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December 02, 1895 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1895-12-02

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I Al

VOL. VI. NO. 51.



.1 No s ille t.1jI'lolij''.
IGC AMOIPIONi SIIP 05 OOOF T . EST 1 'I ll' lriii{' 1 is ht, hidlii i' 'l4ies
Hit Is enougrh for one person to P BLN OMCIA e' 1(isI e iiln er l
01 thay 0on It onie time. One Milo l i' illlto'. while lhe ('les io
gil tar kIlea nonlilgnhio' t #A Harol Fought Game-6,O00Pen-i"i voter',"1re h mIs iie tll(°Iias'es
ll ever.(ito l tupply 2'1,00 eti- iil rile Wltnoess the Game Prom Iiioa's': hal lite ilext- pl l1 U-0 I ' ll ,,
44 dentIs. 'Tha1t's awly wore 1n41 Grand Steeids. Private Carri-iges 1 wnii'o etNeil s
Jilt coantily in lol ok erersl 44aod Talls'-I'os--Our lien Play
doze ens o iiigaarsof tVarious I110 Wall--Snore 12 to 0,ekol i e.higi. e". i
1411 makes and pries. 0141 .lire, sod itis f onl i zih., 1 ~ ohe
1111 1111" t r . l r o tl (' 1 ac 111
iiBETrER O O K AT OUR iii'
44U. GF M, E IA . 41o n t'.I° oi' Iie l lni ores 11,li ilneil. s ~ N 11 ' . i 1'
Ill It's gooid .asitos111101. i '4 t~i~(l1lt L~~ ~ tan roh
:'__________ 1111 01' likrnt l th ~'Oill lok11115 I li s i 111 illi
111 iTHE 'n 111l lie lirlt'i'I0riiitloI
°Il, llt sUR RGN' tl 'oo n hecld (11 ) si'nlush lo i'- 111lili' 01' ii I'iriln
114 11', 3 11lnne l o 1 'n1til. a ( 1'i flo1
('l1ii.eoi 55111011S1.t tii
fill I" i n il u' Ih t e ' lioll -i'l , of10011 ' r'is- l ll i 11ehifdi{1 le k ls~il fIolClit- l
I lallI I We 1e0t1e "i' 1111 ' 11)1111't'at
i ithlk DIT 'M E11"'I11:i cen eIi'01f11'
____________________ll i' l, 1111.1on l ip i 1 ii t
1111 ills mtile1file 1xis;ll'unll o' t'st
'' reirn Ioerllrics 1110'I M:ii's 001'2(1 tt'e
coillilltl . 1r ' . di ill ii 1115eIiI i''0 iliill 1111111111.
Yiou al fg s - i i 11 et; anCty nl s o iiol "q '10 i rl 's the 1111111 iIl'0112 0 ii
oi ct so'l )'il l'.1 Ili(l oihi i ii' endii S 'a i CII- hilI Ilsg .iet"t o .iei 0 11on1the irs1t1111iii-
bycil sae ths 0''k ili il li1111,1 (0 'l t1 i 'oo lle lgin il iient( "', 111115 11( 1 y i I'
ti li9o9 Stoat*od 1111o (l i ts ll. iOIIrienniilsl Eio (111111- 11:111 n i l ii " 001t. aii x I D.sls11 010010111~

