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November 16, 1895 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1895-11-16

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Published Diaily (Sndy e'ceep~te)t dring
the Coiign year, at
OrICE: Times buildig N. Main st., opposite
post ofice.
J. A. Lottoy,'%, Managing Editor.
G. B.HARiISON, 'tt L, Assistant.
G. It. Ses, '9, Assistant.
C. D. CAny, Gr. L, Assistant.
S. E. KNArroN, '9, Athletic Editor.
L. C. WAtoot,'90 Rousiness Manager.
i. C. tiAULs, '9:0 M, Assistant.
Associate Editors.
L., A. Pratt, 'Oi. A. K. Perie, '9.
C. A. ioghto, ' ). G. M. Ieath, 'il t.
Katherine eed, '97. 11. I1. Gammon, '0M.
J. F Thomas, '97. W. X. IHghs,' p
D. . Metheny,'l. tR. tR. teiy, C.
It. C. Bc, 'Oil N.
The pricr of the Daily will resean as here-
tofore, Slat a year, invariably in adance,
ntwiehsansing thc act that pbicatin
wiii e cntiucd atil tCommecement.
It is insid to tuidrsand the seem-
Ig lack of itterst displayel ty ci
greatitmiany as to the gsime today ansi
the Gost iwo ganes. Eahi of he
three gattes is vryitipotaniit, next
in litporanee otly to the Harvard
giamet, which didi not cotpioise all otr
schedule, as 00100 seemto thiki. O
that game deietdedt orrepttatioti in
the Erst, the football stronghold, atd
to a. great exentirouglouti the cotit-
try; lut othiesoe'gamie depeds Bite
standitg ini the West.or natural
fielol of ation.
VToe sitiationi is jtust tis. By the
showsinigtmatoe agaitst Harvard, Alich-
igan lhs orid rcogniiiohn froni ite
mosttoservlitive citis to a place its
thisfiBest class of footal teatis Now
we have tis poosition. t mitint, ait
to iothits is fully as ificlt as0 to at-
taini. Te sowitg tmae by Mlii-
gan againt iHarsarod is ustd on ths'
West for asuming tiat the eitire
West is ot aspane close to or oo ar
with the East. That is, le assmip-
titon is that Miciigati is strcly if
any ahead of tle other leading W1est
eren tentms, It was not gestorally at-
rnuledothtiat we had the bst ta'oin i
thin ltnt yar andl the critics lre still
disposedt to imale an open quetion
wit thin, We believe, that we hadl
the best tamn in th West last year;
andelwe further believe that we have
easily the bot taont the West ths.
Buit this we haive ot to irov, adth te
reputtion mate tonteEtt wot do
It alone. Prdue is aiibitious for
victory today and meets no at just the
hot titme tor her chanes. Wisconsin,
though she does niot lot is, hos
stateod her tosritose of provingty hie,
showinigtagintst Miiticosta as comt-
ptared wthi uro that stirtoo is ettitlei
to rank with the best tams of the
country; and. of course Miescota is io
less anibitiotus.
But the gaime especially to be kt
in mind is the otto with C'iicago,
Thanksgivinig Doy It will not do is
assinea too careles air about this
gamse. It is very imporant from

