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March 25, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-25

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'IC o


VOL. V I. No. 127E.


We deie to :ito ritce that wet lI
pro1)0 ,to m1Licea bh id' h l Ill DEBATERS TO ANN ARDOR,
hav seurediaheagery rth e I
y~ eI II 11100 fil Records of Speakers on Both Sides
0 ID ZT~iii lilt-Michigan's Men Have Had Thor-I
Bi eeewihs eaned a If h ouEh Preparation-Contest Apt to
best lwltelsmdp i t 10. e lilt Be Close,
eBlRN-H U FlO 11H'' he el e' vi t oilo
tha1111exce'llent 011ee1, 01011 ls1} hi lo n IIIt riy IL11 I' t
10lleane 1 L e ,ih e 011v01001 It 10- I4 l i lltal1 li i 11
al $100 you1 gala1t00 d We +tso0 it t wo11 of 111 hem01' iii 1111 s11enistr(fet)nd1110111
sel[ ill' GLI -' PER a .e11t4P oa (I 1111itl ti t l 111 1
STHE AflN A B H ORGAN GR. ~10 01 til' li egthlt la111111 ilil thtiey
S. MvAIN ST. j ud.(Ise as ('11l11l1'.I. VXtt, of Moe-
I L~L11 1. -dtlit1 1 "11 a 111. 11S~ro 'es1 0
11 llllo Il hI I t'll 110 11211 1b1111 1111
Yt so Xed to t. eI1111 1-0 f1r1l'liom t11

froam 1111' lilloOrsily 13 C'1 c0l1211 Xeekl- ARE BUSY IN POL ajIiCS (J.
"Lake1. 11000('t1. 1110011 111111lilloilO.iallNATIONAL COLLEGE LEAGUE TO
l1111'iokOll 0001111 or 1101011 s. Whati lf MEET AT CHICAGO.
1-id~lllllnI11' ASi! Ithces 1111'01111.' 8111' One Hundred Colleges to Be pre-
is lll"e Z1 ol <l011l11 1110 1(-, '0I11111";10sent-Ba-Presidents Will Speak-
Ilis_0I Iiled ei ly'l 1111' 111 8010> 1 11- Rpi 1eception for Doleghates-To End
ll~lIllfil Il'llli'.itl'lrs.1111 With a Banquet at the Auditorium.
I 1llllll 111, 111( 11 I'e t~e ill 111'of ol"I he'111 ill111 1tllilal 1111111111 1111 1of 1111
StI- ly t;, dell)lttll r.. 1111 .1) 1lll'l 'III 1111111 1 pil~t 111 'oll 1 111 1.( 1 hey
11.11 . ('1 01111 i tcll11111 11111 lil ly 11 W111 iylIlI', 1111n1Ch111111111111' i 'OX. IOI 1er1
I~ti~ill00 l., iillilIi i1. 111. 11. 'ltl 01' 1ole11tol .11 0 li 1111 \"i'lll be'l .,II~l (-
tt11111 l-tll' . .11101 ~l ~1 c0 11 s1110 lay this11111 11111, III All1th'. .-
11111.i IId }'e11' 1111 10 1111 11)111or 11111 11111 11 ci 1 s o1.thelylI'.1 0 tO 111\- 1 11be I'-
te , ' ll rl 11 81l i 1111 111 11 I' c1ll'- l lt 11' l lI. e 1211t fIII Pl. ili~l 11
111f s,.0_ 21inJllil1111 11r 1'. Vaugl l i °((°11 '1111 at 111' 111 ,IleilIll 11 ' 11,i B t ,of1 ftl
1C11' 1lIi' llnl' I f fi 1 211 0 Clti mi 01111101, 1 111l'lo 1 l'i~iI 'l il Ill 11 ' 111111 o
10 jii1111111tio l'1d.' 111 1111lo 1111011 111111- A11101 0-lI' 1:1ill' l I.lI1110111 5,110f
If 1' I l11111CollegeA o fIiwl. Asl'1000 '1111i ls ii', 11 1101.\\- lork.111' o1111 11ii
l ild' c1111 1112"i 'i0 l 11 11'1 111 l .I''i 211111 111 lIl il 1111 1111 I'II'I il ('I 1.i
04,llo lI l 1111vi'ed1U lilt lsiyill , II 01' 00'olnilIi ll 1. tAilll 1111s.11s hI-ll ive11110
tisi 111 111 111at111 1' 1111.1.10 111111r. ii 111111:111111 iY ~tte tclt li'ill llliihotel 11111eti
101' 111tiol 11 11of I il. Ii c 1 l0'.I ilt°Il iIIlli 01111 ll llll'11 i'i ll lie tt11 01

loufind 1011is 011a11a1t1110eby
Tarote iiilttst 11110of
in~ Ann Arb'Ior'. RII lIIII',
Waei is, Ea( ico, \Vhltlflt,
0111 U. tof MI. Sptecial 10
wor~thy' of its 111101--ai$100
for $85.

