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March 18, 1896 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-18

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MCHIGAGCEI& L Good Tailoring -
Time Table (Revised) March , 189.e
Ma. la E s300 MaY.ei- 8 157 3 No lottery schemes. You pay for what you get and- -
Eastern Es.i..1 12 N. s. Lmite... 5 2 CASH saves you 25 per cent. Every garment fitted M Ea 1n
Atiantic Es .7 30 Pacific Es-...12 15angurned Thsnsoftdnsaeamgtor
. N. Espress.... 5 W, Westers Es-.2 0 'ns uaatedoTosad o suensar mo t u
1. R. Esress --"1 05 Ci. N. Es.---10 1 customers. The largest line in the state to select at
o. W. RUGGLES, i. W. HAYS-~, from. Full liue of samples at the Cook House every r" 9
0P.&TAc.Chcg.A.AnArseTuesday. It will will pay you to see the line. fl1-". 0~: '" ,
The Chicago Letter Baseball Schedules.. *,
(Prom the Univ of Chicago Weekly i The foloing u gains iiait bes:a- The Ong Sleeping Gar Line between To-
RAILROAD. JLstatuidiy sght ltheLUivi' iangedl for the \Wi-oniss Iniverowily ThlOidoeeangorlDawigb oomsa
Time Tabl, Jan. 12, 1596. h nySepn rDaigRo a
NORTH. SeP70., of Cisic~ohield its first annual i bsehall trim. Lie between Toled, Colmus and
7:22 a. i. '7:0 a. mn. dor invitation galileo ill lhe F it (met o ep Ma ilMlloll TeO rw gRsitartnebtwe
12:20 p. m. 11:4a..1.ulstbe1Iyfat\alsn-TeOlDrwnRomCrLebten
4:15 p m. 9:21 p. m, Regimneit Amr.Ol hruieIAprc3 (11311( 1151~~ i l , Amlolrli liotu~te; Apiil 24, Toledo, Colmus an Charleston,
All trains daily ecep SndayW.a
oanly ranbetween AnnArboradToledosies, No~tliixiitri 1ike 1Forest1111d tibAMedical, May 2, BeoitI (ollege; Pullman Sleepers between Columbus and
R. S. GREENWOOD, Agent Chicago, took 11r,111,ulitheriiecwer ay.3:1-,, Champa::i; May 11..Arum r- Chiago.
W. H. BENNETT . P. A. Toledo . THE ONLY LINE with 4 tri nehwy daly '
largelnumiber of cintrieS Ccciln eari- b it: ly 1, I ┬░tlks-i ly3-(f lcdli:il-: bewee Toledo and Colmus.
TE ONLY LINE wil3trainso ehyonys
ANN ARBOR & YPSILANTI ST, RY, torry seiiooh, clubs, andllit lltlShei M11aly ?2o. lrlo"c :wiollge; f.l(1103THE O naL yI~e ihS~~n a wyal
h en an; fontthe oin Ofvie Ofbewecn Toledo, Bowling Grees and
_______ 1011 sidfinilii'5111 f Ci h l(ileago AMar 10:1(1Jun131, (lit-ag: Finday.
TieTbe ctl7 85 ttendaniel anid illfel111he(let wa55:1 vc~. ~ .-THE OLY LINEtith Irase eeh way daily
TimereTasuccs.Oct.e 27,t1895.irt 5(T1E:ON.YbIETLE b etwareencs, W Vs
Leave Ypsilanti from Congress t., 7:1,5, l i- sces llaot:k1c:(ierne;,(o (bte pl (1 :iitcabiold-s-April Ta nLdt IRECgINE eten cld
and 1:00 a. i. 12:45, 2:15,5ba0, :45, 9:15 and i-ltteiy1111,N iit-lco0-- s h t-h .legl.; 1:3 . THE PO'ULARI LINE betwen Toledo, Foser
104 .m ih wnypit, otle~ei se 1 iwuke cu, ~yiAIr( i, Byus,Grsville sd Newar.
