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October 11, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-10-11

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0 Is enough for one person to ANULYTfODR
Ol play on at one time. One0 Was Established In Memory of
guitar is not enlough, hlow- ftI Prof. Elisha Jones, Formerly
ever, to supply 3,000 Stu-IM Head of Latin Department--Two
dents. That's why we have 11 Years of Classical Research.
constanltly ini stock several
dozens of guitars of various 111 Iniyeterl'dys Daily applearedl the
makes and prices. fa<inoiiiicelleli thait the, Eiliha hinles
flBETTER LOOK AT OUR 1N c blseal fellowship hiad been awtard-
I U. OFMeITR d to Miss .3lary(Gilmiore Williamls.
f~l 11 wile re "eived tier A. Ba. with 035 last
+M It's good as its nanie. iil. oollnas11teIirye
ANN1 fil JueOdsoli"tilli , t theii 3 y ore
THE ANARBOR ORGAN CO,, 1flie tellouisiti oat'be initeresing.
!f CIatheirinec1". tunes ii illeory tif her
S1'U D E NI T ! (inan yea1sProfessor of Latliniilinthe
IF YO WANTI Unversity. Its ipuitise is statedill
i° "lie "to elnCourl'ae pationt, honest. Ic(-
B a gain c1itate studlyof tfelii'languages o, litera-
liure111111 illiactlouy of alicicimt (111111'
amid; Romle. iii' iicomie froml it is
B ooks A caiida~te for thefelwhpnuf
CALt. AT THE Lw pn tlattreetr (11
~TI~flTFtTC~9 ~ stli 0 .as a1student. ll t ii'litersary te-

Did the Faculty Concert Course
Fielze' 31liorial i i Ai 10filled utli
Eaird In at Quarter. Holmes at
stiidi'its 11n111tlownspeopills.ll01iittit, Half and Hollister at End-Denby
theolcl115i11 beinig tito rot cllilclt_ of Cues to the Training Table.
1111 first sellllster's 111111s1'of facutlty
isilccit. liisro Zetim.l.1111501 h T h'ereai'i'' W 2.1'i titici'aiht' 11111 rlllifyr-
(11101111Iis 1111 111 it' li R ilillroc-loenl ill theiwork of 11(111
thu 'ValI'sity 11111 lieslrcl' ielrellilciicl
'Ito' foatilciog- wb o thil' iliOtlll w - rlels'Vast y aof nde Ry e fvellre. Tue day
y(lad ert' this ch 01110011. th
t'11111'loiilheatily1111 ermaiAeidlmai tir silnd l i it
-. 11.fallfoiiil s , ii t ili' . . 111the i liarcirlol-i,1115111 tllobl
('1 ac12 ll ' S. l111155111.
('olleriu II lat ~ 'ttiii'O t'lltill' sibiitiirg ~liat any t luleltbe-
C hirotJfCoa IlA.iin. Z at ili ili'Bird rietottued t i l d
a2. To'l NeL a rl the(Ioairs frol.. tiosa ilicinhr.hi oldls t l'c'ifgefo m. Ie llr l 1.
(larilrt S.toai eii. theiistilcd nisteadilg.of el 111115
Tue istlhitree s psii Oturtel ilftorrcivingithe 11111 ilil

