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April 06, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-04-06

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51So.) ISr. ) Drector ad Manso"er
Good Wort Guaranteed. Goods rolled for
and delivered. A. F. COVERT, Prop.
i'UT E. Washingttreet.
zz 'Years ii.thne Ha~e~~s3
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave.

Pszota 816.50 up to825.00 ,t 5ib o
1D A. TINKER'S, ____
No. 9 South Main street, (Formr Toea 0Soas)

CHICAG5O, 104; Wabash Av e., B. F. CLARK.
Veeguil, .1eej, 1:203- 4,840 Position's Filled. 98;5 Positions Filled ilSIK
I~xNI1:Notonise 51) -ago, Portland, ?.n,
A NNewI: lstYork, Lo's Angeles, Toro to..~ SR TT0NIX & GO, Inc4ported

Official Photographers


MRS. ANNIE WARD FOSTER Fi., :pa S-FreshanClass Social. 010 Cleesudnswnigeolo- Frtesrngvcto fIs
46 S. State Stree. r., Apr. ti. loteeellegiats' deeate,intn Cleetunswaigemoy rthSpn;vcton fte
XONDAY-s p. o. Advanced Class firga- ese-iiy thail. ment for the summer should ad- University of MichiganYpsilanti
MrONDAYl-S.. Sadiaeev',deiwl 'vartloIdoor'eet, N~5 . ress . . .Ziegler 8slo>iox azlor> Normal. n Cleary Business Col-
'tEA--1p. to. irol'nflemrt''so cdF~uc 0.05g50g rm 5-stsnsoltss. Philadelphia, Pa., who offer great lege, the Toledo, Ann Arbor
class. Sa, _ l. . --Aooooallctison ofl slii 's'rt o1 inducensents for special work to North :Michigan R'y ili sell tickets
S 1'IIDA f i. n.Getloe'sda ,iag A o. 5. 'ssit' ltr'iom.A, 1so.l I n as esc tees
Seossi.' datso.'lto. 1rpl'Rctl colo tri, wihstdnsare 'vellfitted, and to students holding proper certifi-
s->:3is-.a..'Child)ren4aoiicas. l5rr which pays $75 to $15o per msonth. cates, at one anil oste-thsird fare for
sjst. s. 1icats'asls sosesi Iss-. SI., Ale-. ann sual: ele'iBolofi tissb 5esi- The baseball team gut anpe the rosund trip to all points in Mich-
'iresons'. is oppss 5)lr) lssstar s, law1e os-.s on, 1:30 I). II e
Stln.Apr-. s. l rot. des-isoson ss he Lis ss., cent, of the hat sales at losslish & gun and tshe (eetral Traffic Ass is
N s-s isessy I~sil, l l:> . . .\atteso's. territory.
o s For fine sas 'ohbuhe ln icketszxxiil s1wlissiesd April i12ths
ariroean _WstsMistel. cigars, go to thseIB. &'M.IDrulgstore. 13tHs 11dI i haalI Iisitesi tioretursn
usplto ansi issc1uilg 4April 24th1.
0 1lpsra Ihouse, 'Thusrsday,. Aisril 12. See thsise fine Ipatent leather shoes K. . (GllENWOOIeCiag Agss.dy,1ac t ovih t\lttsns -
3, s1894, says: _"._ Lost.
lise groeat busiiss wshiscli ihis hceis-- t) is hundrsed-loot sleel tape.
, , rec rss-tl at the 0C'iceago lOpersa hiise pinaforemat the oiserabssuse, hinsder Iese retsurnsto l 1 .9office.
