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March 12, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-12

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Published Daily (Sunday excepted) during
the 00110gb year, at
OuFICE: Times building N. Main st., opposite
post office.
W. XW. HUss-ies,"'K, W. X. THAY'ER, '96L.
E. L. GissmER,'110 L 0. BANS, '98.
J. L, WAI.Sa'00 Al. G. E. SnEooiAs, '55.
G. B. ihIARisos, '00 L..
J. F. THOMAn, '97.
'L. A. Pratt, 'tO 0.P. Iteath, '96 P.
S. BR. Smith, 'SO L. B. B. Metbeany, '99.
F. Slions, '00. 5H. B. Gammon, '97 M.
F. A. Facit, '93 E. C B. Roe, '00 1.
The subscription priceof0 the holly has
been reduced to $1.235in advance for the rest
of tie year. Leave sabscrptions at the
Daily oio eor with P. C. Melyer, U. of M
News Stand.
Editor of today's paper:
E.. L. GEISMEtR, '9S L.
T1he ceditors of t he Itarvalri Advocate
for '9)7 assumled chiarge of Itic pubtica-
tion withi the last issue. tn aii editor-
lialB this iiuiiber thety detfinc the posi-
tiont 0114scope of a collegc mnagazille.
What the Advocate says oD this siib-
ject nl.y hie laketi as froisai ahigh
authiority, for this iiagazilie ralnks
auiong tie rist in its lass. I1s edi-
tors imnpress upaii their coiteibstors
the inmportitnce of originatity, and
their aditice thai "aihytlillig at first
hantd is good" Xwould not toe a lxii
motto to plrint oil (lie copy pape-r of
every aspiring author iin thc college
wo'trld. Less inclitation~ anid greater siii-
rere effort will not produc so smoot
.:outing an article as "(lint kind of
imitatory sixraining for effect, that
lroppilly tp of a-Iltodeflioll with! a"lit-
tie horrowedl 'tonc' from sonmc classical
moedel" which (lie Advocate depre-
eaten, hut it Xwiil he honestxaiid iatura.
Sincerity is worth-iiiuchtiiore to tse
amateur writer and his renders thau
any cheap literary varmitshi spreadi over
a feehleeimutation of a master's ide-a.
The Outlook, in an editorial discus-

nov'cl to itosniciiiers as 1o other
renders. The .iiorinal life of (lie col-
lege, the Xword it is doing, 111e healthy
mianhood g.rowing upit)li it, the lessons
of ohi'iience, iiianliness,, the sobiriety
learneid hy the gloat ililis of etu-
deiits, the increase of ciodowineals, thie
additions made to knowlcdgc--these
thiags aire not "inewvs." 'Nessc-insists
iiiainly st repoorts of* college rowvs'
Evidently there is dense ig-norance,
hnot only of the popiular cry for sonic-
thing addressed to te intclligcnce iif
hnialnd not io their Xilest curiosity
and their mlelanest tasles, hut of the
meaning of the Xord "news"; for newv.s
toes slot iiieaii simply the ahiiormial
and fte scaiidalous."
So:giety Programs.
The Ail'phl will present the followX-
intg program Saturday eveninig: Ora-
tion, "Alexandir hlanilton," Wi. 13.
tHarrisonl; liii'irotper wily, Go-creasonis
by fs-c hachitlors Xvhy lelip 3ear
shiould;. coiie every other year; debhasi,
"RteslX-ed, Thalt it is f or thle biist in-
terests of the U'nited, Stites to
strengthen her coast defences rallier
tlhan iuild upo a. strong noavy," lillirin-
alive, Air. MicSoll and Air. Traverse,
ilegalive, Mir. Severlilice alndtAMr. Van-
IHook; hlumlorous sketch, "Mly leap
yeiar experience" J. McCreary; criti's
The teltersoiiiaiiSoliely has-c (le
folloss-ing pro'igriamslannoun-ed fior 1o-
night: Rtciding, Air. Block; declamail-
tion, D. B. Chieever; essasy, WV. Ri. Slur-
eix; sioeech, Mir. Stranalian; hio-
graphoiy, I. X. Hart; imptromiiltulis-
culion, affirmalltive, Air. Keponer, neg;-
ative, Mr. Aldrich; dehate, "esolvel,
ThBat the henefits of party' gov'ernmeiint
are greater thiain its eXils" affirmatlive,
Mr. Koluout and Air. XWhite, ilegAtive,
Mir. Bagley and Mrs. Ryker.
The Progranm of the XXester Society
for Friday lliglit is as follomvs: leawl-
islg, J. Mtlure; essay, F. W. Stoltz;
iration, ..E. Llaw-ton; iillromllptuO, J.
G. Yont, I+.iR. Slioecraft and J. H.
hIcIeovn; ebeate, "Rtesolved. 'Ph it
state control of the liquor trallic as
adopted io SoxithiCairolinia prevail
throughont the United Shites," atlirni-
ativ'e, (G. McCusloni and W. C. Dosug-
las, negative, .. Jew-ell and C. J. Vert;

