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May 11, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-05-11

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LEW H. CLEMENT, ____ Loc h. s (-l]i, r Thail
10S. MAIN 6T. Dire Ct andj Manager. .UL1I I6LUL ,it ±iAo
?IGHIGAN IENTA Grade, Moderate Prices.
Time Table (ievised Feb. 11th, 1894. No. 9 South Main street, (Formerly Two 1Sams. .____
.1R. Exp... ..10 N. S. Limited.... 1080 CHICAGO 106 Wabash Ave., 13. F. C,1,:r til. OF TO-WT:
Mail and Exp. 418 Fast Iwesto Exp.P15S Vergil, Acn. 1203. 4,84(1ostirs. Filled. 1-:i o itiouRoFlled , W . 4
Fast East's Rap.. 920 G.i.E....,.. 160 SEND FOR OUR AGENCY MANUAL. U)Nh OKASE
. S. Limied..1:M,3adct tExpress... 955 1 1'WR I
O Eoso, .WHTO AGiCE Botn Cico, Feld,555~5G. . 1e T. Agt., Chicgo. At, An Arbor.Ne York, Los Augeles, Tro0n1. Y iili j5, 1. IALTY
Fri. ere., ay 11-Engines baqiet a1til ~1l~5 ORLKS
Gagrshal.Il llclF Visit picturesque Mackinac Island. It
i~~t anaeero L A lctrl oleemet 110w ir eto o duplicating wvill only cost you about $12.50 from Do.
in roomy), ass bilding, a 100a. M. coieso it wriingos nd drawings. troi $from Toledo; $8 from Cleveland,
l~y 1 IHGN StMy1.-nvriyvs. Unliesity o for the round trip, icluding meals and
- I ,Ta MICAN - Ilos at Ath.lerti ly berths. Avoidi the heat and dust by travel.
Time Table laMing e et Sunday. Mrh 25 Sat., May 12.-Msusicle o1 the Wom's ing on the D. & C. loing places. Tbe
JtW, Trains roave Aon Arbor by Crtral Legu, r iee AMemorial Bllhl, at 40. . attractions of a t 2i) ts the Mckinac ergon
Standrd Time. Sa ia .- Srior class mtisg, rIoo A, re nssrpssod. lie .!l itself is a
7:15a. in.o1u . Si.nla.radro atic po+ t ClimacteioOmIost in-
* 15 p. m. 1 ta. m. Suit., a 3 .(- Asiere nel eotvigoraing Twoonew Stel passenger
415 p. m. 11)000."01., SIl.,werM ay l-S.1 . Autbe anoielolsteamers have plut ben built for tho
4.Tra.ns .un0 b.tweln Nenbeeryor5and Toledo 111uppee 1ake 1011( , Costilg $300,000 each.
only. co ciMnlI, My 14.-Ser insioes, at Chapel. They rc eqiippedl with every modern
Atin- dilyexcept Sunday. 'Meln, May 1U.-Catilian, Seior lit pbliea- ( IMApLE, CH E AP,RSGENOD wiAnArotnu.Iv('L convenen e,..liciaor, bathrooms,
W. . 1EN NhV, . . A. Tledo.+" - AND E FF'ECTIE etc., illo t,.;eda Ilgiotby electricity,
______________SS___LOCALS._TI E.and are akrn ee 1 to ho thigandest,
BUIoSLCL. Eiosdb v rd,00Usrs argest tad -(Ceorblelleon fresh wae.
BG-F U -RO T I ST-A pair of spectacles on hI-bennsor0-0Hai0 on y cdlIc- y laperThs steamrsf abylcoprwih
h a 1 Her ou ..l1i r m c pae- the gret ocean iCrsin contuto n
campus Tuesday afternoon. Finder !I) y 11)11mansciptprdued Isped.Fou strucr ee btonnd
..-1S IET- please return to s5 S. Ingalls and co 1)01 .. rc)11Ie iclrantrap11 ~llleo 01Toledo, Detroit, Alpena, Aackin, St.
receive reward. swort,..I-0,N0 l S ANED. gnae Petoskey, Chicago, "Soo," Ma-
For fine soaps, tooth brushes and LA.WTON & CO., quette and Dultlh Daily between Cleve-
INDIANAPOLIS, cgrgot ha. .lrgsoe 0V1 eySl (/171, )'Ptt) lork. land and Detroit. Daily between Cev-
cigars,_gototheB._&_M._Drugstore. land and Pt-in-Bay. The cabins, parlors
LOUISVILLE, College students wanting employ- g II CATRn S o and staterooms f theso steamers are do-
ment for the summer should ad- 6.bGTMI ; 1, E. ShasbiaiglolIStreet. signed for the completo entetainment of
and INCNNA I. dessP. . Zigle & o. Px ro rhumanity under home conditions; the pa-
anAICNN T.des ES.Zege Wo. o ~~ ~55 ,111.1151 .55.Flosta. (Grwer of atial equipnent, the luxury of the ap-
_________ Philadelphia, Pa., who offer gra Roes cs0n110115 511 Flowers of all va- lpotments. makes traveing on these
inducements for special sork to o. ta~ osrlo denssignlamdeOp.upoohhortcetrge.notce steamers thorouhly enjoyable. Send for
T EGSA~nTT' which students are well fitted, and .,.. illustrated descriptive pamphlet. Address
THROUH SLEPINGCARSwhichl pays $75 to $150 per month. Ann Arbor Savings Bank A. A. SCHANT, . P. & T, A., D. & C.
