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February 26, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-26

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WI. teslre to ire 1set tatwe ff CA N UNIVERSITY MOVEMENT.
1 pop2iV0to make a hid__for_
b hn~y e hellnesst'h is e ason.o fe "
t~ asecured the agency fur the The American Register Makes a
ii DAYTON Few Comments-Comparison of
flf Bcyee «lel krstarer a IIFrench and Carman Methods-
Iit eptatonasoieelf lie I*
best l~e tna ll' OettO. we Iti Features of French System,
rel aiethe anen yteerthe--
B4E~K N FHLU}j 'fPiote erietIll Register ,i tParis tOll-
00 ha exel entwel, thh'uh hst IIIIh11".t o ll" atie oil0theo tiew '11i-
1f 11510dit0 .htllm it oleeIII5 lty- l o vo1110 et ii Ftraneie. Ive
ollaer. ItGt, the lest v 01' 5at 10 I
1#t attl8010 youell arl l.l ie sl aro 5110 ttil~ the 1'elewin t ract:fie
S eltle QL,1-'PrWR, a isetI10
bur l it, > Oil II01 Oi' tWle oar lft The l1Wieldere'in~troduclles intotheflt
0 pnet sicI' 1011111 1sto (ieileeoilll tte'betel ei-
~jTHE ANN ARBOR ORGAN COI,'itHtit t~sotf11lttheterlrystotit 00 1101111-
i5$ S.~tt SA~ T. 5 11 1100 tiltdttet iit A llt'i'1.As,
ItompareditAtith thel I~l<I 11tterree to-=
_______________- leave h~iter11tobt'lildtdec f lreties-
tbItlishes ithe il 1)1 It tlntllleri lla
FullieofBseal ods llies; (2) hellliierty oy is 1 certoit
fo teSeso f 89. 1rl)t theiresof tlon."110 1 WIr tof
tt'yttdig t Ilto teitItniete 0y5 itBeila
See Window forIllisl gtli' tti'lssilttt1

beiob tt'tiei ltn, provtidedl te 1011- OUR HISTORY. DEPARTM ENT.
didteCa wthn li tlm scue isSome Original Methods of Con-
licette'andtihavet'lti'i ttlttils ire'ady to ducting Work.
icettin. Ott' it stid4, tlwttee, it itis
Itty '1 e 0111' bthe it-ltes of teirtt' ittoot re. 1. ltait tirthielpaOs'litarsotovi
yeiirO Oi Ital erileelll' itlo3sfoilsasiparr 1111 tO ally
it'l' to lsotualtro 1 lit:tIt y stti(t' tts A ol 111,is 15h i iiibltsly
'Itl kenit' Itistie cty 5 IFrn t s l ll iii rl'lilet'lt t tl the Itr i
id cto nsat t 'n<nd l'h <ey V/it! Rell Ill t(aiti hast t is lttllt'ti ii i tt' bttt
;taeoCener aily AdoptedtthisiYear.n o ltot'icea lit heo sutill' of 'lt'o1' ll
dte olter o etukor(I, iti of h iulo'i' 1111h- t rilt l 'I tit'reillthpewilt Iiito
belot 1111 thlitst; to' il t lt= t 01rtll y as'i0' ti'ext-b ooloicourIes't'y Havt e
'P1110'lea ig lile oA l ei t' oor y ot eri' ttle llbjec ' t o'is ores t o'is aliluost'
yar orole1' 1'1 p fee o"rs, oler a 11 -it'oalo'nke. bi' lo il'ntir' 15
tuiy and, lt'os '1111'r 110 oo''O 11110 01111 Ilotlg otilies litO 0111ltl o e f1b

in a few Odds and Ends
in Sweaters.
The Leading Tailor,
and on~ly direct Impllorter in tion city,
has just received his entire stock of
Foreign aod Domestic Woolens for
Spring sod Summer '96, at
Full Dress Suits a Specialty.
We cao supplvyo nd s at the lowest
pries, all
Vniv&sit Jest BookS
for the Second Semester. Lorge
stock of Secondhand Text-
Books at Special Prices.
Writing Paper by the Pound 15c,
20c and S5c. Sole agent fer Water-
man' I deal Fountain Pen.
Up Town, DownTown,
tUniverityySnokstnme, Oppostte CourtbHouse
20S.-State St. 45N Main St.