Lecturer Furnished by the State
Board of Charities and Correc-
tions-Fnur Others to Follw.
The lirst of the sres ot liv" lecbtues
(o e furiishied ty the stale oard of
liariies anu corrections was given
yesterday afternoon y 1Rev. «r. .
Knight, of Saginaw, oii te suihject,
"Prev-alet Ideas as to the hest hletl-
oil of Handling tDeiillin'lt" Iis
lecture XXas of gret interest ad he
held thiei'loss.st atteintiiioof irs iand-
ience throughinit. The foloin~iig s a
rief oiitline of his addriss:
hle tpenedIthie' iiscssioni of his sb-
ject by sdiiding lhe' hisiry sit crim-
inology- into four perios 'caracter-
ized ty the folowig ideas ofthlei
ojecs of luillnilloit vneaio' re-
pression, ieforiiatioii anipiieenitin.
TurinigOte firt lpeioilllthe osai" hiss,
an eye fr ani eye, tooth for a tooh,
limib for a Liiii, Xwas carried out. Ii
this periotdriniis Xee ot lealluwihi
ats offt'nces agaist(te slie, htt as
against ti'mersii and liih e unismllent
uvls private engeances. 'This washe
period of tr.il hbyorideal, hb-coiat
andiicomipirgalios. 'lThesecoiiilpet-
iod co-iced liie time of imiiodeae
pui lnents Xwhleu criunis win' firs
teattid as wrongs agaist tio'stae.
Thethuitdleriod XWhihl inerothec
prlesentl time uas tusheri'i in y the
estmihlishmxen of pisois as a netod
oit p unhishm llet. Orignally piersos
ueie not impllrisond for pniismeni'lt
hxt to await trial, btlT ubrig this
periotd it hoeclile the general iioie of
punishment. hmlrsnaliut Xwihari
lahorodeeloed roll)thi ialspora-
tioh systemo. (riminas usho had coin-
Boited graXe offence, were banised
to) foreignlcolonis ali, te--" detaned
for tens of hard labor, lut as this
sy'stemilgaXe way'oreiimrisolilleit
Xitihalt laor took its lae. 'Tis
period developed the present idea of
reformation by prison disipinhe. 'ho
fourth system of punisment le sid
wan a distinctly mioerl iea, O-
piovemuemt of the offender not retribu-
The rmeiainder of th-' adri' sYlO
devotesd to an explanatiomi of cur ires
ent prison sytemno and to the cuseos
of, the present increass of cmes.
The nixt lecture of the course wil
be given next week.1
To Lecture on Hawaii.
Those intersled in the Haialm
Islands XilIhave an opportniy to
enjoy a lecure, illustrated by serop-
ticon view-, at the Baptist hurch o-
night. The ecturer, IDr. A. B. Lyos,
was born on the iland. He came tc
the states and graduated at Wilams
Cohlege, afterwards graduating in
phamacy at Mchigsa.WIsle with
oParke, Dais & C., in Detoi, he be-
came widely known s the first editor
of the PharmaceutclnLrlma For sev-

