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December 10, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-12-10

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Puablished Daily (Suday ecepted during
the Col lege year, at
(JricE: Tmes buildieg 2N. Mae t., opposite
post ofice.
. A. Le.toY, 'li6, Mlaoagig Editor,
G. I. Sinsi, 'Oil Asistat.
C. 1D. CAY, Gr. L, Asistat.
J. 1F. THolSoo, 'li, Aishtat.
$.S. I . Koors, 't, Athletic Editor.
L. . WAKels, 'li. ilsiocoSS aager.
R. C. li~rsues.'lli l, Assistat. _
Associate Editors.
L. A. Pratt, T6. A. K. Icrene, li.
C. A. ilsughtos 'Oil i. . 0. lath, liii P.
Katherine feed, li. 11, 11. acisoo,'tO0.
R. C. hou.k. '990. Susana ehh'O,d'.ce't
Fi. A. Mier,'liii1i. E. 1. Celsr. 'lit .
W. W,. itoches. lit.
TepriothelDaiy will r'mai as her-
otro $.00 arinvaborialy ii adanc,
notitstanldingi the fcoi tht pblicatin
weilhe'ontinusedsuntil cr eoom.''et.
There 11as0bei'niiociitleritli' eri-
csoshini lih' (hic Ito Utillsitolylpal
of steierint-s'ihih aillillI iin thei
C'hicao g ''iibuii ftler the 'J'h'iiis-
giing DtaCly' gam' appaing ltto ciii'
dirctly froiiale l' rs11 on (00 011 Ii Ml-
igaiiielisenilaid lipailg oer'thui'
s'rm totiie111'u"tcitilo f tliii ca'iltgo
Uiiiersiy ts Ce'insiiirt'i. 'They'ill'
by i'iitli lllllllbilf iii1111amuiniiilhii
in thiiimitiii plyrs are1' 111111to10 cy
oponentsiil. 'hisi i il y' 1111011to be
r'gcret, butsweswoli slk 11111 Clii-
tciago imuiaik Issu lliwttiii s'for liii' ir-
dlfeititmienise apilto syin~g 11110'
wo'cild. nt101t0o1111' ilhe; 111011.5
thesitoO-lled11'iarticls were1'011111y
hassy itiesbs v50111ths' v'riouiis
iliayesoand11are11'ot1)1 Icbctkeais
ret'lsi'talltit-otheiflii'ocber jdiget
ot'ou erleiin. IEseniif liito'igai1hit
lok iownsu'n her optonent,.ss'bieh
it certainsly' isn't ipassibl fr isicto dry.
it woulinot be coii' poliy' tc pillih
liie'fat. (C1hicc11110slway11s prove'd1
he'r'oilt' a;ssorthiy'riss, and 0iclign
has tlie'fllet rost'em fcc her trwsss
In viewy ofiteinportaine tunit sedil
to ho seribedIto Ibe t'iies'riy f
Ohh'ligaiobes'ervutry andthCle fact
that thtere isnmost cmlpete igoracrtle
of its doingsnioss' by' liii'sltnt body,
tbe foloing oediorial froitheCurlar.
v'rd(rinmson iiiiy'le of itr-t. it
raisesro elil t' ion,1i10wh'itiet'1110e
mighit iot be imade of our obsei'vatry:
Thoswok of io dptmenisct of tie
Unti'ersity is bettr known and recog-
nized iii Che sciniic sword t lrge
than is hat of Che Atroniicl Ob
servatory anduits110dependent stations.
Yet Ihere is probably not a deartmenet
of the work of which the average stu-
dent at Harvard to meore tlorougl'
ignorant. One a year for a limited

