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December 13, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-12-13

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Time Table (Revised) May 19, 514.
Miliand Ex---1350 Mail--------8 43
N. Y. Special.... 5 00 N. Y. Special.... 7 30
Eastern Na----10 12 N. S. Limited- 9 251
A. M. Pacific Ex---1 07
Atlantic Ex-.-7 47 5P. M.
D.N.Express.---- 5 40 Weetere Ex----2 t0
G. R. Express --11 Si Chi. Nt. Ex.---10 28
G. R.Ex.------1 7
0. W. iULSi , H. W. HAYES,
12. P. & T. Agt., Chicago. Agt., Ann Arbor
Timse Tabir, Dec. 8, 1895.
N00TH. S11UTH.
7:37/a. m. *7:40 a.m.
*i2:25 p. m. 11:10 a. m.
4:11 p. m,. 9:0p. m.
.. All traias daily except Sunday
J Trains ran bctwcen ASS Arbor and Toledo
R.y. I S. GREENWOOD, Agent
W. H. BENNETT G. P. A. Toledo 0.

Mr. A. E. Rose will lie at the Cook Mouse with a Choice
Line of Woolens from
Fine Dressers it will pay you to see the line aiid compare
prices strictly first class work. Up-to-date styles. Low-
est prices.
iNever Known Before.t
Suckh:s sa:lcas we will start Satarday, Sirs. 14th~, wa~stevr knowefol~tre in the sihoe
business at tis time of 1the year.
Orenetirc stock (nlothinig rseved) swill be offescd 1at reddced price ountil 11ce. 28th.
Nothing Will Be Charged During this Sale.
We mast ihove toaihfor eecrytiug. Wc assure yous we are no::to:aingo this solc f:oipleasure,
itis simply amatterof businscs. it'.:certinly notplcasore-cooscll suchi gc:ocds :- dution
is price, espccially whlensgoods are said to be advancing ,at tke fsctorlies, lbutwe.have said
it and tkey sasut go.
1)1 OtT R1 's IN Psi ,,1011E)S,
"Littlc Store Aroun:d ItheCoosrner"l/shIington:: 111:Wa sing:tonst.S

T.0. & C. Ey. K.&IW. Ry
Solid ithroughb odes SeteeToildo, Ohio,.
an~d Skerles::e, 'i. Vo., via Csluaibus, the
short and only dirctsusie...,
Toledo, 0.
Findlay, ,0.
Kenton, 0.
Columbus, 0.
Athens, 0.
Mfiiddleport, 0.
Fernery, 0.
Pt. Pleasant, W. Va.
Richmond. Va.
Petersburg, Va.
Old Point Comfort, Va.
Williamnburg, Va.
Newport News, Vs-
Nforfork, Va.
And all sutheasternpoins. Elegantl
drawing rest:cars:on al ol thl-h:::trains.
Foe fuer-lin flomati on clon s:your local,
Ticket.A'ee t o wite.
MOUTON DIOti, G0:- so. Age..
WV. A. PETERS, Mich~igan: Pass. Areo::
Dletroit, 0Mich.

