'if.NW'A. GOOD WRITING TABLET, - BC
Campellslsi, "h ltlssrihli's. J. 'Ii. CRANE LlNEN TABLET, - - 15C
Wh'intforst. Dantrle";Prof. 101111 A.BSTNNE IE TBE
isiligisy. "idoleicily inialnglsrnsl"; Ia ETCAELIE ALT - 35C
night g(is-eris y tIeLl'lasdy laoir"'es; WRITING PAPER BY THE QUIRE OR LB.
inst 1 lectlre'o111 t'lackee.1 by SMiss Thinsstork 'sill uot be replacetd.
Marsy A. Wad'swssorthl. Colle qutick for first choice.
Theors'oo'sffertwIentle ts 1111 ndsl
c'orcrs,sarnd sieiasolti'kesi'a srs' rsnArgus Printing House.
sale' fssr'$1, or fus ens'1an 1111 tain-1
nient Go to RANDALL for
Glee and Banjo Clubs Meet. Artistic Photos .
Atth lieOxslllihlsltill of 11he tler and At
Banju~socllubs lFridayl evi'nllhg lblisl
ill' cansi'te~s 151rseedishirslsi' . NEWL GALOER,,tiwLE RY.
ills pslaye'sr;lfsreall plalrt-,ianditeeLRETOEATINGROMINSTT
solliibelbundancoe of matlleriarl 10 fill _____
thesacni e li.atndiealsopo or ls 'Xil- NO. 15 WASHINGTON BLOCK,
illitiolin't'~re w ias s iil'of teniors. Ann Arbor, M~ichi.
firsttnds''ornd, rnrdsthues'e 1 ss ___will________________no____
douitse. anori' e r'exsi''nat ioensfsr GRANGER'S ACADEMY OF DANCING.
Twelve ye'ars of leachingrrs Ann Arbor
v0ices, anrithei'sunci'ess of liii'bass iwirtr a ctsllof 6;N3pupis I st seasoss are a
pant of teIlru111 is nssrr'n. As sisoin -uficie'at gursnere rs tl uabirlrty to teach
danring'as itshrould be. All elasses .are on-
os thne tenor part is founsithne luis dee thre personanl instrucionaof. Nr. rind tMes.
RousGraniger. Menmbers of thse American
ssli lie ssngsnnioestad r ac iii~tt'iicln- Nartiornol Associoation of thatters of linrcinng.
Ducnted ill ionce. All lhinnnenmbors of Par informotion regrding classes asnd terms
eall utthGeooffice, ground flosor 6 Masynard st.
then Gin's't'lrb ire reqiuestedt to msest ill G Crculars at MisStores or Milled.
ttoomrn24 tonightat 7 o'clock 011 111-
srrlt hiusiness. I E ANN ARBO©R"
Listen to Senior Stories. STEAYM LAUNDRY+ CO.
11igh Glostsrlne~oestatFiihl.
A good unuber of en-neerre uet iu
tile roonms sof ltne t'ilugnen'lll societyl' E. S.- SERVISS, Manager,
Saurdanrtny evesning toi her- tlie s-mir 23 S. FOURTH AVE.
cisil engnerers tll of tineir experienlces.
ins CannlnDavis at CurpLsakrle larst Slay ____________
saud .unne. Mesith~e programtsprtint-
edt last swrek It. D. tEdwssinrg spolke ru YIi 1D II'U~ 1
"Thne People riud Masball at Camop U IRL KtavUs.."

De on't Gui ante
to give you an art supplement
Withn tie U. of M. Daily every
day in the week, ad oe do ot
otter any forty-eight page edi-
tions at our present rate of $2.50 a
year. We aim to give a thor-
oughly repreentative, up-to-
daie Uniesity ewspaper, cv-
ering all departments of the
Univ'ersity and all he student
W/e o 6atate
regular deivery of the Daily at
ynur door until the end of tee
college year, furnishig you
prompt, accurate and complete
reports of Uivrsity events,
faculty auG class notices, a bul
letin of tile dates of athletic
ganmes, entertainmens, etc-the
news of your own ad lb other
departmuents in suceh a manner
as to eable you to keep posted
regarding everything happening
or pertaining to the University'
Ther's no Contradiction
to the fact that the U. of Hf
Daily is the only paer shich
can make you this oter. It has
n10 ompetitr. If you fel any
inerest itie 'niversity you
will receive more tan your
money's wsorth froun your sub-
sription before lien end of the
footbal season.
Grand Opera House.
Otis Skinner
Dirction of.TiJ.11 c~in y presetinghis
nem and scessul py
Villon, the. Vagabond.
Beats noseonosaleionday Ot 13'95,rt 1
o'cock p. in., at watts' Jewelry sore at sS
for bos, $1.00 fr paruet and Sec for dress
HANGSTE~RFn1 u, ahing
Geores livery and Boarding Barn
Phone 143. CoodtHachs and Livery
alwayn us hand. Enuire for Gerge's
94 and 94 E. Hill St., An Arbor.
Rorses Borded and well cared for.
Gentle Divciing HorseaftrueLades.
Call us them for
Fine Lunches,
Fine Chocolates,
and Baked Gfoods.
Try Our Lunches.
25 CTS. TO $3.50
Jewelry sore.

A [ nmm n atinn_

A New English Classic.-
-- ~It viesw of thne fact thunt we have uas
Messrs. Lonrgmans, Greent & to. swill yet adopted no suitable namne for our
issue uext sveek "Webslier's lFirst athletic field, I swould propose that it
Blunker i-1111 orationi and other orationls be called "Riegeut Field" inIhonor of
relating no tile tevulution,"' edited tiletRegents so bo oswere so geuerous as
with introduction anrd notes by Prof. to give us tile recessary funds to pur-
F. N. Scott. Besides biegrapicrl and chose thse same. S. C. N.
criticaul mnsuter thIs edition swill contaiun
sugge'stionrs for students aud teachers, THE UNIVERSITY ORICHESTtRA
specimen exramination papers, subjets Will furnish music for recepetions,
for essays, and a carefurlly diserim- dancing parties and entertainme'nts of
loafed bibliography. it forms one of all kinds. Satisfaction guaranteed.
ILongmazuist new series of English Call on or address F. T. Mctimber,
classicstile finst volume of whicil wvs Mgs., No 1 S. Fourh aver, or Ross
edited ily Brander Mcattilews. Spence, Secy., at School of Music.

where to got good
Choco iates. She buys
thorn of us. 'If yott
want to r'eally please
her with tho next box,
just get them here.
If we knew whore to
buy bettr ones we
would do it.

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