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December 10, 1895 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1895-12-10

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Time Table (Rtevised) May 19, 18114.
EAST. P . WEST. A.M S len~'UdidL i e of S l rw e°. .
Mall and Ex.--- 350 Mail----_.8 431Lne f Siv rOr.T C . . K. & . y
N. Y. Special.... 5 00 N. Y. SpmiedL. 7 °0TToilet Articles, Chinaware, Toys and Furniture 5111l sbre 1iesTlel,01,
Eastern Es-1- 0 12 N. S. Limited.... S oidtrog1t1in et 21 old, ho
A.M aii x___1 7for Christmas at and talslylsltsssV.e.> i 'olmu h
D. N. A Express----- 5 40 Western E . 5 _ 00 7 7P .sotadol iestWroute!
e. R. Esxpress --_11 55 Chi. Nt. Ex--:10 128 j0 JX .Z .TldO EWE
0. W. RUII(LE 5. .Ex-_ _5 iH. W.HAYES, Findlay, 0.
G0. P. & T. Agt. Chicago. Agt.,Aaa ArborF.J Gln T e St e St aioKnonO
~ I: O YOU KNOW? Athe 0
fA e That we caesave ysiousfrorns3tos$0 nevery Sitilor Over0o1t Sosgfit of1usS W(V> 11. FerneryO.
____oursamp lse orebying lg1sewhere1. Pt.Richmsnd, . Va.
RAILROAD. Petersburg, Va.
NORTHS.SOUT1H. At the Grand Opera House. (IA1)l'A'Pi2 (1111. Old Point Comfort, Va..
71:375a. m. *74)(la. m. Ib' le odtlole (lob1) will sleet:lat till Williamsburg, Va.
4:O 1 1.nS:001 p. Um. Piletlilreiltlorn- whiell h til ollry olfI('Oilil'l1'lof(1' 171 lsvlilt Airgel-l, 'laco. Newport lNers, 'Va.
All traiss daily except Sunday<<.
*Trainsxrus betwsen AntiArbor aLdc Toledo "T.'ewile" 1151nslislli('ll'itl l' lltllie 1(1117, 1I1-1-. 17, 1010, 7:30 II. il. 'Prlf. Norfork, Va.
xv. H.BENNETT G. P. A. Toledo O 0. l11he'1'e<11 slipihe~c eil llltl Ev 71olutlionu of1' lantl~." Forlfurtellr infolrmal~tion call 1111your local
_ icke ULget oN110t, 0-1 ss g.
ORANN ARBOR & WYPSILANTfI ST. RY. 1117111 110 0o10 :LLwhoilO 11111'ILw10 1. IIIIIII T IKETS TO (liORAL IIT ULONI(IK e'lPs.CHRLUN. T<>llsdo, O.
__________ '11111 111111 1111111171' lalnlixo1110i11 bold11 Hereafter11 ill the Choral 11 11 11 1 -ll WX. A. PETERIS, Micilgan s s 0. Agenlt,
lDetreoit, Ich..
Leave Ypsilasnti from Congress st., 7-10. 8:45 ilb 11111 111u 10171 u1111 itll t11111'1 -thiticetsl'' t. llt111'ibottiml oflt110 hill' 111 - __________________
asd 11:001 a. in.; 12:45, 2:15, 5:00, 6:45, 5:15 and ofil. eo re'01 the ily :1'0lll1, 5110lt. 1o'10R- -P- -N-
10:45 p. m. - 1114111' 1l10i1:l~Li ill thll 117 111I 11111 lii llie 11:-l 1111 I -'LoI' 11
Leave Annx Arbor Junction1, 7:40,. 15n: 'Avl ii e 7,nutl h omrej1PA
p. m.
SUNDAY TIMIE. "'1111NNWife' is :,i111111'11111de 11:17, .J. (x. NWI'NE. wTh moensad
Leave Ypsilanti from Congreesost.. 1:30,3:310, 1'1111:liike of1 11:11105 111101 11111:11. 111(11 haiden sa d
00, 6:10 and 9:00 p. m. 17011'I .1 Te..
Leasve AnArborJunc00105 2:00,4:00,5:31 dI Fa~i amily 2e1-
Car run oncity time Pare' singe tripi15S
cents: round trip ticets e nst s 10. O -1f2 11~r ~ .vvd al I-(,s1plie0 11ds (,1 ildl(IS0Ie C YP h
W2M. IF. PAlRKElR, Soot. 1101 1 liiO. '101111 l1::llt r.1Seis f oksof 10 1 ;(11 valuel W
forT505 ceiI'i o 11- tile'bes;lot 111101111 :111 II coo21n every-day
" '1:'(. « ibe"' '21l110)1 we111010.1.101t:1e7I 1111. i 1111'il orlg ll> o
SLK FrLAGS '211011 11117 gis 15.Po11s' (:lmiavng'1I15 Of11111110 011
GJLLnuC'S ld'1 opera171110114:,'I'l)011 11111 loilyloe' le'n-'1l('. s?'
'S~TILQI,1ES~s.I~E CIGARS1211<41w11111710 KixiOhirll Wi1is.11i.Te1-1IIlIl lllll1 f'1111 0Lw e' hclts
TH TOBACCOSADN CIGLARTTELLS Ilore,1Herber1.ell o. reo, TlE 'AS' XGiNb-o .11101c7es

