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February 26, 1896 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-26

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MIGHIGNGf~I~! ~> Good Tailorin
Ti e Tall (Ii vised) Nov 24 iOta
N. Y. SpecS 1.... 5 55 N. ~. ~.. -~ I At Moderate Prices. That's the basis of oor itos-
Mall as~-----4.31 jl3~.lj - -
East Ex ..... 15 12 N. ~. c I mess. No better Garments than ours. ~o lariter
A. M. . M. I stock to select from.
AtlanOcEs-ItO P ciSc E-1213 -
12. Es- a II b Our Spring Stock is UnusuallyLarge.
H. R. 'xpeess .11 55 Clii. NI.. Ex- iS 28
0. N. Exp e's.... 55 Western Es- 253) - / the Cocsk cecry inesny.
0. W. Ecootes, H. W. Haves, Mr. A. E. Rose will 1)0 pleased to sISOW on our
- P. & T. Agt.. chicago. A t.. Ass Arbor at House '~~' Suits
-. THE G L E to Order from $20.00 'Up.
Prof. Norton in FeOruary Forum. NO'''
Pbs-a' lisite'. ts 11:5 ii isli 113 t'iits'tl'tiii
RAILROA.D. Prof. ('boris's lcissst Nc-i :511, ~si 11,11 soilisof liii' Ooiii-iti Ia-ssois' gill'. iii
Time T.siel', .1.55. 1', 1090.
soava. soeso. i'3rlt, tIllS ills trusts' ill till' t's'ttl'lt:1r3' ss'5'ti(stlO (5f until - 1st-c 'Irs' rcs0ts'-.ts'st
7:22 a. sa. fitS a. s. Uksrttlll 511 "SOllIf Esss's'ts of ('0iti'it- 51 ss'iitl lisit' il:lllls". t~ci1 l'5~'-. hIlt
'17:14 p.m. 11:11a.rn --1' I
4:13 p. 51. 1:2ip. el., toll in Aslerisa.'' lie itt-is tlllt'tl to (tltt('5, of t'('5'l'Ii'5t1 31.
All traiss daily esoept 5oodsiy usstge. It 3Iadlsssn ci :11111 us 01 ssi
~Trs0as s'aa iletol'ell Aol Arbor so.d Telesis ertiss-iss' its existitig l'.siittiii'lll'i, tit5 rllllltlliits's' it s'tllf"t' tst
only. K. S. OiIEENIVOOIt. Ageat of ftst' lilitlgo ill' regrs'tS iiisof sirs:itsty 5't'Jtiisslli. Itt' ost ttssltl' ttss'y srtit grs at
00. H. BENNETT 0. P. A. 'loledIl 0.
is is t::st tle cts;tt :iti5'l'i75'O :10 llitlil'lisO ly fstt'iiitstt 5 Ills' '.i5s1 k ot itl I .slllllillts't'
ANN ARBOR &, YPSiLAt~TI ST~ RY ''fsss' I lit' 0:11(1' tsf tltiils'lliib3' t".cits'lll''lif its 5t1'i'.tlibsllg IssI' 155':' Itt:': 1:1
__________ lItIst 1sf 71' tliitg tile ltltt'liilt:tO0' ~r ~- 1111 Vt ssltl:lliO I.e.setts' t.ili'..
Time Table Oct. 27, isea. t55t11'iliO t53' 5'OOfs'ltitilt'tli, flItlIt or ii::- SENIORS! A'f'fRNTittN.
Leave Ypstlasf.i from cosgeoss xl.. 7:15. 8:12 ilIlIf, if ii e:tiiii:st Ste si-oil Sty it'gttill::ite Osviof is ii::' t:trss' tis::::iss' :'ssf ssr:ts ro
and 11:00 a. in.; 12:43. 2:i3. 3:04. 0:43. 3:i3 :oad lltrlsasi3 i:lks'tl fs:r s::tO :s:iii .,s:51 lii tills
ledI P. is. 1155'lttls.' ssiti ts:' hIs 1:1st its's-k Ii silts is :5 ilsIOs'
Leave Aea Arilor Joactisse. 7:14. i:t3 :104
15:10 a. is.; 1:13, 2:45. 5:40. 7:13. t:i3 aad 11:13 11sf. Nssrioti 1:t3'o tile bilttils' for t itis tiltIll tb-Il. 11::soii I( 4laiti ii:litslillg,
SSINISAY TIOIE. cssitsiilis:ii sf tilillas tlit5it till' os'gts'ci fl-still 4 to tilt. ill. iils:li. I-sit. 21. Wesi.,
Leave Ypsitasti from Coagress st.. 1:a0. d535. ef his' isrix sIs:lilfOti(' tt .tl::illit ssf I'll). 2ti, Fri., l"s'tt. 28. A sit-i: sit of $1
:10, asas assi 9:55 p. is.
Leave Asa Arbor Ja:sctios, 2:00, 4:00.3:30. riliis!irl'i1. Xfriiiog IlislIti titis lios. iie Viii 1:1' i'1'sitlifed.
7s55 and 5:20 p. so. _________________
(Sara mis oasiity time bare: 510510 trip 13 ~ "'Iii' s1.irit of tliilils'5'hl':t 11115'- P1TYSItiS 1.
ceata; roassi selp tickets 23 esto.
iVos. 12. i~A1is1tls. Sops. tts'llsis'il:'5' tosS s:f 0-11111 '.eiiftiioess p.~. '1'iit'l'.' will Ste 2i1 s'Xall.ill:11 II fssr lit:-
St::tllrlt:ly, Fetx tilt, iii us: tiit3 s:c:ti tests-
B 'T'IJID EI4'T' i iso:ti~tei t-:ssIs soils-SM 111111 1 setS1 -t 55i5115:l'3, if 3:11 :. lii.
I yOals.silt lOlitIf ill life illsse:ll:ccciiii
so I cr4 i 3l~Omi 0 11)11.0 Ns. i. s. Isa rs-straiiil. 'file bssss:tlt :t::sf iii:' .1. o. IIERI).
I orti iss -si :'t'si esafllif :ttisl hit' rIstittill lisa fs'c 'fise .Xrgsio R b iiiIi:it'r3, N::. It
~q'~~I~' ~ ~ is:' '.i112371' lilisi tiis'ii' isi:its'4 :1 tl:s5i17 M:s.i:siiie Iliock, sIssoto 1o~iu.
its' OttlIttlils. tsf stir 5-tlils'fl'5. lii:' slif I
HUNTER BROS., BE. LIBEBTY SE isillIsI tasiweetS ills-ill is ittily lii.' tsf
Sikiates Concaved. 15i5 11111 1111sf 111(1 tf slegi-et'. Its:'
Experimental '~Tork. ~1 11111 1'. lull i11551:ll5 l1t03llit55'51 ill I
RENTScUIEII, ~5 I'. I I Iii lt.ltt5 tsf its' s't::iiiiry f;:il
i ~-t. ~
~ l:ttis cli 11 tsf a lSatalil:ll 4tsttl':ls'l'. fir -
1103 11 ottlf 11sf silty I Viii Ohs' fO2f-
ANT'S ARBOR. Is4ICH 1(111 1 till' l'tstltl'OlilIitO, Otis 11:1111 1 \~,.5 - ~1~5
LL CURS is' rstliIliIliiiiY 131 litres' frs:iil
HOT LUNCHES AT A . 11111 :1 fills 5 srI' tIlawli. a~il iviliril fli
Cliocolates and candies s 111 1,1 Oh-' lsarb:tiie inSliiis'lii If
-A r - IstlIli 013 110 itsuliffs'rs'nec to fsiic lsli~ -
JOLL'Y. & CO'S ii I Oh ttis' excess of its ilysteris- 1151
illS. Slate St.. Sacri Hiock 111 11151 of ii:lsf3' 33011 1t3 15115 lillaitO.
Large a.lar of 5'liie Pipes T licusa nil I Iti 151 fittil.'
A N Da~.L.a [ ('1. iset I iietl tttit ill the IlIllill it ~". everywheresis Y
lit li tiis milrb. Thin' is in 5051f dlii-
~ hot o g r a. p he r IssOs too 11101-il If lit:' oltituif tsf "ails- .~ . F
in XTsolsleeelns 'RInish " si....a

