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February 15, 1896 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-15

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i i

Disbar Those Who Have Coaohed
-Give Expense Limit for Athletic
Thle following regulations were
adopted at the western athdetic con-
ference hieldt at Chicago last Saturday:
No student shall be eligible for any
intercollegiate contest w°ho hAs ever
used or Is usiiig his athletic skill for
gain. This ghall not apply to aiiy stu-
dent now in college, February 8, 1S8i6,
for what hie has doiie iii the past. The
sole above shall be operative oii iiid
after October 1, 1890. (Adopteid by'

hoard and training ttible board.; trav-
eling expenses, expenses of unifornis
and other airticles, of clothing, niedical1
expeiises coiinected wvith trainring, and
for disabilities incurred 'in practice or
cotitest,,, expenses incurred iii provid-
ing player with inexpensive souveiiirs,
such is Nwatch charms, etc., sweaters,
pdiotogrtipli, lprovided there shall, be
no element of compensation for ser-
vice rendered, in giving sucht souve-
It is further agreed thait the athletic
comnmittlees of time instilutionii her~e
represented will do all in their power,
both officially and. personally, to ketp
imtercollegiate athleti1c coiitests willim
their proper bouinds, making them the

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flags festooned it regular intervals.
Aroiiid thits gallery were arranged in
order the ciibheiiis of time eighat fra-
ternitiesi. Sclbreinoer's ba nd aniid or-
ciestra,, each colwsttimig of twent,-
pieces furnished time music at were
plated one in lime gallery and. the other
on a ralised, plforni at the sidle. 'The
hail wvas illuiminatedl by ta-u large
n unititole chmaideliers mini three airy
lights from the ceilimig, comniiied, with nadecu ihssrnddaon
time edge of the gallery.
Thie graiidl iiairch was led tiy...
iihards,. S-ignia 1Phi, aint Miss Emuilia


Washington Alumni Association..
T1he aniiual. dimmier of lime Wash ing--
ton Assoc-iatiomi of the t'miveisi',ly of
Michigaii sas held iii11Washington, D..
C., '1'iesdaty. About sixty uteimier s
of time association participated iii the
hanquet and speech-uiakiiig which fol-
lowed. President Jonas ii. McGowvan,.
of the class of '61 presided atndt acted.
mis toastniaster. Amiong those, present
were- Prof. Henry C. Adoamms, James
It. Cook, '54; Edwin Wiiletts1 '156;
Prof. Cleveland Abbie, '5S; Arthur-
Bhrowvn, '04; J. McBride Sterrett, '05;.
Job Barnard, '67; Congressmman Bros-
iis and tHenry '.N. Thomas, '08; Con-
gressman Tarsnmey, '69b L; A. C. Adonis.

five v'otes, two not valuing.) ineideiital aiid iiot (lie orincipal fcti-
No person who has received aiiy turn of unisversity andi intercollegiate
coiupensatiomi from the university for life. All that is dtisiomiorahte, sin-
services reiidered by way of regular slportsmlanlike, umigentlemaily or sin-
intutrshall he allowed to pmliy mnessarily rough in any brami of
upon any tcain. '1'lis mimic to takie atlletif's is particularly and( expre ssl)-
effect Deceiiier 1, 1890. (P'assed coiidemined.
* namimously.) The regulatomis are iii addition to
It shall he coiipeteiit for itie clir- (lie Presidents- ruts's adopited aout it
inan of aiiy athielic elommiittee, if hie year ago.
believes aiiy university is violatiag the-
letter or spirit of tlie rule, of agree- C oiiuay MacMillan, of Mlinnesota,
ument, to commulnaicate wih(le rha'ir- 05(1 electedt chafirmni of the mtetinmg.
ini of the athletic commuttee of the anC It. H~aries, of Wiscnisixi, mccc-
university uiider susp9iisi ammdini maler retlary. The other delegates wet-n: Dr.

tFarwell, of tletr(it. and Marcus Baker, '1it; Congressreman
itefreshiments were- servyed in the Bishop aindi Charles; II. Stoos-ell, '74;
large hail belowv all durimig time dance. It. VW. Asistin, '75; Mirs. Louise Heist

Two large, toonis were used res,pec-
tb-ely as womien', di-sing -rowismnd
iei's siunkitig: aid loun iig mrom.
Tie former -was tfurnishet oNvithi
screens aind large mirrors", and] the lalt.
ter with tea fler loung.es and chairs.
Continued from First Page.
hiams, 'Theta tDelta: (hi. s-lik ia n; A.

