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October 12, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-12

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Cih IORAL ION CONCERTS. Alpha Nu. H '1 4ad~
luhllotted 1)Daily (Snday excepted dring TRA WILL BE HERE. to I e you an art supplement
thleIolegs yz, at itt '0 i 1ballttlot) 1101)of0 niter- wi ite U.of 1M . IDaily every
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. May Festival Promises to be a ciy 1111Ha lll iht t11 S O'ock. An ay in the week, atd we do not
Greater Success Than Ever-Tick- Stlt 'ei115 tort nlists c12011 101)1511 oer ly forty-eight page eti-
Ort Timbulinlg N. \Maill t, pposite eta Will Soon Be 0n Sale111 11Wl ~'tl) Ita~t. 'rol iisttorpeel aeo 25
ot ollttvdu.llwl bacowlcmFeh_____tor rsetrteo$25
EDITORS. The1' Chora~l ion1 series of'lW0 111 t11llal ie'le.iia 1'01))-ly nttto.l1 Th I')tll) yell e air to give a thor-
J1 A. I;elov, '10, Al gto igEditor. tois r lcannollt 11111acornl- r1big skal 111t 110 tltitlfo los:adae Ug iy ropito sa e,cop-l-
0. 1. SC , r. Asistant. c 001111lm, of tilmt' 1 ltloll lct11,0- Viol1n1ol, Mr.M ile: I) , Mt. dt nvriy le oaecv
. . K~ '10, )IA hlticEdtor.I1)1111)2 eig all deartmentls of te
Associate Editors. cn l rils ohc ilt~ il llrmtAr dmdb~ ralztos
I. A. 'rat),'))., A. K. P111i, ')8.
C. eyr411A . T William at . . MAroll titee P.lb lsa lieitol alt lya etbytos.i rev otil'e. '101 tll colegeeyear fnrniolillg 500
v 1Farll1.111.0It. m ulltte reotttttt u, lseriesT het. (' le s in 1 he1111. .1 'adopt17. , prompt, lecllrate alodcompleo
rIthe a iesi~iinee ee'' . I. ilo litro, tlltttt 11-. I 'IA S VA 01.. r eot of li 'riy evns
ltire. 01.10 1 011-.ddr ese. t t Ill a llt t ltrt )11 111111 (rlt-tlt tilli\ Itltt'ttt tt.y I1.1)lei. f fle d te f lioei
A111l lasiness11110 tiltd till,ttIth lel)subs tlirteI.fu11.1111111 ar modylr. 1 ,1111 I Sli. rguares ivner fai tel :Dailfe-te
______________6_E._________st._AllotherbusinessRecital, 110D aill(% 1 l'. -ar l Itcollegx esofyeairown aih in' ouht
mattrs ae lnderthe mmeiatediretio ; Eijah C'_ralUnio.-Judepartslo.AlriMillr.inomssotcura a a maco nert
PfteuiR OPmaaERTY 1. -'Actill, W at 10thV1i f.iitoFeb-. At4 N.1-iAfti 100., 0tl .1r)1p111- s o filt Un511 iv e'y e epose
Cheicgof h and lSIilcg a Deae 17. 1l101. ail'trli~ 1 1 t ' o erlto ltiterett,1titltte eIfar t e gcuty r diigcvlyssfnlie,hapening
Abouditidig t Iat hr.a1))0110. 1 111'tly- 111 tu A ri T. ltl tttlelttl.a 100 1irector btt rtl for0iitt gamor ,eerf ai nmntosh e tf'I-iv e f
lf -l'erltr 1,11' 11 roho T hIfis i es 01111e010. till sorts ofS tewo tefactu thnandlte U ofhet
PROPE11111Tt T))' A XlI 'e. ,it ll. atill loon otto1110 at-'L Fr i'tlle AIf N- W if th ire, vr clyb fur- as1t11 makle 5011uftio lerp Ifp o as
Cicag of. MI-.l~~t ichig'at. Debatte oid 111'1111 1111'wil l ' rp 1ss 111a11111tit 1-1, fon 110eroms funaeleapotar i lovr. Iinyttapfeeli110
Ab utI H re ie1 ,cc" T i ooerl t l " a bahit'lotan bele d tf15ioretinn the I itivrsity 11
11 e1'. lt-ltl'te i rll( 111'has n- '150tn Mc anoreinLie itliar aillrecevelrdr' ha di
they 1 cho ic'e of 111question aafo 1111e dethate this1a', almtt ill11 the110')la tsir.taa f llltlM MM Tp0 AE ALT C 10015sp-tr' roi o)
lltretAih uanl(lci' udhI)tltllldrc-id-d. -trll si prt)pt l' o iULD gABET, u00 tP.3 TORI eiOrinoi tl i adreiclteiooloffl
alll'll Is il alrtt ff to the a ct ha t te.Tlo.D
o1f Itth olmi SI ht-itt Prttt Angell.Wit itbltslet it-t1week,.i LtccdW RITItill)BtEil)i11101-taeGOOD WRITINGtTABLETh-sB
11110 rf- lL-Illtl . tlt)0 a1)11 11titI )0) an lt tiI' price 11'))))) 1 55lcthal, BESTo CRANEtLINENifIABLETee- tiC
1 101111' .r 111Ot wh11- 1 '~ icstcka eosl eth edp t ntrsti telivrit.o
Illb' roarutsTrueblod. 1) 1 c1 ). it ofl a 1111m t -e9 en iUi e olhbws;twillcrefore 110sf thoolco.
