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February 19, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-19

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IxT'A z -4 'RI4Q =z-I- a _TT NOW X) luiloruated, lie' silent l'ls'living 'itd-
0 ~ ~ ~ t 00BAooN IS 1 11 1..
Avg_______t RR l'ltd ('lcr(ditslo ro very ('('ely 1 of'
ONE UITAR "0STUDENTS WHO STUDY ABROAD (50 ork. Ifi )' ti-onu0s 111h(Ifsll i
Is enough for one person to NOT RESTRICTED TO GERMANY, one br-silh 11l- he still has his o-
HN play on St one tilne. One 40 metnBchlrsDge i ihsie, while 1three, is lits benI
14 g itt i o eog , o -1 Adrriit to French Faculties of Sci- lrlroi((('(l ((O(i °thi licei'e. If' iu(11t
d01 eus.,t' spplhy 3,00live-111once -Conditions Vory Advan- (((1(1(c1 inihis w ((rk 1 beo'oos scur ine,
101g deoiitsiiitly ilswily stock wesevhra(1ve1 4ta-e____ (ldegr((e, 1w(e(sllin hilor.( o (('iiih >o or1
IN N1 dozens ofg)ui tarso(f var1ious10 Ii ( Thefollowino aricleh 10191 1is('lp l ((1(11(1(01(0(11:10foe r t at http
inalhes and01prices. Ill ('r fiom 11e ' 101-is Ilitionll -,tiii'o'he \o rk R~ ( 1(' 1n h kirk h l ',o- ol
111 I'lYr c~d ilb fit 0 h i0 BETTER xL031K AT OUR 10hl k I rol. il (01 (Us'5
SU. OF M. GUITAR. li I 101' wiho( (c((1((lllt(' s52IduYog A ((Oli' (1(51of1 ((11(11is olifse' 1 sy
It's goodl as0its 111111. lilt
i THE ANN A BOR ORGAN MCI till idin l'rol(-ee tdlo-lional (.ttrzili(uns ((1 11104slad 'c(((istry lPrance(' 1(0111h
deIcIre( pa1ssed10 th(e1(I ' 1((((1 sn- (-O~o ll s ((((((10(1 '(l (til((or((t1 1w(

Sketch o1' His Life-Has an Eonvi-
able Riecord as an Orator-Exer-
Scises to Begin at 2:30-Admission
1'1 hlw delm i'llilt:1(1(01 (111ah (isell
{(sy0 5 v I 15t1(i11,"((' 5('o011forl (9
but 1111.1,11 ((y.e(thIi. (t ol (''120,
1 .32. Ills 1(.111(01 biso °, (1jlg10(11 1

S ODNe w a n (] S e c o n d - h a n d
will he sold to stu:-
dentis at special
reduced rates I
_____ ARIJA143
IiroaAN' N07210E.

11(1 -lir; oil ley a(l(( i((10'Olls ('(Ill
0(1' ((1(1 111 (((1" ((1 be ('kl( 1(11(1(1 1Hie
Millero 1'1'quelltd 1(1(i11 a"11.1"t
vs llioy 1(11(11 oi ielbel l

alow, relt.re"(I tts on iteili of, over It):).- Virgini i itiunfer w'ho 1t td frfv(d his
0)0,000fr. slovv:- , 'Ind reiaiovitl". to Ohio bc,(°1>>11c
Iii a lottev to All.. 11,1'. y J. l" nrherl. :u :ivo Avith Levi Coif-ill ill ill(' " izndor-
Jr., At. Michel l3tre'll, tits well l nonrn ..ror ncl. r:Zilro;id." T'l), .ott wns edti-
pltdologist, says: t <ttcd. <a Obio University, Athens, 0.,
It is pertill1ted to hope tlt;tt 22 sir)i- <tnd stnd+ied law in Citccitn"115, where
ilir arritit t n i}t. will be ,tclopte+l ill he «:ts, admitted, to practice in 1861.
the arse of letters. I edit state, more-k Btel'ore the yoiitt g- lawy('c° could, swing
over, t1u.f Ille l willly oT Prote;!taflf out, leis " shill lo" the Civil W lr hroko
Theolo-v Innnife'-As n mo;O lilw]-A dis- ot3i: <111d. yoitn; I"on. W;ts <ttttol1 tho
' pos.itioil. " first to enlist. Ills ettlist1n(1111 WAS :15
Phe nwit who h.lve 1)",olt anosi.:t:"Iivei a privnie, brit Ilia surrender oI' T.c,,

