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January 11, 1896 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1896-01-11

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Time Table I(Revised) May 19. 1894.
Mail and Ex--3 50 Mail -5----843
N. Y. Special---. S 00 N. Y. Special---- 7 30
Eastern Es---101: N. S. Limited 5 212
A. u. Pacific Es.----11 57
Atlantic Ex-s.-7 47 P. M.
D. N. Express.... 5 40 Western Es.---2 0
G. 1R. Esxpress ---.11 05 Chi. Nt. Es.5-- 0 28
G.R. Es .-----5 57
G. P. & T. Agt., Chicago. Age., Ann Arbor
,0 A k

Mr. A. E. Rose will be at the Cook House with a Choice
Line of Woolens from
Fine Dressers it will pay you to see the line ani compare
prices strictly first clams work. Up-to-(late styles. Low-
cst prices.


-- WILL TELL OF PRISON LIFE. I Wlie Sulphccr Sprinigs (101ii.) lie1S.
Mdr. Meyendorff at University1iiisiii, ly,
R.A.ILROAD. Hal Tonight. "Sic. SIcevciisocff hastatlvihiappsy lac-,
Tinmr Table, Dee. 5, 2895. - lilty of attliractig lul l linilthe at.
NORITH. SOPTH. Tonighit Sir Sichiael A. AMcye1o'iic'tiilins ioii'cc rii a ci
7:37 a. m. '7:455a.m. etolo i laesfo h e~
'12:29 p. m. 11:30 a.m. will a1)peal ii 17111Vecity ]I:i'ill 1.is ll.1 i'oc:. 1 40)) ~'dlv
4:155pm, 9:00 p. M. 1lgtthcls.I:hodbeeiv
Allee'til an nttclelcue"itrains daily except Sunday elcailgas roroivi elie S.clill 'll i(' hecoitiitry. -lVioisll
*Trains run betweco Ann Arbor an~dToledo belal isls. l couto c lii)) lcci'c ty71 00
only. R NOD l .tAacuto
R. . GREENW Agent ie ~do .life' 11110 be'orc55151c31'l'0
W. H. BENNETT H . P. A. Toledo U OLdnsa teA stlnse
'ANARBOR & YP SILANTI ST. RY in (llr cltlililO, ti Iowig t10this'grehit (ilci 10 11111c) liiia:.O
ANNiilollll of teritor1y which lie 11has f 11 0101ll''ll''0last ni; i' wee voi l ii . 11e:
Time Table, Oct. 27, 1895. 11en11' has1:1mlet 11157 101111111piyle an1d0 f l'.01(ythelif"
Leave Ypsilanti from Congress st., 7:10,80:45 11110 1211111comments 11:1up o ils lecture 11may :klll f i)lai i'icic,.iis
and 11:00 a. m.; 12:45,2:.15,5:00, 0:45, 9:15 asndSpk n 1"sl.1)iyT ibne .It e
LaeAnArbor Junction, 7:40,95:15 and 1:Olc'wo110'i~t~
11:30 a. in.; 1:15, 2:45, 5:30, 7:13, 5:43 and 11:15 heard1'lo110thils gentlem11a sice lis lcra~l-i "'li slvakls's (1(:scr1i1p1tion of 111c
