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June 04, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-06-04

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Time Table (Revised) Feb. 11th 1894. o l
EAST. W8 All $2.00 and evasJ Negligee Shisflte $1.47 asd 11.l67.
A..A. M. All $1..5 and $1.50Negligee Sbhis now $119"& G i s
Atlantic Exprees.5 5 llMail & Exp.....8 50
.& J. Express.. 7 55 Cbic. S818 ...7185 D. A. TINIVKER, - 9 South Main St.
Gt.Exp.... lab11u5 N.S. Limited.. 1839
Mail and Exp ..418 Fact Westa Eaxp. 15>5r1-
Fast Eastoe Exp.. 920 G R. Ex.. 818... a U. OF M. CALENDAR. Pole vut-is wn hcg
N.8. Limited.n. 0 33Pacific Express... sb9.55 att-tr 'xwfl s'a ao Official poorpe
0. W.RUEuxSn, H. W. HAYES,Unvriy;seodClr'Nth
G.P.FS:T.Ast., Chicago. Agt., AaaArbar. Mon., Jane 4.-Tennis tourar~meat bela'n.UnvriyseodClroth
University courts. western third, Shellen burger, Kan- OF TO-WITs
TOED las.,Jaae4,-Inter-clsas sssaseball seies, sa height io feet. SUET'VlI IE
TOEOlass vs.'F95lose, Axtleilcfield. TD T'4yOKASE-
Tues.,JusIn lter-class bsebsall series, '97 The record of points acoredl by CI ALTY.
lit en. .88 lit, athsietic field, theainninsg olge sa flo s
Wed., Janes.-lsnter-s'laesbaeball vcies'ib clee 1 sflo s
t(lit vs. 894 lit. Atietio'field. 4 University of Illinois, 37; Univer- To-wits Editor., Notice.
I i~t" "PS PTH MICHIGAN st.,.Jlse 9--u-'oftN. vs Btsse Creel, Ail-sty of Wiaconsain, 21; Iowa State ThCatissdsirieehcsl
riAY.IAle i~id. ' 'TeCsaineiosirbca
Time Table takilng effect Suanday, May 20, j Sss.atterxssan. Jssne 51-o0r. 'ad esimossrial Universaity, 14; Iowa College (Grin-
Ical, Trats leave Ana Arbar by Central eecse. ireraIyO.V C agsslensges the editirs(sf To-1Wit: to a
Stansdard Tinse. ass'i et.O(13.nel CicgosUniversity, so;,
7:15 a. m. *7:25 a. m. Moss., Jisne 11.-atess-lss sebalsisc,be- Northwestern University, 6; Univer-
':0p. a 15 .x. tsersswinnersroesst twosames. sity of .\tschsgrasi, ";Lake Foreat Hs7'sarE.
19:15a. Is. t:1 a. as. 'lries, Jusns 31-1-itser-class lbasebasll serist, be-s
*Traitn rotsbetweenaAnnsAreoand :~sToledo txr isss'osisl wgtss niversity iEureka college(Eu-
onlysssaslsslsyst Fri., Jsuse t.-Cssinsienessxs'ss snsml sreof1reka Iii ) 17 Kansas usiversity, I. ox1ihere ltv ii beri i i °Iesan g
R. S. It;IEisCOO~oAgzent, AsstsArbor. Winisileo ass lei.
W. H. IHNETr 0.G . .A. Toledo. St.,sJtnsel16-7.. as }t. vs. Den5:ison, Atletie IAlplia Nu Victor. of tie sext -*, sissi si's: .ll1 per-
FIW~ ie I.st 8 o iss Css - s-ohS'dsesiing Is: is's: pc i r thse
~FOURtI ;ITle -iiisal costest betiwcen ithe plases grlse(, it'' f to5.:ea'v'etheir
hI 55un 'z--Vet, dis-.'xh(s i s :1 1_5'Alpha I u5 and Aslphi soc-icties tiasies at Lu, 1 iAlI~v
B b auu ~ l rtiseat ftlcl iv siss ,-ssYass helSaturday evening, inrom D N I~ DLA T
-snr LNE O- Sist., lisac s-. v.7f.sllsiChcsi.'sas lis 'sic: 1 :1 1.~
ID NA O IA Great Meet. iornss. The program was as inl- jRI. aNNIA.WAtDFQ T .R
LOUISVILLE, i (Cont insus eas::om is-ristae.) tere- isv nethroughout anld IS a~ac j:0 I4 sot Steet.1t