i no e:i;mliti<lliolj-, exceptin ti\'IWU Ow in "rr>mplis ing tll(yso reforlll 'Ire 11.{
sHuh nt nlWlies for a (leyroo. >rr<rl, ;t' Ow I!)til illne; tI. ' lit wl"
'I"I e reeeqrt lefree intro4in e. all llic D win oi' me Inly l ' cidy of ete tcc,

(iIm (((l's l' or( th(11-0 11(1 ill) *l (101
t11('l I09 1 . (s ollo f(

.tract I. An cl, Dir ol;?z (knorm of
.Ii,;; 1 : " iti-irnc tic n i x I r nc.{ .
MAW three lnvn, the (_Imnhv l r;in-i
m-AmWrOn inaliz Ics Isy or of tho i
of Park. anti the 1"w is or
inm*, (if the leading MIU)OIS.
An 'knit rig an Windt t'tinndlWo hireE
Own fornu"l muhm tl", pnw4lE n T t f

((1(undhimtAfjor IIttonorr11.Ia (itl)
211 (11(Io11.
1(1(11 in 1.71 '111o( 1 1 i Vl I1" m :I
((((it I 'll ou d I'isi ih l it('( (11(1 11(

Thu Leadiong Taior, I''r'1' 5(11 ii c-1 i ic a1'ts. Hl, or. c
lrao nly dir10 e'(01Importerh ih'( 01h o ill . -s t1(1(11(' '. 100ill '. ll l il wire 1111:1
lol ('1170 1and1 Domesticr'Wooes i'M' .h "Ind1' he1 cn1(1(11 ((1(1 1 '1(1'ri11
.RU . , WAsIURUT2ST., HEAR MIN. ; 'lwir 1(0E(ie ((1' l)roo 1(1 111 1(1lle (110
Full D~s 'uta Speciaty. ("141 (Io f ,115(( -'(1o.
vss:ar "urrY. .-.- _. _ _. ._ ., 1klt'-; lil'lll ((0 1 ((11 i 7i . '11(1(1 "i.)0 1 _' --


illl 'll. (n '1'it: ip 1 'Ie 'le 1 ilie(1i0 o1(111h l
11£ 1I c I' t~e{ ~i 1 il-r
I I (7' l1'((l' (1; B ( :(Ill ol ; 10 (i ll 1tl It. '
l 1 pr""ient (I' ,ohn I~ phi1',Y~ie he v cl 1(11

I) l (111(II l llilor to(1 k ('1,111
t if' tilt. No.T trj
When(1 ills I('i - 111111t'(i'l
Ill 0 r lb 0-w 11 ;1 ,1 ; i.: 1l1
I, served(5117111 1111111 1(1 1 7 l
11tr 1 1 ,. Here Ili
11 ! I 'l if i le (1' l-
t"1.t h4. 1 I (-I

for(1(10 c ~ll e sl(ill I t
P0-l(1' i('h' (l y the 101)1019 119',
man11's 1 d(Il I ounthain11011,

LIE' 1 1111 "ti'; ors I ill 1i t'Ill TI%
ho I 1i1l(11(11. I (' 17it 1
k t ii II ll Il1(iI. I e 11~ii ', ('I 7II ' 1(1 -

Ill t'berl'h'1. 01 50 1as 1111 0111lhe'wfree.

Up Too-n, 11o1011'ha x, 1I' ',Ih~ t, 1111ItiheIcII tt(IiN.11(1('0-
Itoirors iho Ibotstore, Oppoithe ('ou~tr) ue

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