'II3RUGHSLIEYIG CRSAtn Arbor. Mih. Capital-tol, f50,iiW. Detroit, Mich.
For reduced rate tickets to Oso, surplls. SISII+K.
-ervwEEN- West Ya. anid Old Va. points apply to =0Ortaized tdrtheGeerCINGig aw
(ef R. S. Greenwood, Ticket Agt., Toefth sstt.Rciel- depsits,buysyland DANCIGanal(D LSAn. E
> llesexasgr 111the pincipIl l pinlpop11r MRS. ANE'BARDFSE
Pcsettl~. Losetldle <7.1 Ann Abor & North Mich. UnitedI Staes. drats cashdI lpon prpe(m91 n i i1' OS
- -YL.-~--- t- dnticaltiona, Sarty deposit ioes 111ret.46.SatSre.
Cfa~cfnseertf STUDENTSFICRSChraCiseltian s Slck, rea.; W. D. SONA4-6 . S~late reet.l rls
SUETHlrrimaVice Fes.; Chase.E. Hiecoc, Ca- MONAY -.% 11114 iGisfro. a
.11 ( l~.1~llr~trl a~lt Soy17 The prices are very reasonable f0o blrr I .Frt so.Cshier . 5ODYt1 0 ais l~lreea.
_________ "Living Whist," text Friday even- IENDAY i p. m. tedelcetrls. c wiloc
'os10TCtiSVA ing. Sixty ladies and gentlenmen in-c .
best dancersKETofVthe\T) ATC ItAY 11. I. Gntlleme's dimingl
lutding tie very bet acesofte 'e 0i
BIG FOUR ROUTE. University and city will take part < =4 'm. Yadis'dacincilass111.
T'he entertainment consits of na 5 p m1. liIldr n dlarol lass,.
tional and character dances includ-_________ lI.sc YIpitot
O. IS CORIs5IC, D. MARtTIN, ing a game of Whist with ladies antd rIOAttUN IT H
1assenger Ora~c Mg,l Gte. . . 1. Agt. gentlemen dressed to represent the 5t n . $T TC $AVIflG$ BA2K ..
cards. Don't forget to get your seas ARE THE BEST. c rA. a',1,))51(1- tl Waigto Srets.
r reerved at Watts' jewelry store im- CIARETE SMOKERS wos are wi1- A.. N na rIC-11OO~tIM
$2 0C E E A D medliately, as they are going fast, ingto pya litle oore leon e price
S2.5 TO ~Mr. Ross Grangersil showo the w-1-fdISBAND spcrior 10 alles r.sr....n~m.., b PEN MKR
BUFFALO. people of Ann Arbor and adjoining Th ihodS h u o1 croons
twsthat an amateur company nn h ihodSraigtCtN '
VIA 11C. & B LIME." der his drilling can poduce a far CIA. TESr
Cl omending siths p 11111001fInaigtion better entertainmnetitthan the ma- se maec rom te brigtest, msos delcae ,c , E. , J .rT-
(aouot Aprilllol. SMasificentlide-shoel stel in5flavsor, and higs cot GLD LEAF co~srr;
St~l~.joriy of the attractions which have grown mn Vrgna. 1 50I O n
"Sae ho"ad'tl o e ok" appeared at the Grantd this season. BEWARE OF IMITIOINS, 511d osevevo s.so~
Stt fOi"ad SttofNwYr,_.thttenmoftemuacrrssAILY TIME TAL. $20 TO $40 below is on cvry pckage.p -
u I o~uo IIWM-R. IFpUL E a,
Lv~Is ((te 1115 pcin e fIllo, - (15 ioo a week can e made by stldnts .Aaac V r V-
Ar~tl'lo :;3am r~t~eana 7,Y3amduring vacation sworking for us n ESANGt-I , 9.le ssSN-beo ca .5151LA0555L~aa
raoete t ' .B I. lieSte1 l)l(ies aodl -v handling our lpublications in their 1,WIiiro I el-. I 1. door 1 5e-.I 1)Sate t.rSceti_
fIlagara Falls. Toronto, New ork, own locality. Address fr further
Boston, Albany. Thousand Islands, .eor ay particulars, The Werner Co., 29
Chlpr urio Weoly t Niaa a Monre ae.,Detroit, Mc. 'iw'A I'' -tc'.O
I OU..teWe fo01 l((oieOlplt ahlblt Rpubians' Imortant! J. ,
H. R. ROGERS, T. F. NEWMAN. An inlpotant n1thetnc of te Rel y 1 ~(0y114 v I II
deltao 51 IellSlll- p.tublican club s calledl 1for 1ustday ke el tl iilt. 0 ' in, - i ((1 ,oi("citl t
GLEfVELAYD, 0. evening, May i.,, a tlaw lecture « ~
room at 730o. A tdelegate to repre- v (0110i.41 ,ii Sasn
-ANN .ARBOR sent the club at the Dener National
(( convetion cail other matters of i mFi l als V -
_WIEIJ4 L'7{iUND1RY G0. portance to repulblican studetts will
22 SOUTH FOURTH AVE. brought beore the meeting.c.l
E.S. 51010715, M- nage1.5-5.9es. MAIN ST.

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