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January 09, 1896 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1896-01-09

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- CIVIL SLRYVICE REFORM. of tolegre am O100('siy siule'ts ON RUSSIAN PRIISONS
Ni ON UTRITS ADVOCATES WILL ORGANIZE 1he lldllili""iontii Aiisthe colig- SRMCALA
Iseoghfron es n A CLUB HERE SHORTLY. iate fhpulici:i s ino hcratie d1ib), LECTURES SATURDAY NIGHT.
play on at cue time. One " i is nt So c 15y to Syipattiz e. '1he Is a Michigan Alumnus and Former
tit guitar is not enough, how- 9i Wil Belong to the Colegs Civil value' (f coll eel life s in tlhe ppor- Siberian Prisoner-Lecture Under
NN eeto supply 3,000 stn- SrieRemLau-Object tniy ii alfols for ttsillly ofI 1W- Ausices of Oratorical Associa-
d tents. That's whiywe have l of the Association - Comment tion.
fos~ltyil5~ hsvrl from Review of Reviews. cipllesthe11)optionlofhigh illelias1110
S dozens of g11itars of various M1le9iliudtill1xamitio)1of listor ti tiitii'i t.l1ii ~l 11 e
10ake5slnd prices. A Coegi'(;ail-Servie itef'oriiiThe student who sodo's hiisella.o (1e,11,10 11' sletellsof Si) Miehel A.
BETER LOOK AT OUR loll will1)be orgnlized atitheflais' 11111prtisan) toe00o)n, grlittously 11111i111- leenldo1' fo a etrue onl'"Rusahn
VOF M. GIUIITAR.a 150 gh~lill 'a s1or1tille). W et ee nst)'(11tIht l lrt'loir 1)1111111'of 1m11111 rsons 11and ieian Exile ''i l Jti-
U, F M GUTA, H \ tioalLeagule (f College ('tvil-Se- which renders his oporiumlit i or 0(''tY Ihp .all, ilitray nigti. r.
It's ood s itsnaln. 0 vilO Itform 011lus1)0 aWof 0'gaied.l at1study 111)d iqirhy most fruitful .'lhire Iven'lilf ts a I'lisll iotlelmnlwho11
H .ANNMOAGN N ST . Chicago last fMay -MirltO~ll in smue is plety of time for 1ggesve]lris partcipatd ill the' TPolishinaureE
WI!ulcn okislf e to the convention and no1)11 c'lubhw05 ilhint; iblttcivil sric.l rnni 010 ot ( o ('(lu111')1ilby te i s110u1 gove00r1-
SII{G open ntowh eir'i'lcl i i- 11s ))11 11legitimate l'contro'rsy.tw'o a11)1oei-hallf 3)as1y f illltll150ll
Edutatlonal oesiythi1110year with '06iiL.Il~e 0w115til attitudelo (f c(' tol l )'r i)'' o))r1s tipostilon of the IUnIiedlSates gill"
AI t r 1J C .lague atlth111' (ill 'ao nice tin . lout ('111l)tl1'1101111 abou th em 11011r0o 1m i. lly'ldoI'f is i g ilt ( f this
S Souvenrs of ) r 1)111oit l 1 '11fr an1113'itlligen',lr sen ileli nt 1 o111 (f Lno' ysi3, t~lgIo e-o(fC
TW ENTY 'YEARS IN BUSINESS 11o111ationl (f a1111111callb at)a dtehtIistory'and11poittiicl met'di)5 isbe-'of til utsr')1ly 11111h11110ivedlillth
Aco0n1)111 10 (lmIly Ot5 Basbl55il I'j ot- i il' tloilltib)15 l 0 I~td lle.Irids o in oftnty sn r 1111'at: shc 10, ltmn
Yil iesn ork. a'ndesag in.he Ulrp ld a ssMinilia w i n1100al pgori1oll'loo'r- coI'llees. he iri niercies; and f ola lll'''till' 5as)'i) s )'1' entis ll'I'll )11
Lutaes or (Canada uponllhu eei o 1 0 )1 All-
