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February 08, 1896 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-08

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P'ublished Daily (Sunday excepted) during
the College year, at
OrrICE: Times, building N. Main t., opposite
post office.
C. D. ConP, Ge. L. W. W. ToAvE, 'lb L.
S. E. KNAreN, '05. C. It. 0550, '99.
W. W. HUossos, '55, E. L., tFiesose, '15 L
0. IANS. '98.
G. B. Ill11Rs9Nss, '01 L.
,1. F. TuOoAS, '07.
L. C. XWooEs, 'ill.
L. A. Prott, '96 0. M. Seth, 'Si P.
S. t. Smith,'d L. G. E. Sherman, 15.
F. Simos, '98. 5. B. Gammon, '98 M.
F. A. Focik, 083 E. tR. It. Reilly, '09.
It, C. Faolds,'01 M. J. L. OWalsh, 'iS l.
C B. Roe, '98 ll. Suoannah Richardson,'18
The subscription price of the Gaily has
been reduced to 51.511 in odvance lor the ret
of the year. Lease shscriptions at the
Danily office or with P. . Meyer, . of M.
News Stand.
Editor of todlay's paper,
J. L.. WALSH, '98 M1.
Thle nerxt iiuiiber of (lie Dlaily will
be issued Febiruary 13i. Regular pub-
lication will be rcsuiied on that late.
It is to be 11o15ed that, soinething goodt
svili colle oust of thiso fralershity liglO.
ovesr tihe annealsl basll. The whles
thing is niot a. hatte1r of whlichi the
PJniX'1lsily call be p~roudl, yet it is a
mtaitr in which thie Uilsessity is
51101e or leos interesied. The lreoclnl
slate of affairs shitovs tile existence o1
a: casts feeling svhichi goes furher
thian ansythling els;e toward sdestroyinsg
anl acive interest iss those orgalitia-
glans deiendet upon11 the uinited efforto
of the students for their snecess.
Luzac's. Oretial iast, Lonidon, loss
tile following to say concerning the
recent book goten ant by Prof. Jolles
A. Craig, hieaud of the Department of
Seniltic Langusages:
"Prof. S. A. Craig, of the Unsiver-
nidy of Mlilgosi, lin lately cosipleted
a seides of Assyrian ansd Babylonian
religions lexis being chiefly hymns,
prayers, oracles, etc., Kioiyunjik 011-
letilans in the British Musenim. The
first part af tuis work conainis on
ei~dbtythree autographed pages, the
cuneiform texts, together witls a pee.
face and a table of contents. Vol. II
'which, We unnderstassdI, will fotllow in
disc course of Ibis year, Xwil supply at
fnll traodssiiteratials, English tranlia-
tian, a slirt coimmnentary aufd gloss
ary; a'tdiionai texts will aso be ap-
pended. Dr. Craig's work will he
ineartily welcanied by all those XVho
unable to finsd tinse to refer to nbe
essneiforin origintais, XwIsh to nake
th'emselves acquainted swith the re-
ligious system of the Babylonians, dhe
value of whichl f or the Bible studet
In now undisputed.'
It is published by the Ilinricknache'
Bugialsandiung, Leipzie, Germany.

Te.RevXIt H1.laboim 511re1tor f
St Luke'schurch Kakiiis ou swil
ofilcistle iiSt.Andrew's chtreli to-
A.lb. .durcha-Preachiiig by Henry
Ostroiss. sigisg y Oliver WOeian
Isowell both miorning and evening. ,A
tuniinil 115951meetichggof young peotle
sil be hled at 3 p. n.
Evanilgeist Ingels ill preach at the
Church of Christ on S. Uiversity ave.
net Sundsiy at 11:3 a. m. and. 730
p. nm. Mr. tuges illustrates iis se-
miost with cassrt or baekboard.
Rx tenisive pretparations ar' being
nade for the GterisansiDsay prgram ito
be given at 2:45 next Suu:t'y lt the
Young Men's Christian Assoelaioli
rooms. A stecial atecioss will be a
Gernisn trio.
Presbyteriain cdiisr'h-0:30 a. i,
"lttspoii ibilily in Jtdging Chris'is
Rsideiics"; 3 p.i., ;Junioiir C. .;
6:30 p. ii., Senior C. R7., subject.
"Christ's earninigs"; 7:30 p. ii., "'fie
Tisathsfsictory Natr of ac:Godles
tongregalionisilihurch,itt'v. .. W.
iiiatsllasX' pastor-1O:3t5 . i..isisrt-
10g Xorsllp, topic, "Te Iriilcec of
lbs ClristinLife"; 12ii., Sndisay
sehoo; :30 p. in., Y. I. S. C. E.; 7:;')
piii. . otng Mci's Sunday Esve'ing
tClub, subject, "What is That o
Ruglsh Lthlterain cu~rh-, or. of S.
fifth ave. ansd 11b Williuanis., les.
W'. L. Tesdrow psstor-ltl:3') . an.,
st'rmionl, subject, "A Sledidt iOpor-
tnity, Htsw= to Impllrvse it." ll1:5
Suindasy school kindt Bible' classs6,30s
i. in., meetinsg of the . I. S. C. E.:
7:30 p. u., sernion, stbjet, "NoMais
C"tred for My Soul."
Rev. l.-1D. Burton, piofessor of
Greek Nosy Testament interpretation
is the .t'nives'oty of Ciago, sil
preach tomorrosv evening at the Fist
Baptist hurc. Pnof. Btonrlos5oie
of the most acocpished Gtees schal-
ai's in this cuntr'y, and is at ereset
eiigaged. inXritigg]a. comu~ientry oi
St. I'au's ltter to the Galatn.
Apha Nu Program
The Alpha Nu Society tis arranged
the folosing program f or the meet-
lug Saturday evening: Vioin solo,
Mir. Miller; story, Mr. Hill; debate,
"Resolved, That the Alpha Nu sud
give its library to he University or
Virginia," ailrnat~ve, Messrs. Geis-
user, Simons and Dieis, negative,
Moesrs. Emmons, Dicinson and Ni-
ls; Impiromptu, Mr. Cubb; nusic,
Mr. Miller
The University School of Dancing
will give a prograaa party to pupils
and their friends this evening