sirilig She 1last twso weeks bisds fair to
-be uinterriuptedltiesringf the eurreot Apsril 1o aisel1a , osight to idraxw aisi receive rewxarsd,
' egageineiit, Last nighit Primarose crowyds of studsenlts. Honie talent_____________________
allt West's aailiaitrels opee a w ecek's can psroduice a tar lsetter opera than
engag.emient tso the capaceity of the .. 01IEV . 000111115}', ilorist. G(lrofc
CEN'VT .5FnXSexeofforeign talent, jluging from sthalt- Iole.Tisii la akbe nviwO. o t)eo. ssse Io es)s i i-Nlsoe'. of nll Sari-
th~O Shsi oaakhe~ tractions wihhaea I ~aefat Iris. Isesssis-xio(ssssimae s111)1sh555bort tie.
__ILth ask that Ilerra-nopiay~eid tusiver- wih aepeae 'No. I0bevav sy seet,, olas.ceeerygte.
-irie 'rai eiei iIsvs. ilii, iles. }iIlsloig lsusiaiess ad thaat itae geiieral4 the Grand thsis year'. If you ivisha to___________________________
t A rs as. , public: is inelineid to isoit little suasi-i- enjoy yuself thorsoughsly for a lit- ' CtAR SIE1_A.1i L UNDR
AiN se'.5)I .V t. . . cioof ominstrelsy. Anouther iarprisoe mny, onnPnfrySTR t A N R
N.Ixpe ) . 41l.N. silk t. S 0 s efulfillnsent ssf ktae paiesises of tl' ony dnt siss Pnfrfor sus519)55).
'Aotlni Eass. sis.14, eaitaaiis..lls4,-A)the adlsltls' aaitlt ee'tia sProf. Kempf antI Iis swell trainesd BOWDISH & HOUSE. Proprietors.
r> Fua 555--')) rtis. 1 5 gng i hse uld-tiaase circuis gsigs have Arbor. Souse liniversity talent xsill
Mi V. c & xli- ... i IlI .1st. N Spes's 08 i ''lset et asee' n p
i' beie ldwithmdrtn ' t.Y o s. la.st08 or. a. dRCl ill.c r85Id 1ptalso appnear, namelyliiWiD.lA.ll
N. .Limaited..10'1acitlcsESxspaes's.ill atlikesauldxwhiie thaere iissios of haorse S",inanacly infiAm
0.W. Reua. s. 11. SF lisESo pla y it is osf aai entertsiaiig eiarsacter. Slsitzley, Psi U, as Joseph P'orter, .1HEl1n
G. '. 5&'1'. Agoe.. Cicago)5. A")t.,AaanaAerimr.fTae sneviall los are excellenat, ailShe C. It. Members of the glee clsbsls.IietoS 11 ilti11111ori dplic ltltl,
fotbiall ganae is use of- the maoist uhi- xwiil also appeair. l(. ies of wstilos dda w ~111st)Silgs
TOLEDO ouns arraaigeiaarats sF051 in this eity. i;
An eveniia' laalaeal enk-s-ifit --
lsrldas/ h eggllil 5il i'5 educed Rates.
'esftlor.(helg hiossier-ittRr
foreand it t isetilybflell lleMeiasCnrlxiiaa
1 , il't . 15 ss-
-~ , ,by<' Svthie trugalliIpresenitedtl Isslrlsse resduceid rates lso studoents at on'
t n I Weskst 1d heisllsI sstoflatugli 5'1s-and one-thudrelfare. Tickets sill be I iii 1i1
LteT setai e tlllsltl911l'' Iie'sbSisselApsril a sth i'.h anI
1 r,1r I sosevent' 51 sArb aspDyCsentral' bilse siusil potio~n of1teist'plit-s l i ssed'1 nth an