io-al year just hast le has been pro-
fessor of cleiistry in the college mt
Hionouu and is now- doing sgecl
work in thie labortory here. t116 lee-
mure Xihh treat of the mamners adhtcs-
tomls of the ieople and the recet ps-
liticat trotuble XW'hicthas atsedSo
mhliditision X i h le Uited Sales
usill tb' touchei upoin. le Xill seaohk
at the Baptist ciumchi at 8 oclok to-
night. A nminiia admnission of 1-
cents will hi' charged.
Obituary. -
Ab~tingdon, Ill., Mrchi l1:-Wsilliamn
It. Hardy, a memer of tie seioir
class of tel'w uvdelartment, idiedhat
his piarents hoiie here yesterdy auter-
moomn at 4:1. He uvhs takeii -ick
fiteen weeks ago Xhile at (le ni-
versity and u-as imnamc iaely ushoemi to
liii hospital, where he remaied aboit
toil weeks. Ilhs disese Xvaslerdlil-
ts, amid uhile' ithe hospaital a liot
ditficult operatiloni was pmerforee, but
the resumltusas not fuvorable, the
woiiud meer' heaing. Ile as
brouighithoiiicaid simciiemie los bem
Xr. ilaridyXaborsi in Aingion,
Mbay 13, 174. liegraduatedl froie hhe
Nounal School here Iii 193; atteded
the Universiy' of Neraskainill893t-4,
aiud usas hbuinimess i managr of this'
so ioi' miotly Hlesperlil, nmakimg a
most enviable record. le thll cm
tered hic hivschool of (le iuersty
of Michiigoian iitduwas ilIis senior
year. ie uvassof inaffabe mioure
aid had a host of friemnis. Iis os is
felt muost hemihy y h ie cimmunihity
wvheme lewas uselI knwn.
The Ann Aror rad uill run a the-
ater train to Toledo F'iday night, hav-
img here at 5 p. m. standard. Retur-
img the train wilt leave 'Toledo IC
11:30. 'The fare for te rounld trip wiii
be 73 cemts. The attractions will e:
At the Valentine "Souing the Wind,"
prices 73 cents and $. At the Peope's
lilanlom's "Supera," prices 23 ets
and 0 cens.
Wanted-Ami experienced flute play-
er. See Mir. Gillespie at Ann Arbor
Organ Co.'s store.
The new'et and largest asortment
of Carpets, IRugs, .Battings and Drp-
erien at HIaler's Furmniture Store.
40 Cent
Caramel s
Are twice as good as
any 25 cent Caamels
you ever saw.

siomi of the manner in wvhicht editorstI critic's repor't.
of great papers look out upomn the ChsToraet
world, comnes to the aid of the colleges-
ia the following language: Entries for the tonrnamenit of the
'The absemmce of the sensi' of the ChessClubh must be hamided in heoe
rehlaive value of new's is strikingly hMonday, h"larcho .it, to XV. D. Herick,
shown in the way Ini which most news- C. 0. Palnier or Allan Camnpbell. Thne
pmapers treat thme colleges. There are drawings w'ill he made that evening at
at few' journals of hight standing which
regularly report college new's, but the tecu n h orann eiite
vast nmajority of the newspapers, ex- following Thursday. The prizes, which
cept t Conmmnmcememnt seasn-e, sun' will he on exhihidomi in Wabir wimi-
render spaces to the college only when dow', are donated by Gee. XWahr, 'the
there is somne disturhance to report; Chess Club, Jacob Haller and Sheehan
and every college otliter knows from
sad experience that the slightest in- & Co. Thme club will be pleased to ro-
frasuthon of the law, the least outbreak ceive visitors any evening amhdt hope
of youthful exuberance, is elaborated that they, will be presenit during the
and padedoed until It :ills a. colunon or' tolrnament.
columns, and is treated an if it were
a mattem' of international importance. Any young lady siudent who wishes
The college reads with surprise a re. light work to pay for room and board
port which is prmctcally as fresh and1 apply to 'Mrs. H. C. hEamnes, 7 N. State.

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