.o.&c.Ey. K.&M.Ry.
5olld tlsrss ift: ir:lii:s bite ro Tstsdls. Oh
:51 tilorlestl:il, 30. V -' 511 Csltositsss. Oh
srI xiid lIsly direct roste.
oledo, 0.
Findlay, 0.
Kenton, 0.
Columbus 0.
Athens, 0.
Kiddleport, 0.
Pomery, 0.
~, Pleasant, W. Va.
Richmond. Va.
Petersburg, Va.
Old Point Comfort, Va.
Williamsburg, Va.
Newport News, Vs4
Iloefork, Va.
Asd all sooth eooiers Jlliilts. Flecae5
rIles 15 oil tlllisilgli triliss.
0'or illetlier islsrisatios eali so ysesr local
ficliet AcrIst sos-rite.
aIOULTON HOOK, Cr111 P-sos. Age..
TIsiolo. 0.
IV. A. PETERS, 15ilclii~as lace. AcrIlt.
It lisit. Slid
Lirand Opera House.
"(:i::s::t Ocil to tool1lier."-t'hicll7s
ribs 151.',
Shore Acres.
Ps'-sstsio tllelllreris 0rri:i'ryaisd
I Its I 10111 lot'. 11114 l'i:lp-
51150. Ilusisie till' dirritioc Ill
11 seytMilili -
PRICES i's. Ic; first 'fliree licIt'. P t'
1111,115 oils - 1' ill 1 '1
30(031 (5 1(iA (531 rEa.s(iNAa
-sIlos Isv
?vx'. I KANJ3S.
'use w slyles have
Irived Operas Crooks
511f1l1 tIlIng. Sceour
HANGSTERFE ~lllf.Wmhbsg
This Old~ReliabIe
sos ei icr eq at-
soil siflice psejmsm.
The lsoriis-e is-egi sezi-
orIsil-li Issim tl:e dl
fs:ost. 10 is sls'.iiiatriy
alraissiee::ii co-cam-
stosces if y:siir deal-
irsissi's sot beip t tiesi.
ss:issre:'rlpts:l 5:1 55)
ilils elcosusi Nietisl-
Platssl I.asp. Iselssi-
ii:c shade, sissi rliim -____
ey, intl t:r test so asy address tsp tic ssle
E 20th Sc.. N.Y.
L0100r-I3Ar1s SIscuso Toot Co.,
Cloelonati, 0 I
I cast my vote for the lJoivri-olty of
Olichbgao. Aeii AjT'or, SlIch., is the sos-
test foe Ibe 91,700 lathe, sshls'h yoo -slier
to Ilirsest es 31-serli, 1, 1556, So She teclini-
cal school ererivlng Ihe grealist somber
of votes.
Voices PaSS N-sine
(Votres most be at least fIfteen years
old. 1adies caos00 vote but inay aId is
secariog voles.

