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February 17, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-17

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Published Daily (Snday excepted) during
the College year, at
OrestE: Times building N. Main st., opposite
post office. -
C. D. ARYa, Gr. L. W. XW. TsAYR, '6 L.
S. E. KAsrrr, 'S.O .0 iAS, '3.
W. X. HlissES, '8, E. L. Gssues, '80L
. B. HAolsslON, '01 L.
J. . TooMSo, 'o.
L. C. WXV,sssn,'0.
L A. Pratt, '00 G. M. Heat, '00 P.
S. R. Smitl,'i0 . . E. Sherman, '0.
FP.sions,'O. H. B. Gamssn,'OS M.
. A. Pauci, '00E. I.b. teily, '0.
R, C. aulds. '00I. J. L. Walsh, '030M.
C B. bo, '051. Susanah iichardo, '0.
The subscription pice of the Daily has
been reduced to $1.20 is advance for the rest
of the year. Leave subcritiss at the
Daily office or with P. C. Mlye, . of M.
News Stand.
The entire abseice uf anyting lkc
a bittr beeliig btwce o esIO'i oetc
andstssiseitsowas well sow t ilthe
mid-iwiiter circus. Mcir' was5 boreset.
ed every otpoootuloY'f oi'a collct,
since torc affair wsiaiagcd uilo'
by citizens of Aiis Arbor andsisiXO
lrgly ateiided by stdoets. X'ihe
waS'05 liiig oflt'So, foo'theireXwas
noiing to lpromptl it, ainid it is evidet
fhaf.oily 'a friendly siit prevails loc.
IXweell ihe citizcs of Ann Arbor ad
the stuiietis of thic unisiersity.
For an ifant of bui six semersters
XWrikle is certaiily a prociouss cildlt,
but isest0splreocious, cilrei li
is occasionally a gooi iea f t
niuisanlce. Xe cai bear wifi him andt
his terms of edearmnt, hoeveri, for
we't hope thait le swill grew wiser as le
grows older, in eite of his eiirouiis
appeie foi' ciestnuts. Manwih'il.
we respectfully suggest Is the Curt
Jester flint e substitute "Along here
ando about this tiime look out for
squasis," XWithOrololer aiologies tO lRe.
In I. IHicko, for tienmotto sot' run-
ning uaove the Xwaffligs knlo s 0
Wrinkle's editorials.
The followisg eitioial from the
Yae esss is equally apllicable at
We are incliied to 111111k tha there
aie a goodly numiber of iieii at ale
-who hiave a ey false idea of thie ti'o
relationi of cubintre to deiocracy. They
senm- to be so belt on lavig the lt-.
ter, Ithat . man is tog.litlllsthe
less of for extrmee areleoless in

ciultire. E~achb shotldol, on the cooitrary,
Ie~co ilop to Oaid assist ft'eother. If a
maini'5s't'e oieeit bliel5591mi-ko'dit 'is
boit liaturatl that lieOsh oli-iso' sitnoth-
inig of. the sisob aboutItim, itiatlie iso
considleraiteInlissdealinigs;twithi all
menh, 1noatter lieu linnible intlptor
1hey meay be. In fact tlls is the vs-
senice of .deiiorracy. Whlile osi tbe
oilier hiandb the coniverse is eqsially true
--the iian wh'lo mingles freely waitih his
fi'lliowt'meni irrespecfiv'e of their caii-
ita~l or social poositionicoin, if 110 li
stiilsh anythinig at all, get somle good
from eaeh'l-somlethiing flintsill makze
Wuninure ofa gentlemnan.
(Our pooit then is that,0 all mienl

youngiiieiiat I-heuniv'essitis.--Count
A. Bernsotf in ('lii ago oRbecordl.
AT As for the nmodemn
OXFORD. sindergratduate, as
a rule lie is thle
noost quiet and ieaceabhle of iioi'tals
iiidI ha~s long sinice gli'eii sp such Vio-
lenit deligiits 0asXXrenclilug off sloor-
kiterkeis. . nasetiisg police'Inei's or
001u501ilg up to bargees. Not float lip-
is tiie least dleficient ill spirit or cour-1
age, is those wh'lo have watched the
footbaill mnitteles in the' parkisXill
readiltis e:St's' ,bet. excest _s o -

Chicago's Basehohl Schedule,
'T'elcbiaseball seiedle of th c i'iitor
,0ty of ('liicago,0as arrangoti to (laiv is
00 folios's:
.Apriil 21, blilsil Medical School at
'Varsity; April 2.8, Rbsli Medical.
Scrhoob at League grounids; Maly 0,
Noritiiwesterii at Evanstoni; May 1),
Mlichrigan at 'Varsity; May, 13, Michi-
gani at 'Varsity; May 20, Ahchigan at
Ann Arbor; May 22, 'ornell at Ithaea;
Mlay 23, Oreiige Athiletit'slit (Orange,
N. J.; May 25, Penssyl'aoiia, at l'lb-
deiphia; May 27, Yale at New! taveni;

