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May 17, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-05-17

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_____________THE U. OF M. DAILY.

'C~i. of J'f(. IXai4a
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) daring
1bn Coil-e y(ar, b.y
A LARGE crowd should be at the
Michigan Central depot at 4:18 to-
morrow afternoon to tee the team

testified that to write thne plays
would re(Iuire a lawyer with tech-
nical knowledge of the law which
Shakespere did not possess. !
If Bacon wrote the plays why not
acknowledge them? H-s parents
were aristocratic and his position
was resn:-ctable. Social ostracism
awaited lie:] at his acknowledgement
tihat be wr :te plays for compensation.
Instead, lie left his owvn good namej
aria nmi-to hi rnntry.


And by Authority of the Courts EXCLUSIVE
World's Fair, both Columibisa at Chicago, amy
winter at San Framcisco.
Original Retouched Stereoscopic'I

Views !

off on the eastern trip. Nothing Mr. Hloward is a pleasing and ei-
willso eartn te nen a a oodfective speaker and will always re-
nend off, and there should be at least ceice a welcome here.
as large a nunmber down as there _
were on thte canmpus last night. UNIVy ERSITY NOTES.
Biring tin horns and oltd pans, and uliss Parks, '96 lit, is seriously ill
shosv by your presence that y ou are with mumps.
interested in the success of the team oMuna,'9mciciso-
which represents your university. fined to the house with mnumpls.
ToE regents at their neeting yes-. Blind Leland, '96 lit, was called toj
terday took one mnore forward step E"mory yesterday on accout of the


Thoeusanofn egatives made iby Mr-. Kilburn at theWorld'su Columibian Epitsion
haeeeniiaddied to whiat waireadty an unparaicel et eeitinteemmcerry country ict
te Globe.,sant lie i.suow malingie e 5gaivesifth e CalforniaSMidwiinter Iterna-
tionalExpitioniuat SanFrancisco.
We furniih lie finiess, stereoscpues adeoevyeceseiecriptioni.
Aj0 stuieitiithleliscn pa icRuswayterough ceilee by sellingour'iigoodsci- ,,
Fcciu'iii~tciaisi,ciiesancciifull ifornncei, aclio--
Atayo'th olwn

in completing the Watermcan gyns-
nasiitm by letting the contract for
the bath rooius. Itsis cattier disap-
pointing, howoever, theat no action
was taken in regard to a swineming
tank. Those regents who svent East
declared on thceir retusrin that one
would be put in, bitt nothing furtleer
hsas been heard of it. rhere is
something wrong when the nesv
gymnasium of the Normal school
which is to be dedicated tomor-
row, has too large tanks, one for
each sex and the state university
muist get along as best it can with-
out any.
Bacon vs. Shakespeare.
Mr. Howard, of Detroit, a well
known lawyer, kept the close atten-
tion of a large audience in the law
lecture roonm last evening. He pre-
sented his lecture in she form of a
case to the Chancery court, with
witnesses and argument to the court,
which was a pleasing treat for the
law students and which showed great
ingenuity on the part of the speak-
The brief treated of biographical
facts in the liven of Blacon and
Shakespeare, demonstrating bow dif-
ferent the lives of these two men
Shakespeare wvan reared with little
or no learning, hardly able to attain
an education which wvould go to
prove that be swrote the fanious
Bacon received the best education
in the classics, modern languages,
philosopshy and lawv. He possessed
a technical and profund knowvledge
sol the law, correctly using terms re-
lating to personal properly, rules of
pleading, evidence, etc.
Witnessess quoted are justices
Campbell, Heard and Morgan, who

D). A. P~ratt, of the DILY d staff,
ivwas last evening eiectedl to the posi-
tioin of nmanaging editor of the IM-
letin for the rest of lice year, vicc
D. F. Wilcox, resigned.
Horsford's Acid Phosphate
Is the nmost effective and agree-
able remedy in existence for
preventing indigestion, and re-
lieving those diseases arising
fronm a disordered stomach.
Dr. W. "W. Gardner, Springfield,
Mass., says: "t valse it as as escellent
prevestative of indigestion, and a pleasant
acidulated drink when properly diuted wish
water, and sweetened."
Descriptive pamphlt free on application to
Rumford Chemieal Works, Pravidenee,E.I.
Bewire of Susteitstrs anid Imitations.
For Sale by all Druggists.
J Ai1tES Ws. (GOODHlEWO,tFiorise. Groser,-of
Roses, Carnationis anid Floweers of all sams-
cty. Fioraiidesignsnmade upon short notie.
No.1 Oblcsrvssovy street, opp. cmotery gite.
Ann Arbor Savings ]Banlk
AnnsArb:or. 1Cliii. Capitai Stoct, $SISOW.
Orvaedio uns~der the General Bankiing Laws
afthliiscitte. Itecivsesdepincosiuys. and
etselsicgeon sti- prinicil citisoif she
Uinitedi States. [)eaft cashed uipon proper
identficcstiii.Safe,-ty delcioeso rrnt.
Orr'iCEnS: dCristican NileicPtes.; W5. D.
Slsrritose. Vice Preu.;Chas. E. Htscocks, Ca-
shler- Al. J. Fritz Asse. Giistier.
Good sWorki Gscranteed. Goods cedorilE
and delivered. A. F. COVERT, Prop.

nio5 Arch Si., <I, 0le.
I207 I lciois5t.,-Si. Louis, lo
Blerli, Grcniy.