SUNDAY TIMlE. 5:1111tPoiho ii 1717.lish11011 1i11c101 of1 86: ;, l l whii ch311-lh1
Leave Ypsilanti from Congress st., 1:30, 3:30, "Ito' 111i 11 7111:oo liceI' gO~ d101 'li1
:00, 0:30 and :00 p. M.110511. p 1t, as xtrlc liy gc nli l a:51:
Leave Ann Arbor Junction, 2:00,4:00,5:30, t5r}', 11111C13111 11111(0e1e111 word l ll'licd
7:00 and 9:30 p. m. the11' lecture tillilll 111111d 10:' lset
Cars run on city time (lore: single trip 153Iand1 llillll'oll11. il'ei mac'tv31a-:
rents; round trip tickets 25 cents. a11telntill."--Spo~kane 1'1W 101.1 :011
Wu. F. PARKnER, Sopt. Iocal leinl' 1151'sill"l.' 111:1 (1 31111.) 111', .11111,1 95.
THE KINDERGARDEN BILLIARD HALL ll'1:iellii(11,peaks "1 01111elily sii 1: 11 sinotes,
WHOLESALE CIGARS algocy (il'acgl' KI'lllllcaiil1t11l0111.11:10-hs-l11'li:'111111a110l'lcv
TOBACCOS AND CIGARETTES. 5'- 11inte111tath111'' 'x1l''.il'l'l-n3c:1 1c:nb:a.ls'111(31111l::ic:1:
Railroad + Ticket + Brokers. w01111'dsly~00., bsuilvivily rcitsedlbe tIllro117llilll, 11110111
511111y7t00loan 110 persona.llpropebty. 11111 w01111 as be(n1himl f ll0'i o l 0Oi1011111IO vi 1111 51Il
I tetsili1geens«sic or h l :.v l o s i to0017.' 511:1, c 10 ' 'is01.)
1R AIN tl - D111L 1u),j 1stttill':110l'yciilorff is'e Irc-."- Spsoesman-Iicvilt-,ll, 181, 100);,.
,,~...F~j'E~grU~3uer 1001. 1 '::lclca:150stl)li (11111111)1 1)lal 1:ci t;,
l5 Washington Block. 11 even511111 111svciigbyS.A i' etalsls inten1:1se )11lslint11011:'in-
\. TA E S ys'llsllct, oft lols'iia, loutnhslll.0010s-slisn' At theI lbs lIlaorssofthe l 'eli
T O OSTREET.+ + 0)1ne of thetreasiofth111' l:lll, at11 Spsokao' ti01110 'lH7 11';M. Sicly11:011
C1111 on thcm for thosbaso 00 avoreld as0 t11bs'e i 1'in attend- cwil ilpeat 107his ey itrstics'al 11117
Fine Lunches, 11111' 05~1e50'-woll pid ['ort llthoei 111r ss'hs b'i'tistmesI.s: Kiss''uc
Fine Chocolates, fi'orsynstscte05b11en1efit115 51,of1 l t heI free:'.' Os iin' I01101.
and Baked Goods.feofSoae-lkae(\;1A.
Try Our Lunchos. Itelling 7his 011117 in1a1d11110)1 d1i nter- O i sv 111' 1 'llslla, Milne11' 8, 189--1.
lai1ilii14 111111111. SIII':ki1 s li0eu' does, ho' cle-cueof ot Sr. \i. A. _M(yeli-,
of h c r k A Ifcololf11'ctllthel Firs; cs'lls's, 111001101iwlcl

