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October 12, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-12

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FI N U" b'wv wkvtAAN T
Manufactured for the present season, are only sold by us.
PRICES: Suits from $15 to $20. Overcoats, from $15 to $24.
E. & W. Collars and Cuffs, Cutter and Crossette Neckwear, High Class Furnishings.
XJHIGN G . L Communication. Gets 'Varsity Letter AR q et
Time Table Revised) Say 1,194 Il is lllicalitlelis t i t! Te illmitii is Ilit c 11y ofI i ii
PA. . °'M wI tao11e11is s si f lu l(e ' s(litO- for LeI I s tt lt e h i ca ' 1 070 .1.5 IReaders of the Daily wi1l on-
s'lad . - s35 a] -_----H4 o iain fa1r5ttt o1nttri"\t ' lIavi l. C'sili., . 1is .-~i fer a favor on the Editors by men-
N. Y. Special.... 500 N. Y.Sprtal . 1(31per i :;s l to l 1nlit ly s- ti, oning this paper when dealing:
'asters Ix--. 10 11 N. S. Lush d 923 to"s prseteid as the(' 1511 i itli 5.y 1 t ican-wt avrtsr
A.At. Pacific x_- f5 Es.!liso.tc al tiy tob11 ih a v ries
Atlatic '...--. 7 47 t l,( i l at fr eUtie -slissill Illis'tl'sss iils'il l'' e
i..Es press 4105 Weist. Esx 1020 t li s'ltlit t .ie a. so it
GL.N.Expre'... 50 Z xtttr Ex 1 8 1 5 5 -lllit ,,,... ..,,..,.,, aills nii li o s ttil t il i i'I li1itoile ~oo s cll 'F LL R Eii I
0. XW . lissll.lS, I. 'sO. IArs', is iniItrssstlo eirlil is ais31hr Iapi e ''' li IllLis sis
G. P.&A. At.. thicag. Ag.. Assirbior lelie' . IS'ii Psi Ili's'hlill'' iliiisii b i ishe 'chamionship s sit, L i-l dti Iss sii i 1 i ptoss .5'. s
[o e I ' u i fs')sil 4i1i. e'Isseis MrXlt . ssills'nieis' lili1itossinglandlRepairpny
xiii .n A ror Ral w'TayT. If.Ieily-. IDe'laKs .I~ilsl 'Ii ' G Ilolileisill lnot to' hess is 1 111's'tIsis'r FORDHAM &il GE N;I~F1
TakingeffectSundsay, April 7,1514. dis.rilets's rl!'i si sisIutlciliIllll iiuoi is ''^1'''ndliss'i l ll ,ft-Up :cier l v1-t5 Merschiant Tilsr, 20S.Sble 't.1 l iAAiori.
Trsai~s eaveAss Aris o es' tssral Sanid Isle liiicartstone li t f S Iil. tieasots .i sisiiliJli iili i '
ri time.Wrs li to us i)teu t .sty
5011015. SOUT: s''s'c'l. 1olss sis o(i's 11 i iti Is hIS I siilar' l ss sto t1 tatI I s caSI i irIS ggA L
SOli i. as5i. i. i. isamm in iiliis'iii lbemi ' Oii Holt .. SI' 'sil iiis i li liisSs I iIJ L V
"1;L: iss.P.s's 11' s1d ltsi0S iihllasi giilsssi i oil le esNi' ils' , 155'.' 70'3 f'
Coin h, ssL .1 is.ii. ifle 15 v e.15'i' t'i'i i ,'ii Is is s l i - ____
(1111 Ts~ '(.llN)I. T. . & C. Ruha "1 .n'CA1T\D1i y. K. & M. Ry.
TrainS undaisiy r'isi etlie n Toi ledoiiasnid I lis'i'c uui i5 ii iil 1111 void. ll eIhs
Ilsasilisr;.l s,,iiss'ilss Y. illi.,,'l.i12,1111p. ti .. xtI 0,ssi en-i So "li il lli rn is t.sieinet osi'slso, lssss
onc fiiis rss beeseises AessAriseotsidseasltdn(1'isol l yss irisisi tVs., vii tsluloslse
esly.iu run betweeniAnti As iorusns I 'lii ( Sills ,i l l 1117 ielslh1 I ug l e(ii il t; mc o l sot ad Sly dii's' l oui t.
All trais daily rxcp Sndaily. cleIISt eii}.i 15.5tr
XV IIIS N EI f.l 'Isioisii li'.NW O ,Agn r l si 4 u l li i utpsiis' '0 1 htS i llis illsiii IT leo,0
W 1..B N E TG 1.A.T ld O. i I X's's li rels itSlsIsilisi ii lMr.sils. iii511115 00.12,s .I 11h'in(tn; T l d , 0.
is'ss sis'Isso hsi iii' tiio i Sits 1 5 's I iii 11fAlpsilllsAuKntnda , .
ANN ARBOR &, TrSILANTIIST. RY., si;ut( lti .0 Ie K a lt 2 .i.1frtttti i KnoO
s' iltojsi's y isdisltisssiliandi u 111115 ly 1s17 Ade 11111 Colmlsbs, .
TimesTable, IMay 26, 1895. ls's ' . t ra illl its i l l I ii 1 1115 1 2.'Wll-st) i, iii)tA. (. Athens, .