fitto'',Net'i', ho' atlibterty o'ttc'l'ct tt.t
width' txI 11 ilt ltuebrnches leit' o'tfoli-
'fli' ilie t.'i- ii'be'al tOuro laiet'Iofst
teiltl lothfl ins lotlcid . 'Il' 10 hito
The lthird.ittitetottheorertof 'et'-
terte,thi toileltirlst olotllitIlls tl
thtesis atitltakes ltis extilinttionl5


itt t' ioititt. Oa Ott'aine ~ l~e ttobbillO' i l t'e o - th rtoftssltit- tuinedtto ttatooidl delay' ittniit tt'eotl-
ntoltI'iey tit' xuttiituiiots ntat-ti oi deattit'ts wilOadopbt lt'e liltOlil. untt'. Studentts irt also, tirgotIto.con-
Itilotte tto'botos soeli osEiterlto's
fiest, te student secu'lres a cetficate' Third Preliminary Contest,. nrdcin nero' ld uoe
flit ev'ery studty lie di ti'trgnr, antd Thte sebtlO'tuorel'it'trary contst-.foe ftor owhlichtheyt' titty ltavo- tlebr
Ilu tlgee o lietiie,00hil Ot iasorutoricalltottors owill be Iteldl i inte 0u1'. Thte colleetctt is koeot inOaitpolill
totitleed bt'e Ot ttioit vil ~elawo lecltturooti at 7:45 thuisevenittg. ease jttst banck of thte deliv-ery dlesk
sitireeiom tttebeltltli ettlt or't'htere oatesix cottetatits. 'olloooing intthte'reuttitngroo.
cvery' step lOett.akes-a ronsitleratIonf
tilt giventt helltnamesi of te otrators 'Te plarllitiy of Courtses 1 attd 2
Itf ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ wih italoactoitte0-otia t'o'lthelirosubjectsi: is sluo'n toy tt'e futthaituitteur- htove
interruptedttinlthetrutu rse.l~ H. K. Lotud, "A Pleui for Napoeleono"; been this year 300 t'letionst foe Course
f ftiestutdent is ailt able manattdut Mise Alce Naost, "li'regresa of Wttti- 1 antI 200 election~; for Course 2.
thorougltly prepared, he eati secture Ois itt; T. B.llener', "Poverty attd Pro- Dna oit fies
license in a year, by tcarryitng thtete greenss los ttDeettautndoity"OOfficers.
studies siultaneously; or he maty, f it Viewv of Progr'ess"; bHarold 11. 000w- At the tmeetintg of the Dental seciety
ite prefer,,, pursue themeno sucessin loan, iiJt4.ttcestnmoi"; ('itutetoSi-latMny gi heflol;of-
travelling fromo one Unttiversity centre nuotie, "'Te Russian Aultoncy." crts for the ensuring year we'tre elected:
to anothier', and fellouilg at tile samie "Did Chapel" Dropped. Presitdtnt, A. SO. Dutcht; vice prlesi-
tinme a v'ariety of course, the doctor- Th ,oia h irtforo i dent, SatuiciCharolotte; steeltry,
abe being open to limo at any timne verity HBoll hteretofore known tas0 Bessie Hbutcinson; breasurer, C. tW.
after he htas token htis license. Altt "TeCalisivnfoth be Putt.
Germn unveritie, aginthree l designated as ooetn C. Tihe letter C Prof. Mletbem Organizes a class in
years' study are required befiore te' has been painted on thte doers ef tete scietoce of 'jurisprudtenc e tday in
ioctorabe is given. Int bfrance, it may raoixO. the senior class.

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