Time Table, Oct. 27, 1895. IntrcoleiatCclig. (_ATeAtallry
Leave Ypasili from Congress st., 7:10. 8:452
and11:00a. m.;1245215500:45,0:12 and AvRi;-oIh \tPANey'S)rsPn
Leavep m.ASS Arbor Junction, 7:4i,90:12 and -ll ri trci i(rPa~''li1
11.30 a. .;1:15, 2.4l5,5:0, 7.1i,0:45 asd 11:12 this yearO :anion.,:cge thiits(1:1v:e'rObe- eI lili t i Ilost sltongiely i the ee o w--
SUNDAY TIMEC. fore ate 1111li:'W's-iin ntCardinaiilha izo r ltl ilt' 1 ' y:. in h 7 - The modern stand-
Leave Ypsilanti from Con rs-ast., 1*30,3:30,, ltf:i:ig Ii : e:elig1:1:15 Iei: 1:1101ls ha iiee i sed:, lb:triltttere aadram ly Me i
Leave Ana Arbor Janctios, 2:00,4:00,5:30, tl#;slare e i::-icsg:-:: iidsilo otl 'e nest stlli iolil?,0 pitin11g5st'li'li1:1must a
700an:3q0p. .cine:" Cures the
Lass ran n city time 1Fartl single trip 15 spirig it' be sto 'Itt 'Iti i1:1 ideioti ' c:: aa::::l Otky C71o
cns; round trip tickets 25 cests.
iM/aF. PARKER, Sapt. Ilallst:ls:ionitii w i s:iggeso' ted y-heli i-1 t 11 01 i nie eded:: ui l Nisi1:2;1k p01ocommon 02 every-day
I' l!i st tl) of Ioiinsyleviiiii, :1111. fa- I ii l. '11h1'"whispeinotg..i-o'10 to . ills of humanity.
MIAMYIMOTH PIPE SALE '-i::iSbe e:: tii~i:1 l:'o: i- t-ist-:Ifo::'St1orm-nthe :' i: I i::f:: or:
501st ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~vrc by:t iHarvardS SSIsse. iiiilin lil 17 oil i h'.a i t rot~ts l ': y/11: t
"AT--it' t '::i-i::~ii .,asoinliongeI ' 1111111 Which0 t heNl'IeL is nora CE Tan.sit . w l ~ T e ' h ~ l t s
TOACO ADCIARTES luit' CiI le:'itlg:now s -t-es forthintibeopeto t- horslitn117'bthftlli hot 4lA hS .
Raoad d LTike t AllBrours. an'dlhils'gll'ear4lilst-I'. tociith i 5 lay fromgii.ii'to:.in.:i-o(i u
TH I H RGREs t BIL:LIAps-::- RD HA-LL. cotllgs o lets sIiig t~eb' oyl':.tll ,~ :INO H N IEIT!1'1: it11 0 Itt10 TJ ~ IL S 4 . t t t
"'The Co.4111 0.111cjllege1(11nionWillis- Cily lil-t "IL 0ti 111iill il ht-,
111 1:' illt'1. If til' mlit e tcu' t112-liItli01,15 o gie yu 11:01sipsiiin
TOBACCS ANDCIGARTTES. the diferen collges, llenlors odIII.in it ee mat-S.Ie onl:boot gosdH otSLncnot
I'11on'tt'iiliB.itl 100.lilistgeIitsti, lill o f d- olri0 ol-il sE ti
Moe olono esoa(lpet. a i ' o fr i, f 111'stsib ttlia 1-14sen .0 lltbit. i'e'haeig lia u ger ttllS at 1 )i S .il ta('111offl-C.
:1 . -A TE r'olliate ttl 111 011 1 llolIlilil e. AJ re ad ikt::ral m otntlns
RAD A L .+esalbe ed b tlrfoe rt se OioCrlAen3tC. s1.&, oriodCcii- We 50. Xlt' aii:It iv s hr
Call onoulmof::rdosk, UG.-tisit.,ewTpliedocoy
Fin Lunc h, onBI 'Fvcal' w1will t'ake1 stp lstoI01~,111 isAlieaysn-ael'ed 'etes' hCentri ln with ilt erte nts otM. faityer
g dyUniv e wty and Allte sdnt
Fie hoolte, 10' ~i111 i''i11 sil: i~::t 11:11111- in(e12s nlEae tick et, XihUatstaiO S offranyiort-eghsag.ei
Try Ou L nc es. ti ' i lit ionnisg:ises 111:heo11:1st. o ve 17, t181)2. g- tions a urap ent r t o ,25
STREE15T.p501' - +lg11( oi/--'FoCsB.e&iO.int's iill& sellOiotieio
oFAGfNS S S AL 11 t il in s premTisestil~ 10 triil htls atn out n i er lie othestem(rip; uhy rersnaiv, u-
'il/naisLustcafinsl n heli pime li objcltislofths t 11 cl is tliiielfaoeteT'ae le(0'da o mpnon reg l de arery of theya
FfinmiChocolaos, od w j vthufi n a- I tilt 0I:. C.Ai+ls. yoI'S1NS UvrIsiry unti l t e tde nt
201110aed(Ifod11;Broustriads gto aboishlle o- Tul l e ll'IKTT O Ciiaan heoAL ,UNo. 1 prompt, unhesarcecfheannatga esasdtohol, ecoanmplete5 p
On VIth i: --- Uis-'-i1- I e bofldte 14 s ae nts of the W eptU uirts f 1se rsl isi
"FissiLASGse nI I i c IOhio, 'IlliiCentr11a (10 15' l L is will c elliig c ur : sions d f Ii 115 (f slltt
CAT RE , mS eti'ii s pr i-in, T AsniloeI ii Itiket(-t(onefareht'fo fieirofn ip;111 g~eetraiiitns 'c-l
We ls hvea inelie roSym tatANil e brae llc <I s li i fr e it 0yset, u re ewguol or oliveriosidthit-alyber
AN ST R ERfi Ia rig idrsman l ~on-h olegesoi 110. Cstilt.1Cbe A euntil titcor it a o obe ysur10stiop oe
lot e fsth departlsisenls 111 stICKET 10is a L iiINasponer
ARN LD' Yae, Pricetn) faivar, Uivesit i I~eeafe n jte C.ra 'ioInJon- rperts oi n ois'e ni eves
ANRW HNEw ).Lbrys. 'il iOestYf l st:'loilk(ho Sing e ws i 405be )0b t ha fcut n lasntceabl
BiycesReaiedor Rented . ofiensyii li f'~l~: o ~ tleana,1 Oily INelirts ,ee ito sho eI g n o Cth ddation tlei
CATERER, ' ~~~~ ~ ~frstaioe.theyat nd litgies nw orr w adte te
Dn ta stE ruen ~ ts ai. willnotbhasakI.cisunilsthes-ce aroas to nabletiuito kisipoed.
gei'i'Swaithm oreoaisdoahoorwan 010C u eah htner Sl.A i'si tehll.Cotton to t e vact thtthpen. ifng
(igiMA H N rv p clii'itriy111llIiltaetby alilra tirfrslegecheap . FE.r r D ai i the onlye pls iersich
ANRE HUNER, can makeyst youUivrstyof this Aonthoiigler.man borttobhas a
Reader of th Dailywill o tb'all ctl i nrs ilofCla'naied tSa.. Nd 17 . Saesi ly t.inerstinthdUivrstyyo
fer afavo on he Edtorsby mn- YSlins: iniCorserv(niatncriin)rilfbo'vrinecivclrethnbou
tioning this paper when dealing given Tuesday and Thursday at 1 scrintion before the end of the
with advert secs. Advertise in the Daily. o'clock instead of at 11. football season.

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