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February 03, 1896 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1896-02-03

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Time Table (Revised) Nov. 24 1895. tlvie r ichased the full ]fec of smo . skats. kives and raos. from Heey
EAST. P . WEST. A els. sonat adiscooticprent weows Ihc themat the se dicou at UNVRIY SCHOOLOFDANCING
MnadE__ 3 50 Mal - 8----8 U ST
N. Y. Special .... 5 00 N. Y. Special.... 7130j u S r O N E °H A L P O F P. postL Wbilng
Eastern Ex....10 12 N. S. Limited... 025 0 Nl IA Li F. Opst A ulig
A. M P.M. A tod paic of .kate. woth roe o Ise A sice poket knife at frot se to 1(35c. TERMS $5 FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.
Atlantic En.___7 30 Pacific ExNa .__12 1 A ,good rszo t it0Oothers 7c,.00,s Oandtl15
. N. Express....- 5 40 Witers Es.___2 (00
G. R. Expcess ...11 05 Chl5. Nt. Es----i S PA0C&20 ~ ~ NZF riue
. W. UGLS H. W. HIAYES, 56 58 and 60 s Man St 'Phone 164. W O EA ECG R
G. .A&T. Ag., Chicag. Ag., Ass Acor________HOLESALE____________CIGARS______
j l " sHae arted The rg1,eishd inet asortmnttetettshon is AnntoAco. Stltt Railroad + Ticket + Brokers.
frOottt$14 to 1 0 unsftom to 11$1.
_________We hittowtt, t It in pease yo asd til plese y00 t ot] t oor samtple befoe Moey to loan o pesonal poety.
1:225.. in ,Isting_____shCANES
JALRA1D 5 F. J. Glen, The State St. Tailor, o '90 Law Class
Tim TaleJan 15, 196.2095S. STATE STREET, ANN ARBOR, MWICH. ~
7:~2O. a. lt~ . . 1,.-t-ee(
14:5i2 ap. m. ' :4 :1 2p. m, 110sag ofthOle rays. Very thn la151St~teITIE01.tCEQ . ,tltIEAGEtt 1Q10SALE AT...
All trains daily ecept Snday TI11101CKrElTt.lt 01110totlO
Tarainsran e aeaAnnArornd Toled0 If y00 trael 011e thloufnol mile11100WMARNOLD'S EWELRI' STORE.
R. S. GREENWVOOD, Agent tiktvioe t lirlir's inil,. cotn leys-yuoil01t111
W. H. BENNETT G. P. A. Toledo . Rtligtdureiingtili iithe yet try otelllig tiolu1111ill lcIl-h),lope mo00n0eyITT
ANN ARBOR & YPSILANTI ST. RY. 0115111110,iot0s eol itTiobo nteitr ilr loe1- ~ IU TMEET_. + +
not diffirenttita11n11whenit-oryinig 11 thsted by agnts of Ohio Central int,. Call n them for
substantcs ilOte sotlid tih-l. 11They are good over all the impl~ortnt Fins Lunches,
Time Table, Oct. 27, 1895. Systemsiiot riv-i th 1110 3)010inlding 1110 entiri 1f. ,& O- Fine Chocolates,
Lave Ypilant from Congresst., 7108:45 .sytmi weot of IPitsburg, the lBig and Baked Goods.
aeiRtO a. c~d teLousr,etc. S8c r ens of Ohio ental
Le~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~b e n o uci :0 :3adi ht h 13 r teith le Lines bfore pittrlaoig. Price S20;
t1:30 a. 132.; 1:15,2It5, 5:t0, 7:1, 05 ad 11t15
P. nm. dity andilt),lithtiot Oiit-iy oithelt-good one year.Grn Op aH ue
SUNAYngrIe.s nsit tlales throutghi whihlthey 11ass. '00 I-ASI-. LL 3ORN.
Leave Ypsilanti front Congress St.. , 1:0,NGIOLY
: 03 ad800,6v A . irof. 3icetlsou s lo etoew-i il npitti A mlet-tig tf te 'JS bseb ill 0tll] ONE O ITO L .
Leave Ann Arvr Junction, 2:00,4:00, 5:3, ~ilb edilIoonIo 'disa MONDAY, FBUR D 156
700 and 9:10p. i. ra0511 sto ie gtuutos i- ss o 1 11 t wlseomei l 7ttio 1 n t.oetfFB U R
Cars ran on city time Fare: single trip 1 eta .11,t lc atin
cenns; round trip tckets 26 cent. ite exI 'pir tsi. Ilie iters ix t i i1Iteetc~ott.TieEvnticO ltn om tie Oeca of Antt
Wm. F. P ans, Spt. i11.tNORTION .sianaer. Abo'sWntetrcSessott.
Pro. Ril e ill tu lt0ue-thinks'it i
S'TU DENrTS 1 harly poss0ible t11a1t 1110wavs of --- THE FAMOUS WHITNEY OPERA CO.
H yu wnt tooth celible life ins stre call t1ht011t1 itd nttit refrct ed oltlrIre- LnRD AAn Citlilt~ ati , o : Presetitg Delttcett & Smiths C011-
oncinai Fre0 T Alcornasher, office N. 1,. rt Wok,
Forth ave. hlceel when-thley srike 1i11 tbet. 7'.ecant my v-te o Site Utivesity of . .
