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March 13, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-13

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Published Dully (Sunday excepted) during
the Colleg,veur, ut
OFrIEn: Times building N. Main st., opposite
post office.
W. XV. IIFJGeS, 'o, XV. XV. Tssxvto, '01 L.
E. L Gesosn.'9iS L 0. IIANS, '93.
J..XVALSRx'93 1I. tG. E. S MNssn, '9i9.
G. B. llRXoIsSOx, '9ll L.
.1. F. TnsOuXnS, '97.
Lt. C. XALKE.05,'01.
L A. Pratt, 'T6 G. M. heath, '96 P.
S. 1R. Smitbil itL. B. B. iletbeany, '99.
F. Simons, '93. Ii. B. Gammon, 'ill M.
F. A. locust, '93 E. C H. tRoc, '05 ).

Two Important Elective Cournes
[Yale Newn.
The Yale Lawv School faculty havc
nleidcd Ito odd twvo new clective courses
to the etunricunlumnieDxlyear. Dine, a
courei in New York Practie andi Pro-
cedsure, is espccimlly deeigned to pro-
vide for members of fhe school iu'tcntl-
iilg to practice ill New York. Ills
coturse Xilcompiirehendii.aithoilroulgh
study of such portions of tine Codle and
rsueli work i Practice as Xwiltlfit sin-
denits to take tine New Yank Butr cx-
oniinatlons, mitt prepare. tihemn for
otfice oud court Iractice 01)0n1 ;ratnua-
tioD. It will he conducteit by a Yule
moan, who is a New York lawyer in


ativie itrative, mitdinho will lectu-o
ahlavet'recitations diring line great-

The nub crihutioiisprice of tine Daily han er part of tin eiiiic year.
bees reduced to $1.125in advance foe the re it
of the yeanr. Leave nubscriptioins at tine The other course will he in (,oni-
Daily offie or with P. C. lMeye, U. of Mii lecticut Imcflee and Procedure.,,iii-
News Stuntl.
brac'ing at study of tine Pranetice Act,
Editor of todlay's paper: nsofC rtantsilloroisf
WV. W. TIAYERt, '96 L. Rlso oradsc ~rioSo
tine sttites ins refer to the condulct of
Caspar Whitney's viewsh 00 -tali. faxes.
letic reforminiin tine middttle west (tre Both courses wnill Iseoipein to till wrhe
nowv being pinbisheil in his idepatr- elect tilnen, anid wilt offier an new .anti
wnst in llarier'.m Weekly, ;giting ilhevitttieidiioiotnetrrtliiu
resutits of it visits to points in tbis In this connectionthnere seents- to be
tart of tine coutntry where athletic in- same misunderstandinuf is to tine new
terest is nuaintuined. Mfr. Whitiney rules rispietLimni tihe timrncyinjr'
shout a few hoxrs inn Anin Armor, and course, whiichi:go into effect tnext falli.
wha heleaine ni nx i snninuou ~ It is tine intenit of the authoriies to
us followvs: t(epermit stnintns to taken tine three
The athletie ct vei'ty it =these largeryer'Xrlinto easifinln'
Weotrinuniersiieswoud. sirpiseopinnion of Die faulty, theny lie'snilli.
most Eastern Jnon, I un Olsiies:n udsure. It knot srrse leintly iireparcd ant mave thei' ennuis-
I wlas surtirised tit see so mnany menie nhtity to ito so. Gantuates, of
Yaile wino have stuield nunier Crofes-
at workt in tne gp'nia-iuiii01ot ici-
gann, at Ann Arbor, of tCnicago, asid of j1115stPhelps tnad tui'hlaindilii, i tis