Ill 111' 111111 (f p 11 11 1lllali
oue Io'. ilthan 11r1. i ull11a1,.vot'ise
litra y dI'llI rl'11111. li'. 1 i111k 1111111111 11


ciety 3s, thck .let l'etTsvniail. t?,mmi h«ru;r to, NvIlh a Ili.III ill c:?I
Paul Y. :A-Ihrlght, the third s-iicce5',"- It _e is ever :llyt to < i<taiiz. Mr. Va 1-11-
- _ .- -- _. "tnt tt-,ti< al<zr.fa l l r ilt: n f n F" titi ttb!-1,

'cll. tUNS Olt11-
(Iuef: NvilI be Senator Jollil AL Tlyllvs-
to11, (lovernor Al'. 0. P>radle) of Iietl-

an f ~ ydie Isot er in 1Ille.Z city_. , ll 1 111 1200. sit l 011 0 ail o d inst, 101th 1l 1' 'llllgilll 10t ll.lll'ii lt 1811E 11 11;1' l n I~Iet .L11'll o li
Ils I Lore ea iTivd e l rtoko 1Ahin l.lol, n'817Convaenl 1 il 'ltonlof 1). . .11 ' 0 a1101 l ltt 1 f.it-Xe'a ''lIl'llt ~ i'Nl
aoeg n o etcX ooesfr fl t'lt' l'et'.la n llilde ~llib ioof. 0 tl o,11 11'.I elilI iI i :I .I'IT I. 811111 1111'-o
Springst Noem er and pok Somber 'if.ndI at.X.I> I11zlfdr
Ful Jrea S its a pecaly. t'llll .lo.1111 Nll'ill1 lielEO ll'liollnc 11;Ile is t-iletllllllll It
Spring andSummer '9111001 fall'l'011.ia1 1'11 lllasbonin the0 lectf G Philolgiclocie A~ty.
w sR,;BO KST RES o t hi 111 eltgo lfi'o .,'l and'It
90.2 W SHIGTO $T M IN.coutry- . o. Xt'hye i t oo-lli to X ycx:-lit.
Wecnco ial h aet 01oilot toDtlfr o lro illi. loeoflthelil1A11a.tisityet;ito bel'board:1frot' de., 1111-
tintDs, 1 Sullth eop lr sizese p-li'ilin hsconioi
wit~ envlope to maic. fo 1 1 s 011111110 111or 011110hfors ihe glad 1'1111001 il ')2.111u11atioad i ltork ing t l- la(fl~~itil020110.te'I11
corresondenc. We gve spe i oItleenlinc o o beIs e. t er e. h10ait o ttof eeloa g il 'tyr ol mns o f Ph illl0'" ilotloil 1S1o11cielt itt
W atte tio t o gavn t I we d.aiscnictdw t e ain oitie I+ lli~f e ll ttltt t 01O tilt 11 1 Illlot-ll lllt 1111 at'Ills i11d011
viiigiad nd naig :det hty, o 'ats llandill Il oI v~aThlllllllltldlnxl; ill 1f111. ~
ogansad dresdes lae S oet hre.lI Ile i ,mm e fte eredtl r,1olle' raeXi~l"(, SEfly ilb odTuhl]-y
pr n on W tape asrn hytiad a itryiltlio 1Ilolnl tliio h t'd01'si i tilt' f l~tI 14I sol -'golllr 'e
a o g Odfett 010p 511 rtld i ot-allg11111'IltIlt.llflt''(110- Ieelost'1I, a1.t I0in llilOl l . Thie ll0.0
flaf tlehafes 011101. '111 Mr. iyt nt 01 to tlil
SWe cpnalor for (tdlagoallltile'Iletsl 111'-eo 11 ofobe 011eted i'ltD.t nll'Otin11
III hitoago's rfigadlteson, taltiSea ala)<111, Wn-s. . te osr 1010ls 1110dV V
inrstos allote, Douarsie, tgo5 011u11., te sO 01 or ingl110 gr0?EA,7'hr. the C tWeomeyofer, ons'9 I. - nt . I Trnsr
2 .Lae a.hy'flwigarticlelem n'hPliIStaxa s cn l.tt 1051 5i 11race." fo913 ~ti~T- lat o lO amng th "ipitie 1 3, y
corsodneL Igvseil Wthteemnt reetorsde. y fCiao.lr tht' frttoln->. tonh a be eitcl

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