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December 05, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-12-05

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1M aaY SMT7 _ - z TNDING OF ILE CLUBS.1 the formier oil all points of eollri ({FOBALCPAN
-N GITR -INEAOLSa4 the Princeton 'figrer's took
111N UTR INAOI TRIBUNE SUMS rare of the I1,arvard.i'riioeswn-legged ELECTION WILL BE HELD THIS
1seog1froepesnt UPTH SEASON, fotlliisls, 12 to 41.EEIG
play eoughato onepesnt tme. One NN Michigan Holds the Western Chain- Taking thei East andilain West to-EEIG
guitar i3 not enough, how- 41 pioshin How She .Stands With --ether, there Istoil(,ur aiil' afford- List of Players Qualified to Vote-
S ever, to supply 3 000 sttu- teEsenEees-oa onstgrniaioadN~ It Includes Twenty-Two Play-
lins.'Bt's why we have 1jSnored and Percentages. llii-ligani-alvliri conist. ely y ers.
i11 ostantly in stork several 1 'I'il
It dorems of guitars of variotis 1i1 iThe Mininiaipolis Triliune to il- ~s i yaooi f4t ,li iiWs stii~i(tli'ftttl
jN1 makes isoildpi'ices. ligup Ill(' fo tall a iiitandst~tiiil- hd110111itobe< file "ill wi is. Rom . ll lihoee aetr i at 7 or ok
10i BETTER. LOOK AT OUR ISS ilt iof the Cliibs speaks Is folliws repeetia'1'itivtes. for iuncb of the tile ~ boi .Alii''ateiiiet
U. OF M, GUITAR, t1llt'ei'li1i;;li chiitigaiii: 1 ritli tlyd iilllrg m'a e illevn 12 .i' titti li' Vi ii-~
10 ISI hei Tiaiiksgiiiilly; D',y tilit'5 'ithe seoi' was fiiially ii m ide onllyyto-i st lvis ii tt n iltt llt
1 It's good as its namue. ! aneHISe venle ane .'l
STHE ANN ARBOR ORGA NO., 55osoiu of 1St).-, and11it is 11110pttssibili' tio liy wtiuit.iiiutl: te'calletd t "tluket.'" it15llil'll tySlllg''Ia li
(1 S. MAIN Sr. ooike smeiii' 'tlltirisltla iiiiilig hli 10 iXlii hlis standtardl, it is a fairi'state solo s ICr, litnby1, lHoopeiir, ll~ill,
it s ~ ft't'iti W't'ster ii teamt11.oo their setores ourlit tiat Mi tital, ltth 'lliiill otf ittioi i iuuneVla tol''
ftor'gamet's lahyedl this tall. Micrigit if It'e i'et, rotil(i beat all of tilt' al<rio, i 'iile'-t 1 01iliail, 1)trkt'i, taird,
llllttlilely leatds of Wiltheliii' lllt- 'lt'ye'isof the'siallt't' Iustorn col-I ttttiiio s iit arids, .Morey, 1orto'rt,
eh h -"l S iuonship~, fori'silills beenodefteatedl 1b1u t itt's, 11nd1thai luert' iare1111bu t.yoofil toll't t 1 t ui's, Stolils, Jolilsoll,
Iloil rcittfinti tho lute-gostititnd 11101 t~ls tllr' slti i 511 ' e1111010'antItilid Yalt'. 'Tilelasserltion One1 or li111 lii lilt's malifivlast 11111
coiiiplotostork of Ito Citalmliost as mucih of a siitory nlilly eemaOi't'lla I bioastful to Lasiae iii otiottli lilll ii ii ilsi
1II~AT flfoi' riili itas fior tll' iilliiilli'lt. sirs, but the W'lrerillts liie-' a ei-ti listttut ill s«tit0 ha\t' ilhyed in two
teen s: 'oned onil int oure(yano thtt by artir of'their st'asonis tplay boiesuii's be1'i<lhiwvet't rItt e tit'ithe litvelilig to-
POuITS ei W1111 til 12. Altlayed't kirk e r tnen.lgITERSTN
inl the, city. XWe 1111k' ~1111to goalii 11111 llt'il a tie. 11111,oil l li lh u otts tesaGo
orlo',~i ill cltrdClul h "Ii 1 i tlt, ll-lli' tmIs Jas. A. Edwards. Author cof''In ApaN oit fesaGo
'tInls il iisitltrllil t'i I' toCutirl. Program tor Saturday's Meeting,
Agt'lts fill'tlio celebratedil t11"111sicor' for tine gaiuis t Ii non h lls ollis'isi -th Apa, u sot-lily fori'Sa uly
87 E S.P RK R FOUNTAIN PEN. poiili ii t , a-1 ehowiii itliii'iequalesda i'sA.1-utbyts, o l ligt: i llici t ointli*,iii it'hh o selttir'
but wo (ofle~esFil( azl P0n11 0- sor s si s. Ihitititt, Aidaiiis midi
Ii~n I' 'ecl vsiting cards W sup- he Mitt'' hiittte itlI niltil Stat11; iedilyiiitiss i(Ir ii or ilit'
isi 'it' tllt' 'ofotni-ot' thu-hiiii'sillily'rth r-
ply ll.fre asil
recrd.ofhavng role ul I0 pins sdi, il grad ~apds 'f\iooolki;u-it MssT-cersdta-,o"s-uthed
j [XIL V V Dbluetho t ll i I 318 .toa '(;iiumdos zi g s a , 1i' -- enii'htc''the o lt-i', t . Ii'iil' it n ti Sit'.
30iS., lii'5 1111115 hus lhe ton 4ty. I.\tif _si'ogta ' 010 ii'' \', lt-A111iNl,
. HEhAD NeT!L r by ii'ii.ui- t soyws. Yl nd P n1 York): p~itys r alit'ear s o wlref r ush'\ee r eathr sB'iti. 11i(itiseae-'
AA ;Illeti 11(lfl" :1 111,11v(' Mr Gtiiiiand-Mr
A E IIPOlPEF. so Is oto ii oliiliid 'otllti'ttitlti et'il~ i 11fh C('l"l( te
ifolii' litlsito-os iii'tiiiihs tif l Ynea e NEM CAPINil"id -r
THE LEADING AIIsRafWesternn Mana andoWell-Knownn
The tirgst tockin he Cty. hiliilt ~t1 ol trll lutit. hr our til ll r ee t. asiiotiws i llo'hu'lit
NO .W SIGO TNA AN tingof Iiiile ilstor'i bu tl Itilil P 5 tliioll 1.0-iillut h(ist 10111 1'. 1 .01ltly 115 iuiiiitis;
.10-l - hittilS Muluiuil t'itlluilO 0fil. ilI-i Itll iii' Ig it'keilto l > >euiv '' tli'iivuiiu ii ol ii' 'uh' fiiiih
WNDILDPORTEhR. svyii hmtm l', s iiilitit' huh5th in ilut' lslio -u uloslutly't'iuy i't-soMnlI
lou tt ilt Wistlilot 1001 lo-c0011ofut eiO'ushtgoii mthds ofisi thiea iii L Et-i'SfiiNEutto'yCAPTAINl li
Ah ltet dinost Fahionabe4.0eload. benbnsoyollav'a1niat'sbutto tl olhit a il'tttrecord it ih'ki 'l 01t ht Ilytlhoii