ai CN IN A I owva college; third, Cop~elanis, NWis-r credit c.o the twvo societies. Halos- , di, 1nd sss setslsss's
and CICIN ATI , ls)'OIA 51-7 h. 1. ,rsleisjtolela 5
Iconsi; tirie, :3Jt 2-J" ever, a progran s isopen to criticism ittESlt.Y-7 5 t . reatlsssis is d s55a555
'\lle ru, dtesstrwx--is, hich does not bring it exercisexs tlsAY-l t n 4n o' cn
Cly'de,loiva college; seconsl,Craigsn, vitliiii tiws hours. Societies wvouillei~ 1)"3isati c n t
~Vt~OU'G-I SI2It~IN (A~.'~Lake Forest; thsirrd, Pointer, Iowva ssoiseii to remember this if they s ~'~
Pefse.Lsstleo olg;118 .53-5" ivsii to dra'. patronage.
88oa-yards r'sn-first Copelandi The jisiges, Prof. .\Ivcheroi, ev. fLOV '17 s fJ O' ,5
Goiraeitsusraf.5Wi'sconslin;seconld>Clyde18 Iowa! uslras ad'iS (oe
I-s I S~t TisI 20 5 time 0'- h it i n:sUratios, by C. H.Dn L -4y 3 1I :ieslQf~.:.
I itselbicycle race, tvessly-five start-!rn ,I dcamtiont b Iy EI lii cia.rLAd j.
BIG' FOUR ROUTE. rthetra et.iialwnbY C' A1D ,
ers liss tsil 15al svts l}itls k ' ssesty isuerisysea t;:1 . 4 PT. F'emrtAve.
Co's of Isiva Stats University; sc ' I si salplsais s-5 ;debate, V IV
third, S vers, IIA'ireka college;:time, ih Ii: lraio , C. G.Z ilr 1t14y arl, rnt. s III. i X I"N I]o,
(is:::: srIi is i: i: i T M INEii 2: s.s 2-3. iiic.iI'er, 1'(1 srn7 1 ll.F7lttl tPr
i._lii 5si1s)ii llaniaiisi. fsticyrC.l T.s fU-I 55 53 2 55 s-i'is. si 5-Ieet
...,tTCA0-O .. dah, toLvLsistartr tt V pap, 1 f1 1ets serrIi .ER.
'riss-t~ Ma e l'l~t st e is-sites1celJs iI)<:ariorn, 5"
'ITe C le, s ets ne iss 1nS ltss j 14c*?
linst 5 sbsu~isl ttsiss.' U! i'esss. li''-i s: 's:I: altcl o d ie~ll~ , ~nI" i as !!acs-ic "' AdlilIsrssisss t1 'L M
,hstls issictielt' s ivrt ) f^__l. lsrl stacss om!itea ni a'
x t. 7 i tili'ot il et insi l Gfr5d :2 2 5.~
ml'ss'escs'ss 1:5 isei.«-n :.ls nic 55- lfm e tsov Ic s t o h r ie . a1jnIrtnl
1)111. 'IMe V. rtr yir. : U i tNI Us'ssvcsallyI f hungrsll diiiiireelert b....... ise
asa.nsa ,ecis1,, C Rasa iVscoasn t scili imess:26ey I-55. EUMINESM LOCALS.ic~e.siu Prlrs
BOnlr~V ddressHUS, SHeaymm e o.Frast ol llt-sis an ciiarsp;s's10 sheIt. t H. Ic(:snc s intltf8
II I c.0 st1isasiis
AV._I_:________the__________________________ xvaotsss.,s l( "ea ,3tris :ix.ti:>iliIi. 1 sicas

F.R1? N AIONAL BANK Cschrens, Wi:
OPsl5 ANN AltIltiR. feet 4 inches.
Capt~i.85s1,)8). Ssssaa, d Pr'fisii, l Kis'si auring bigl
is sei so' lsstt iseztb is i n i a55. . -s. F xr- iversity ofI
credit IsoneslCxforscleees axlri sisi. IoaaUniversi1
P. SA Ia, Ptes. 8. 5'11. LAttl( N.l0,shalier
consais; heiht,
PRINTING andsi- Church, Chics
-- PU LISHING ond, Weedmar
Stmdent Work a Specialty. nis hrC
Berst WoarkamensildLoweat Price s i ae City. tance,.21x feet.

aconsis; 'disce ;8
Ii jumpi~.-irst, Clark,
Illinois; second, Dey,
ity; third, Holt, XVis-
t, feet b inches.
roatd junmp. - First,
:go University; see-
s, University of Eiii-
:)tlde, 'Wisconsin; dis-


. ,

IF 101.'WA''1 Is: acr cthe' '' R-
RElCI"' thins.gits ii ss---We dso 11os
Iseel's Ills' (o11h1rikid---Y8iiishloutld see'~
IE always ?id .c
1i5-it9 S. MAIN ST.

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