________________MSihigian, Annt Abort, Ablel, itt heon- IR O B. Rt. O y
a ' +y 'iii otcorse, is 1itidirect ot111115. test foc te $110 lathewhct o o fftnec____
NEWATXACHiNE SHOP h i iont ill lipositilo1snneiItil1 111 to preset on Mtrch110. 6 Ito etecni-PRC5leSas2;ptte,013;i
HUNTERs BRS;9E IET ST. siocllltl ltt iery ll ttsit 0;ciecy $l arserved scat, iooley
geu,15, ntu stattettSi- of ev teotes.57iali~ . i-le ofsit opels at
Sk ts C n a e .o tled in the ihitk light Irec dierent Votes Ftull Nane ..___ -________ a~ e ely Stet tt 1111 a, m. Jan1. 31.
EfeietlW rk.omt ithe ciRoelays to 0230h eich Prio. Steett No.......- -- --This Old Reliable
__________________________ ei-lootirefers. TIlt~ter, bovi-er, City . ..--------- Sate . .._----- PERFECTION
RENTSCHI.ER, hldtat. lithtere can be n1o1dlttitit-oI- (Voes mstbetaOttasretliitet enes
old. Ladiescnotsv ote ht 11117y01ittn STUDENT LAMP -
i o.i l ii1il theimater' oStihir bina ttitloet-ed ecoittg votes.
ill-refracO-tdl wenl Oth y Stike' all nit. last seec een equal-(
ANN ARBOR. MICH. jet.-tbienlgt Ritcord. -ontan (fflee purpoe.
_____________________ __________Te bitrec rtscingep-
T1 1 ortedfrom toil11
HOTLUNHESAT LL OUR ATcl.~i. (0OIAD O~t~I~t111001P1. THE VIC OR stacs.tIf youro deal.
De Kovelt and Smt' ltlo tl Rl Ioy' L a u B ll edosntkpthm
Chocolates and Candies till havi t allant e-al at liii- S iBllsPOleuatop thceni,
-AT-- 1tropt tperas liotse this Ovoill ale 111h11 will bat furthr and last Platd Lamp, imlsO.
sh14ato d chimne
J OITL'Y" & CO'S. rst of the tWek. Its ctinlg brigs ti longer than any other twillte sttoany addec-b esroemsntt
IilttietlillrIbeOitmake. It contains the faturesISManhata Bras Co~-338E 26th
midta eoal irspodbuctiont St.,N.Y
20Os. State t~ sager Blockl, ionitilVa t a010SIg a year and <>halbest materials and shows
LaeLn rFo ipern oaccs nao111111thetIsccesls whic eii dlt-li-1 the finest construction
_______________________________it Derits verdict of aitproval hahruhot
18Q96.1896Every Ofca
1C 6 vlie-,Maniagr 1redCt) 0. liley 1a. ficil '
______shlotilt the leatrical world that etler, league ball offered to T. 0. & C. Ry. K. & M. Ry.
SECO1SE ESTE 0o, origina~lity 1111d tluck coInbnileily the public is al Slid thrughl Sals etwcn Tolcdo, Ohis
SEO DbEESE ring successmTe opeal haluen ' hiitation of the shotColumbusdirct thee
theftsewlchanges 1111110ill tit st areioio-O
RU : U M Dtlto e for the better.-Twesdly'0 Demand the Victor in al FindlatO
fllill Detroit News. css. Our trade mark Kenton, .
_VlU is a guarantee of finest Columbus, .
"Rob IRoy," more enteraininlg a1111 quality. ,Athens, 0.
Ne - ad Second-hand mlepoilrnow tanllatt 11113 levi Middleport, .
Nw aA100pltlrOVERMAN WHEEL CO. Pomery, 0.
0I10 11111e in its lifo of sixteenl lil~L 'lMakrslo fu Vitren Siyt1- Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.
wlbeol tostu- -Detroit Free Press. OSONsEIV1YORK511ETR00OIT DEE Richmond. a.
PORLAD,1RE Petersburg, Va.
det"aReia ~ ob Il oy" will be presetied at tile _______________ Old Point Comfort, Va.
1115d 01101 tShose tonight by the CTEL&LOAD Williamsburg, Va.
reduced rates se conpny that plaed ill Dtroit. CTEL&LOAD Newport News, Va.
NOTICE. Albany. N. Y. Norfork, Va.
Iwould be a geat t comlodtiotn Makers of And all soteastrn points. Elegant
drawing resin ars on all thrsugh trains.
At Shieelh ans to hear'from all of he senior lits who For further Inomatlss call n your lca
hays not replied in regard to cps and C4 zz l n iairwiw MOULTON HOUK, GUnl Ps. Agt.
gowns. WC. BO0RS, E \u W. A. PETERS. Michigan Pss, .eTlde. 0.
LAW AND MEDICAL BOOKS AT ______Chairman. Detroit._____ M__ ch__
for Yale '96,Harvarcl
YalewtiH ll allenge the -shitler of '96, Princeton '6 snd UA flT ashing
BARGAINS, thle intercollegiate rowing contest may we not add Michigan '96? (hAlflGUVEERFERI 2 E ashin

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