Stowell, '70; Domilil _McPherson, '77;:
Conugmessuman Ttowne, 81. ((thees
were elected for the cnioinig year as
follows: President, Ito. A. A. Bir--
ney; vicetiresidtents, Senator tusiu-na
Kt. Davis, '57; itepriseitariv e Marriotf.
Broomis, '5 Senator Arthur Brown,.
'64; Iteif us 11. Ttmyer, '70; treasumrr
Dune E. Fox, '81; secretary, John N..
Ja rIns, 8Si.

split~ie charges against "salid univer-
sity. If this is inone it shill is time
ditty of the athletuinc onnoittee iif ihi
institutioii under stuspicion to ins-estil
gate at oiice the eteurges and re port
through its chairwlanm as to the tenth
or falsity, and the i-iport shiall he tse-
cepled in good faith tiy the commiutee-
which has brought tie charg-es. It
charges -are fotiind to bei truce it shalt
lie the duty of the athletic commnittee
of :the institution concerned to suspnmit
from further coiiieetiouNvsithi athletics
(lietpersoiis fotiid guilty of irregular
It hsluillebe ouilwtemit for thlie rhair-
nto of aiiy atlhletic coiinitlen to ilay
before its nuna eonuittee aity charges
of irregulairity against the athletic
cenmmittee of auothiir college, anidi a
full lIvestigation, in which both siles.
are repiresented, must he made, aind
time results shall (lien he laid betfore
tine factilty of each instittition coni-
No studlent shall participate !itatny
Intercollegiate coiitest after any year,
wvho shahI toot liavie bii'eini esideuct
at least six miunith. of (lie preceiitg
year of his scholastic work..
Each canuidaute for a team is to sub-
,scribe to a statenient that lie is eli-
gible under the letter aiid. spirit of
(be rules adopted.
tt is agreed that all ;athletic assacia-
tions' accounts sihl be audited biy a
committee, Olson which there shall 5e
a faculty member of tlietithletic cant-
It is agreed that the following shiahl
be the extpenses tolerated as legiti-
mnite expenses% for an atidetic associa-
tion to hea~sr:
The difference 'between, ordinary

:Johngn; liiScott ('lark, -Northl-
wvestern Uniiversity; It. B. Everett.
University of Illinois; W.VE. Stone,
Putrdute Uiveirsity, and A. A,. Stag-g
Uivemrsity of C'ilicamgo.
'Theetilis, wh-ite hintg here and
there a small loopi-hmole foi unttir ;irae-
tece, tire, illiltoy ;tudgmient,tliiinotl
ettlihinte sem. evei' fori'mmitimttd ttpi')ii i
aimteu-mrbhois writes A. A. Sttig i
tin' last number of thio n miversity of
Caiutago 'enekty.'rTe most.mr'mirk-
tle h niigahout thimiis'a ttat t~ey
Iepriesetit piactically theuainiiomo
coin, of the delegate.5 of thin seveii
hIcmdimig uniis'rsities of (tNsnetinci f c
liii Northwest. 'Thtat it were huosibine
foe these gm'eat;iisititlintis esiieto-
go-iluer tmmd fitimildhiscmiss lhir'onu
sho~rtcomuings, andthiomniotly tmmd earnm-
'oily seek to jiinhitads in rcmmedyi'mg
tiii abtmses which hare :sprmtmg tup.
proreisies ii healthy mud nappy idi-
vehepimmiut of westernm iitm'rcoln'gits
Women's Reading Room.
It miay not he gemiermilly knmowmn thaut
a reaidinig room has been establishied
in thme roomns of time Women's League
im Uiveisity IHall. The roomis, arc
well patronized' by the girls and lime
denmand for reaiding tmatter is gremiter
than cau be provided for.
Contributions of imagmizimoes sueh as
tharper's, Miunsey's, Century, etc., are
solhicitedlt froum the residents of Atii
Arbor when they have finishleds reaid-
lug themi. Personst who wish to' con-
tmi bu toemagazinmes may notify Miss
Averell, 13 Monroe st., who will make
aramogements fat obtaining them.

