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March 17, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-03-17

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S1 So. IAIN ST. irctor and Manager NW Otl AEATl (Ai.
0 EAST 1IIIRON STREET. N.9SuhMi tet Soercnl cnidL w a s
Good Work Garanteed. Goods calledfor No ot anstetSocely01oid1yTo 11
acd deliered, A. F. COVERT, Prop. --_____________________________________ AREcoi-
Nt ;CATER~ER THE FISK TEACHERS' AGENCIES.' Offictialphotographer;s
FiNUR i/4E ashntnSre.CIII( A6'0, 106VWabashaAve., 1.B. 11 CARK. ir TO-WIT-
z2 vears in tine BuSitesS.l "" I \i ] A, 1I0. 4840 1Posiions Fliittd 8Poti110101 1, le 169 1
M. M. Seabolt. N~o. 4 N. Fourth Ave. Po~c~:N~Yr. i.Agio oi~o V~ lK&C fCp~t _______________
DANCING and DELSARTE TOLEDO U. OF M. CALENDAR. mar,IHollister, and Iently; ist
MRS. ANNIE WARD FOSTER' Soti..c Nolr. 0. le acridBa~oclb'lcO- lase, Morrison; 2nd base, Went-
46 S. State Street.g ,'lii sor le'Aliiioio..eoialio. sotr laies hr
MONDAY -8 p. iAdva worthl;' lsOlar0d0bSio.,ee lhambers; ip dshort.01
dies. and One tieoien 1frL-sn. tt > [c. ueb.ng C~v-'° stop, Russell; lft fed 'Waterman
AiONDAt +pt. a.1ades'e .irteiclao'. NORTI Mi}HIA' - iluciOshp." Nc nerryv hal, at) Ci field,'
TtEiiAY2p "r r. Dciii tciiieii ii ioiniol St WICIAN 111, loar. il.-Da Io n "111111 oii l~ur Ceter Field, Shield; right field,
S.T'1A it . i.Gelo emtcec's dninls Time Table tit k, g ce cl oi loSudaNo. , 1801.o ilsr i o- ic'~g 101' Davis. Scrub--catchers, Kongsteio
SATURDAY-AI '~~~~~~t'rainsileviro n ' ii rbor by Cotral Fitt 1lrii.L A.ua ,ti .Ira
Iom a. i .de i ro o i1151%iii v. tiii0Oilii, ,,, L witer P i111111iell1anil irumeller; tpitlers, Gallup,
1 d0 p. m. ('bldres.1. ii cg'o' slisscis. OOt, 8 iT . 'ii , c iiiii. "l~tii
Sop .. rivatec id,ioi'eid 'iii..s. t5 a.11m. '715It. a 0 Te ar. 111.2,. i liiy Wiliam Glo i,, : ler anid Kinrei st hse, Ho-
Privateless'.on baii' i liitmoiet. '12; ji11. 11 :illd 'lill li liio im.'icroi nl roema.sr
41111_)_t._______._m,________mild_\__________c_____in (is 51. iti.liii; p.dlbast., lillvy; ,3rd hose,
-Train0s1 run e .0'. nn 101 I'Isldo 1411 Ap.iB icrii'hrii rc Ihairil short s 0.to ,1 epprlr eft field
O- 1108.(UItlEN w(1mlaii A 1n A rt. 1c'.ioilhalti. St li ; c'itried, l~a on, right
W5 H 1i5NN I G1I .0 5 iii , - - " --f-l loric
Tho'F~ Practico andO Walking Cis
St1Fh7J4 s/.U ..J1X O iiitgC w idres'.in pilitica
N t Cr culi ~ a ceuwa kig cubuls, whcli oiic its lior tiI . ni I i. DI tilt
--23 SOUTH FOURTH AVE lhavc iii'.caiis for ecdiiclass iia- 1.. ir eofte papevrill be
E. S SERIoS, - Manaigercordththe neit of itsnenes 1"grc'ty redli cr1 for alance of year,
_____________________________________iiiai oo c ornmisiiroiniiis offered.
____________KTh tA £~I 0IH Iis Saturday icn clubs gir t oetheir, the bus.restoranger any - EPYrtACUT TtTE aon h orezra od(r ng tteofc.yeein
+TATCS AVlf2G$ aoui tehr'itTrl a obe
ai n ' dos, iiWaolioiinS trees. aerige itramil. -
GHG NG N ,11A I '51150 in re.Iiiliiii~th mii'01111'. sli, No persornrtare allowed to go on HUSIN 1155 LOCALS.
