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June 02, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-06-02

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Time Table (Rtevised) Feb. ilth,189,
Atlastic Express. 05 Mail & Exp...
Is. & J. Express .. 55 Chit'. Sple.
G. R. Exp. ti...e105N. S.Limited...
Mail end Exp..418 Fast West'n Eni
Fast East'n Map.. 9IW Gso. tEx...
N. S. Limited ...15 lU FacificEspress.
G. F. & T. Agt., Chicago. Agt., Ann,
'rime Table taking effect Sunday. M1
1691, Trains least Ann Ar'bsr by Cant
Staindard Timse.
7:15a. m. i7.'75 a. mi.
*.1*,:5 pm. 11:300.at.
:15015. M. 4:u i n, s
19:15 au. ins. +s:15ip. mt.
'Trains ruii betweean Ann Aarsor' ad']
oYnly nSndyony
H -ilsSaUSoisslaWOOsily.tAn r
W. 11. RF' NETTIG. F A. Toledo.
-Pe'tskey'. Los'ssillea CC5
Ivilei t' titroissi shoot Sissy I
E. . 11. 'IL t'l.){ICK. 1l1. B. NMAR l'I
lisa Cole,-'"e '.i ss itsos ttitosseso
fin les rilslo. tt";sishei's iistsidi
rost a nd fti isv' lolosttoti's.

*+ HIM MI %:j , A? ANAM71 S+.Morgan~
*AllI$2.00and $2.50Neglsgee Shsirssnsw $1.47 sats]$1.6"1.
A.M. All 9120 intl $1)INeg.ligee Shitsnose 8119$.G
705 D. A. TINKER, - 9 South Main St
P. iM.
60o Advice to Lawyers.
55 - ~~vr~ uhOfficial Photograzpher's
Arbor. As.large crowd ware out to henar N(hJ.I k 1 t~tflttl101'oTO-WVIT
Judge Donovan ono-T'heCondition tCaspitad, S5,pts. Surplsanduoitiss.I$17,010).
Dosea'earral basking lssisess. 5'eys inter-
of Happiness for Lawyers," which est' on S'virtgs Drps it-..lian safety' STUDENTS' WOIIK A S1i r
ieoi coxsfrresnt.CI LY
he substituted for "Skill in Trials." R. KEMPF, lies. 1F.-H. B~ESRtasiers(JLY
flask on Satusrdasyeening. ...". +..« , . r.......
Judge Donovan taide Ruskin teals . 5tA.2 'A D YOU-',OA.
naid a fortune once afforded on
reasonable ternms should be promptly st11 .,,, n- i it
trld ~'accepted. Thin is nwhat I offer t x t'tifil lJ 1iroro
each and everyone of yoei lawyers. .rthis andamos i's,"'n''0' , andi
Tlhese are tbe condtiions:
sseo Keep your body erect, free from 1 x _ ,,t u
clogs and disease by reguilar habits h.0 . in-e
Absir. and exercise. Keep) your office and ..'s 4 ''
homee urrounslings o5 ttractive. Keep)7 t350f er
TE a handy libraryits. goodshblanks ty le C' '' r ft l nozots110c7ss
a clear-hteaded coii'eesocel rathcer5~ Odg 0 )iae o eteganosdest,
thants a lbo kcio strmi. 'Ihe du alitly I thscsa t ien ,lo s o parea 'itll
of your swork owilliring yout NI - . ii ret oenr 1iin icstscru ~ctinad
newv business. Minogle wiitis th.Ai,1A Y. 5-41s 74BOA1)WA TolssdoDetrota-s's iso Mackinac,5t.
T.world-you crnunse oil yousilearn 't isCAPSanod GOWNS tosls gi ctheoa ,.iaso 0 its
to adivantage. Learn to reacd t~ts It I tetc.,11o liletwts- landiand ! t.5srb5.~it DailhoeteenCleve-
landsd 0 5i so b.T huecainparlors
mien aond affairs. Join lice lodges-, n st tr'sofa these steamerias are da-
mnassons, odidfellossansi cythias j -I--"I-sitedlorthlisacomptileteeetainmcntat
A~Sto meat tihe isasses. Think for huilinityuttdesriorgecondtitions; ls pa1-
yourselaes asd growssn our inde- 0 w., soitettsic'II ls aeing oyiattese 1
icendence. Speak ofteni but brietly. sttteaesto tass sl''' enjoyabsi'le, Sendfoe
let youcripresence, yourch larocter, Iltlusasltedd "is)tico pampeilt. .acddres
sor VOrktstalcip osand volan- 'AA. SCosIebT:,GC..11~. &T. A.. B '
hood all ai you. TPt1yosir icart eriMc
is' your buoiness, save a passion (or aie' s . 'ises
72lar tri ltstes:.vit, ancd succeosesicertinm. 'lit
. Greeks swere righct nho said:l ACIYe
healthy, a umodesrate inomesi, a wvell- TH. RI E a f ~r a 4N+1 . Cfi Ave.
[ stored grinod, thseoare the elemetels (PLC
r. !..o cesin. Whets yosu o," lot a's' tf orsow"ssp-sodsis" PLC t A~F+S
BtUSINESS LOCALS. a denier will rsr. Ii s ot ir ~ s~ lit 05' st l< i U i ' d s ; ' . 2.5 szti. . i'or
cats fssaishts 00 ' .n. . ,u i s agead"
ortl fi'te soapos, toocth brushes asnid i~Oil'.st1s '\ 5'gC s
cigars, go to the It. & iii. I r~fstgoer. ki di_;..toos Kagat'i'
31le't HOB- SPRIINGS, VA. fulslyc .il ri f'st taCr'Cln'osos
jlia trtio . a,'' . ,'5e5 '''it (",:diress11o'fAF