Railroadt + Ticket + tBrokers.
Mloneyto loall 01n1personlll'.prop~erty.
el-tot ogr apherl
15 Washington Block.
TOOP & CO.,S- I C.
Call on them for
Finn Luncehes,
Fine Chocolates,
and Baked Goods.
Try Our Lunches.
We also havesa fie 11i10
5f imported
Jewelry Stoe.
ANDREW HUNTER, 9 E. Liberty st.
Bicycles Repaired or Rented.
Dental Instruments Repaired.
Readers of the Daily will con-
fer a favor on the Editors by men-
tioning this paper when dealing
with advertisers. .

IT---- ,V ill,, 1-11-1lo-ij- I

I -

I 1(11to '117og(I'0' Harperlt or theLll1. to give 7100011
ofI'l'11 il'1 l 7110 17'::gl'oio: 1llet n o ne h#hr cec l'70111 '21111-11i cll'1:e'0t ill' 1)1111 in-iU the U.9 of4g
17'te Ito first J-11 ler XIII'll(tbl 111 n'117' il'StiolIO, 1as 1111ey 11c:m1101ut1by('1l'0 . $ ay il ie 2 'k
('1 lllb2eI'o0 ay117.eter CHAatrom 1, Tpa 11n ('Ha ll, t ,170a.7liWe ain n I
terniCy. Non ayIday elcb'tSanuvdry.tyiv
The lv'rec eipts lromShe 17011(7 01)7 mber 111,00ow(11 all s ixth,17 al dpar
7(111~sy 011 sock gameyNS are balluLima 1-1111 11)1 S11 10 beot.wh (ch i ldestill' b 1111he7.I o
1 :101t¢ X viii 100 net 701 roltii to 1') yelr . &o0,tCri.a& Dyfor110yIII
eaichiveWrity-U. ''esl Iokooe Oa C101 HA1111RES10 11111757'0L'1, yar11 im t
We haveNG teredItheTialen0110f Adver ise ,00111()1117'. youerin ll deprts

S. State St.
let supplemenit
M1. Dlaily every
and wo do not
eiglt pa111e,0edi-
lit raleof $2.50
o give a thor-
latss t, o-e

leWspaper, coy-
tlelnts of the
all thle student
of the Daily at
thr end ofth5e1

Covers iore mileage than ally ticket
10 thle Ilarket. The only book good
oo entire B. & 0. systemlIwest of
Pttsburghi. It also in~cludes the Bi1g
4 system. Gel it and have an ever
ready ticket over all imlportantli11110
Price $20.00; good one year. Apply
to 01110 Central Agents, or address
Mloulton Hook, G. P. A., Toledo, 0.
To Virginia and thle South, Nov. 19,
Dec. 3 and 17, 1895.
On lbs above dales agents of thse
Ohlio Central Lines will sell Excursion
-tickets at one fare for hs round' trip;
limit for return 30 days.
Csnsult 0. C. Agents.
For Reto-IFrout suite, beat and
bath. Boa-rd if desired. 37 iForest.

lllobeal. -F. St'inlbllll, XI I'd i lli,
'98O D, te~a-biero jeau , IO'1l anldolil
11111 Gutarl~l. Ann.Arbor- 0117511 51.
l8es . 7 VoIlld st. -0-minute lessonts
50 cto., 00-linnle less-onls 73 rio.
Single room an~d hoard .to be had at
No. 17 S. Stale stOlnly three doora
from campuus. Heat and lightl fur
Guitar for Sle-A (Grand Concert
Washiburn Guitar for sale cheap. For
furether particullars 01)p1lyII as helub,
3 ansI 5 E. Washington st.
Course II tin Latin writing) will be
given Tuesday and Thlursday at 1
o'clock instead of at 1..
Tr-y She celebrated Swan Linen
Paper. 56
Subscribe for the Dally.

college year, furnishilng you
prompt, accurate and complete
reports of Uneiversity evenlts
faculty and class notices a bul-
letin of thse dates of Athletic-
games, entertainenents, etc-thle
news of your 0ow1 and the other
departments in suchl a manner
as to enable you to keep posted
regarding everythling ha~ppenling
or pertaining to tile Unliversity
Ihgre's no Contradiction
to the fact that the U. of M_.
Daily is the only paper which
con make you this offer. It has-
110 competitolr. If you feel any
interest in the University yous
will receive mnore than your
money's worth fronm your sub-
scripation before the end of the-
football season.

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