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October 17, 1893 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-17

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Vor.. IV.-No. 1



CORNELL MAY NOT PLAY. from enjoying a rare treat. Mrs. ( OUR ALUMNI IN JAPAN. }
An important Meeting of the Ath- Laura Ormiston Chant, who was An Association of U. of M. Oradu- A$HBURN CUITA
loi Board.--Corneli's Posi- IHere to lecture before Units Club ates Organized--A Letter to x_+(
lion Discussed. last night, had consented to eetOur President. Jk )& I1)S 4L .Q}
L_-_L«5Ito fCe-siOs'
it nitmeting of list hoard of tise girls personally for an hour yes
rnr of thse Athletic .Associa- trday afternoon. The hail isadI rsses oelrcie
s; eld last evening, many mnat- been engaged and invitations stere ter i rectly fut os forJapan rb~
- impotance discusedjust ready to be sent out swhens sordi ese alumnis tellinem of the formation
sternS. MAIN iT., Sote Agent,.
Inassedo upon.o mong othsuser, eevsltsttnetansseistof sn assocs-ation, whichshslosvs tisat selseyisgin-il-di-inuOss
itsa eie ob ietake stas so d~elayed that it woulad tine memsories of alnsa inater stil e o"ult n ~u~ eslissg.
stot en o te melin tatbe inmpossibfle for hser to arrive iss massnssarm it the hearts of tine nnesn Nlhjn 11A14 ri
the site. of Japans stio receiv-ed their e uit.. ~ tirrili
'c lar b usaneius-ison at otis universits-. STe letier No-- .
sin lineIns takes as to isegotia- : Deita U Snakes the Pie mn. s e oslsnitr-onet i svi tt vn- iii
prprdfor tine Thainksgiving ganne -'ie rd bor netycra AiCl-el ad-ss se feel stince it sswillbe F iinun. in 5f iio:etrae ftisCcintis
Cornell, a Iposition t1ischlie TneOracenborditleryestrday gtillbyiny t ous e ottcin ae
sniei se frli t Cie tsieits afterinoon ainnd finally succeeded iin f finiirest so aslschcin ii fulliwe-tvm t i,,ad tie S ,()Vertns-d51Iy ,nodsu in
nigiCt cclniso tieB t -. fli hngl inte sacaccy thnat Las beets in r 1EI,, KtO C inepdtt -Xi cesss2 i e~itnsn Tai srissbsli
.J oslyn rend tihe minutes of a exsignserh bgnin i ieCiieiemei ituics:~ i-
:-sseng of list Tescis Association, nNnse.'ie-scic tsfo ist 1e l eat-isre. n tortoyoutit n es a ine, 1 V()st.1N\"S mTEET,
-- tine fraterntity repIresentation canid te vi-snsintei iiof t ii-Isisisnl'nivs-styO,
IOctober ti, containing rec- mtti vnrgt ako u llInvr
th cltostna eii iere swere ses-eral canidelliss nmes s-Si n t-t-t-stis inversorryiii ttein ve -
presentd or he consderatin of ito ie lii 5005 css-i-l-itnacoun
LT enptain be appointed, thsat peetdfrtn cises lon Of ouriitiiy titislitin ti variou; Rse
oirt b cintricec nar tin etneboard,. line hicky isain was M'ii f is eciit siesn inss t it-treillnints h
-s--i osisno, tatthe gyneinsism b Hoyt, Delta U, of the sans frate- m o ofuri iitbevmitns lved-stI'i-isiet, oiit
tit3rasitht te ymasim e eaminedinactisuelmiunit rouedsitsse in tot
ii, ifpossible, for as in-ihoor ustva M.hirsn nio6 sniE.lOs HtntUROissNuo iST, 51
hBeyondi selecting'a dlesnotin for a tine tint-rins i-sswno hinsis t te u s in d Al nsy Pi gape iE UO T
nsi, aind also titat arrasnge- issi\ stb i ltwees Sit st lie nre. hrn tttrl
In ssaicfr strcgI cover, ainilreceivn Iisialtnfewiitl-eisiisiitiittsttstiiTT\TS 1TTC!TT'
lin Tese reconmendtiions mm btt br 'gsfs ssnstie-iuiss- ii i nutleen it ''I ~IJNeu~ j
bsoardi hans accomitishdpristincalhy ti itshn is siinttsnnhrice nt1e toi csi> Lowney S hoco~atcO,
.°iefercei Co line tennits commiot-
L iaal us e c icefng prosceed tls Co nothing Sn fatr, asid griate sdouts-ste andiis-s tuns-tt tvel-i-pleat-isoi I tut in l___ 51-At- ---
the t- expressed as tCuwsthtier thes sopolt --Ii t i s\brniesists ssslnlfrend-in. SS ciC eTTJ' LEs
2 shr e ntWedirectors b blt - insisert o e t 1\%ice ayerhee-.I
nore classs still see its natnuttitsr. 48 5. STATE St.
ctne It .after Christmnas. '(ere is 1ply of lst i t itttlt t itiei °n
' nens sterei cinir tlt- nrotsilutsio lum itsii , ) , L. RST IN ATIONALreIf.ANK