T.®. & C.IBy. K. &X. Ry.-
Solidi throusglh trasins tS cls c o ledos, Ohio,
anld tCharleson,W.VIa., via Columbus, the,
sort n only112directroste.
Toledo, 0.
Findlay,, 0.
Renton, 0.
Columbus, 0.
Athens, 0.
Middleport, 0.
Fernery, 0.
Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.
Richmond. Va.
Petersburg, Va.
Old Point Comfort, Vs.
Williamsburg, Va.
Newport News, Va.
Norfork, Va.
And lS l isol11lheasOernl 1oin0s. Flegant
drawing rsoomrsons 111l:hrogh 11211i11.
Is oa rter informat~lion l11n151yor local.
Ticete Agent or socite',
MOULTON HOUE, Ossi OPss-. Act..
Tsolesdo, O0
W. A. PETERIS, Mlehiglan Pass5. AgentI,
DeitS111, Mich.


The modern stand-
ardi Family. Medi-
cine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.

This space is reserved.
for the Grand Opera.

O_~ I'cloJck Tea Kettles
U. Or X. PINS.
Jewerlry Store
ANI4IuTEnREn1 10 N.W Wshingi,
Skates Conclaved.
Experimental Work.
Readers of the Daily will con-
fer a favor on the Editors by men-
tioning this paper when dealing
with advertisers.
Lowney's Chocolates.
Hot Lunches.
TUTT.E'.,,4g S. State St.

11110 Illit oiiai'iiiW1i4(i'11ttaches a los
ltaleof 0valor1tlinii ilS~im lisnd1apl t-.
015)11117 0170' 117'thell'll1'icipsalt. .and~
si~huldie edbs y i allcs who 111a1r10 interlh~-
c-alsOin iiberty an1111d1hum111n1p1118121:5s.,
-ButtOIIIio.) SMiior', Apl30,71(9, 007
"'T0'le octure' 10110freqsuentily 'inter-
ru11-t1'si 1111lil sal~ieso of 30it, t11a1
adidsdilaliv-sc 11n(d0110pis) to(ho' Oliiii
storly it tbl.sS . le15'onllclusioni Oils
lectur rcseioosi''l111'iveday '3"rty f (o-igvuih-
nliliossiup511111hils 0llOl'l'a0:10 1a1-1p i1tform
speakers'."-Butl'te (Moit.) liilo'i'-Slonsi.
tai11, Apr1il 330, 189)5.
"It was10a chapterlciii 11100worshl-old
stcruggle far hiumanoiifreeom taii111ol -ith
sublime pathlos by one of its imnpoct-
ant1 factrs."-hooenian (310o1t.)-Nosy
Issue, Stay 2, 18013.
"'hue lectuire ws very entertaiininig
anld inistrusctiv'e anthlea~sinly 7'deliv-.
ered."-Ai ao'onda (wont.) Stalndalrd,
Sily 2,1895.
"Too innchicannot be eaiol!it isehl~
of -Mr. Slleyendorff's lecture, slid. no
0110 will regret Saving heard lhin.".-

-.ie at u, v3' klg '.- " , 0t LI"""tl 1.L.e. iO.1 5 .L.Lldt
scbis- 1l ~ahst vs'niiig s llldl' lo111' 111- es1_1'0

of 1111 W'soman~i's 11l11. 1wa10ahhtllcl
t1hiliniil1111''xl 151115, and ose l wo
fa~ll. 0to att11111lilhis lculh5'iti'sl :a
ifarseh'itrea't O ."- 11,0' l~eDaily 'illna
(at.Itisl .1'109500sths. ut( lig''7
"'Nshsl slisiiehindisfanihil 'is 027'ilwcn
till-e the'pewsofithel irt li,l 1111;5.l0
1110-0: 011111rch11)101011nilaghtl'l'. issay lsl
Sss' 11 lMe' ilhylelldr s' iiiss0ossiil111111
1:10 ilcl' svd oIll'sisgsaidilltwoul
eiceI'c."-481110 Lak1e0'lbsial, tOct. 11),
"il'115( sl l i is e: Ccipish is lo f Ohie
flity111t hiat.l''reprsouced501:llhrroc of
lli'0110111, 511o11t1110'rutcl Sandsiinhiu-
Russianlll lossaoks. Ile pcoilueeoda
failifiul picture'l'of ithe olceaodood"llmlo-i
his iKileiabt WhiiohliCaoansmed evell
lnlls tls iiossgli sniow-ator int 'i' 1nd
calni of splc1111."- lilnlclpolis Tribne,
Nov. 6(1895).
S. S leyeoroff will bo' introduiceod
isy Prcesidenut Anigell.

lItyoou wantgoassri 'absle life iensurance cal I
onsFred T AlcOmbir, sfile-oNo. 1, 5.
Sk~oing t (le Atllete Filo- f er
non litrrilg ini ot6 e o
lice Adiiisson 1 cens; cie n
de 1 yar, cnt; ea~l Sokls$2

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