(3iii an then for
Tine Lunches,
Fine Chocolates,
and Baked Goods.
Try Our Lunchos.
ASnilny. N. Y,,
Milkers of
~ ~aps~Iowos
for Yale 'PttHarvard
'5i Princeton '96 alid
~nay we isot odd 2thicbigan '551?

ittis' lSietillssl iS l'3fllliI'tl isy Slit' faif
ssf s-ictssrs. 'I'll: re 0:51110 to Ste ai'.'.;iyf
ttrl'Ss'iii st laigs' factissn fiS;lf gist's hits:
shill lies 15111 for its troe tibjeci. ISis'
slei'rIoisSSieof ssf vigorous lis'aiiis. boil
fir Slis' 5~tsrf-oss' if 55'('i115.7 11035' isitis-it
fists lIlitlilills', ili~lll ftSSl do. Afiils'tis's
lss'i-oa:es a ililSItel Slut of il1lii'.itlO;SI
:Ies's'So5eS:eof bit 1t 11115'sfitlll tIlTs'.'-
sirtis" if stir sole' itica 01 Otif eu-na
15 to be Its lirisab SOISIIS ressirsi ~e 1:1
slit tie OOISOC anlagenist, 150 11111.tlel'
Sissy, let us get b~iek to file old Eltmnian
l3liftliOtt 111115 iiiabe ltl~lO ill V0f3 fact
a briits'. We believe that improve-
ii:eot along IbeSe lilies li-as alre:iily
lisgon lisre ailit we fools to She eons-
illg baot'ball ss'asoii to lilabe tills Sin-
ttrOvl3lflfOt a setiled fllct.

The modern stand-
IC ard Family Mcdi-
cine: Cures the
COITilTi Ofl every-day
ills of humanity.

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