Longevity of Cohlege Graduates.
Thie trienniasl esitlogue of Yiale eo~i-
lasvis souse lnoiewsorthy sha~il. ;ics ie-
toting to the loisgevilty of soliege
grastuastes. Tue m lisers of sill class-
es prior to 1824 sre us loisger living.
the oldost graduatte Iseing laon. Ben-
jaulin D. Stilimiant of 1124. Of tus'
clss 5of1123 two'ssis's'livisig. Cf 1126,
stisich 1usd 101 niesmbers at gvssrtna-
lions there ar' Sitsussrviv'ors; of the
eighty menmber's of 18127 three are left;
tN vbr aore living of the chtlos of 38211
svliiciih numsbered eighity-tsso; 18129 leis
live; 11130 fou~r; 1.8t1 six; 1132 stid.
11133 eleveniei; 1834 ansi 1133eight
slidteis, respsectis-ely. Frssni11135 the
numnbs'r of snirs-isors rapisdly ilicreaises.
Of the eba sos graduated in the de-
rasts ending ini 18453os-cr onse-fourths
of t e lsimsers alo t'sill liviSIg. (Of
tie r's'515t551'ssbetwssein 11143 ansi11133
os-er onec-hsilf snrivse, this'exsact figures
being 403 living grasutus ssou~t of 954,
Thse first clsiss in swhis'huse lisvinigcx-
"eesi the de'ad is that of 11131,svhiich
grastusted sev'enty3-ines' 1111of sw'hoim
fsorty are iring. Of the cs'lebs'ailes
class of 18:t sixty-thsree stirs-is-eouit
sit 1105; of the is'nilety-osinesumsers, if
11133.sixty-toniuri'm iving;. During thm'
decode ensdiig in 11511 thiers' were grads-
Snsts's 104118imein, of ss'homs 714 or nhesis-
ly 715 per s's't rernsin.
Theisess'tatistics a5115'ei'denceuss'of Ills
louigs's'ity of coslege-brs's.muini. 'The
Worlsd sluanac of 15:)6 pliblishes a
list of the oes ivuing g dsisitssssiis'hi
is of initere'st01 bearlig oii.ltse suit-
ject. The curliest gradute oft' i si-
hicist Ish'P'of. Lb. K. Sayre, '211;sit
Brown, R1ev. (G. W. tBriggs, '20; of
Columubia,Hlailiitoni Morlomi. '24; of
Dsirtisonithi. V.X'.I lelciier, '23; of
Htarvardt,11ev. «'. I. Furness, '211; of
Princeton, WX.('. TWasllace, '2:3; of Uisi-
versity of Pennsylvania, SR. B. Dasi-is
sons, '2(9; of Washington alS7 sffersoit,

1Rev. J. L. .-isrns, '11, svwso is, proli-
ably the oldest tiving graduate of aiiy
college of Aiiericsi.
Tise av'erage' age to sswhich.Asmerieann
college gradtuates, attahin is os-er 600
years, sshichi is remasrtksilesswhen it is
noted that the alverage is very notice-
abiy lossered by the nuimber svho die
early of plnionary and inherited dis-
eass's. The statistics seem tost1reugstth
ein thte thseory thitt the mentsal activ ity
swhich resuits fromi a cotiege esduca-
lion is coisdtuctive also to. physical
v'igor ant, Goniglife.-Xsite Nesss.
Hlaving decided, to om~it shiort, per-
sonalh griis in this year's bootk, the
Castalian Board is desirouns of getting
as many hiusorous sketchies of Univer-
sity life its possible. If you ksnow' i
ianighiable incidtent or a'anuiisgcharsic-
Ier about the University, niake a
brezy sketch ansi put it ini tie Gas-
taiin contribution boxes on the mailin
The '90 "lRes Gestae" Board offer a
cash prize of $13 for the best shtort
story on a iegal suibject. Contribu-
tions troalai departments are invited
and tise Boarit reserve the right to usse
all manuscript submnitted.
All canstidates for 'V'arsity Baseballi
Team must hand in their name, posi-
tion they are trying for, and depart-
in Unsivernity. Hand namies tol. V.
Desans, 44 E. Anst.s, or Red. C. Shields,
311 S. Thayer at, limmuediatchy.
All studenstnsvhio itend to take
Latin 30 (The Italic Dialects) next
semester are requested to notify me as
soon as possible, as the books, for the
course must be imported from Ger-
insny. JOHIN C. ROLFE.
LIOST-testleiithier cord case wvith
notebook inside; contsined tu'o Chorsil
PUisn tickiots amid.-a clinical amuilsii-
theatre ticket, besites curds. HRssard
for return to 20 S. Uiveroity ave. 91:
subscribo for the Daily.

- '~~~~ CIRGUS!
"A Genuine Professional
\ One Ring khow.
The mash costly' and complete
\ ~entertamnment ever -undertaken
"~s '\in this vicinity.
Circus Canvas, Circus Seats and Circus Lights.
A correct representation of the exterior and interior of a circus temnt.
A Big Side Show. 42 Foot Ring.
100 New and Novel Features 100
And the best one ring show you have ever seen.
Doors Open at 7 p. in., Performance at 8 p. mn.
Matinee Afternoon of the 15th.

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