sliould try to develop both of these I ' ~ ' ~ " May 20, Itarvaid at ('anibridge; May
echaracteristics: ansd this lime ounr sug- liceiisetd saturnalia as a. college "rag" tMctgi a csot
gesfiolis are especially i iecteol to or alobuiiposulpiber, hle keeps his totce Aole'dt tl eaine wt
tbose wh'lo make utp the more maorkledtand tinmper under iperfect coiitriol aliln ord setriatOagti ilb
ileiocraie eeineit i eac ellss. tivtates a digniied repose of manner
'J'lesy enisate quiifemisitakten if te hc playedl wih the ('hilcigo Leagu~te teamsal
think that altheye mo'eilthi X'stl oulddo creodit to as inenuloer
perinl tppetancftemoreittol oetoo
fortnllpoirn(,altl oor' of XWhite's esor Arthur's. Anythiing like ISTOltY OF THE fINAISSANCEF.
fortin i acquirinig out. siowilog to'-lit loudneitssor ostentation is vettoed as The class in tilettistoi'y of ItelRe-
hie worold calls "polish," is isnconsitent badb taste oanobit miay be' aiddedl that -is ewilb iiedt wle
taith the truest Yale Spirit. O i' sih ll ,s odess is as quiet a10his deloorlt-llt. Apoplicntions for' menmbershit shlouild
loot 10050ensomrate ii~'be handeid in as early' as possible. 'fhle
noloseueat n artii'lllr Notiiig, ideetd, is mhor'eimarkalel'first sneetisngstill be cin XXenesdaiy,
aloc, lout shlli conent ourselvs
w~ithi simpibly riinbg the questiontwe than1bi the contrast betwoeeiilt'e cos-1 Feb. 1D, at 1 o'clock, in Rloono 7, T'Ii
hiaiv' introducred aboe: 8110101 swe of ftlie of tile undergi'aduoate of half a psan Hal. 1 urthuer erranogemnt-,,Xiii
he moaode then, particuhiarhy as to timte
Yale loot 1p0y'just ai lithle miore altenz- entury ago, asodepictedibyLo'feech.. orofietgthrae.
fion to the external evideiics of reline- ('ofbetmeeie.aninglt o hshliereaber X.. O Y
znn2 _cissors of thle pre'seiit da~y. '~T's''h-
FEATURES OF FOREIGN STUDSENT vii coats, the gaudy selarfs, tillsm-itidentScience AssociatiofctnhelPoietiub-
LIFE. lroioreel ossis-coaIs anti the tiroh0si'ls lications as thiey come out by coohihog
"Woith poatt'rnis of oriental gorgeous- at r'oomi 11, Tappan IHall, at 11 a, in.
INe rct i'm-hss" taornby otie insuii'ertitsle co enany dy ecpt Saturday. Five
GE IANY. tosses of stoilnco f hyer1 numibers are sowotyumt anti a sixthi, do-
lEMN ifeoiis f010 1a 845 b-avte bitlono'"
Ifmpirint their voted to city government, is printing,
chrce ntee er.Theooeis Ohnt yassuettith lliil'Memobership, sw'hicho includes floe pub'
characer on llese eolrs.Norfolk jacket to thie boots and0t gait- lcafions, is openi ho all students at $1
theeicssivedrnkig o ber.a~e ryirs, ftatsober aiidlcai'efully blendled. a year.

st-hoisntidtte soodtleliutse ofior light
bee-r an ollossei rerrvlitiodh, luit lre-
gr'ot fuss yountg ieiishiosild hlithle
tisndency 0o learno to think fifteen or
twsenty glasses of beer a00 iiglil- ot
for thi saskie of enjoymoent, lout for thle
honor of boeisog able to drinik so mullch.
'This takes 101acce-very night. :and0 the
isiiiutal has difficulty too stitholnast'
imlself 'froutwhti all his rontiat-_'s
thinik secesaury. Miany histudtll
takes fromlithio, habit the gernl of ill
hieathoisofo his laiter life. Thle seconsdo
odark bointit.touslinisg. It is true thlat
these duels are nof of a very dailgor-
0555 character. The placessshereoh
stotiuol. miht becomie fatool arecacooe-
fully bandtaged. It is also trsue tliait
they do lost resuslf from real elioify.
'They are, iii truthi, hiardly nmore thiani
ans athletic sport. Thbe younng man
whio trields tioeswvord, strenigthiesits
arm and learns to keep a firsom verve
iii danger, In thitvastsiiajority of
cases tile conseqsseices" are only slight
cuts, wvhicho disfigure the face, bsutlre
considei'ed as okens of honor. A de-
rision of our supremoe court of jusfice

hironsinllgray or bi'owsnIt tsonoly
to-len lie hoits Ohoi a lsmokinhg suit (iflihe
has osoe) os'eqhusioshimiiseif for liii
river that the underradle -o to
ieak-iushos iifo color. 'l'lleinis-
deeid, it is a caose of quot honines, lot
cshlores.-Mhoickss'oot'o Mlagazine,
Dr. It. J. Frost, 'S9 ' anidt'94i-M,
'io boacticing at Itockford, Ill.

It svould f t & great accommodation
to hear from all of the senior its waho
ilave nut repliedl in regard to caps and
gowns XV. C. BORST,
'hue Daily for $1.25.

Els, The Tailor,
Week of March 2d,
The biggest line of Foreign Novelties in
Stiltiugs and 'Tronsering s
ever displayed. A guaranteed saving of 25 per
cent on every purchase.

dress and niannier alit conversaissi alt Leipzig, Ithtiese studensts' duets
and muany other things. NotAv the last are real duels, taas strongly criticiscd
thing 'in the Xorld for us Io coh:hlDn.-teGra alaetls itr
Is thy democratic spirit of Yalc. Just
as :long as it hasts the uniqlue chains- N otvitissiandiug this, st-cc'aninot con-
Or of Yale life taill remain the lit-- cider these duels quite so hearmiess.
cious ioossstoo of all sundergraduaites Dueling is, alas, not abolisihed yet in
--and the noose genuine ant. real it he- Germany, and duels in after life, then
oines, the better fur the Uivesity.geralexctdwhmoeedy
But to us it seems as though theregeeoly xcudwtinoseeay
should be no clash, lao conflict, no sveapouns, are natural so long as such
friction betoveen thishertage and true views ao'e held as honoble by Ihe

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