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March 11, 1896 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1896-03-11

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AIH 6 1 G e--A o d T i o i gOI TA Time Table (Revised) Marc 1, te9,llS.)ES.P..A.MTO.&CRy K.& .R.
Mail and Ex-1__a 0 Mail -e...... soNolotr schemes You ptyfo what you het andTO.CRy K&MRy
N. Y. Special.... 500 N.Y. 9eclaL _7130lotr .fr Solid tlb ouchtrals brtween Toledo, Ohio
EasterS Es-tO ii0 1 N. S. Limited..-- 9 25 CASH saves you 25 per cent. Every garment fitti d n O hlelso, W. Va,vi Columbuse, the
Atlantic Es.... 7 10 Paclsc Es.----12 i5 and oguaranteed. Thousands of stdents are amon~st ourshr-d lviecrot
D. NEsprem..ss SO 540 Western Es-...2 0 bBETWEEN
. R. Express ...tt 5 Ci. Nt. Es-___10 Il customers. The largest line in the state to select Toledo, .
. W. RUoolES, H. W. HAYES, from. Full line of samples at the Cook House every Findlay, .
G. P. & T. At., Chicago. At. Ann ArborTudy. twililpayoiosethln. Kenton, 0.
Columbus, .
f 'U GLDfEN EAGLIE CO,,flETRflIT, Athfie , 0.
Ferery, .
- -- ---- Ar1211 GOAND OPLIt t HOPS!S i" at 111111 )1111 lifheueee00-2ily fuotl. Pt. Pleasant, W. V.
- Ilkt oo-othoghlt oil hti rcandth ie Richmond. V.
R.AILR.O.AD. lhl-is by nituce211at ]heisiveitsfast11 and 151 iii1tlls. Petersburg, V.
nothng mallor nintresing o hr -Old Point Comfort, V.
Time aic, an. E, 150. tWiiia011111mrsbur1g,'05012Va.he
NORTH. souTult" 111a1dloftyso501. 11(rs0il lag1F1- Elcy loer of on,121and cli:511 lt Wlimbug s
7:22 a. im. "7:40 a. m. aeticlIthat daws olto 110 the niiai- swill 0)1 ldeligtdilwithi tie announce11- Newport News, V.
4 92p.m. 1:10.m.
Alt trains daily escet anday h lieal 1g,1lis0to tlioe w li wiai O pei4(Ilnt oin)StaOtSitiday eC i'lig of Adigro asi all thtbir ohrais.ean
'Trains ran betneca Ash Abor and Toledo secne tictwi srfo h'oivrt'tlt+ltet1h-W1 :1Fr Isterinsformation call Ontns.rloa
R. S GRENWOO, Agnt "aneTicet Agent or write.
W. H. BENNETT G. P. A. Toledo 0. iicrallght h~t luie cr ya h tritit81, ti OLU fIR lPs.oleuo, .
owni sotl. 'fhe' 11)-tl1(000to ligr o Itat tie comedcty, atnd i gies theii'l1-11. XA. PETERIS, Miihigan tass. Aet
ANN ARBOR $&;YPSILANTI ST, RY. 11v ie'na11'o(Ithe11, hnt 1.)-y tth le 11111)1l1tt111' tidy tli 01)1(11 1111115tot its Ietrot, 151cb
gilled atl lertslii-ring ti2 ros twho 11lay'her vey p1el ntland ,tor 0)1 l
hais madelth-110'wrIl lauh-itigl w ie, tlt'isreid .naro'101 _'e vets oIl It is Cxand. OperaHcMeuse.