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, 740,515 and edwt titeFn lguel ulifrainrltv orts ieo
Q1;1 ,. ; :5 :5 53,71,945ad1:$--. IL ly 6 n h L 11 :) ris, e., will teheefully fscished by ny
pmthurdt itilli tell,Motof te1'1 y orn ci (Ageni oflthe Ohio Central Lines
SUNDAYi TIME.:111(1; AlAy7t1, . l1::l ol 1:1:3e; 31:13- MOULTON H-OUK, 0. P. A.
Leave Ypsilanti from Congressnt., 1:30,3,,30, were woii in slow- 1:11:1e, otili to the ",tNoulcIne ,\ily_,i-2 I TLDOO
:00,:30 and 9:0p. m. - - 1:;3:3 2 7 -1 11-TLDO I
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, :00, 4:00,5:30, it retcie di track, :and1 (ih-e iiiil-i- Ir f -:1 113 1.3'il(ls:3 IIili,
70 and :30 p. m. ay 2,U i lit ofItlru ;
Cars rus on city time Pare: single trip 15 entisc. IBrown, of Noctiwest7led'i,1.1:3:1)
cents; rosad trip tickets 23 cents liUt 130, 1h05liln .1(111-, 171:il C a dOpea 1C'Lse.
WM. l.PiAlsutnn, st. 'lhe wocltsorecocd i the fiftyl3 32010 lll:ge; ,Juie 2(, ('1:1 o: I1:10( ON NIhT NLY
handihcapifr0111he iv je acds 1mark. OEN~I NY
ST UDEBNITS8 I The crowid wasio oly- ilI iiod, the thililfoloiio- is Yllh ss Ie: ib FRIDAY MARCH 20.
If you watt 5go1(14reiabole life ilsuancecallhoot' bnig c owliell illlil iii tl:-13- Ai: ,il :1,11:11111 at1 .1 11ll1:tll; ll, 1 v
0n hed T ScOober, ofice No. 1, 5 ' c S1(1t.iA RMT~ItCllEAT
Fourthlive15. owit l i etltls-and,11(1 lhello. . 5(sil3ofViginli f11 0 ii 1:5:4
One)10'cilif soiile s-b f id tle; Aili i I0 ieci3(I igOi1CHARLEBS B. HANFORD.
NEW MACHINE SHOPscauntFfII,],Unryo nii E,11- .SE CR
quarter101took p1ae:11- tuc iil:ly3- 111 :1iy3illlecg-r; April 7. 1 Iitcrl5115 ci AND NCRA O'BRIEN.
HUNTER BROS, 9 E LIBERTY ST. wohen lie Dramaiic l(ub lprevented-:iis, othCli (oliulit 11(ieecsboo; April N5eshfronii Tmhioucit h i ct, t IIbrn
Skates Concaved. 1f1irtst,7511 llcaliiln l 7:dli i:cesssI osI 13 a 11Iill;ProJoloof 1:
Experimental Work. hal lcc1:3 tv ie: lsAcl21 3-lyi lN~ 1i.n ~ '~ ar
toas," In IHonor ]Joan],"1n. (11's-April 1I. ess-]:ok l-ague ib i lt ius1Caes r
RENTSCHLER, rClnllilOa111(1Thisbe," from11 81:1k-I- Ne1w York; Aril1I,. 3iliaut at 1Nw:
sieresA~dIyuI, igtsDrarl lten lii2,hoyCos tSpig MR. HANFORD, AS MARC ANTONY,
PH1OTCC0n.6.PH P~ 1 e iereS ioofth cluNig l icoii 1 11511; AliuI 2. iB:own (ces :11 Ic:.. MR. SPENCER, AS CASSIUS,
110ANNllicolp IAiecRbiBOileRi-Il.-lci M.iICH.:1 1: l: I~1-MISS O'BRIEN, AS PORTIA.