- st-sik tel le done, bit thl~e IboardIseems 13., o 5,4, iso sin:min--i sii t is Inns.cal I dstttt S ' y+r B
asago isnns en ack stocking organizatfoii, asned mIrig Ii Al.i 51 pisnbteeinitosi-(tinthlie iOF ANN AiZiiiiR.
{ foK~ e, dMr. Sttiumers, to rehpre- CoiurIn itiiApeali si k IM , 1 l t- -- ---511111 ititiSurlis-:iSdiPiofi sit).00
-cits, ildiJ L~oytrak material for putblicatioin conies in , ICscn-s 5mInS
iitn ia d J.A. L y rc ta -ac s r eneralinkiiintrinos,. tor-
very slontly. Stsi, is e prof essr(o l o,viu ttii usC Eiislt 1 e nos ni t eluine Iboiughtiani sild. Leters ii
:t1 Cs. A telte alownii H risSi~t iteiScholtn Ots boL L .n o s 9in credi ivntiiiocreI i- trveliere, abroid.
R eg larmeeing wil b hed fr i th pricipl o liotoCom ercal chol' '. IIAC'ii I'res. St WCi ARieCSON dC tinner.
'" rosnbills, it stas declaredl to yeua iehnssilb edfrIei uilu fjn0lttiii
setnet ftn netn thit prestent Saturdlay at 1:3n poi-.,unOto tii 0 ofi 155 is now el tills-s tni e-omo-
"seetanaet Cadsve meeotdin-gisNewoberry mShall.nl l uacenthenDoh '5 Sc ool o1 ( itt CjRA-V GE S
-,11, an ases ri orth iae- iitg nwlislittiii0 ati tomiich.lt\-- CLASSES IN DANCINGwilent a>isi
ra g nesentrp fr te bs- Wisconsin's Schedule. eet- e iei il iopi tshahtuse iwhoilreii senit follnis:en d~il eonen, Saturdaty mornins nil
seatiu, if possible. 0th hghcuintuie if miieMichnni rtsI tersimetimidSimttnistt ccusnin, ints hIanis,oSturdany
, ae al ttsousto e. eri~r aferoon. . Lhitiis ttu dimns nemm.adi-
T- nthequsitioin of a fall field 'tesclheduile of football gasses in t tun ui lt in-soon 5 lima ssTun~ ietditievt'eningi ts. Oettillan
].some -nimtat itmlieme ilemii -ra n[t"loe- tuumI6 ttniti) sut reemtI Ttiittmm. oneterhim
eoiet ~l-i 9flhai refned to or tint comsing neasoin sas betsn tsr- nends nich el oin-iig oil ariound mmS i C armu twlv meseeksn 15. l'tpitu t-eceirt--d at ant-
so afrehniin-rangeid by Manager Culbertson and very glad tolhiaiithatithe uiversity_______i__________
us sr a acanincludes nmost of l tenlronger of the leae ihomtin ightcomewhe we15 CiiDE
;,ioemsre fieldl-dtayswas oustof te lis n leet etiesminis oasevisit n-nil toniC
Son. It wsonfhnally udecidedi to Itstr! clegheat.o-e pin ing tt u blovd I ei-ntetiitie
been particularly sniccessfiul in s- rliiiiembes iof is faulyoi ee jsiu
o lite ssual mixture of field-dlay n iI m nist-nu ssinntot
ut-allonnex Sturayaftr-curing a nuniber of the best teams gsodihealliithi-'i--meoiiniiiii ,ItitiyFte, rc t I 55 CIII.. STi-sOREandos
fo tbalonn xt1tud y feri m(in, sae nuney
'6Sagie eriso dtolaoi'05n tehomne grounsds. 'T'he Strmot fithfull serv-antsmley fa Cll smut of Lawv, M ei.
{ ye'e arransgenments for a foot- schedsule is an follown: s-'rem.u acu l L:j.istuila-cc/
'b l'latestith tine Normnals, to take OtzT-ak oetat MdOo.o-surunm5,o000 husk hunks at 25e each.
oile afer tint field and track events. Ot 8Bli tMdsn o.o ihgnI'"sit. lenPpepe oud:;c
.essrs. Kesnon and Mdartindale, of Nv.4-University o Mclign in. . I. 3Ant-sL
Ehe track committee, hsate charge of atAn ro. scs "+---A-I-psltinoeoisno Fe~ixC-
arrarienments for the field sports, No. iT-Univ-ersity of ilinneso- ~ieiiiIewdi nr s naa~e
aie il noncthi opasI at SMinneapolis. S. L.. A. boards will be opetn at for flee yearn.
tnd i-llte aIn .Nov.ce-Ptdeeatr ladsos. 6:30 a. on. tomorrow, SWednesday
Nov.ou-Univrsity fDCIiago norning instead of 7 a. nm. as an- G O G A R
Nov.TS-Uiverity f Chcagonounced yesterday, at Moore &t Wet- G O G A R
An Annoying Delay, at Madison.,LEDNBOKTRS
Nov. 25-Northwiestern at M~adi- more's on Main St., and at New- LAIGIOISOE
'rhe delay of trains on the Mici- _ berry Hall. The linmit for each sian UNIV'ERSITY BOOKSTORE,
grao Central yesterday pretested the Nov. 30-Game at Milwaukee is six tickets. No single tickets i uh li tetDW ON
,sn esiof the Woman's inestu with chuh not ,yet decided a ersred. 4 N. Mai, oppm. c rouse.

Tyit III uc I b VL L,'&- I I - ... -.. -- I

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