I U ,L H DUl I JI pl 1111 iand most ill' b0leicl ofl' if later-. 'Th' e nlt concer'it ill iii"
______________________ hiltftisUtivtersity 01f11111t1more1' ('tollUio n Unnserieis willbt iveii Not.
Law .onl1lMctlica un., G(ehi11 Illii Io ellis' Siililli.I) t) e iw iii' "0'it1-c hestes,. 'fhcodorl'
Latin. Mathecmaticl a1101 alliCol- _IIis IVilThIswaslnut, ciiuseii 1by 1a fhoias, lconlductor.
e ve Toxt Books at redtulcedlraltes compelltitive' examlintioni, 11s 1110siben
tt studenc~ts. Drasving Instrum~ents s~td li'1lliltt''tl li lhw UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA
anti Engineers' Suppies.
WE S Lt TIR BST ND hipisjcoto(')liisedil lftPrisidteit: Angell Will Have Rest Musicians of Uni-
CHEAPEST FOUNTAtN PEN 111111 Prolfessiors I)'to uge,,lKelsey, Wai - vestanTo .
Itiss Willialis froimilamonig "tile 1c1511'ldilliameof aiimusica11socity'whicitllis
________________________________ I'hc i'ws.hiipis 111hel'11) two'le adimi lll are'by5 n'o a1111 ll 1(1'
T1HE LEADI NG TAI LOR uimiliitte'siexamnllatiii. 'lT'ethree lai' 1111011(1h11110' 11been 1roinenilllt in
fomr odesoftefellowship hiavec ~hlestrl 1work in fiirmier 3'iearis. 'They3
A.N'D IMYPOR'ER.. beeniei tssrs. It. IF. Deit. F . 3aezid- lan-i'tdttermiimedl to idraw55'togetliem'thei
The atest anmost Fashionable er ndmmiiWalter Ilemiimsomi. 'liii'ptrit- bes t miiusicail tlent of t' city 11111
ForeoigD Fablrics for Men's XWear'. thee has baeei to sendit lie first 3yealr tIni'n5113 111111make i'nmaorchestram
Time Largest Stock intho City. in slimiy'hert' aniiltime se'condi, o'it-~ih",hall mecelly11'lutIoa'ogatizul-
NO11. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST,, NEAR MAIN. Atheins timd Ro1a1e. tiiin ever leart hire. It will uiiummmtiir
y'Life at Camp Davis." fetimm:33 to 20 11111. Mri. Frederick liic-
thu- imhier, fltistrctr in ithe ii'eilt-c-
Ali speialy ;nteestng;pro ran cty' School of liusit-. is biusiness ilualn-
r ''" I ~Thits tutu arraniged fiir'thut'next ,act--r,:
4"1 [HVE VWATIYOU YYRAI lg al'ctme uugiiti himSticcteto ht' eer:hr.violinist, t)s
itresient, a111111 S J.'Aclililili o
We caiu meet your needs in time held hum aoouui 10 of theciugineerilil h ilolo asi aiiy sdrc
-way of text-hooks, supplids, etc., nothScolfMuifalysdre
niatter what your class or depart- teuithliuugtomorirowti vningulu at 8 tt'. Reheiarsatls ain'hltiheis-ry ltimi
moent, at either of our stores, and we oclock. 'fie subject fom'thue evtetilit) seamgim ii cmti floi'
have the right kind at the rightdaevnginteShoofMsc
price. Bring around a list of your still hi' "Life at ('aump Dutvis-," a1111 willi h services of tilt'swhole onr a islt.
wants; a trial purchase is time host set' forthuthe exiperhiuces of time '96he il rhusi 113 ieotmulb
indicator as to where you shouldoftiorhsa nybotiedy
trade all die year. chvil enugineerssswho eaauihed omit on calinilg oin Ross Silence at till'Sc hool'
We buy, sell and exchange second- ('arp Laki',iiear (tramid Traverse Buay, o ui fie rnii ~.M~uhe
handbhooks in large qunantities, and o ui fie ruo l.Mtne
can offer you special bargains in part of last May and June. The iro- at his office, No. I S. Foiurthtant'.
this line. We are sole agents for grain is its follosws: "Prt'pa'ation of U
the celebrated Waterman fountain 'ithier iiuay be reached(]tty ti'lt'phoiie.
pen-everyone gularanteed. You'll thue Camnp," If. S. 'W oelvaid; "Jonrnly
also find the best University Station- to P51011 Davis," Carl Haimilton; Prof. Kelsey Will Speak.
ery, Note Books, Drafting Supplies, -___
Sweaters, etc., at special rates at "Triangulation Sulrrey," J.lIt. Itaikes; At tht Sumnduy muorning maeting of
S "Rasilroatd Work," B. C. tRichm; "(flice te S. C. A. att Newbherry Haull t'rof.
Wi A H R ' Work," Walter Cahill; "Camtp Life," Kelsey swill speak oim "A Rtecent
tip Town, Dews Town. A. a'. OBien; "Funonhi mpall," J. «rV.'Thteory Cuincriniig tile Life of Jesas." ie In
'Ulersit otsee po~eUstIos
10 5. tate Sttr, p4lN. Mnobrose l Irwsin. T'i imeeing heghims at 9:135 a. it.

ilouittihy nkeip ttithiese' potsitiostuie
riot if toei yt'ari.
Dlluty' 11siutoeiterim-forti-eiiiRseri-e
Johnmsont iwas a ili il t ill 110left gitltid
1a11d slitweissot me~ii iilhrtc i'uiu'um
ini thi ta lin ofug tifht' r'uiity 1101 ill
thit interfecei''of hiutli el'ei'ns, tuut'
Itseri's' inti'rfi'mi'itlc tt1lihiug tugsther
'Iomttor'i th bl etrtit Atltic ('liui
i'eg'si'mTwstill uthh~ilCr heirt' ftii
te'r anuaal zgumile Avithu till
'Valrsity-. 'liitt' efetat of Obitt-t, 14-il,
ill tutir-first "gamut', showtedtitheiim to lbe
tll-u. alldthe111y'hiatse'lieeit ill sititty
Denbthy -wsillsallcitto lit'the tiintmt a-
tlte luast light.
Mayasma Will Lecture.
Satuirtday I'tv'ing,at. Ness-berry 11aM.l
inder te atuspice's of thlt S. ('. A..
IT. Mtuyummum, ofTolot, Japatun, 15th L,
so-ill"gist'alliniter'mestinmg, teri'tiiiom
lectturen hilt i ea elut)'it' weenruuu('hil.
u'ndt Japanm. Ilt'still appea'ir in Jutp-
uanest' cotumeuatnu Will sink;gfl song
it luis owntlanutgiagi'. Atdussion t, 1.5
Ninety-Eight Enthusiastic.
'1'oeiy imuin hiurnii't out yi'ste'rday ill
i'espiil' btbtt' tullhforti' sutdht,'oro
theti 'lbSfotitbaull cte . ('1111. Olsten ao-
ilri'so'lt'e candiates is tobte swork
for the seuison, siud mtu'uhentiusiumoit
111111 tlass spitrit ws1s i iftsii'd. 'Iork.
teghiusmit onci'.
Yale idefeatetd Amtuirst 38 to 0. Wedl-


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