the West tand pride alonetoldh Communication. C lo iti -g 0-wit
makile 110 tntis ttoito ousr lest tler VMager titrles Patro1~l ti tiket'
suchli rciiliitliiiOO. 1tilu tri chde o'tllosii iin llt'iill lt osteth ato~ oeal to We Ihave left a fair steokof
titnds iuponiiit a15 svell. ('itigoz l ilOall corts of
all iinterested, inithot' Cuitelgo gametonol
Nortetlierni tid 'Oicoisiil, -whic~h
toileweoo ltait IireotoilshThsli-hg PDay lot ('licag;o: W_ iTING TABLETS
teas e d ntandthresholdbe Art'aigrtiio'iio lase booetnitatdo withl
ito roomtifoe such discouralginlg rot- the Annl Artier and Wabaishs Oairoadts which can ho closed ont as
paorisotio to wore possible lifter latst to rnt a s'ecioal train tromt Anit Arbor fAMOTH PAEoABETs(
vsa'Si.ir'dias5trou 1'liliinksgiviilg Day theroutgh to Chticaigo without changlie, M ~iAMMi~~tOTH 20l0 PAGE TABLET', F 5QOC
gatite. 'fle C1iiogo toapeors tire ro)ni- leaving hero oil.9 o'clock a. its.otl Wesd- GOOD RULEN~TABLETS, 100 P, 3 FOR IOC
inetinttg onlthitncreaos'ed interest l uan-GODWINGTBE, - 8
nestay, Nov. 2?7, and arri-itig at Ciii- GO RTN ALT
ifetetdi the gasiceo our platyinig cigos abott3 p. iii, Foe this ltril a1 CRANE LINEN TABLET, 150
lii thec East and trolii' 10 i noteli larliger speial cate of $5 fee w,teriptel will BEST CRANE LINEN IlABLET, - 35C
o'roosvo-deii this acroutil onoe, Alloherbmaeiovlng20)icla' WRITING PAPER BY THE QIJIRE OR LB.
re'tsoniiwhy 0111 repltalltioni should bho'taklen. As it is necess'ary to kniowtoo This stock will not be replaced.
tooperly tupoheld. .Moreover, wi' huG' soon. ats poossible how many are goinig Come tqnick forcfBest choice.
to' tee ltstthiregt il h' torosyit is earntestly requested that all ste- Argus rnin o s
aotetooiist, lhowo'e'er isucit tiiyoseissPrntng Hose
ot.'nts eentO towspieople dteposit lt
to so nowtis. 'Thisis thege gshe u
cosies ~ ~ ~ ~ prc isos ~nnlea o, ~ tnrof ticiket atlet ttwith 'Me, Greeno- Grand Opera House.
wood, agosnt oftt hioAunt Arbor rootd.,
oiliest gotmsssowotlitbe sacrifi'iiidOtoisiwits tetltls ~ie'sin n ~i
ibis. Wi' il'orned'olaitl year,'thateist t the'Cookoisea W rsStatoe sI. BALANC A_ TEEE
swsi o 'lsve 10ntoialul lsioed o toreorwtmylfRcips il
seeotcie ts. Afteo'r todaoy's glaier with inibrta iktwl e Eneenet Estretordinary ansiout of thee
Nostltweolo'rtsthee work io sl be odirect-godtOriayf
so t o'chssivt'y to thee ''leosgiv-ieg esturninunisl CicagoPec. 2.dgeSpedthei e file osos SA N TA N E
Diatogaiieeisligthstid gise his teteas tier *
Poygsoest s toso.ltelste-besieit of youri' irese'lce,hOIt. ill be ai Endorsed by Sloe Press, thee Physnicias
Bitole will bultithiiehild thatedayosy. and the tlergy.
greest gisie.
oethaolistihsenitut inhipooessiont of CHARLES BAIiRP, Moter. THE MASTER OF HYPNOTISM
ail fatsloto ho' gotisoetiabotut osur weakl-In tis Brand Seance Hypstiqor.
psointls andot viiche will pla'y for thtose Nw TsOht iDA o on he Piros i es lOC, 15c, 25cand 35c.
-N 'oat poinits. dlancitig at Grasiger's Acadiemy. Osice,
TIheese wordts leave boon vrittens io- ersidenscestid acoadeiny BGtaytnard sO. Lone'sChocolates.
iso critictis of thee tiotiageiiettsior Single rooms and board to be hind at Hot Lunches.
oeo os susggostieteto outiteaiom's troiners;! No. 17 S. Stoate s. Only three dtoors
for tier Daiy konowslt htey unetr- frost campiuis. Hteat and lighti fur- 1fUT f'fLE' S, 48 S. State St.
stostnd asndshito' olive' to ts' situton.inished. _________________________
meore thioroughtly thantt iny of this rest ~D ~ !RE+NT.SCIILEiR,
of i!- ratsbtoo'. i os.srills'ls, hiosw''se'r, -T i ST
tf you a.,st goodh relstle lhue isunc e tal PH3OTOCnA.PHZER.
its thee hopo of aosing greaster iter- on heed T. MO.nte-,ofise No. ,S
Fourith tsr. - AN N ARBOR. MICH-.
rot oet this'part of mantlsiysioo's'________ha_________________

seemees not to comipre'hend thieroost
sttusatiote or to itovee bieosse tiscotr-
ei;iglyashehstie. hotits all waeutp
to ste imoroitance of tie rensaistitor of
ottr footboall seoasonasndsh elp theis'toals.
a-.egssirtalonsg itstse'fortis.
'Thosomspetng foe the 92.5 cesh
prize offeredl by ste tastiliass for a
sont stoi' ofut heteisusre' of Yaleo
'esins or Pr'nceiton storsie's mtisi hive
their produoctionis its by hoistotory 15.
Theii istoxiseeues sumerofutworsst
2,500. For ftoein tformtons adto-
stress, THtE C ASTAIIAN.
hoot-A.Vessel E. Wirt tooetatsisstorso.
Plhease reurnsuto 281i0, 'S0 ifth a550
u.raf n

-f ,fs 44 C A


- a ~iS) 5 ;3 )? )?s )??S ) S S):S S)"?5?SS? " '' " 3 ,5"3: ,
Editod by ALBERT SHAW.
j REVIEWS, an its FIVE
E nsue intplies, gives its MNTH
K adahie form list best a
. ^ tatappears in the olter .$I .00.
Sgrecetnmagazintes ahl over p
to world, generally on ths ame date thunt they .'p
!,k aepublished. With the recent etdraordinary
icrease of worthy periodicalt, these carefeul 'Ut
reshewt, summaries, and -- p
..qotations, giving the ANNUAL "up
/sT~ PVIW i EVEY N.SY' NwX V4gsst of perhodical liera- SUBSCRIPTION cb
tu''-"'re, are alone worth saps
the subscciptionsprice.$. ,,50. :
AEVu side ft a's tiiese departments, list editorials.r
"-is and cetntributed feahures of the REVIW ofREVIEWS ace themselves si
Sequdl in catent to a magaztne. The Editor's "Progresn of the World" ts.
5~~san tnvaluable chsronicle of the happenings of the thinly days just pastdo;
.5cwith picures on every page of thte men and p
wonmen whso have nmace te hsocy of te monhh. THREE
seo. The Liteaty Worgld says: "We ace deeply RECENT
"-e impressed fsrom month to month wih the value SAMPLES
4-.of lte REVIEW OFRErVIEWS,' which is a sont 25 cents. :Q
ies8.of Eiffel Towver for list survey of ftewhtole
field of periedical literaturt. And yet it tins a mhnd and voice of its j
4-N own, and speaks out with decision and sense on all public topics of :ac
ess lte hour. Illis a singular combinsation of the monthly magaine and saps
1. the daily newspaper. Illis daily in its freshnest.
dN.it is montly in its metshod. Ills ist world AgnafdIt sp
4isunder a field glass," tt ls
Sold onoallNews Stands, Single Copy, 25 tn' Profitable
hRVMPsREVlEWs ragazine.
13 Astor Place, New York. La

many points of view'. En the Beest l l'
place, it is the big game of thean or i ULA LUS Mca.

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