irriod thi'eii'imei'es of thii'seinioi' class' Hon. John W. Foster. C l si g 441
irs' pttrIhled Cs go to Ills'obsersaitety' The thirst itrtalniel t i h C u5-
and,1 lha gses thloki ryntealirelyealous ein'Ao '1C 0111'sil We hav'e left a fair stock of
11110Cht goo tirii or' il'lc'y'il le a leture by'IHon. Jtihiio X'. toter all sorts of
ti' informaioi thCeiy'gt iirhIieitrosr's tgt r olrsiltl
four' y'iars, oifthe ws'rk of the de'part- on Asishlic politics, a topic of Clartiesi - WRITINGI TABLETSy the dpput
Illlt.of fi ll'11iyrity'publicr Oltrl br hteot just Ilio11111d1111' 011n50whih which can be closed out as
iiiet of'Ilio nisrily'};,"enoribileot"lro i sIntgysol iidiiil5)Olik olw
hl t tihoiciiialy' fi isdtsrieolnrlitaving blenSeisetary' of Slate iuiitlr MAMMOTH 200 PAGE TABLET, 5C
hod tstlioi lc oloI detiir r 'iit l arrioo. G000 RULED TABLETS, 100 PP. 3 FOR lOG
iiscsedi. Why elld t 1 clilir 'le iii bOlC'GOOllD'ltIt . 00WRITING TABLET, - BC
Iltic lltli sci iiCli 10101111L11i. A. eouseo is aiiiuediei'Cfur 'leit CRANE LINENRALT - - I5C
depiitlioii. Sauordti ' eveingit111 tilleO111 BEST CRANE LINEN TABLET, - 35C
Astroniiiiy'idosClot hldotthe 1111100iti cct by'thliii teilupath Concirt ('o. WRITING PAPER BYTHE QIEOR LB.
10111 essnl'ct1 o alillillil eliitliosi. ARIABIC. iThlis stock 'will not ho replaced.
luring llti'i'ecnil eunesier) a one- Come qutick forrfdrst choice.
'o"plarili" 1011100' iiit is, gien'flou cousro'st ill hi' offiret iniiArablic "rusP itng H ue
'This is hot to bhi'regretted, for it ics'e Aiiiclorililtlsl ior2). i Ic itor
cerainrly' 11(0lo': Ic tile'sciet'eit'hali~t ('00for' lite iim(' anisrec00011
Clh' "piipuClar" atit superficiat ii'oiii e ll'1 o studnsidilof hllleis and tllGrand Oper'a House.
of it lias bet'iidrop'pediit.tlh matny of Co thoe Nvsoeuxpsect Co hikteIebrits'
lii' lit'halout f ili sli (lsrit111 ohI Asetyritil. Sit ecal stdents, hivisi' NIGHCT ONLY.
it tNotlihtliudibhnsly te of fletlott.. luimlt woisho 0joti' THURSDA"Y"EVENING, DEC. 12
intes'Ot still, lto imaniy' li(libil tf liii'this'class ar111'q11( ted to(' Cc 'i ir 'i
L'niv'ersity, to loarn soniewhiat mosreonas sitho thie uleihrigl, as. 10this'Custave Froh~na=+s
Oilily'ta theii ily'cnfrmth t-bohkiiiilii 10 sust 111e1rdnetdiseforethCiih'li- Ser Oosrhtock' tor'atios inis O-
(tihyc. JAMESi'25A. C'RACIG, lile ad Biltisco's 0 a terpios'O,
lotus', sohal, i teneial.th t' 50110 of44OIOlx. .. 17iff"
Cli4' tMatns'n'st.cu'y' iW;gtXi1t.t511r11"ihW-11s

t'itriuhtiuit. misakes to sciiee fromll
y'e'r'tosiyea'rh. 'ithot presuluhin:,"los
saig-s.h 'it loll' ~of iiet 'tt rosh
be selected, swe'biliesi' hat ther( e'
ocougli to fur isih oatnial fir ti':1att
so'e erni'y teceouillig tubhlic ls's'urecnii
thes'ciiusetnof0lii' Y'ear.
Illinois Tied for Second.
TiCl ilidiCf hie Uivrssity of till-I

Theiii' uit chln'tlfshhc sllfouri' out-
iiitteeuiii'u i'iomuuthiii'ocurl' c oietie" ire
reqistcedl ho iluelii Ws\'ht'r iall,
Lawi Btulitiue , Satuirdaty'at lt o'nclo
to arratnge fioi'the inautl pri'tminariy
aeiuh'tct. fLeitill bt'loreenut.
NOiIi '.
I'll. first '11 osil wsill tb-it ci.
'slugs c'Y c ademi'y h'rida~y', li''.C 1.1
'linknttuianecitulle 1st ocue tolslitr et"Inhi
and11flie itnuber is lhihski('t.

lii, gas;cofthss'foisstbasts )l cn,jnsi NO'l'hCE.
ilisidi: 'fle ''tsuiislti i etitus' will givi';1

