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February 24, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-24

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~ AT UNIVERSITY MALL. the ciiraeocer of our lws ad their TO BE PRESENTED SOON.
(N ________ dntiiestration i the future, anti the
1 CL , Q7. EXERCISES HELD BY THE LAW time lrs come when a areful stuy ARRANGEMENTS FOR "JULIUS
4I We desire to give noice that we 1
ypriclsse to maea big bid for StM CLASSES SATURDAY. of the conditions confronting usiholi CAESAR" PROGRESSING,
H bicyolebtio ss'tbIs e a-o. e
ol hav e secured the a eey fo the ORWshington Duly Honored-Address e tote iiiarier to est see l-1 th The Final Cst-The Trip to be
'AYPQ Iby Hon. Benjamin Butterworthof country and ter interests. Tken-Aid for the Women's Gym
Bitycestiiehihti eariel he Ohio~ on Dutes of Citizenship. "'\lit lre liii dat isriewicheanol- -To Be Given Apri 6.
ihrepttioiasee ratfite 5__
bswhesmd;pie10Werelanteagecy fo ttie JI 5tivi'tsty 14t,1ials sscrw hcd satili- rot us? Certaitly lhre sItis Wil hickteisbinsad wr
B Et i'N'HU H"1 Lyaferon Fa s of exercises of ptatoist, hikoloe f Jttyofetiotleclient - isiroorssisicquitte; rpiidlyantilhsit
t ht xelet rheicas t onditedit by lw tstudnts ill colm- ollnttty, Io ack of eitotl-tg tixiittii'
tts it- 'u ".oii5 1iiso getyin-Iply "uiuat~l str" lt i epeliisnttedi
moe tat- lie sele i touy 'nr tof the irittho W'soslthg- or tltercticttil torality. tBit tee' *uitrte slicsorteerooi
aitdl$1t0 yo cn indIiu. We 00so Iton Ti atetiit- nulnot tall t.tt isilecessry. Te (riks
HHH a e he LII-P R. 1 in e -'tisws ie ltl-sxl tll~i-Association. The (ast f ertttrs is
priela ) oft etaikT e ciiouay srs-tieifftedo.a l unosi tii all thiee tnd yet fll
obevneo h a.nwpiestielk Termi~iesi aiorea00sy ohMowcohilete, nit tii tnerstoliitare
pates l twsth s n plctino okn it errian iihgfor thti'exercises sie siert ss ti tt-lotittwetking tardlitomke it n'affair as
STHE ANN ARDOR ORGAN CO., year the diffterent classes were ict- these pincile ald theories tatgrtietce.Tieoeisaftlw:
S. MAIN ST. stuedt witti a deteriiiatiii tt ~tthis t;weii' ite-esaryalto ad wiul litteernd yAiilj- - -..\.. Hlli
ohseranice should e noliiss a stccess sii tltdetiiantdlare necessary for is aetic- - - -. I. Qsales
1896 thin iit, ihad i'iienreiotsty, au it ifwe wosld. aisititheir fate" trutuls- - - .I. Msy-
s18k9i6el.lti1ity96iii.t ie C he speker- tienitdi. 5fintritltue G('tiit.i.li .........I. '. Sttdler
xxiti tulsuti rliiltiii a ct iri-tWahinigtet,andi to ltii'fotuder (tn iti- - - - -t)..:i...0 H.tHan
ofiotti' natioinal ripitatitit 1iealut otis' Csc's - -' .t aiiil
lii a d tiiii n. ' tir~airi f urcius .. .. .. .. .. .. A. tOlesott
S ECO ND0 SEM ESTER sttireoitofOiove; . e d daus sit grating unisesal sffr-g tava. ....eH .El n
111ii j nu is taddressshoiiwi'.tha~tie'co-tii lth'ignor-ant tiindsuesttsitiousi, v-teir. frebolis.o- - --.... . . ('sit'
hdene o th clsse cold ot ave "'vie foest'of our gitvierimet' lititis- - --..... . IJ. Wirful
Cbee~ iini itat erla e ctsitoihtstowed.sillusruri - Aln.....UeI.1Vnt'eiri
I h ithall, whiile' nolt lboratlyhs- -sought to gatirtagistsiibe t -i-I iisss - -I.I'sesi
iNewv and Second-hand.pcln, wais nealy aiditatstfully di- lsinig tasystm of fr estsctsiio loii----ill.......ZenoTompsonl
itioried Lirgetpiiitinigs of Washinig- Osr systei f tiffsfee is 1st t n tttizn..ii..... ..an
will be sold to stu- toin iiiilWebtser tieti-pIrintiit'likely to desroy tit swhich-it iwas --ndi Citiens..i ..- - - -..A. (Olesn
dets at spcil tites cii the sage whlicitwasuslil inis'a'tenedt plditt. It is gustd te 'hties siris of 'ri. E.Wizl
dns a spca aly iiesiooewithi hexiiitiii'naml clseti i-iilly,hbuitracticaliy mty Baiii.tmasitgiriof le DtrititC'otey Club;
rediuced rates ndt i'yelliow -ailblist. Olur aheecritlithiof grest mnisses of.rae lets- Ielilise, sitthat tiin'pthy
fTeioittei (fiexercsesws tmucnish theigq antrignesomlikss l teuigrsmayibiv iuit poesus'tr sl itgi
,allut.is Ifsormerily, liithiss cituilesea 'Itul realer, andtheisonc-int'rationofitt"uinestis' atndhsitigs. tt'ii'lrss~
A h l 5 xi nblins. it Ihe lawe. ueilin tatnd u ppulatoni i irlan entuis 01ly hivei'beesniihlsdiiin hel'lst miutiih
maitislng, about 71111sitillngltoilt- addus itth.Ireguillry trteUnisItr sweeskTu'Is
BOOS Av5isiit tiail, swher' s itsoi.ute iin i "Self-ghusernmei It his _somciiiii5sy andthi'rsdsy nighiaSaauStlr-
LWANRIDUMEICAIL BOKSATfloii thad'beersreservedt'othe.e iiii len'ia ifaiir. T'flis Ioinig l5the dy lmorinige, antlthis'resutif stthis
BARGAINS. Tiesricttuus ofthe lee ic'alit banjo lckt of ssisdomtitoniite isltittfte fI-s'ut pshrctic' sil slie isef whei
clus swhiii hdbeellotSfsssii'sihtas siea- tpiopleieto knuoss sehat all iieedt, tiidtithle fiitsiedlprouttsioniiisstagiud for
IMPORTANT NOTICE. Lirs oh i't e iexerc'seisweredisut'hts't knownshlieire i iistery silwaysashettithis'tpuli.
