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October 24, 1893 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-24

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\VlIne Cmi tho lse theissisussl sin All $2.50, 3.00. $3.50 ansd $4 00 Hiats, excepting Sisermaus Ro5 Eelof,
jon is arm c1ie fle, YOUitsCas ie _FOR $1.98.
herss Ic tha it isn't.g, 0C EIGHT DAYS ONLY
Calkins' Pharmacy FIA' c.2 oSTRAOt 8h l tlsadSzs
Ihtvc a Full Assorttment of UiNIVERSITY TEXT BOONS, new antd seondlhandiAno il i hitilsof STII) FN'1
SUPPLIES, which tecy (offer ,3t the Lowtst Pt-leers.
THE3 1Al,1DIl.SCOU TS GIVN EsTO S TI.DENTliS '_COi(Asl IAU t 10 it? S < 1-,C1 y .I Vyir:C
cARS N G rAV 17 DT1 T S -- 513> -T c ERiZL _30
0, .BARBER S OP. L j :P . A ]S 7 lmSW slR. FZULDE
c IL'- 7:< eS Ctr i li~t 13Inr L, p il t5iIster55 -Is sC ost 5' at -5--S ri Cl -sme,) iie titer
O lii) 6it/_'55ua ntIts 11 S I I-I t, i sitstCil \ic IctT,
£11.31 N 3A\ltl i AL B A K Iafts 1 5. 5Gese i 5 505Ii si I 'SS- . C 1.115
N()JiPlatediVale li. 5 ,1it1, center -is., 551/sO. , German 5.. 13 C I
No, sisi s issitosti II 5 5555cr t
i'.SA.'55ri-N. 1S 0NI ,ttsA C nl AnnA br, Mch.D EAN & COMPANY. t,.. und 43111e1
PNrRa 'YN TE.iter-Cino RipNs. .nter ikl Td eodell iun LampisPi. UN & L'. oftM. 12'"w I
ts itl.S ri toss to oft ..0. I sst mpyea ry Ilse l. tm"ic ,ti Ird~n, B .a l t uetolsi a ll be slls. eatc j eitm ri'ild~y1~i~is~
te 115ts ,. ..ut 1)10rr~ >s a Atb . oan"d..t.lt allpri ta-las taest s 5 nrrelrsIsa btgt'o lt . Ctiin d vn hts y. Iy A. NO L , en v'i ' .
(i) si s sri.. e".l-o i I .1I/s
t15 1!(f r . w I~S\ C',ie- All rb r,, aich-,teas-sciil sY isi-sssio P iY s
trsa a ISee (ila tl~i tlt t lasItsenyinerclssl a seballes. t ti edprvieteyafrstsml akes or itsiss Os s S Telephone.i aIts
530. eC uch at erwih 1hfobll gass* rle s estalmiss e co sidcdearphm enhr 5.12.15>'ss 0 .IEI5 s-s
is ti 'sintsiii e su oite o te avtoryl.)All st dentshIaiogb e sseethan
esot rauaestsirkybar o bte th letic AscaB ia 0 or dtooenerista t e 1ti115 I( -.er1 d 11'
The e nnisA.C.teamrSas Alsbhise n dtotheirg decisionassshallhibe final.
cgovsedrhsnfertst.It akingteirs dcnests, they deesedfrehnos. lt
tosva al Nehcska taxs otetssili.e govered b te f 11 b.) Al sIndetsrItavng 30 o fib
ale telettr etedy. rsls soal creeed ao fneisgma, nisal e ft uoil ti g1eost lis AP , T
Throt and Steel club teets hisof l sts of l inteclassesaseall deertied sohomores.ent
tteveting at 7:30 ococ. bio s otedalastorfismeve tysbeor (aAlntuensotainefonSaardevningES.
Thlie jWtildr lit 92 seil urelct icla shl eisugmie o t h e laspishiory 95ju ionrac Eceit:o neig IAET MKR ei it
posttggadaateiwor. (i.tsAsinstedensshnviigileps-iha
1T le anis, po g.naet iolt 2.Al roesshlbe ad d)ll ohu scrdtstd essntigas-lbrisor
cin ue Os othisaftroolnto. scIt ing d tigroudcsiotheyo hn~ str rdto ttrn, TeRcmn tagtCtN.
cIowa.ndRo b s klt. ws ismri- tstb.t)yAtatd. heysuaenbetsrehaviniremat'fsnitioii6osiiat/l iia
AT h r o n an'.e l l b e t r o T the is s af a gte ofa tes us all d ied bo p h ois es .i s g r f tl O a E ARNFi I A , s it tsu
this eening t 7:3oo'cloc, be psted a leastsevtnatyslbeore (c) All sitent havinsfrontst assiARErHE BEW
Lhe.jA. ior-itsk, i 'llOlct classt he lllirftbga l e tote tcrmptr shck p to110- ' urs k ed t onrgss, ttt egis- ietosi ana itti orehotnrsgu. p
'offiesa tuas ty, estobr2 srda vttct ieso tesprrgafield talejCollrsercprinig ctt edrti&l riytr~aeCianactns,
iS .Harvstctg. l t ta, its '553 'clk protests a s bsymatdeastn jrtndigofl l sentsI(haig.m re Th mR Dug
ing e the rh lfosp tallsteaveek. iticnegsscandstbefgouhe fst of at e so-t, an oar urislatctred toilng, teritg to AR .TT
E. r. W lRob itei.t'e, ithe rtn-ig e stIsrolestatd T e shall be litiec etsby- seise vr n t nsAbr
chtyilposc ihr il tolrep s fThtey follossing-day, ifdoosribtctheAtto other flinss desir-
shc ia nf ridoosaytnight, oo.la t sta tbetdecAide y t BAsory ig Bto subn rit bid oaldee Jasw. in LCGUin
1'.:. Fik, lw '9, loatIdi etbuinss ltmbn ess of ther-. -flenme o te-. rnfaT nre LO R
baoisos f ie oott orf oat lea orth ree csl ay rirto-c a se h rute ei- blwi neeypcae
Nirsit,styestedaospital yes- tis. is ots rfeddy e~a asano h aefo
lcgeraittgen s t ft 3Ierin . i.All lstuds shall se o sidy er,ba th oream n pri, ndtone o-tit e & IA °eic~o~c
ro 'e splait a dlaast appo.int-ed snbrporle deatet inbetingaf hk tsuie'9 O rsite v er ea t
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to~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~hv thepooedaagmtonoeedeedt eogwotedprtorbbyrkeninAhe reorth
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gl ir w ll p od c R c ar li t ' lo k p .i . f th ol o in ay n g t s b it b d s s o u d se as

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