Time Table, Oct. 27, 125. cry w ih 111-1, ese with ter 10) till'.1decit'dit ov'lt i~ y, (qui1' te ni i ny-.11
Leave Ypsilanti from Congress., :10. :45 Ogrande1st Illo'f litittiottipissonand 111114, here~tolfore en(''ien101t1e' Amert'- ONNIHOLY
ad 11:00 a. i.; 12:4,2:15, 5:00, 0:45, :15 ad solokswihi lrto the10 ('1 te cestletI hlls i l t ott 012)'nd1(is lprobablly oile of thi'l
LetaeAnn Arbor Junction, 7:40,9:15 sd of t otonits oeing eit', ht as he hoest pit~lllt of 111alll:'(irie-0 itt et. WDNES~DAY, MARCH II, '9
(1:30 a. i.; 1:1, 2:45, 5:30, 7:15, 9:45 ad 11:15
SCNDAY TIME, Iil~ntii 110aidtrue. liii lllstiltig 51:11i)' i'stliel't, iNti 11'y,(o1'"1lhe GERGE . STETSON'S
Leave Ypsilanti from Cogress St ., 1:0,:30,
00,:30ad :000.p . i111itlile upia 'elife atliltli' o le01(u 111 1 Ilis of Sho*,tes i oit s cnl1 1 11l 116insSt'UTAC LASO
Letvee Ann Arbr Janction, 2:00,4:00,0:30, ties a1111:1atiful attribtlesoh-h lltccupiles about the1111'uo relaivel
7:00 an d :10 p. m. ii rAfll
Cars ran on city time are: single trip 15 ( he wol-l iassholmn;toog anditllwhi:h stdig ill (Gemay Sl l h'((It
cents; roand trip tihets 25 cents. m IJIlII
flli 1)101n ''"wheni tielo Iwill:' 1 till' "Nttiy"' 11110 ltig hnoiti L i o r welet Til eBa nutm of them alitt 1110 the
S 'J"JJ ~~3~,4j[o5 1 0men.1I1s1 eetthntid (01 1010 1 11 oAI ilSIf01l: is toiost he etei)ly dlll i n re111111 0ins1n(IWllIu,-
1 you anst good relialeiclife inualitoccall 50 Men, Women and Children.11oFrdTMaboofeNo1,9 suhaboas IBrtlnte aiatiut fte i plc a f.
FoortilaveO. 111:)1:'gifIt IIo sing- (ll'"s 55v to 7(o 1111'y WIit is disil ti ed 115- hissRicel'.I1
lEoMCH Nt' /q he toisM, 011utorer t is fitt'fits thislilla ~dy lir o' ve200',it 1PNTC'JSA S '-USTTALI
HUNTER BROS., 9 E LIBERTY ST. ihuntdos and1 51'tohile'lt'e lauits, herio'slf equally 110 los'15.s1h) 12d Seieste r.
al Odsad htulb ns ae( itnee tepa ur om Skates Concaved. ei i nlhtlulttloolsl5- 1o lih ' milasuret1'allyiS (f 51r-11tlylrit las-:' lt1).11 ties.
Experimental Work. 5 (111(110 oto'esill 1111' 0lltntit, m11:1e1-ry't rt.11 iilitis15:n1 11111:11 1111(:1e0UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF DANCING
____________________________________o(s, h1tlntllel'in oplinf st i S~,gnl l',rr1till- ole ianenlltilo(f ill' soy,. (un1 Opposite LAW building.
RENTSCHLER :11:1dllt'-11ig 1(11(1lttging toia's- .1IIttaed otoi. Ails 1110(0e-slO1(o:11my is
' pc 'rotote l ll ei-' IIor 1:1(e1m1u111jtai xcetilstr itr'=iiihe.11nd l1:10TERMS $3 FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.
11150:115 ! tdesti thtolu:1101eni'terwii s rtt iiformanc te ' ispotnel l Tigh
ANI itIARBOR. MICH. (tivlt nttn'st and:de1. est toa true 1.I and rfs )ring novelty
t\ hvI i ivihe iisto Som211110111 StetOlt's "Unctie Titusy f':b1tlto."
HOT LUNCH ES AT ALL HOURS :-,ltol lt iosltTieheot-ii oilhoo h hotisIl le0101newohtleoiave
Chocoatesand andts 11list t~lo~t, 11 a-liso' hss 0 tiottsi Ohi i'oearirived.i' O0pte r(SeCrorook
Ch ltsadCnis sillIi1r 111:1high oalt s::inadotrhtr th(lle 't:1110115is it lrge o0110ndiomprot~itss oindow.