Leas-s YpsilantfrousC ge C SSSI's i., 6:0 :00 sI is( l Iii" a 1 snotaiy Issliiic, i ait! for s tit. , (,' 1 51 5 ,il'.i N iitl sot' lM iddleport, 0.
asd 1101 a. e.; 12:15, 2:15, 5:11, 5:4, 13022nSlI ilsi l i( s' h o flolli,.aii, t S efet I I l. Trthl3is -s 1ts; .L 'A e U st~ onr' 0
Leave Ann ,Arbosr Junctionis 7.0, c. ci0 n i l i S li tlin lll 1. Nv~ a U Ii 'l'1 's S l} one'l'lii;lcl'' ii' of l'S' ii i .""Pt.P ea 'nW . V'a.
1130 a. m.; 1:1, 245, 5,30,7J510:0I0seand 11i:5 sl1le sa t
p. m. exsie 's'itr hi's . iut lss I iII i l li),1 ,ii S nIillS ~u 11t51 ch'Ii 5l'1'ii . - i Richmond. V.
SUNDAY TllE. ii'st'S hues rei 1 1111(1 o l'd friii t II 'isilisi I S l'Iisrl 'iStie'ii'l i l iii)' Petersburg, V'.
Leave Ypsilati from Co'ngrsst.,13 3,f11te hitnoitu olofodi, Chle i s. OdP nt omo ,Va
Jeave AlsAriser'Jnctios, 100.14:00,1:0, It. ' es'soloi'oiitncd ~ut is': 15,5SiOctIli -'C'ast(}i vs. Oliet. WlimbugIVs
(is y'e ei i C lub lsros ilughetrip 511 lii' Imuli indobitisisildi is'. ii to do. At Iire., S00i. 1 AIsT. m., .A hil'Si' FieldItNewport News, Va.
cents; rusd trip ticiensis 13 cs.i.
WA~I . k K. lsisi, S iis. 'I-r he i'' li Ii 'i'isst h i i u adii t Il'siiil sill fii dluy. Norforl, Va.
Xl. i 'Osix l ' igtIt) r wi)I~e Iss lsli'es'N TH GII Z ''0.iS .11) 1' 111 511) Aiiilall soetiss'. poi i ntisillli. C auet
h~s iills ii s~f Isis 15:5 lies il: S'I''I''11. 111 l' llI 'lI('ll'.' Po furlii r infosrseLoioiicall ii i ios
M A M T I E'I",itlt : tush lJpriii lit' ri lb ('liOn1115'' youril' hsi 117'litl S iilu' S
-AT-IPE i I his'ilullc s'ed'thaliiii's.alily Dista"Issl XV. A. li ofEli lieul ei.Als
~t C O . Ils ii i ihssisul me. 21. sil Iihsuis'more. 05 slit liha lly Tickt' Iii.,U , e lti' l rfY
gTosi wasS Sse S. iiit11t. ss i's i.l' istos1iil rh ins's' I aIs'1 ii .It stl('1 rk. 5 I'll(, o l [l ,good IV. .eTF N 'e'Michig n I . o ent,
Slt se .es oil' a l 1ii 's. 51151 Ili(] ot Ils' sil he fasi t"1 bi l o n '.i i'u iIen t'i i.i&'O.ll ilull ie lst ofDeiiis M 0
siL Y ~ 's ll'sell'.t h is l (barnssS ssil' I..,)21.Mr.hhI il' SS OisW o 2 Iojpo e
15 he. u ~i' i s S'i'Itii'l~o 'se ssl i i ]
Remve It 1 PS'Sate Sgr ~ ot slo'S t e iiss5 5.'S hav '' .. .d t ile I sstem.il (u,. it 1'u.l .a.e1an1 A . i h e e rcM od el
li T he Cod odr s t A nd-hurs, t(]lef's it he siitioslls' beforesit=' P Isi s . oerallispt an re
comrl F m iy L d- tdll 11ilil ihuto scarry e 1of11h iriisi end u 2 i issi' .Q;g o t y a . A tyN ..2 I p ve
Clfl~ Cures fit h lls'illihaima ls'i'iil issh i ' tb ve oii huniil us". i S or SIS n" " 'j*e,
Ti iills iselst S;t f rit h is i '.st21 5l raht 1 1 s N W'H A Y
ils of h no nty fiiat. isof l3S1 I '' 5115an!7ec I n ha s s l.iver tlc IvII' 15 Isnifof oms i
515: is 51,1'. iiljsssiSiitoi'thsieate'.i'ss'or . at, Tl h e- aet oe fte 's i u-
CIIIll~ ent , ilsiitis ighslisli 'ind isl nf lo v-priced typewrd bayr. S .® i tr
'ie : C rs'Ri h e ir ni ld 1 hush h is' i lui l it' Fo 'theI. S#IiciiS.(' ii;gi'" Ii''p Ies x ro e. t t e o l td a d t e n i h y re bo k o S 1 1~ rr I o s o t 1)y e r t e riy ii
W c m o ev r d y Iilu :1 isiso siosiac l' of'17 i ii theliii's' lll ti.I 'uli'es' 'i'.Issi''~' '.
bI .'e . Ali iii' .. i h ssli' er s ie U . ofisih,ti'llii'I' t i a s lii- 's ISrs NOsWs. usR E At'D Yi . ss le
Ils f smniy. hcl upl i s lee i 1tohatis stihsist li' lii. b': "igls 5'er it t
A'vrtstouii'o'sIhliiI's iois atore,'1AMERIlAN TYPEWRITER CU,
The ail . si l ii h'x lS11'iteyi ills All silifulsilow-priced Illtypewriter.7"i
111 ONE's's'l0 'sO'S.'s 11111 1 157Shr. Room 27,a2s5itr adway,1N.rY

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