withs oiithutis-uccsion besctuss' of tliii' li uutlicl itegrity- tillhnetuiy ti tie iiititrf rhilihc illcus i t-r
H .iexpense, the nmist'l part of thuelpno- ealct the huw e itctsstr. tehiuf for about Aril (it ill iitilesrani Otera
G - I.1i J1Du ii, gnuibeui u thertclby tro. stah- the esuntry srves tlutenasuntie CsCose. Shouslthis bus' siti-iulce ith
The Leading Tailor, iy antitbiss Josephiie(Gffney. ladser for parisan ambitin. sc cess a srig vacationeitri is coi-
and only direct Importer in tihe city, Dean htlshis presided'shas shir- "'list'stcsiiisiatii of iiint'tf tenihtlet. Mantger Elatniius is iii
has just received his entire stock of itianiand initroucedh air. SButterorth, weaslthi I s-iinstai tlecCuti lt- creshtnet'istihi Dsrit outd('ii-
Foreign and Domestic Wtoolens for sehits iulke oer cit hitusr on"Th' _tsitil purity. Moiey is crirsittthe ciago alumnhii, atnd shiouldhle receie the
Spring and Summer 96, at fits of Ciit'ishiph." v-sry heaiihstoniie, ans5the sin--nh of preir chursgeneien these cities sill
NO. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST, NEAR MAIN 'rlit'oiect of his address, air. Btut- legisatiot is erruted i a uis very see "Juits Casesar" as prstieidiub'a
Fut Dress Suits a Specialty. terwotrhisaid,eouil e h idscnisiun source." csio elleigt huh snsIwosetni. Jisck-
at etii' islifhor cutry, is cnditlion, its neeids, 'Cu'. ssterssrfhi soeeloqui'etlyiicsrtii Sgtinwshnt Lansiig eoerhi
WU AHR BD' LOOKSTORE S. <m the dutes o is ctizenus. "trhe and at length on these featres of hduiti.the uu li
tae r bvos.eery goxtl u- u oitia ied nernal situslIC fBtlosi'steut lth iii' "'hi'iiaifi
its ioftohtit lesi-," le coninued. siltSin a towing pteratoni p~intuil Veniis-"'i(Chicago. Why sanno: he
W(e sait topply you ted at tbe lowestthonysegadtounainthtLofMpret"Jlut sa Ie^
pricsxall S us ii iiirin, esoihistitnstih sidsidettr Ci'oiysf'utrit ui tiiui uu C o 5 uscs 'sits(asi"iii
-'theIfagiisateparC t osrcsanitry. 1etch eitizen u1sffolsuwr this'strsigt auttiwithi prsecsofsi griater tn--
Itracssexli hitss o liii' heristons. I ahltof duy ntlitt high nitrl putur-Bcss?
eist lass aie enaicedt hey tin' tlue hpse. Aportuioni of lt'elrOt-t'ds oftfhite e
for thce Second Semester. Lirge Ceofthhesy aud iiegrty of te it 'Te stiutkr rceis-edth le lose st- formnce gteei inltsit ciy sill e
stuck of Secondhand Toxt- tnino vroei h il n und vrt h ale'gnn uu
Books at Special Prices. tyeuu.If Cii' laws-atre tiusisiecthis'faultCefnofe'yueiiti' ttthStruuts-rIteItht''gtusun
AN u i ihus. It s te stnke eithi tieir esas gtve-in a wrmu of aphluse at thie fu.The lioma'snhuRu'sLiagie listsprom-
t'WADMDCLBOS adiiistrtieu. tProer ushuinistra- cose of hs s~ieeh~. eethits suhuntefacuithelii'fundt will -c-
Writing Paper by the Pound tbc, fiont depeu~upo tu~esu, 111d if they art'Prei.staSitleiy's playing ous the gratufeleo uusmnall tutitilitutfruuiithit
l2e and It. Sle agent for Water-
man's Ideal Fountaiin Pen. impruoerly(-utinitutsered the ft is lorganulexis elreceived. 'iss stff- surce An iterest shituli he ttkeic
withe pueople."iss'j-s soit, !"'iou Ietglt anftht'(11-y ev'sery stdent in uhaing "Juius
Spealing imore patrticuarly li ii-l(-ttia etiy excellent, utthestsllath. ttaesar" a 'sccess
Sip Tots, Down Tre, lavs stludents, lie eadit "tUponuuuyt, mtt being satisfiesh unutil she respondedi The nex ory Cub('Is try sill ho
Uiiersity Booksto, Oppole 'orHoeuse
Ill& State St. I(N Male St uiore thantup toi auyone else, depends Wills another sng. given on Iriday esenig

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