-AT-- sOt, ivhing nptit iinIlwoild aiii ir 1sf t GlsIartists. It t 10ilies M.rARla___________
so~jY C)OS, deed dii notev'e swevig one ictO litit of sonery, too 1bras' ase, W ROD hEfSOE
OLY i~~~~~~~rom tl'ofty iditlif hpa'e111(1 toblel o 1l''ll'traof tOhpieces, Alt trn it 111 ___________-_____________
200S. State St, Sager Bloc. ooiillolod lidh'i-is illhe owosslnitudtsoetsLote Sar Iqurtet, two0 TEKNRBREBLLAOHL
Large Line ofhFie Pipes, Toacos anti eat tiiHEi KIN11)DEliiRGARDEN'e'1otiisB1ILLIARDts 1101oHALL el
________________________________and111belttie aimls Fori teais goat isoliTheteelhiletitothIl co(01HlIRAm-IKE OKR
eti (i ie shte sil'4isstill gea-teeitipuniy limis thalt theostreettprade is
DAN DAL 1(5(r11w1101111'fe'shiee althe eall 2110'ofietst tever titesstd, antthio' te- ONEY TOS LOAN (ON PESONAL
1"1tIj- flttqttihiteo(f heos-i itature' iiiio'fo'iiaue is th est hlootsttionOfS PROPERTY
Tp -j ® g r. a' 'e 1 itiost cnisiuouitsy. Sheo' was orn itil tisstleig o od e drama e-r iven 1in Wholesale tigiel, 'obics and Cigrettes
13-01 1 1 j)11 Cr te il-of IBrusses (f Frelom-lparent thists or t hill soeletfllotri-
15 Washington Block. 1121, litt wa~s ailysent1 to Ior~ctiot fich! the price of adniilssi. OYUFA
ibe' i'ittdIlaii he11ntienitio'itUsttlt 'PTHE BEST SIILEAGE.y
C'ont ii ttiris sherlo' obe, ' TI ntechaongeabhle 1000 uile tick- j }
T0 1 ,6 . STATE tfl t 5otmtltntli, 1eigesi' to) hert IssudW hith Oiosenra -ne
Callon tem TIEET + stuis'tttdlfirt in theihearusotf covr tmore iinporrtat trailswly sys- W uns
1ie(unhs, foci'itllis allodrehilttiiott 'o. tei Pars tens tothaiay other. I is gootve-r -W Funs
Fine uchocoats, hter strfirst 000se1O1r theswo'ld, and toB I.,li turcH&Pcothe best
nd Boeoaed od.isttoo iteictyae otctthet's O, in houreCe, Hult&D.,Ottoc)11
si it ms nttt l to ge 011t11h(i ou'l Prt- ircee$20. Good otto year. Tere ae I clC
Try__ OurLunchei.t. rd
Tr urLnce.aiides sitihe. Central Les' iotet is tto favoie
CDTRLL &LEONRD le swil e ee'ntat the oera h out. See tget OtioCentral Iites o
nORL ENR, text riol y evemnt in her newto'so addres tot OR $1.80.
Alay h.y, iolrcI a dy ngeh(ttc'sshitc) OLTNNewM C AHandsome embossed poker chips (or
ha iMaakerretscessilfev Toedo, Ohio. con~tr), hoc per 10.Noiseless
Makers of Yorhkaid otther eas trn citie. It silt
prelusshbyth on-at omciotaThe newest and ita .O ut 10poker chip or counter) $10
be peceed y te oe-a~t eameie~ta st ssotin per 10)1. Ftra quaity lDomno,
Casiw s 11 tat!nt" ij ntouc:of (alpets, Ing , Sattigoand Da- 2:pe-e
N i iformter Atn Arhor student, Mr. Not-eoes at Halers Furnitture Store.1
fomae9,Hradpan Hacthet.Itia deightful ltl Any young ld student wose T B. Rayl Co.,
0, Princeton 96 atidstoy of a colegen. no eexpeienes iht work to pay for room and harti
mway we not add Michigan '96? 'n trying to ps a peas ant sumnmer apply to Mrs. 1. C. Eimes, 7 N. tate. Detroit, Mich.

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