I'. "Ist it'ltt'(1'11 11it101_ 0MArgusH 00iPAEiTABLT House. yspace ro yu sb
1101t )1)'.teld01 ltiittt ;xon uion0)11)11 1 hlit an 5 Id.lld . t-ites 101for11)'15 lfooblls rth eforauth iendop te
ll)')' 5ltIlby01art1 s te10.1")) eatl~tt heptatl ract i crd - ema ert. tiltlthe AGO D U A TF-DOOR P 3ORSC
rfttehl e deeC pli so GOtt ODW IT)INGloTALET, I. r- C TE ER
t11)1)1 O)1toi411yiNe1.11. tI),,hr)cinderlthere_____________________BESTCRANELINENTABLET,_-_35
0110 I111 oltlt .tt rt borre.ea oae o Rt. PE R B)'Yil THE QUtRti OR1LB,
inthe maierPelletlmnthasll. Btbotoo ,1x41 foliAlryiandhalfaadi riuaBarn
tfer; iigrati A, nd:to arhl totc'lte ___a _____!__This ____stock_____will____n'itto141etdreplaced. t-
the tr~nlota. 00110arlydatet'III-I)'ClonerlrquickrGo o rNDALLfhorIet
to e ebaedsholdbe e~dedea tyoge guhd.Tt heSt. earlr of hiasls u Pri.n0110 1o4u.111)is ttpa e. is rset. n red.
Than1 Il) pound'1)i. T 1e ea'sellt tonaet1,: ( f- D i Iotr I ol o)tll 'aati fpe.
"A III toiisIl orto tesni alinet anyvutil001)0 10111 l).'t110 t.H P'-BOOK'J.OF ATHLETICS- HZ7. o e . rlg10-O11 aia
10111 fittlgivenly i a ' I-t ad fa nd t ae ist-lattit Iot )1111III Ou U * rniq STll0 BY
1)1110 e Oiy l)-aoltll) r II1' il t ohs. Io' i g h ti1.1)1)1lint te dal-t OR MANI «[O BIIN ILJMI 3 a) a hm o
1110 lit-Itt li .t tly if pop f orin fo Captain1I of llth0 11otttltltitti 1)111rFinChoclates
itet loet~. The 1) item i l l be1 tis11A11 If It'))randtIt) ii 0m) Nis iAS!vOT N LO K Iad aiedods
liilt'. 01 1 otgt itI tr t' n Ih 1;im No I Slaebi t ti' s 11er111ouft1.5 Try Out Luncahlehes.nn~ru
iil'ce lb l f (tol t. it 1 'ill lsamel lltbr( tt) 1011a;llas, An, c Tgi lat b th1111r M io ., x
Iear () p1)1 tt1100 iO lrug.)I. II 111 1))))g leti- 1)1i'1l'il1)lf,1 I
llltha sTro h i fferent1) II) t slt o')111 i l l. . tflt gtt~ltI). a NNd ARBliRcIJ1 OF M. SCARePINS
11)0 al ofing."bae il b held it l r stiYearifL00)1)1)1 til. -l.1 lob 1 h m 1, AT-R R
rodBad$ e ve" 1ono ietie gos11) -E. 5. RVn' sSo 11naeFehi WM ARNOLD11E 20 'wShig
Itndy10 ord. 04, klnola a t ololers 11.D.g to irle 23 S. F9' OP er+ULIH AVE. .1 '0 noRlU ~ar at

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