bekotiij sls 5ot'ttltsSttlel 5 ots tsll'tt''sTHE MECCA OF THE TOURIIST, IN- , } sl I 1 .HL A'
ls.s tttstsV'c ALID AND PLEASURE SLCEKEB .-- x--#.I.. ht. t lCiIF
rtilt stis its iii i it' B i's isnc-st "GusR
stssndslssaIss'tots5ln tn111 rloa', c"t i(Old Time Charms Cornbined Withi's IKIJIR 1H J5IJYIJJt9Co. j 4 0 'I 1'
totetlvo ei (Modern Conventiences. (aa.nuasc j""i raaaxpx x~m
iorierc 11.0 tiiformtnaiuthe a-f ti indianapolia, Indiana,:IU. S. A . 5 ..tcds" igPto.
1:1stcuttta tstiadt (Iitto'\'tt-istitiiti .0' 0.'' st 5 '15ll 55c, at"s
1)M. . .E. Qu - wheresaCie waindersfusl mineal sprigssoil lit ol ItS iii f I-Ilft
81..SV Son toss S.~ ' Cisos takebaayv ry vyaesige osit}shalsii; swchere ____________________
3134 H~io t, Cicgilisahepure'' sounotains air gsivernsets-cit aitoy, Y LJs C t WM FULDE,:
55-5.00 555555>;. WORKtt.it. inthtiads ol.sr so itIst' sy grts's00055 '
thiiseatiful Virginiaot theliar'alslei
FI i? $,T buiBsiS. lit a splendidintao'hotl thui o n 'istl'tjs I"Y(.t s5'N1 ii'''sa Io '
o1ll-tia oicharmstssh imoenaonvnienceass s.
sOt AN.N A I0.'siSl.osliditroutns fronti Cicagoyt, 'es'o ia, entorsa
capitl',0 00sl. turplu's sand 'avts3lt~o. H~~ii. iarbors, Si. Losi t's ass d tiinapliss,ot'v isa I heI ECT'' I s i til I .( c' cis out
"i a'ss" salsit ,as'Ssc bt ttO d otldl. Laises sit F. 5'. Litnsitls ic isa e C Is. tO.),\yh. lea vitig=,,
creditserosts'aifottr avst'a b oasid. Cisscinnsati stn tse evrtsissg, rechaiitg4Hot kcpuc tie ~ si 0 la i 5.
P. BAs5CII, Pats. S. 55' CLARIShONllE.Cslar. _rtg aIsssoo.'lrt~slooo su gk s'tst ~ li (01
THE ANN ARBOR ARGUS Sleeping Cars fromStS. in's'u ts adoianaiios
11011. Bitting Cors t sire routle.HE ] j J
PRIN'TING anido,4- lierlpamphilelts andsilnl iniformataion, ad- I islts li.
Stmdemt Work a Specialty. Is. TrafficeMlssar. .Geittil . loIc T issAgs'. 11
nest Wrkme'n and Lottest Priees in te City. I Bi j F'starxtci' Ifisl0tririaisis u, o. 1 s.IN Sri'.

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