tl~s Isi llilia.ioil 1.11liio ogi,-vttebl ~i' ha 2.01
1111l die 1 ll1'lgl 'i-sli. ollhre llre
Nleel is doneasile1;ri'eislithilIII(,01
.Ni'l i' i len nil 5liihslothe'ball.i
luiei anmd 0'illa ak11i, 'son ii yasi,
liii thlla Iollislo'o on's- anotheir'i
roloildt et; e ol' ioi'ero' lio'i 0 11a1
dia '11(i['hals Iwoil. rs, li li1tholl
111115 1 lill' thon u ie li h rIu uc l
4 ukIle1e111 In lci siden. ;fe 'i
t"ise isho'kill. i('hIlhag.
{mil' 1111,1'es foils 'ar(1do, 01lii-ill) h
foelleow"shis imlii 'n'i'isi'ioolwe liifor
I.ii11 o l ii-fir e il'r. Nc' I 111105 I'iii' a
y.r ,a d 'i' s e0'l'~ls In (11 '1110'
I 'lil. l'il t '' l ', l ay1150. 1111 o 1 .il l anyI
015 ili'111 'o. ico.l 1'dbCbliol Iil
olilil to i ' 111ubeol oi ol 021 .1111 11. -
1 I l i i 11012 lii' bC li' three', ( i' l
110 (t11011 h b 1 lonaks a:' l il - ll o
mel ars.Ilollls oh I'. 1111011h.
il11ii o'' 11111 0.1aidoI".lNellei. 1111 liii';
Noe il mn.hrlii l Io in. il l. E, l Ill''.li,
On il a Ii downy1to Nee11 befo111he
O.I culiole ba' yl 'dI 'iclools slioi'i
I1ol.01i ollside of1 liithe llinty,.I('ntihe
i a olbor11.10'. 10 dollhe illso 11111WNoel
1(11 s'etwo'yards. \c(li' 1 t11.','ill liH
sao bill iii's 1 ' lay s.o 11' il A ioi
Iee lil eomalliib111w N oi 111111
10111ts11he2balei doils'.il
IIlistlIoe is'.aoeilulls b a ob~sIm
i'i' 510' s. Siiitel;i i 'for I lilagol ill lOE

Standard and Miscellaneous 1301(00,
Caleners and Diaries for 1896I.
Jouvenile anid ToyoBooks,
Teacher's Bibles. Lamrest
stock in the city, 1,001) popou-
iar books at 25 cents each.
tip Town, Downn Towon,
University Bookstore, Opposite Court House
20 S.SMate St. 4 N.Maino St.

iowoil to ' Pal iooi liiel c 1i1o t mf 111ey10' el~l 'iil thi'00015'li'a l pots o's iouch- eI is's eiesoha lo soelii'ti111a0m'u1 on
2aitiiis 'ihlit htbO'le S'ivo, es iloan)11' innoo 'oi'iig ioss of muon aiiilndligli Ii le eoui itl llnslb itOe
o'i'ls; (alOi r~ers on light thead'or Ci'blue, while the hlieli-atn 0-ill ithunders tihe ir 111110' yandosendis tl iii ells:hott
anooer,' asoul Oli Nils, jl (Ye''i'tdl i romhous000001isut'' "r00t(rs." to tlioi- 'ilit, t'spo'nl ug Ilii'0'.h g
0b0' tiet'oast intlerfer'ee ('iegeo 0.110 A lien icsii'soif ho 0snuin io li Mlii- i'usiurs 0i'(iliibe oaiiit ii loari' clil-
oulle tho sloor linioliontheiliohe, iili'O t.111''Oe'('10-yaard1 lino, andheO makiooes r01a1. Thme hat on~snot -go theo'iiecc.-
a; pretty' io'lo'IOya1rds 11001st8aeir. iiirlsen ll uisck hefoei e is finalily' 6000 1(1enOyar'ds, 100(1d5iscll-il tailsto
finaolly fllinig before a liard tckleof dontoheol. lerboertltinks'iL o Joniey'is lie enter of thot'fieldl iiforothier loik-
lllooiolIingsteon. EIsoo'io 0 istoof, lolleas ', hoot Itlinot gelsintooile 01'. 1100(1 nB'ff. The iitaIttemiipt. is bom sioceiss-
otteo a ooiooooto- iesiumies play. T1oe old hIonbareb l les te o'aruds. Villa indsiiol~stl, alad lin. bollt;goes IsiHollister,
"titlole's hbots" toiay netsNoel 4,11x0a O'l l111 te cnter, hoot 11 Ail lcsnl (i(nutinnled on Secnod Piger~

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