'Ill' rankloof this' olt'u'eun liii nuis-
dlii wst, caothiio tehh becis' Iiiihillis
ufel efus ii irso f hlti~cl'.Oiieigan siitib-'
disputably' ht'ltliilh, -sobth Puruise,
Chicago ants1111 Iliosiis fllotoliug ';in<.
gin 151. issiotusri, .Niebratikti 1nd(1tKsn-
cnnotiet i hcedtitn thetsaxeiii-te-
gor'y', atthisy' fioi naelaussy' tlt'ii
si'lvs. Ac ati'uti'il resulti of Clii
01e55011it etan besietieis lilast toti'iiil-
hie"ge0 s huhie, in thi s' (;, I.hate bess'i
itled't, 11111 hho ongter hol icisily- Co
ly ;illthe'rate'by' numernhotuxsister sl
"P" Sweaters,
CailtahiltiuLe, of tPrinnetonl, 1011
nounees thhott the folotwing inenl still be
-illo'o'u to -i-ar till'v'tity' "I"' tind
thet ncsts withi fit' football nionograni
Chuulchb,T'ler, Cochirhn, Heasrn,
Thompusoen, Sotor, osngatli'o Mtsn-
nahrd, Arimstrong Betlhy, Baird.
Sipeciasl cvrning at Paluace Rinko for
haiits and genthleimen onhy this evenl-
ing for ice skatinig. Ice ill line slhui'.
Muisic by Ahon Arbor City band. Ad-
snissonoce, adies t0e.
Ahlinmembers of Cue '961 football teams
are reqnested to be at tandall's photo-
graphsgllery at C:30us' in. lpromtly'
next Friday, Dec. 131, for a pictnre.
Wanted-Another steward.4 Apply
In Mrs. H. C. Eames, 7 N. Shale at.

tlunixsas hParty 1Fridasy eri'sssg. IDi'.
13,. 7:811()olokhprompltly, ini 'Mc~illani
H-iilh.lito ssiislu till hht'5i''i soliii'
Isesgunetin- iiiti-i. 1etiguet'it-tt
i11:1 ht.
'i-tssoir Ihlti le has justl entiee
uphii liltantal s eries of lestursen x-
ihtletd, "Thle Inifluseince of (Cohristiniy
C 11111 Ani'iitc ilthien nd-eieval l'(usi'
iiso." Tit'hi'lcturexs o'm'iTuesday,.
Yi'l'ineslay'land 'i' issucuy', it 3 solo
it ''lTppanl Hall.
B. A. tHINSh)AL..
Ladbes' long Military ('ape Macoin-
tosdi, in blue-black osly, $2.65O. tLadies'
Dosible Toxtuire Maickinoshes, soorths
$6,. at $4.50. tLidies' All Wochottso'k-
intoshes at $5. OBig barglbis in L~adbes'
and Gent's Silk Umsbrellaso.
Tickets on side Dcc. 2-4, 205mnd 31.
Alsoonci Janury 1. Limit for. return
Jan. *2, 15961. Rale One Fare aind a
Third for round trip between all sta-
tions. Sce Ohio Central Agents for
fulh particulars.
Lest on Saturday, Nov. 30, a blacko
pocketbooko conannlg about $12.
'Finder phease return to Idathierini'
Reed,*4 N. Slate at. tRewvard.
Lost--Friday, Dec. 6, on Washington
or State .st., a pocketbook containinlg
about $15. Thse fiider svilhlplase
heave at Waher's book store.
Wanted-Sonmeone to play for danc-
log a half boor a day in exchange for
use of piano. 45 Washtenaw ave.
Wanted-A steward at 1t) N. Uni-
versity ave. 61i

Prestedserely arerso sowills
T1eatre. All the o0i501atullfeis.
Prices: 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.
Candy Store
wtei-eloonll. We hlleveryceffort
ito eiphse hIts'initiy osi c ad s
icn-hsdav. hEveryeftort menssuoaess
'Fresh Goods and Low Prices,
is onoto. A tia l oCfeoseCandies
wil onvice himostisritecal.
Cor. S. State and N. University ave..
Cf you an xaeool reliadble le suraine cult,
on.Ftred T MOmssbser, otie N. 1, 5'.
that every maker of Chsoco-
late candies makes dif-
ferent grades at differ-
ent prices? When you
buy of us, every piers
wiub be good. That ii
the way we select them
-only the best and most
expensive kinds.
60 Cents a Pound.
Advertise Your Wants
in The Daily.,

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