ANN ARBOR. MICH. to elglicl (, 1111it is Ipl~p:Ir t:lp11- .April 21. AIihrtl Nw1 -cis1l0;311:3y
[ HUnRSn pe111111hifoce 111'ilbi 111on Yc re.y 1, Andoe 1at AiiII:c :; 011 2,rown 11prices, - 35, 50, 75c and $1,
SHOT LUNCHES AT ALLHOR qure.atPoinc;Alyb 'fet t
ChcoAT and Candies A stis cf informlll:11lti dlnes ekao n ill 1c11an- lrt of 1211)-Ill;a:1- 1.(I11,1 A lIII( n 2ciSenatstr
J . 11y & 001S. tilllnm 111t1he1endlof ciApril. 1153- Alidlbll 055ii la31128a.ln21 1:111 s UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DANCING
205s. State O..Sager lBlock. r,? ;rven 21:11, ws foe, ):0 to 3;-O3--2 iii el: lb Opst A ulig
Large Line of Fine Pipes, Toebarios and :0 nsI ulihlilil, huhiIrtea~ ly',Otan il lbOpst A ulig
Cigars. 1101 large, hras ce of thi: 11101airlinn-,lit 11NeciHs-e; 31:13 23, Piiwoin :Lt11 TERMS $3 FOR THE REST OF THE YEAf.
11001-0 i11thelc cily.-About sxyvwsol Nes llisel; 31:13-27lUnitersil3- (If
RANDIA~L L pcIsnut t the lfst seies nd1111p1 11:- (lCiI-igo iti Nw Haven v11; 30~ I, - XJ C TE S.
a o g r p her At tile electioun ofIthe .tunie lds o1' iily of V3of.Iiio \e:w1Icfsa1:oil; un (111 - The new8styols-e
l jn.. t rlicoO- ie iarrived., Oera Croas
10,hldntlast sW-ek. 3r. I.1. RI-i. ll1cfl .Iinlo 1 lilciu1 2111 2,areie thlig. tree 001
15 Washington Block. was tl-1chosen residenlt, afterca:' 11111,3 IcillcetlIll 1111utleci iluld; Iun 1.window.
figt. Tis is the Cust rcguharicl1:105Allilicct a( Aihecl -Inst iS 33 iiu,, 1111 WM. ~ l JEWELRYTORE.
T0 26 S. 'STATE to lie gaditled fromilltieiverls--siy; at illaisltoso-I; Jume 21, 1ille on j ________________________
ll STREE T. +44
Call su them for tlat is, it the first cass eollosed of at Ness- lbs-en. THE KINDERGARTEN BILLIARD HALL
Fine Lunchen, those swho enteed 110 fiecFllu thel 711 NOICE.
Fine Chocolates, Oirtya. The priecly :its felt to All candidates for tite 11111 111 RAILROAD TICKET EPOKCERS
and Baked Goods. b si fCu ihs olgehl~c aealta silhlldtil ~~lb 11 YTI(IA (9 I 01 Fe NA
Try Our Lunchos. thlt t dollever be cuferled 1 ba1sfiicate m iti ll o hand-sirec:0aole. M 1-R OsAN ONaci x, A
(1( D cndiates reresntig for fateuiHARRY B. POTLTEL,
CflTRELL .& LONRDl cnddterPreeut┬░i ou fWtcu- ohi sale Cigars, Tobcceos 01n11 Ciaretes
UEILLW LU~lE ~ tic.,eentered the.field.Ilayclft was. 19i5. iayer st. ________________________
Albany, N. 1'~filialy cha~si Over Stonei, 1'i IhpilOl, One front suite, $2.0 One snl-e NuI uIA 1rR 0E.W ln
,Makers of atravr i- ot.room 75 cnts,iFurnce heat l1lt Alt 1 20 Esi pn
PS l eInitiatory banueit of Alphlol bt.20S nglsSt 1
yG nSDll- cPill Will occursome ime tis Wahburn Cuiar ot haelAil-e STUIDIENTS.
N ek, and the LionsHead, 0111 0f office. 28 Tale yer Kodki Wori to
Cor Yaie'9,Hrvard te most proililnut organilzations of 3Wantdl-A unstingiosteair E lou 1,1 TF DUT rnnnvrn
'96, rinceton 'Q6 ci the University svilibe Inducted int bordand roxaus. 84 S3 15Main VIIB 1S1t. h ,illD
we add with pleaule Michi1 an '96 thep my-teries of the fraernity. Subscribe for the Daily Satisfaction garneed. 6 E. HuroSt.

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