HOc UNen tA LH.U S IiC1)11T're 'il-Ol'1'1'in th'for eague'1111d, i' tud'l ig, 1110 pres0(11 os)1)11 eli ef1i')I 0 (bas1a'1111' f)1i c1 mm' nd of111111
-.G.S AD NG & R S- aii s eii pe1111 dwth i t he dub1 alin h onto ndl'i)'iil'0. isrraiv lsill, is )1)'id 1111' a11 for1'l e an(Id111
2509aeI lsi11111 o frl)'lld. 15' 1) ililef Cilub ay wel _____a_ eauror eitO te faoabe co mnlo
L gr10)1 1 lprTclaro ,11 ile t~li (I f tl' 'or i'oiIlLe1111 e1111-cApears ]in,( a Nl e De s -Tn o he '31rhlichohe A - ih a be en i
10 I I'll (AT('1 ))R~ l)) co lege i 'io'ueh 0)501'''Iflbs, Bordo EdtorstI '111rh i olill ngfotI h I')'silt
TH -EDN A ILORin slia l'11wisht:tonal Civi15100 l- t Cl~l ileles.tlsl'in, I t~is oe 1111110many letr of iiop
Foreign SahrecS. aerf lci.oreu s W l u. l) o ilth e pr'oel' urtr))iO'eI'lli'lites-d
Lahe.Liugnteof ne in hea.Tbccos an 011 to~sll f il bhc 11100dai t1110 11)' li t Ippars' na1Nw) ress-' t 011' '~t T)('1111ihejAl.i cha111111 A. A11th) I'll'ho thly gli
NO.rs 2ledSINTN S. NA AN (It11'.io i Y o tigiil-i 15ic oriil m o ard' oix Edts .l 111 hI cnt' ; ret i nf oit' 1)3 11 0l'lili ill
UNIERIT OFMCI a siul5ii D.o Ihei'1i~lit f NOItt'' th core u (fniten si" 111' 1110wth3)00
011, 0 Ir'siDi'lt f-hoTh'.Tnanmeh~l,'~t i 1 ' o tes, 'ale cture11111 oie g t lpofesorsand'It a
ILUTAIECSS 1113110 'f. hut'c11')'siis'1111'10 ofitsi-' -315 II~ill 11
A oi O' .A l r su ali 31 1011 I , ,I, D I S
-- N -I'l 0 lllone toth )'0 a i re rlan' prollitia' s tdrh~g , 'hS 1, es o ti' dent1101 'thi s)11 1 l e t y onl f (Iou) ('(110
PN LEA IN H A LA ILOEB T 111atilt~ C ~icrb- (o l o lt,'1 I 0it ' ough ilh ('aoip Ina l iollce iiOftheil' li'shiii hchltOit n the
luges1111' soi th e 100310'S ae wlo el ou1' trpilto tsbnr educdltlotl-hlflg , O a d oria nOilsubsequentiw il e .haged
SelNtDhIMPRfTEi . sturryontIheobiw' ot tt'inorbst eh says:g pi adaiiialfri e
Griffi, of uue Lao' Deptrt- "Aoothllo hioptol sin of Oi the11 fo's neaety-e 1igh ialyhlito'sof110heOllnteatan
Thenltes 1d5os tilonb e llnlil t 11 N t r t(Ill NI13-s'iglt ih ii lllhllantoe l l ehio )5 ith ittle0'lclset attethitl'on l'front
Foeiabrcsfp'-Men's TWeill.he civiue o ColleerChmovmenvo to- 'iiyearsordlf with 1 l'tis'catposedlyur 1)1 ifs1t1 liiI'l0hcl c olasst tthndI.~
fOrlic atnluusp u o-elil ae oosA eaen OlIrIo lgi, llhsdll0sa''11 I-~ 0oian11 1
-A ~ 3'rs t -dolientrtlaatet Citye.liolf1111111 11110 1111ailes yh ' lllleditit te l se ift111he rate et
"UL2 E. AS~f[ G O ST, EA I.' j Ch ag lfd ld ye ast i 11103' ion111 wisinhol cllieges e ilurge to I.lulsths e , iODt ti'lilhied t A, StI, te endr w0 as, 5 L, sf llchsesx
allr parsof h io tutinrywic rpr-i 0011 0 01eaon 'foleo o he r hlci,, h s ofpol e sslhors tandlviu
l~pTess. 0os Tss slit'd Nohiuug 00110 0 t hete an Ieter(to ty anD.e01 110 (~ 1etei'ell hallthelprivltilO< lt hpofiet
UNIVERSIY O p N.CSHloA,'siitttset tatetantueogaiato ca Po' t h eret f]eun yo
Stpe D m i f otn s nc raeD . M To p,,n 1 ic ihngfr)uth i et u es

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