tH. Kieith:, Sigmmin Alpihia Epoih:n m; 1t. h). -
Watsomi, Delta 4Sigma Deinta. UNTtL COMMtlENCE'ElNT'- 'lim-
Iteceptinmi Ninirmnmin loetr, SigmmmiDaily for $1.50.
Altuha, Ihisilomi, s-mni rmmmianil. t). (Corr
huimer, Delta thintihinm; G. iK. Aioicdm- ' XV A NA .lS .
tm-m, 1i1i1 Delta 'ietal; 5'. F. Ih'itchi. Ni
The new styles have,
Psi t'hmt. armived. Opera Crooks
Ai-rttmgemin'mts XV. S. Jonimmsomn, Deltai are thme thing. See our
SigmaiDeltai, obintiii;It.it-Iii timine, Q
ThistatDltai'i; I'. 11. 1hritimit thin :VWM, ARNOLD'S JEWELR( STORE..
'psdtlomi; S. IK. Sin'lerlottmi s i 1t1Pt;
WX. P. Itormill, immn'ep-ndint. Grand Opera H.ouse-.
Dreortitiomis-11. D. ttu'ti.. PitmDltahi
Thietmi, elairmmmamn; It. XV. tts htai WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19.~
Dehti (lii;C. . Iin-vtmi thi hi Sgmmii iminrtThe Wtttest. lrtgkte-t, Cteverest
Delta. of ems aih. ADA BOTiINaBA5sTFiDbY and
a Clever Comspany ohfCosmedianss is hIOYT' -
F'miinne-W'i. NN'. item-'N, tti'hint ISI - , j
hon, eihaiirmmmn; i', 'AV.hRanmor, I'lliA Bunichl of Keys
Dta t Thieta; (°-. J. Bkernimaii OR THE HOTEL.
Alpha, Eil-ionm; It. .ousi udsln m Ii ts Isun tickles, its wit fI'stin its novelhi
catchecs. its the real thing. Great ins ineccr
emit. Somngs, Is its new Dasces. is its newtiatghs.
Provoking Sitssations.Isnis nes hasn. lIn
'The limtrtoin05'5 ,sof thin pinomeniadtinits se inees and Situations.
art Mlesaitmins .1. It. Anmgell, M. t. Prices, - - 35c, 50cad 75c.
D'Ooge,As. A. Stanmleiy, C. It Natl ncrede
X. C.Ytiuglaim, less. Doaths .IL'.B
ftitithins, F. It. AIh'itu, B. S. elii TH E . ~ V G51"O IR
all facuilty air's texeieht time latte, lthe j1
wieof Itegent t)ttimi. League Balli
Nearly 100 oeiuptie wverme-piltsent mimmin will bat further and last
dancing wtts inontimnuedun mtil 4:10. longer than any other
The Yle "Pom,"make. It contains the
The Yle "Pom."best materials and shows
[Bachelor at Arts I the finest construction
Tale's recent "inronm." exiemises mre throughout.
reported to be higher thtan list year.e very c official"
Time higestpiemimumt for boxes was ey
$110. Time gemimumms mmantuimmces hegaio league ball offered to
Mondnay withi i jumior teatmantd sopio- the public is an
miorme teai. Imtime eveningmytime thee imitation of the
Club saig mt Hhyiiemioii tHal. After VICTOR.
this the juniior ,gtmmnio arus hlrdmt
Alumni 1-lll. 'Tse sopimsmt the samne Demand the Victor in all
time held their germimamiIn Wormier cases. Our trade mark
Hall. On Tuesday there were a num- is a guarantee of finest
her of teas 'mid germlans, and in time quality.
evening the great juior "prono." at 0)
p. ma. in the Second Itegimment Arniory. OEMANri WH vE ELSsti .
After the "prom." canoe several "dkawn iONsurEs YORK DTRI DNE
teas," wit-h the idea of keeping things SAN FRANeISCt S NGEE
up till chaitel-time. a

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