al those wino have aided in tie pas- ELECTION NOTICE.
age of this hrilt-professors, sitents. Republicans of tie Univesiity 01
senatto's representatives anti friends, Michigan and. of tie Ann Aror Iigh
tre doff otr hats and tender tinre most Sciool are notiend that tie annual
sincere ihanks. Ant ere's Xising. election of officers of tie Univers-My
thxat these kindn friends iiay lie Ito'iRepublican Cub Xwill bit held Friday
see tinetday when tie tUniX'erity f at 7 ,p. in.in Nembery Hall; 'that di-
Olio Xiii stand as the retresentative egaes go the Americn College Repub-
instituttion of its kindt in tie U'nitid ian League Xwiii be chosen according
Sates." to tie enrolnent of tie epubican
Club; that one delegate will be chosen
Clubn Photographed. to te National' Republican League;
The 'varsity Glee, Banjo anit Mall- tntnn a vote who hve sot reg-
iseredt with tie Club, and that te
dolm Clubs were plotograplieu at convention Xiii consider such other
Glibson & (lark's yesterday. This matters s may properly come before
group wans takeo~n for lie purm~ose of it. C. LINCOLN MGUIRE,
preparing a ;snianl engraving ni the 'FEED L. I NGRAHIAM, Secretary.
ilubls to be emnbodied in tie daity president.
newm programsn which are being de- TIIEATERI TRAIN.
sigeilfo tie wstrn rip ''ln clbs The Ann Arbor road will run a the-
signd fo th weserntrip Th clus eter train to Toledo Friday night, leav-
will give their concert iiiAnin Arbor lg here at 5 p. m. stannard. Return
iin ir about April S. It will hi' givenin hg the, train will leave Toledo at
fr iii' beneit of tie Athletic Also 11:30. Tie fare for the round trip wil
ciatirli anit so shouil e wmlciiend be 7 fents. Tie attractions wiii be:
At tie Valestie "Sowing tie'Wind,"
iii by all stdent.re' 3cnsad 1 ttePoic
> rcsi et n 1 ttePoi'Debate on Pacific Coast. Hlalon's "Sperba," prices 2 cenns
and 5G cents.
[U of Pen. fourie.t
'fine reman~rkabe wave of poplanrity N'anteti-Ann experienced fute play.
c. See Mfr. Gillespie at Ann Abor
wicteiniiterc'ollegiate ndebaiing ios til- OgnC.ssoe
iterginlli this winiter as re'achend tie Tienewest and largest assrmient
iPaciftc toast.'Those inveterate rivals, of Carpiets, Rutgs, Mattings dd tDrap
Lebtind Stanifordl ani Berkeley, arc to cries a tunaller's Furnilture Storm.
icontest ill aidebate, antmunch ilti tu Any youtng lady studet who 'wishe
hnas beein rotised. titeui Stins light work to pay' for room and board
Simar IPerkins, of ('aliforinia,. bas app to Mtss. II. C. Eames, 7 N. Sate..
giveni'a ideeided ietus to tbe debe
ty ofering two annnual prizes of 1-100 2d Semfester.
eacihl, to le givuen to thie best 'pouker'.
on eitiher side iii tine contest UNIVERSITY SCHOOL Of ANCIN
PIZlE FOil SHORtT STORY. Opposite LAW building.
The '911"lReustiestac" Board offer a
casih prize of $15 for the best shor TERMS $3 FOR THE EST OF THE YEAR
storp' on a legal subject. Contribu-
tions from al departmntms are invited Gibson & Clark,
and the Board reserve the right to us
all mtanuscript subnmitted. POORPES
Washburn Guitar fr slAgsoe.its Ai W.HU ON ST
The Daily will be delivered by carrier in Ann
Arbor jor by mail to any address in this country
until Commencement for $1. 25. if, after the lat
nnmberl'or this 'year his issued, you feel that we
have not earned'$1.25 this amount will be refunded
to you.
Your attention is called to the fact that the
Daily is the only paper publishing complete re-
ports of University events. It is the only medium
by which you can obtain a record of each Univer-
sity organization.
Subscription.cinay be left with any editor
of the ,;:Daily, at the Daily office or at
Meyer's News Stand. Subscriptions. sentI
bry aail should be addressed to the busi-
ness manager.

Wisco0nsin. Michnigami has close to 3,-
000 stutienuts, a. tii)r: of 'vinoino, I be-
lieve, arc wme~nei. It bams a hu<lnnusouuue
modterno gpymhnasimilhtitoriitgilp i'iquipl-
pod, with a beautiful nmuin floor, well
lighted, and 1,2(00 lockers. The mtm-
hetic imahnagenment:libas ben-n verpy loose
in tIrnes past, but is now ini use hannis
of five professors ald four students,
and, irrespective of uhe ('icensgo coni-
ference, they are inteninig to pun, into
effect Somue exceedhngly good rules,
probably one of tine best of whicit is
the individual pledge of honor.
Mr. Whitnep'thunks that mwithn us 01
tine west "depravitpy has ruin its course,"
,and that in tine future our athletic
clothes wvthf be unsnhirfhlnu by any
professional wecarer. We eievice that
thin view of the genieral situtation is a
true one; 's- sincerely hiope it is. Th-le
development of western amnateur 8011-
leties bids fair to be brought about
by none but Die moot honorable muetha-
ods, mand -all insdications point to the
general adoptiosn of a higher standiarud
and what is very encouraging, to its
generalI maintainance.
The Cornell faculty has passed a
resolution recommending, that every
extainer reject any pmper containing
sny hath spelling or faults of expres-

reoset, haveot;ulecided-itadvasuige
over gradumates of ether college's anmd
of snon-graduates.
Ohio Legislature Opens I's
The legislature of Ohio reeentlpy
lp, ssttt a bill by wnhich the anunoual ap-
piroplriation for tine suppomrt of the
Ohmio SmaUniv nmer'sitpy is douled.uTh'rme
bill levies a oni'-temnthmuill tax: out alb
ismoertp' in the state andulbpy this
means the t'nivem'sity gains an icosme
of $180,000 per -ansnumo. The bAilwmusx
passed by an almost unanimuous mote
of bthi houses, and umany enthussiaot-
speeches mere tmade mminsiporm of it
by promuinentsnesmbers of the legisln-
ture. T~me snudents of thie Universty
attended in a body tine sessIons ml
whicthle bill was bronght uip nd
Iassed, anmd the utteronce.' of ihe
speakers in favor of the University
were mwidy applaudedi.
The Lanterna of the Ohio Slab' Uni-
versity says:
"Ev-erybody knowvs u-hat the mneas-
nrc nmeans to the University. It wil
increase our -incoune frosm thue State.
in round numbers, from$W0,010) to
$180,000. It means e erection of
those new builings which mve ieed
so badly and mvih have existed here-
toore in Doe form of air rustles To,


®% '

lr\ AFB

Lik--qML-ML, "Mh -ML. -'ML 191L Nmk w N

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