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October 11, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-11

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y Po.Bemis Says the University
"" Defends Monopoly.

Ono the Faculty of the University
of Washington.


P ublished hally (Sunday excepted)B urinsg
the Oollefbsyear, at
OFICsE: Times bu 11,11 n- N. Hi st., eppesite
p1 loffilie.

Ashort tume 1t1) IProf. E. IW. 1110mb lliellig;alifurishes imml~y illembl, s
'0115 liaskedl to rinn i ls position 05 of ilo stern tcollege faculies and(nol, to giv
ivisO tlll' professoir of political 00011 a felwii 0 'in"1E~ . '11e1'Uivsersity o1 doy ix
omy ini IChicagiio 'ieojly by i'Prs. Ws'1iioolon at Seattle is Ini nsiiilwoO oiler

ve you an art supplement
the L., of M. Daily every
nIhe week, and we doe not
aiiy forty eight page edi-

EDITORS Ila°)ro(f thl i itulilioii, Prof. 1,'- o'this. It is 01(01v 1ll's~lI over hy' i 0(016tou pesnt at ozzu0
Irof MaoK IV l~n lolol, fl ear.h We aim to give a thor-
. ALrlfnv, '11,Ailtorl '5lEdtor. lsi 11:(1 beet vy prllonounced'lli t PoMnk11 Iar 1o , ormrly oghly represeifaive, p-to-
10. 1.(' r.Y, li , soitat. I date Uniersiy newspaper, co-
S. IE. K fi'0ex, 'I AtleeEditor, u l101'110(05 10l 111h ' la (1(11st and(1i00hlad ofthe(i 'prilt 0111 (If 115r0 eilg all (deprtmets of the
&.U. Fetos , BuIsiness Ill er, hi wrtnsaantvrosfr sofhr. ha poiin I' -; d to U ve iyad altesuet
Associate Editors. (s'111tl111111011150010o ee 111IOiil el"~ld 1 tiest 11 l ieseel
L. A. rtt, 'l. A. ;I t n,'1. 11101e s8, 1o11'lspar iulalyr usts11; 111111Ilt 11b011me 1e0d(1of fie 1 111d(1 >111100 ol';ailli0ti0I.
G 1tle'htRed,'117.D 1.1v. 11 11rig01'tO L . w11as (1 11111re y (lie11dal11 11pers it.I e ather(1 b11(1 au1 ill'\11101' 11111 1 I Ie 1)
liop(i i oao ltl l'll'38. '1 ve.lW(~i(~m11( 011 111 1 tl'0 00lll o s
Allthlk~e 0Olll G.l t , l 11 ill' 1(1.1 l ls'attu eh d ca sdes, lo , 1 11 llll sl1 is th1 15 ia n t i'0 i vltai lie o' 1 11 ( it tis
0,~~~~ ~ ~~~ liondi 7 01010t.AlIt~e 011 Ch111icag11o 01 l' ill'1 v~ lt11 0 3 1101'II'tin aid resignreedlarieliveruofltle11)iny-a
of m tile be s llrlle r. ___________ P v r od 111 1( (';l10111 11iG uia rita nt eelll Iilrisl. b r' 1' 1110 01', 011 a ii o
tifirso, O.l 1 1, 111,11 l t lly i 111 ,llin rntm poit, farnil yoandip('1h1s0pesentip'sitin 11"t1111-
U replyell4llE.liO 011111 0100t1 lAllooth1e111u11in1(ss'1111de'ts1110s1111110,Ildenieda thi115(to'1111111',ylllIto hoce putte
Studentslivry Here DaDo.a
dayt te areudiete ie los rlo' irinla" eil y111' i lo~ll1,' Ol li i l thati P1(1 ' . 11 't11 1111 1(lIl''hee rct olthr li (i~g 11,ll'u.d oru ti t e enll h
of the Ims1i('ilmanager8110l(t e01ear(1(1nishingtio
-ily ---ireillill ly 11' ylls 11( ad1(10 11 n11 to been i 1101 h to esgnI it}} ,1 1111 Is . Ch rlsP. pr mte ccfil e in th Ic o fplet
totNV'i( a] r' l oth ttI attht ail ic(1n ha;Is(theelof10007,' light ls'a dBa e N tiei il