320 . Adelcidie St., Torocoe, Ge,,.
.cg. Mccci': Cecil,I oiveeol, EnL
City ef Mexco:.

Student Work a Specialty.
Bent tWorkmnc- and Loweest Prices isnst-e City.
"fTakes First Place." FfLOWVES, F -OWlItRS
The name stands tor just what it 5 lFOi EVERYTtHItG ANn EVERnYBODY.
The best Bicsycle built for $125.00. COUSINS HALL, Florits, 2Te e8 Uaic.Ae
ephane. iS.
SplisBaseball and Lawn -um Tennis.gad
areasbs llcannd Itro i Tcileni.. cciCLLDG ofHYSICIANS AN~D SURGEONS
Ccanadac. Spailiti's 'radie marios aciarsnteer Cornrof itHonisre,cl Welt HforrisonStreets,
that the'goosi earce11he' icr-.Comispete iiius- cipiiteCoG ountoi s cpitol.
trated catao,,e.eadyci.Sesnt.ftree. CJ3TCAG-O, IT,
A. G. Spalding & Bros., The Colleor is coalpp-c ed it oneof thec
Chicago. New York. Philadelphia. finetl buiisithie niscisStaltesancitd ndi-
sates three aimptitthcatres, fiutnd,-:clincal
rooms cind5fivlaboratcorie-s.
FTIS T NAuTIONAL BANK1 The winter tern, beginst eiddlec of Septem:-
icK e14, laid enids ecirlin ,April, 185,5ftllowed
OP ANN ARBORt. by an iptionspcinriiig terec.FPes$15.500 and
ictiboratory idepoit wichtin retirnabele.
Capital, I$100,000. Surpls cnd Pros, sF30.00,Sour ianocai gra~ldeorses, siwi itadvaccced
Transcts a general bankng budsess. Foe-. ulniinligtfor'gridiuates in phaicrmacy, aid lice
eigs ecantge boughit and scid. Letterssoftonit tte stuy sireciteatorcourses, anteciedent
trdtpoue oeretcivelers abroad. oift MuiystIedicssic.
P. BAH, es.tS. W. Cl ARSON, Ccishier. The (lintilstand Labortotry fciliissare
Porceirciuaifofictormationcost firter par-
tieociar-s, addreess
8ia W. Harrison t~t - . Chicago, Ill.
'SfHO OL OF DPANCIING hireslhJjdau'ah
(6 lMaynard Street. Capitol, $50i000. SurpluiosatlPrfiucts $17,0c.
Dsos-eneral banksiing busoince. Pays inter-
Ladies' ArtisticnHairdressing Parlors. rat on Savings Deposits. Ran Safety
Deposit Boors foe rent.
T ADIES' hairidreuuic sssing mniurinig, fceC. CEMPF, tPres. P.RH. RELSER, Ccashier.
L nd usalsptreatseent done iii lice iatese RantsinsScieurdciyeening.
tcsio1iii. Ms. J. R. T'doski, 3N E. Weuh-
in-stosi St., oveburter ushopl. asYe assnthe Business.ut -
MRS& ANNIE INWRD FOSTERM. M. Seabolt No.4N. Fourth Ave.
46 S. State Street. CROaNPEN Ca.' "FONTaAIN sAGaL
MONDAY-8 p. ec. Acl isnced Ciais Inc Lii-_..it.
dieu aniid ceulcsicc. P5,.ii~us0t ENa MAKRS.
itlNDAY-l p. mi. La lies' ciius-ic ccass. CHICA? '
TT ESDil.-7 p. in. Ociieici cu dancin ...aa.. *
ciass. AW eersDITH
SAURIIAY-ICi o0a. Cas .Gentliemen's i .aciCONESO OMK A N
4so i. Laisclicuilcnreic-.WRDSAR
c2:30em. Chlidren's aigcassc ii. AND SELL HENS yan. -
bS).in. Prsciiivaeadaceclassiu. . iMANUFCTURS-,- ,
Private leusons by apspointsment. tULNG13.
+ TATC $AVII2$BAflK-i .sWM R.,FU L DE,:s"
A. or L Wai. in soil asehington Strees. FIRS T CLASS TIAILOR,
AL.NoBLEges. R 5OBERiPIiio L 5.siS,lciet'r. Willii ,n Street, First doorcWestf aeStreet.

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