sub. fr'P~w sadidedciallge rolnteodwy good for relies till Apsril 24lt11n-
1>a. Y1. 171)a. n. 5tit 1ofte 001ilIe'oi'or500. ills1 ue sOltI siusive. if . W .ItI vi-':, .\f t. SI
'1:2t s. Iils~tslil os silsl lsIsh'l IPLE, CHEAP,
:1215p. 51. I:i~.II onai og r ~rfil vie. -- .
4To~t15ls-in, .\ss O0s1).' iskslsl C iltgitlg sIo(lGssigeh'Evass. osl"Fss ANDEF'F'EC"TIVE.
'-lyt Lew sissitndtJaissA.5.. Sdsesrves -ELfI0ses biy Over 30,000 Usters.
.5i1 triss itosolvcces''ltsstssv ili.In killl. taco. II. h rllol5 '' Stsitlh' liiiStatie street, Saturilay. SI ars l i s I Cs s -.s ,C35ldsssssv sl
II5.0ll-l-N50t5.steill theIs o rn' lleb ' ss lsew, sshaulsol(s,[sss: is- CI 'CIi155 Is'tsoi 0 1
55 I lNNab'5. 1' . 'ss tlesisedlIrhi' lla-ge siutdie e xxsuhsrfuul- 3 f , a p gd sy abssut fsssr nIslithls a t ;}n.5-I 5 +1 ) e calls he 51115
'Ils. T e gamel Oftfoosstbsalh l btvtwentseo' sldt, withs silsver chinit aroun~sd tte 15 miiscss - us' , i isogsdirt - s .adss Ctssi S s of s-
ANARBOR-- lsyales' ,indu ''IlestrkseS' I bsa she- neek. Owsner can get same ironi 551C5 . M Ai t55II
pj e uitO.ii )1thtll Msi :51,Sr. 1P. (tachler, -i. 'JV. IHuron strs-etl LA WTON 1& CO.,
{i H ll g [4g ~ '~,1J andi taufight fosrtha sots o u"ai n aigfrtobe aII Issis,~f - 17, 11
set thie hiso us ina Ir. as lyn o rul.I s ss CI,/5-C'IC
23 SOUTH FOU R''H AVE. 'f'his comanslass :kesa it Galcl iar-
E.S. Sistsvss, - i~alllehgca'. e51on5 T'ilsPuhIbi to 2.>1p. I1i. r- -Ma-nO S_ A, 3 C ra Ot TN AT : :
KREEP VOSSI ACCOUNT I' cuD 5'HE Nothee, IndependentsW
e(" lA" in A"1 E flK ,.''IAIIl' E F TuaNsI 150'NItEINK iti'5t'd w.ith 1ls<st" l sity osst, )1(ui1'-tr it. 1ttlltl)tie
'i'ls t, I $ An T e annual electioss of thle hasde- owus',bu.--, al, ior,,,s' FAutEO.I. 1i5515t'bi s':talgsus' r et' 1 i"- 5111151 tpiist. T 'It l'rts-r Fos
Cori. Min sub Sshings stssStsets-1 pendent association to elect i).siimcCo.,Janesville, Slis. Sheehan 8& Co., Etulatius'.^< sts lius tArbor.e
I. Atos - hreoIto 55 ueeditors xiii be held Saturday at 2 :1,0
CRWNPEsC.- --saFOUTsANs001GOLDo'chock in thse law lectiure roomi. .A1l
- TTESRET EN MKSos. paid-up stlbscribers are eligible toal
CHItAGO.) vote for eiditors. Sublsesquent meet- y
IT ings will be hleldI in departmlent J
ssbuildings tos be ansnou~ncedh at thse ;; '!a11%
RCYsNCSSosN OsMAKEgeneral eaeetaas.g.
-. UILDING I 1893.+ 'anagaig lE.ctor. 011-ING STYLESS.
_t M R. - FU LDE,6 West VLr. asnd Old tXa. peins aply tota QaAt 115 xissi i iEY PKE DILI
FIR rnsrcLAss TAILORt, It. S. fGrenoraod, 'Tieket Agt., Tuledous STYiLES, CT I
t<'i:s'sSlrest.Fiesidssut-WetuiState' Street. Anun Arbur c& Nurthl Miehi. ColOaSf M~l __AIl .SAi S.

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