uo u~a~ailsg ptli~ain cri:} vas ud p: II utS 11111111, f t l eei n to be-1((1,l I'c'lll on111('1111fi e t'e ofIf tyo ti'i c01
111111e1co 1inu 'd 001i11' 11(1 Ici I 'l i i ts111l'eachL iis, 1111pr0111'r 0fb(11oy111Btide illmes (nter'i nmen11,(11' -t h e 0(11
a repy, (Iotin from sevr :11 ttte 11111n(10 101 try rEeiwas lint n prfcsl a8t1(a le outol'yose
Prof',llyersey asr esb'i 0,1111 yera111101' Change inveWebsterMeetings.
'tdetsMee(if itihp'as' looy hhily ofilithe 11,'dios SllriI - h 1 7' h s p c s r s r e
day rontAdrin, herehe ate11dl11 1(1111Sit sh1111e inclos 1,1eh__ncforpattheanGrandt Opn erao1
thei yno hiilof theuI 10r'sy0'iin tch ill '0101110 01'('l'1 an no op l ni Irds 7ti'tkn slt ileet
Ot Mc~hgzit, Vedesdy000002 11her1pib'e ,110preient rlied:if t' 1 Ca111 o .1di« . T. cLL R, o used ct o
hef lii'esented 111 th cai o f h ('011117it ,' v l'uab'e111117'. '1111' yln1''cltill'r'1.1 No. IhbaSe oft 1a veai r to of
cit'1'or' rec'nit(1ion y t h oe ;y odl d 'goii odoibu Isirati'i'tii all ( se httS o lo l sc
'thuslen d v lyiivld isco 1 t Ilt' 11(11 ti sntteisiuin vhie e1 dsrbelgt nlwl yn D iyi h nyp ( hc
Prof.1 elslih oy 111(1(1a(1(10'ho oooriiii l uhW k(tel, 1 h'doe". tan ttte i rnrom u t et t 2 . alnnh uthsole. Ith s
hI 1117, eenig 1111'1111'0(1''l~0~l b~ ohdot otihoclotd01111
shoierta h w r i ll1r+ 1 ellt 0000. it lisl'11iveri l lt l to0'--B ORUEDTALTS 10 P 3FO D iviii more ta o ur
othi'ica fol 111,0Thllolvlls :otearer nuns-l t hell rii id'1111'ofd wehol' RA)(1t o NE IN N TABET - - 1. f( 3 B/fY0--v a -- U
trebe rian1101105o m liia' d, yet' thlcil1101- C he in Web srMetings. MBESt CANM LNEmm Ceru tove5,5~ 1. I 01,1h,(l
atttns thet 'r' sohod soetig oo'il o :'pry mNG bPaP r d. H R 4R B lty 0110 siiht00
______________ 011 stoih 10ittchi;, 111tln. 'hi soc Illnoebielaeda9iaidithat.Hil t.lAne-br
Communication. ienof te 'l cmniiitili tirsioons t ut scoie foic tforDairs hiey.11oo11l~id td011 oe r
theensitelileann thllid ofeinototicliolo 1100 1111spa1cle Il1oafo' Ladlo,,
b7r of't bel 5 lf l 1,0 oth t'slsi~ on lool o olrinethee lil11nAgudPintpgHo se
othel. 'nthi s ,is but-eitad7, cltllhllild esstr c lt nlllh til l ien th
abeeio sIhiv10 0 5111 eo lt'05Ot etiI' l of tit same. All ohl'd-s 0 1 ou e
filuoaloo sorcrhs. esbiokco ftil 005 FnoCoolts
thre nfin d fr eitog-ht per cont. f" niItat tthstroseoppsit Scoolofen hEeSAdD RFrandBak d G ods
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Prof lllltll.'Oi slrte i tte t4 .Fit ave. erytnice l 101- WANG TABLEOFMTSSAR PN
s-bolilelipotath e is l oi prudit bd001 ut tsts unc
es ~ ~ nsi therivtolil tef tdtb e ninted tn'uoral.b Ulgwich cansss s oli sedsot aki.sh ,A
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Fi rk C.fSthtcer fthy ie,. .} 'SS M ns e
thled lawthvann u s bepr tocdpfroze l. t u( d bat te AnAro8001
hunedtandlpaid for.shoolI(Io bop. Co.'s store.k3W23 ll.notUr epaced 91an 4 E ilS., Jewel r tr.-


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