''rme 1Irlilo ( eisid) Mii'.1th, lISM.I
toT. 1010'. ~CeaWNsPEN Co.' OUNAIN AND anLD there Sturdoy tramips unless thle y 'iuriit'ir'siiOho
a ii. . 0.ea11othedisanc li~xnid "(1 reuce-ret(nickts otshio
A.N. ,lpco....24 1. N V . r.sr.1 I Cetaa . fel 111 o Vialiidce laondet W Old ul OilNa. infes ppyto
,. ,x tcs. 4 3 ,11S C.SIIrAg1S..~a
A: alloEs p ro. 17'hit lil . 'tin .....11 .A--, The iiemribers ar reiuircid to goll " S. ri'iiirii Tcket tg. '.hildrs
U.'r.c Sot iti. 1 N 8 . u' x..112I.petIu o siA iA oc .° NrhiMici,
x. I .... ir1r S.2 ' . i. f '' 00 d~ressced for w l ing.
I'llS 1 . Iit'e ibt ioul,,,,,, e01h0 Pr actc lubi owe111 cinltlbheis at hottomis prics. T1heS
Pliil ndl Ptt.. 4 t i .s 1.R. L ki l , i , hilS vno as a l. 'h 1 cie u u rus hcry I Icrh ('
N. Y.&F Io .SrIII 11'.8 1 l .t . IFlopts ..8511 000 lii 010
N. 1.Iiuirl . l ahcIoco l l nc~uaua~oouao thaiks t irs.ul rcry for th e nw Forinble sniaps, totihibruiihes iiiih IL
()WRa W~ t illOv, I I IA~, ep~ 9 rga s tn esthan five ars outokitthe It.ilM. hilcUgto.
G,. . '1., ol..tuiro. A A.Aun uacrbo. 1ioeiis coig ls i Sec the Ne \curmaiuuat hosdislu
cents opiceic vinh arts coter the 5, Nattson's. tt.
l 1 isle friom NIarc~i I - to S sel r' }er r a .u.~y lac e r os, o
T - ') i ,l'hrcprorgraisiso tar erfive us uiriuiu ti gScll eSair'strct. e ci lyotadr ae,
(p nsIrolti'Oiltht c cr NIouihay the stll rrange([ lfor a large famiily
saomce rcsct re hprformedctand uhboardhes adroomirrers, cr colleg,
I illh illg t veceek chalsuuuuu fi'iieriity . hiln ' grouds for gr
'lii L 9tirnus51 t. 50 chan11111< hr inui or lwniteii sitcourts, 66 ft.
achiclay, ut rcpeating achi veek, by '264sft. 1'rice rasonable ansd
J o .Any chic absert cainurturnrianrdr 11 termis ito steuS urchr ser.
sersisriniljuit wvhercthe svoirhis to 1'7-22 L.. jN5V1IN sr
r/ ul''1.o rc' obe r pickeh] u., 'Ihuider~a of thet
flHalf-Tore (tuts. programis is necviwihiMrs. m\erry, ST RSEA M LAUNDRY
renduetouv of ai enuergy anud eecutive oaility STR iii liii va "tnc Kt1e n e OEIH8 OoS r itr.
7.It hede5 will muae the h rau'ice club a sc BWIH&HU rpitr
(i1l eAl t'nsl- uraclice game FIRST INAAIONAL BANS
t podueiopsof PCeaoilk A hsafteroons 51ract.cegame
tawipsts(ritogi S rilth.Aufsst } ehes.0 the'e two teamhs iwill le ade u15 0 C ith, l GI' A Ni b ntii'.rd l'ot $1 1.
o~aiuucbuuu (.u tuhui lluad 'uuPl rof ts, -r'. 0tt
tii Vij "o l~ b u l i 5 tnltteea folows:I 'Sarily achers, A1 a er Iuui. i.gnu llIiusuug iani Oor-o
Y ) '>i itec ~ luraindin soil andulWeiemsan;Iitchers Krog. creit lrOunruuci r t, uees aroad
i te ~tispS.PH Ai, Ples.bss CLASoSON, Cashie
S ldOt}CT'.'dIRS
rtrdi~cSPjsIe FC".illl
printed, o tiold5 i ( QUlelITYh ABSOLrrTELY
Ctti~~ooes, G 0 1S-YLES.MANT

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