Special sale this snook,,

ai h -of ithird. uuoiuut 11" litor014
I'o'uu111+s'-host' gaulto'vt-i111lHaniiuuoui,
ss'as ut gonitler slirlriso, 111111
sioooll inlolto' thit 110' Qiukotr
oiuo'ii avloos e ntti oso'ro'stltiiutoo, butl
iltots~#stlslllltlt, thetir shiowil,,i 1flii
'l)(.'t (Iiitil'he Sail 2Ililti litthit' rolle,,sI

Ito silt's It ilea lit: itlllii' ofil
thedol)"' ofoiugsoilI ilgl'o'ooit ,tl-i"ilit
ir'ader'i'tiroot-gh sct'ne's of gity allo
sp1ldor, itihtliii 'lore' iiu ,tigatot
li-ltoitoy hnidett to suh surorundt-
tngs, anth Is hers itoot thitoughoulftoby

hiolouoebi huhnd oot built,onlyi'recenf 111
gb-iig, top boase'baull. II li on oiililylt
Yt~o' OhMuriphy Aoas at tAndovero'l, oiort'
hit poi~y'rd booth gaoleo'. ul'lunihy'o, huitlil
is at lotitolCity('Io',Iras. Het'is six
foot taoll wrilis1.68 oiloiuds hutdis 231

arc. - - - --iiiv, tII'11k.". l xqiilte'-eno f 1Ill 2ilElion. 11 loi- lon
So?.tanlarti and Miscellaneous Books, o ii tit 1 ur oatilhoil .tiso's to be one' of i 1e,(.sui ns' of lii A Correction.
C;alendersanud DtieYor19 a fle hits tultytol twottie gamieos-one in'1e10, indtlhulututhornis re'iin'ig mantiy
Juvoenile anti Tor Books, osithBr lownind101lii the ' 011 l'hooottlgiwiitlhtiutheoomhi 1'i'3.i<ikiui u~n'lt oon isol
Teacher's Bibles. Largest Botn<.. etdthauir Boston Athletics--boi utie out in lion frio~s tob iiiooughootthue statfrut,'dthr.iiiioi'g'lo'nuol to si si
stock in the city, 1,000 popu- -_______ioshi________vtt
lair books at 25 cents each. grcanlhilioilll ianioil ulse' trIly Ito'sltholdnotf puty seso'l
P'rincerton sothi flytigrobots. 'T'e lat- 'ireo'folossitg list shoorst'shot'Ci'einsteadlof sixpitct nterutst tonil te
trta haplydstoite s-ely ;odstait's fromlih leht urtiws mhost I' . erItyrust filund hld1)ty tilt
WMLMLA " yb lout wooiul hobeaiteinby tiii'of liir stuiieiits: Nes(4'fork48, ('t-oil- Istate; lout the state'men'ut iiiye'sterday'~s
Itp Towni, Doiwn Town, Quatker'is. Thilutcuitome of thletPrinuce-itectiruf4117, I'en11155lvariil124, liii-li-aily that it hatd orderedl hiii ttopay
Usiversit Bookstore. oppasite Court Housesiiiditt10,Oo9S petrlinrstnaorog
20 S. tate St. 4 N.,MinleSt. ton-liarvard game etfectually slne os12 ho9.sevcor cn neetwstvon

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